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SUBMITTED BY. Shibabrata sishu goswami Class- 11, Sec-D, Roll no41

Student Name- shibabrata. s.goswami. Std- 11 ,sec- D Roll no- 41

I solemnly hereby declare that the experiments written in the index have been performed by me with my best knowledge

Dated- 21.01.14 Signature-

I whole heartedly acknowledge and admit with stupendous honour and respect to my physics ..Mr.Ajaya sir ,for promiding better guidance both in theoretically as well as in technologically attempts which is undoubtedly unavailable project and I m also indebted to him 4 providing his precious admin nd I m whole hearted 4 his kind cooperation. I would like to express my beloved parents who have also encouraged with much attention and enthusiasm providing their cooperation during the temire of processing this funniest physics project nd finally , I would like to thank all my friends/family members 4 their common support on my studies.


TOPICS 1. Introduction . 1 2. Objective 2 3. Apparatus required . 2 4. Theory .. 3 5. Procedure .. 4 6. Conclusion 5


Centripetal force is that force which is required to move a body in a circular path with uniform speed. This force acts on the body along the radius and towards the centre of the circular path. Centripetal forces are quite often common since , they must be present whenever circular motion occurs. If the magnitude of the centripetal force, then F= mass x velocity square divided by radius

To demonstrate that a (circular) centripetal force is necessary 4 moving a body with a uniform speed during

movement along a circle and that the magnitude of this force increase in angular speed.

A spring balances, strong thread, small weight, small diameter hollow pipe or pen

When a body is moving on a circular path of constant radius with constant speed then the motion. The uniform circular motion is a uniformly accelerated motion due to change in the direction of velocity, it is called Centripetal acceleration. Its

direction is always along the radius and directed towards the centre of the circular path. The centripetal acceleration its direction is always along the radius and directed towards the centre of the circular path ..

1Take a small diameter hollow pipe and place the strong thread through it. 2Tie one end of proper length of thread to the known weight and other end to a spring balance. 3Hold the hollow pipe in vertical direction with one hand, hold d spring balance by other hand or fix the spring balance, rotate the weight in horizontal plane with certain angular velocity and notice the reading in spring balances 4Increase the angular velocity and notice the reading in spring balance increases accordingly

A centripetal force is required to act on a body to keep in uniform circular motion .the magnitude of centripetal force increases as the angular velocity of body increases