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It’s Evening, evening came tome as a boy, and toils and tears which so often beset

Time To Come when it was time to come home. us here.
Somehow, all my problems and
Home! troubles shrank and disappeared at I realize it is not easy, at
By home at evening time. I found times, to accept the fact that there
Charles E. Stovall, Ph. D.
warmth there for my body, food – is a place beyond this life which is
When I was a boy, my and what tasty food!! – for my more significant, more enduring,
trusting parents would let me play stomach, and a special concern for and more wonderful, but the word
with the children in the neighbor- my well-being. I found a particular of God assures us in very clear,
hood. My brother and I would play kind of pal in my father – who knew and understandable language that
with our friends until dusk came. As how to work my math problems, there is such a place, and that there
the shades of evening began to problems which I found to be both are such marvelous joys! Jesus
engulf us, my mother or my father distasteful and impossible! said: “He who conquers, I will
would call us home – in their own grant to sit with me on my
unique and individual way – saying I will never forget the tireless throne, as I myself have
“Its evening, boys, it’s time to patience of my wonderful and loyal conquered and sat down with my
come home.” If I live a hundred mother whose eyes grew tired Father on His throne.” (Revelation
years, I will never forget the finality reading aloud my English lessons 3:21). John said he heard a voice
of that call. Sometimes, my father to me – the works of William from heaven saying: “Write this:
would enforce his call with a whistle Shakespeare – while I slept! But Blessed are the dead who die in
which only he could sound. I will there was kindness, understanding, the Lord henceforth. Blessed,
never forget, however, the warmth warmth, concern, and plenty of blessed indeed,” says the Spirit,
of the thought, “It’s evening, love and laughter, and unbounded “that they may rest from their
boys, time to come home.” happiness – at evening time, when labors, for their deeds follow
it was time to come home! them.” (Revelation 14:13).
Home is a wonderful sound-
ing word, especially at evening, As I reflect on those early These Scriptures remind us
when the day is done. Home, a days of my life and the peace and of the firm assurances of that old
place of genuine concern, a place security I found at home when song, “When all my labors and
of warm security, a place of love, of evening came, I am reminded of the trials are o’er, and I shall rest on
sharing, of comfort, and of happi- precious and sweet promises in that beautiful shore, just to be
ness. Home, a place where we are God’s word, which assure us that, near the dear Lord I adore, will
understood and loved, in spite of at evening time, it will be time to through the ages be glory for
our shortcomings and fumbling come home. What a great home- me.” The world promises much,
mistakes. coming that will be! There will be but in reality gives very little. Here
warmth and love understanding, we have pain, disappointment, toil,
Home has always had a peace like we never knew in this tears – but on the other shore God
special and precious meaning when life, and complete freedom from will wipe all tears from our eyes,
and there will be no more pain, no Be filled with hope for an eternal life at last,
Let God heal the ills of the past,
suffering, no sorrow. Here we Let His loving kindness attend you IT’S EVENING
become burdened by the decisions each step you take,
we are daily called upon to make, Let Him help you your anguish forsake.
the struggles which are constantly - Charles E. Stovall TIME TO COME
ours to bear, sorrow and separation
which we are at times called upon God is able to bring us safely
to experience. And we grow tired!
We sometimes become faint and
discouraged. At times, even the
home to enjoy His eternal bounty
and blessings, at evening, when it’s
time to come home! His steadfast
darkness seem to surround us and love never fails, His blessings never
envelop us. come to an end. He will give us the
crown which he has promised to
In due season, we will reap if
we do not faint. When evening for
each of us comes, if we have
those who love Him – the crown of
life that does not fade away! ________
obediently trusted in Christ, we will,
by God’s marvelous grace, through
His mercy, hear him say: It’s
evening – time to come home.” A REVERENT AND
Let us rejoice in this hope, and let APPRECIATIVE LOOK
us pray, “Even so, COME, LORD TOWARD THE
“Be still, O Troubled Heart, today,
Let God’s joys and blessings come
your way, THE SAVED
Let peace and hope flood your an-
gushed soul,
Let God make you completely whole.

Be calm amid worry and tempestuous
Let God’s promises enthrall your life,
Let strength and power flow from Him
along the way,
Let His guidance and love free you from BY
all dismay. Published by
Charles E. Stovall, Ph. D.
Be joyful as you new courage take, Christian Concepts, Inc.
Let God help you sin’s pathway forsake, 32 White Bridge Rd., Ste. 510
Let Him provide a new spirit within, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37205-1429
Let Him shield you from the ravages of sin.