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Doc/it Italian Documentary Association is known in and outside of Italy as the official agency representing producers and filmmakers

s in the Italian Documentary Film Industry. Current members of Doc/it include nearly 80 companies and more than 120 filmmakers, for a total of 250 professionals. They are directly involved in the associations activities and are in constant contact with a network of 5,000 individuals, including people who work in the audiovisual and communications sectors, agencies, institutions, universities and centres of culture. The purpose of Doc/it is to promote the documentary cinema, to nurture its growth and to work towards its widest possible diffusion. In order to fulfil this mission, Doc/it operates on many different fronts. -Coordinating and encouraging the work of firms and filmmaker in the field -Participating in and contributing to festivals, exhibitions and markets -Improving institutional awareness -Promoting projects, research, cataloguing, archives, and the collection of projects and information -Organizing workshops, seminars and courses in order to spread the culture of the documentary In recognition of the associations constant commitment to its members, and the countrys culture in general, Doc/it, which is unique in the national audio-visual field, was given Legal Entity Status in 2006. This means that Doc/it may benefit from liberal grants allocated by companies and private agencies, who can fully deduct donations from their taxable income. Doc/its head office is located in Bologna and reference offices are in Rome, Turin and Venice. A history of Doc/it Doc/it was founded in Milan in 1999 as a concrete and strategic answer to the Italian documentary filmmakers need to bring every aspect of their field under one roof, in order to overcome the problem of fragmentation and optimize the promotion and visibility of Italian Documentary in all its forms. From its foundation to the present day, Doc/it has been actively working both inside and outside of Italy to re-establish the reputation and recognition of the Italian Documentary, largely ignored by networks and Italian institutions. After years of intense commitment, in April 2007, Doc/it finally obtained a pledge that the 2007-2009 RAI (state broadcasters) service contract would provide for an investment of 16 million euros in documentaries, corresponding to 4% of the total annual outlay that RAI must allot to producing European audio-visual works. Amongst the main events that Doc/it takes part in, in terms of awards, meetings and conventions, are the Mostra Internazionale dArte Cinematografica di Venezia (Venice International Film Festival), the Festa del Cinema (Rome International Film Festival), Bellaria Film Festival-anteprimaDoc, MipDoc, Mip-Tv and Cannes MipCom, Hot Docs (Toronto), Sunny Side of The Doc (La Rochelle), World Congress of Science and Factual producers (New

York). With the aim of cataloguing and archiving all recent Italian independent productions of documentary films, Doc/it created the Casa del Documentario (House of the Documentary) at the Cineteca del Comune di Bologna, where more than 800 Italian documentary films are stored, which can be freely viewed on site. The House of the Documentary is the only constantly updated Italian archive, solely devoted to the Real Cinema. Doc/it has created and organizes the Stati Generali del Documentario Italiano, which takes place in Bologna every 2 years. Doc/it has set up a HelpDesk on the website, providing advice about legal, administrative and managerial issues. The website, complemented by a monthly newsletter which is transmitted to a database of 3,000 members, offers specific information about the associations activities and general information about the area.

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