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E-LEARNING SUPPORT TEAM (EST) That the Terms of Reference of the e-Learning Support Team should be: To support

t the development and enhancement of e-learning within the College. In particular, the Learning Team will need to give consideration to the strategic application of e-learning, and provide advice and guidance to the College on an! changes needed to its e-learning strateg! due to changes in the e-learning environment" To evaluate, promote, disseminate information and create polic! on new e-learning technologies and pedagog!, including supporting e-learning and e-learning pro#ects, developmental phases and in their $routine% implementation" To engage in partnership with the student bod! to facilitate the development and promotion of elearning throughout the College, and establish wa!s to use e-learning to engage students with the learning process and develop the structures and processes necessar! to gain ideas from the student bod! about the learning potential of mobile communications technolog!" To advise &cademic 'eads of the usefulness of the College(s IT s!stem as a learning tool which should can be maintained and enhanced" To oversee and provide strategic direction to the wor) of the -learning Support Team. E-Learning Support Team Organizational Structure

e-Learning Support Team (EST) e-Learning Advisory Team (EAT) EIT FGS/PS FTT FGS/PS Terminolog !e " ST &T IT +TT +,S-.S +0S +1, +., * * * * * * * * e-Learning Support Team e-Learning &dvisor! Team e-Learning Implementation Team +acult! Teaching Team +acult! of ,S-.S /ept. +acult! of 'igh School /ept. +acult! of 1ndergraduate +acult! of .ostgraduate EIT FNS FTT FNS EIT F G FTT F G EIT FPG FTT FPG

E-LEARNING A#$ISOR% TEAM (EAT) Terms of reference:

To advise the e-Learning Support Team 2 ST3 on educational, technological and organi4ational matters relating to e-learning 2with respect to the current College learning and teaching and e-learning strategies3. To respond to 5uestions, information and policies cascaded from the ST and its parent bodies. To advise and e6change information about current practice and developments within College and elsewhere.

Members: Sub#ect &rea Coordinators of ,S-.S /ept. Sub#ect &rea Coordinators of 'igh School /ept. &rea Coordinators of 1ndergraduate &rea Coordinators of .ostgraduate


To review e-learning pro#ects and provide management oversight through their development c!cle. To develop-evaluate strategies for promoting the appropriate use of learning technolog! within the +acult!. To provide a means of feedbac) and evaluation on learning technolog!. To act as a wor)ing group on an! matter regarding learning technolog!. To raise awareness of what is happening in other faculties.

Members: Sub#ect &rea +acilitators of ,S-.S /ept. Sub#ect &rea +acilitators of 'igh School /ept. &rea +acilitators of 1ndergraduate &rea +acilitators of .ostgraduate

&A'ULT% TEA'(ING TEAM (&TT) Terms of Reference: To review and provide management oversight of current e-learning pro#ects. To provide a means of feedbac) and evaluation on learning technolog!. To monitor and review current use of e-learning across departments, and to recognise, publicise and share best practice across the +acult!. To disseminate within the group reports and communications from across college on issues and activities concerning eLearning. To receive student feedbac), either through LIT representative or through a single student representative from +TT, with the aim of addressing an! issues which ma! arise and cascade to appropriate departments for consideration. Members: Sub#ect &rea Representatives of ,S-.S /ept. Sub#ect &rea Representatives of 'igh School /ept.

&rea Representatives of 1ndergraduate &rea Representatives of .ostgraduate