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Judges 2 Introduction 1 Then the Angel of the LORD came up from Gilgal to Bochim, and said: I led ou up from

!g pt and "rought ou to the land of #hich I s#ore to our fathers$ and I said, %I #ill ne&er "rea' ( co&enant #ith ou) * And ou shall ma'e no co&enant #ith the inha"itants of this land$ ou shall tear do#n their altars)+ But ou ha&e not o"e ed ( &oice) ,h ha&e ou done this- . Therefore I also said, %I #ill not dri&e them out "efore ou$ "ut the shall "e thorns in our side, and their gods shall "e a snare to ou)+ / 0 1o it #as, #hen the Angel of the LORD spo'e these #ords to all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their &oices and #ept) 2 Then the called the name of that place Bochim$ and the sacrificed there to the LORD) 3 And #hen 4oshua had dismissed the people, the children of Israel #ent each to his o#n inheritance to possess the land) 5 1o the people ser&ed the LORD all the da s of 4oshua, and all the da s of the elders #ho outli&ed 4oshua, #ho had seen all the great #or's of the LORD #hich 6e had done for Israel) 7 8o# 4oshua the son of 8un, the ser&ant of the LORD, died #hen he #as one hundred and ten ears old) 9 And the "uried him #ithin the "order of his inheritance at Timnath 6eres, in the mountains of !phraim, on the north side of (ount Gaash) 1: ,hen all that generation had "een gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them #ho did not 'no# the LORD nor the #or' #hich 6e had done for Israel) 11 Then the children of Israel did e&il in the sight of the LORD, and ser&ed the Baals$ 1* and the forsoo' the LORD God of their fathers, #ho had "rought them out of the land of !g pt$ and the follo#ed other gods from among the gods of the people #ho #ere all around them, and the "o#ed do#n to them$ and the pro&o'ed the LORD to anger) 1. The forsoo' the LORD and ser&ed Baal and the Ashtoreths) 10 And the anger of the LORD #as hot against Israel) 1o 6e deli&ered them into the hands of plunderers #ho despoiled them$ and 6e sold them into the hands of their enemies all around, so that the could no longer stand "efore their enemies) 12 ,here&er the #ent out, the hand of the LORD #as against them for calamit , as the LORD had said, and as the LORD had s#orn to them) And the #ere greatl distressed) 13 8e&ertheless, the LORD raised up ;udges #ho deli&ered them out of the hand of those #ho plundered them) 15 <et the #ould not listen to their ;udges, "ut the pla ed the harlot #ith other gods, and "o#ed do#n to them) The turned =uic'l from the #a in #hich their fathers #al'ed, in o"e ing the commandments of the LORD$ the did not do so) 17 And #hen the LORD raised up ;udges for them, the LORD #as #ith the ;udge and deli&ered them out of the hand of their enemies all the da s of the ;udge$ for the LORD #as mo&ed to pit " their groaning "ecause of those #ho oppressed them and harassed them) 19 And it came to pass, #hen the ;udge #as dead, that the re&erted and "eha&ed more corruptl than their fathers, " follo#ing other gods, to ser&e them and "o# do#n to them) The did not cease from their o#n doings nor from their stu""orn #a ) *: Then the anger of the LORD #as hot against Israel$ and 6e said, Because this nation has transgressed ( co&enant #hich I commanded 1

their fathers, and has not heeded ( &oice, *1 I also #ill no longer dri&e out "efore them an of the nations #hich 4oshua left #hen he died, ** so that through them I ma test Israel, #hether the #ill 'eep the #a s of the LORD, to #al' in them as their fathers 'ept them, or not)/ *. Therefore the LORD left those nations, #ithout dri&ing them out immediatel $ nor did 6e deli&er them into the hand of 4oshua) Conclusion