How Much Could Maintaining Home Appliances and Systems Cost in 2014?

TotalProtect Home Warranty shares average cost of annual repairs and replacements; warns most homeowners aren't prepared. Fort Lauderdale FL !March 11 2014" -- If a major home appliance or system unexpectedly breaks in 2014, do most homeowners know how much it would cost to repair or replace, and do they have the funds set aside !ccordin" to experts at #otal$rotect, a home warranty company that aims to make home ownership easier, the answer is a resoundin" no and it could spell trouble for many in the comin" year%

&'ur research shows more than (0 percent of homeowners feel that an expense of more than )2,000 would be devastatin" to their household finances, yet the annual cost of repairs is often much more,& said *teve +urnett, "eneral mana"er and senior vice president of #otal$rotect% &In addition to the financials, there is a "reat deal of stress that comes with findin" the ri"ht service provider and trustin" them to perform the job effectively and honestly%& !ccordin" to data from the +ureau of ,conomic !nalysis and a +loomber" report, the avera"e a"e of consumer durable "oods is the hi"hest since 1-(2% #his means homeowners are keepin" their appliances lon"er than ever before - an avera"e of .%/ years - increasin" the chance they could break from routine wear and tear%

&#he best way to ensure financial stability is proper plannin", said ,milio ,scandon, 0$!, principal-in-char"e of the 1ortheast 2e"ion #ax $ractice of national accountin" firm 3+!4% &*ettin" aside a desi"nated amount each month so you are covered in the event of a major crisis is preferable as opposed to hopin" for the best and then havin" to incur an unplanned expense% It5s a healthy bud"etin" habit and provides peace of mind simultaneously%& &! home warranty is a "reat option for those who want to bud"et throu"hout the year and avoid a lar"e, unplanned expense,& added +urnett% &#he truth is, thin"s break% 6omeowners should ask themselves, 5can I withstand these costs 5 If the answer is no, now5s the time to put a new plan in place%& A#out $otal%rotect Home &arranty' #otal$rotect 6ome 7arranty provides a full selection of reliable home mana"ement plans% 0onsumers can purchase home warranty services directly from the company at http899www%totalprotect%com% In business since 1-:; and head<uartered in 4ort =auderdale, 4la%, #otal$rotect is a division of 0ross 0ountry 6ome *ervices% Media Contact' *loane 4istel 0ross 0ountry 6ome *ervices 1(2. 17 1/(th !ve%, *unrise, 4= ///2/ /0.--(:-((:( sloane%fistel>rbbpr%com http899www%cchs%com

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