(based on Fr. Bernas SJ, In rod!" #on o P!b$#" In erna #ona$ La%, 2&&' Ed# #on %# ( "ross re)eren"e )ro* $e" !res and "# a #ons o) Isa+an# Cr!,) Le" !re and Co*-#$a #on b./ A .. P(#$#- Jo(n Po0as and A .. T(o*as 1r#s #no B. Ca(ar#an
I. T2E NATURE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW A.) What is the International Law? B.) Scope of International Law C.) Is International Law a ‘law’? D.) Some theories about international law .) !ublic an" pri#ate International Law $conflict of laws)
% In the &atter of the 'estate ,-./0( 1anuar2 3,( ,0-3 state of "war" . Christensen( ).*. +o. L%

4.) Brief historical "e#elopment of International Law II. T2E SOURCES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW A) Sources 5 4ormal #s. &aterial Sources B) Customs or customar2 law % Paquete Havana citation $fishin6 #essels) C) 'reaties D) )eneral !rinciples of law reco6ni7e" b2 ci#ili7e" nations % Char7ow 4actor2 case $)erman2 #s !olan") ) 1u"icial Decisions 4) 'he teachin6 of hi6hl2 8ualifie" writers an" 9!ublicist: )) 8uit2 ;) <ther supplementar2 e#i"ence III. T2E LAW OF TREATIES (3'4' 5#enna Con6en #on on (e La% o) Trea #es) A) Definition of treaties B) 4unction of treaties C) 'he ma=in6 of treaties % Concept of ‘Pacta Sunt Servanda’ D) In#ali"it2 of treaties ) Amen"ments an" mo"ification of treaties 4) 'ermination of treaties % &aterial breach % Impossibilit2 of !erformance % Chan6e of 4un"amental con"itions $Concept of ‘Rebus Sic Stantibus’) )) Succession to treaties % Clean Slate *ule I5. INTERNATIONAL LAW AN7 8UNICIPAL LAW

*.. OUTER SPACE A) 'erritor2 in International law B) &o"es of Ac8uisition of so#erei6nt2 o#er territor2 % 'he Islan" of !almas case C) Airspace D) <uter space 5III..B.C $.0-3 % &eBoff #s. +o. +o.L.00?( &a2 3. +o. OT2ER SUBJECTS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW A) International <r6ani7ations % International Catholic &i6ration Commission #s.) Some incomplete subBects 5I.*. Doctrine of Incorporation % In Chon6 #s .echano#a( ).*.ernan"e7( ). .0/0) % A6ustin #s "u( AA SC*A . AIR.00. % )on7ales #s .( . .0.erita6e of &an=in": I) Islan"s 1) 'he .?C( September @A( . Director of !risons( 0C !hil. $..A) B) C) Dualism >S.0A3 % 'aṅa"a #s An6ara( ).0) % 1. +o. TERRITOR9/ LAN7. A?. SUBJECTS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW A) SubBects of International law B) StatesE Commencement of their Fistence C) *eco6nition of states D) *eco6nition of )o#ernment ) Conse8uences of *eco6nition or +on%reco6nition 4) Succession of states )) 4un"amental ri6hts of states .) 'he Deep seabe"E 9Common . &onism &unicipal law in International law International law in Domestic law % Doctrine of 'ransformation #s.0?. L%@.*.) % Duro"a #s 1alan"oni( A3 !hil . CalleBa( ).A0. -?3--( <ctober @?( .A@0?( &a2 @( . +o. 5. L%.0?.i6h seas . TERRITOR9/ LAW OF T2E SEA A) 'erritorial sea % BaselinesE +ormal or Strai6ht B) Internal waters C) Archipela6o waters D) Ba2s ) Conti6uous 7one 4) Fclusi#e economic 7one )) 'he continental $Archipela6o) shelf .0? $. *e2es #s Ba6atsin6( ).00C % Gnite" +ationsE Structure an" !owers B) Insur6ents C) +ational Liberation &o#ements D) In"i#i"uals 5II.*.( <ctober @@( .

( . *ui7( ). +o. >.) Fpropriation of alien propert2 *e#iew of Bar Huestions in#ol#in6 !ublic International Law . L%3?-/?( &a2 @@( . STATE RESPONSIBILIT9 A) !rotection of aliens B) Doctrine of state responsibilit2 C) Internationall2 wron6ful act D) Attribution to the state ) !reliminar2 obBections 4) *eparation )) Cal#o clause reBecte" .) Diplomatic an" consular immunit2 % Le6ation Diplomatic immunities Consuls an" consular communities Immunit2 of international <r6ani7ation 'he act of state "octrine :I. .ol2 See #s riberto *osario 1r.&. Gnite" States C) 'he protecti#e principle D) 'he uni#ersalit2 principle ) 'he passi#e personalit2 principle 4) Conflicts of Buris"iction )) Ftra"ition :. +o.on. n6lish *ule B) 'he nationalit2 principle % Blac=mer #s.*.*.0/0( December .( ). .D) Settlement of Disputes I:.00/ D) ) 4) )) .C. I88UNIT9 FRO8 JURIS7ICTION A) Immunit2 from Buris"iction B) Immunit2 of hea" state C) State immunit2 % Gnite" States of America #s. JURIS7ICTION OF STATES A) 'he territorialit2 principle % 'he Lotus Case $4rance #s.0A? % . 'ur=e2) % 4rench *ule #s.

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