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IT Center AIR France

AIR France seeks performance and longevity, installing FOAMGLAS insulation for its chilled water system
Computer rooms and data centers require controlled temperature conditions at all times. Based on these conditions, choosing the correct insulating material, for chilled water pipe, is essential for optimum performance and preventing system failures. In 2006, the chilled water system in the Air France global IT center at Sofia Antipolis (France) experienced a major malfunction. The result was water damage to the computer equipment stemming from Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). The failures were caused by moisture build-up, under the insulated chilled water pipe, created by fluctuating temperatures in the IT center. Because the chilled water piping in the facility was only two years old, Air France sought legal action to remediate the problem and find a solution. A court appointed expert issued a report citing the cause of the malfunction to be CUI. A chemical reaction between adhesives and plastic foam allowed vapor into the insulation. Thus, moisture was trapped against the pipe, resulting in corrosion, and ultimately equipment damage from leaking water. The court ruled in favor of Air France, and found the contractor at fault. In an effort to resolve the problem, experts from Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS were contacted to formulate a viable long-term solution. After several in-depth discussions, technical calculations, plant visits, and meetings with Air France, a FOAMGLAS insulation system was selected. This decision was based on proven results in countless chilled water projects using FOAMGLAS insulation.


Engineering & Work Site Management EDF Energies Lyon France Insulation Contractor OUVAROFF SAS Salaise sur Sanne France FOAMGLAS Prefabrication & Coating Pittsburgh Corning CR Klasterec Plant Czech Republic

The system FOAMGLAS insulation was the ideal system for the Air France global IT center. The insulation was bonded to the chilled water pipe using PC56 Adhesive. The joints were sealed with a single component sealant, nonhardening butyl PITTSEAL 444N. The FOAMGLAS insulation was factory pre-coated with MS Polymer coating and Terostat-PC FR. The external joints were finished with Terostat-PC FR cartridges. The result The end result, a performance proven, dependable, and completely waterand vapor-proof insulation system. Insulation thickness calculations were verified for long term reliability and efficiency (unchanged thermal conductivity). Pre-coating the FOAMGLAS prior to installation, improved quality control and significantly reduced labor costs. In addition, Air France has decided to insulate all future chilled water piping with FOAMGLAS & Terostat Systems. Jos Morals - President & Owner - Ouvaroff SAS Our partnership with Air France and Pittsburgh Corning has changed our way of working, and increased our technical skills and competencies. Jrome Chenu - Quotation & Project Manager - Ouvaroff SAS What a different way in doing business! A full system (materials and accessories) offered by a single global supplier! Project Specifications Chilled Water Piping System FOAMGLAS & Terostat Thickness: 30mm to 70mm Diameters: 3/4 to 18 Length: 1300 ml Elbows: 502 pieces Outside Terostat Coating: 823 m2 Accessories: PC56 / 1000 kg PS 444N Cartridges: 400 pieces Terostat PC-FR Cartridges: 400 pieces

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