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ENGINEER (MP) AVEVA Diagrams Easy creation of P&IDs, HVAC and similar diagrams that integrate with 3D design

n (like visio) AVEVA Electrical For electrical engineerin n design. AVEVA Engineering Manage the evolving multi-discipline engineering data for tagged items such as lines and equipment AVEVA Initial Design (M) Powerful 3D vessel design, with advanced hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. (3D ship design) AVEVA Instrumentation Instrumentation and Control systems engineering, design, documentation and management software AVEVA P&ID An intelligent, AutoCADbased P&ID design application AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator

DESIGN (MP) AVEVA Automated Plate Nesting - NEW! (M) Minimise materials waste for efficient, profitable shipbuilding AVEVA Assembly Planning (M) Maximum efficiency in ship construction AVEVA Bocad Steel (MP) Powerful structural detailing software for efficient steelwork design and fabrication AVEVA Bocad Onshore (P) A powerful add-on for AVEVA Bocad Steel for efficient design, detailing and fabrication of onshore steelwork projects AVEVA Bocad Offshore (MP) A powerful add-on for AVEVA Bocad Steel for efficient design, detailing and fabrication of offshore steelwork projects AVEVA Bocad Tower - NEW! (MP) Powerful structural detailing for efficient tower design and fabrication AVEVA Bocad Roof and Wall - NEW! (P) Powerful structural detailing for efficient building design and fabrication AVEVA Bocad NC - NEW! (MP) Powerful production engineering support for structural steelwork AVEVA Cable Design (MP) Automated cable routing, advanced design checking, comprehensive reporting & production documentation AVEVA Concrete Building Design (P) Specialist software for designing concrete structures in the Process Plant Industries AVEVA Design Reuse - NEW! (M) Quickly and intelligently copy ship design data between projects for reuse on similar designs to reduce costs. AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) (P) For make 3D design. AVEVA Hull Detailed Design (M) Detailed design and production information for steel ship hull structures AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller (M) Rapid and efficient FE mesh creation direct from AVEVA Hull Structural

MANAGE (ENGINEERING &DESIGN) MP AVEVA Clash Manager Maximum quality in complex 3D engineering design AVEVA Global The proven 24 hour multi-location design management system AVEVA Review 64-bit 3D model visualisation for plant or ship design, construction and operation AVEVA Review Share Combine the ease of email with powerful 3D design communication

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (E) AVEVA Activity Visualisation Platform NEW! Immersive training and simulation environments to improve safety, decrease training costs and reduce operational risk AVEVA Change Manager Full change management control for effective asset management AVEVA Data and Documents Information Management software that puts you in control of your project or asset information. AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management The definitive, integrated ERM solution for project management and execution in the plant and marine industries AVEVA NET Gatekeeper Validate all asset information, from any source, against defined quality standards AVEVA NET Gateways Bring accessibility, meaning and context to your information assets AVEVA NET IntelliLaser

Managed development and consistency of schematic and 3D data AVEVA Space Management (P) Create and manage the automatic subdivision of a ship into spaces.

Design AVEVA Hull Structural Design (M) For ship structural design, analysis, assembly planning and cost estimation AVEVA Hull Weld Planning (P) Maximum efficiency in the welding of steel hull structures AVEVA Laser Modeller - NEW! (MP) Turn 3D laser scan surveys into intelligent plant models AVEVA Laser Model Interface (MP) Bringing the real world into AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting AVEVA Marine Drafting (M) For the creation of shipbuilding design and production drawings AVEVA Multi-Discipline Supports (P) Efficient design of all types of pipe, duct and cable tray supports AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface (MP) Efficient 3D design transfer between MCAD systems and AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting AVEVA Outfitting (M) Accurate and clash-free 3D outfitting design of ships and offshore vessels AVEVA Outfitting Supports (M) Accurate and efficient design and detailing of supports for pipes, HVAC ducts and cable trays AVEVA PDMS (P) 3D design software for accurate and clash-free plant design AVEVA Pipe Stress Interface (MP) Add integrated pipe stress analysis to AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting AVEVA Room Design (M) Detailed design and production information for ships accommodation areas AVEVA Room Manager (P) A specialist add-on for AVEVA PDMS, for managing Process Plant design by Room, Volume or Area AVEVA Surface Manager - NEW! (M) Transfer surfaces between AVEVA Marine and third-party surface design systems

Digitally navigate the physical asset AVEVA NET Player - NEW! A key element of AVEVAs Construction Management solution, providing timelinebased 4D visualisation of project construction sequences AVEVA NET Portal Information Management software for visualising, validating and linking all types of data and documents. AVEVA WorkMate Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in one integrated, modular solution



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