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ABSTRACT DATE: TITLE: AUTHOR: 08 February 2014 Online Entrance Verification and Monitoring System Using RFID and

SMS for SDCA Cruz, Isaiah Greg M. Jalandoni, Jenny Mae J. Maddara, Marjorie O. Santillan, Mitzi Ann M. St. Dominic College of Asia Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Prof. Alvin Jason A. Virata, MIT 2012 2014 Entrance, Monitor, Radio Frequency, Web Portal, SMS, Online



The proponents created the system for St. Dominic College of Asia to enhance the security level of the institution through the help of this system. the purpose of the system is to provide entrance verification for the students of the school and distinguish their levels. The system has capabilities to scan, retrieve and update the student s entrance and exits through their RFID cards or ID itself embedded with microchip inside it. If the student is a Basic Education Student, the system will automatically send a notification message through text message to the students parent or guardian informing that the student made a contact with the system either he entered or exited the school premises. The college students are also registered to the system but it will no longer send a notification message to their parents as the proponents find it non feasible according to their research. the students or parents can view the history of the entrance and exits around the school through the systems portal. Handling violations on the system are also featured in the system. it organize the violations done by the students and can apply sanctions according to the disobeyed entrance rules. The Office of Student Life particularly the Disciplinary Officer is the one who will administrate the violation records scheme of the system. The system also has features for the visitors in the institution. The system can instantly record the visitors information to the database without manual procedure that lessens the time of the visitor to wait. The system then can immediately contact the department where the visitor will go to. The proponents used the Q Test to statistically measure the acceptance of systems in terms of reliability, content, usability etc. The conclusion as well as the suggestions and recommendations were described to further enhance the system through the help of evaluator who attended and examined the system before its implementation. Through the use of this system, the security of the institution will enhance through the use of modern technology. The proponents used techniques in research and fact finding which can dramatically support the feasibility of the system itself.