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OmegaT for CAT Beginners

by Susan Welsh & Marc Prior

Copyright 2014 Susan Welsh and Marc Prior Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modi y this document under the terms o the !"# $ree %ocumentation &icense, 'ersion 1(2 or any later )ersion published by the $ree So t*are $oundation+ *ith no ,n)ariant Sections, no $ront-Co)er .e/ts, and no 0ac1-Co)er .e/ts( 2 copy o the license is included in the section entitled 3!"# $ree %ocumentation &icense(4 Co)er illustration is rom ***( reeclipartno*(com, in the public domain( &ast updated5 March 2014 6e ers to 7mega. )ersion5 8(0(9:2 Screenshots rom 7mega. )ersions5 1(;(0, 8(0(9:2 Please note that o*ing to the pace at *hich 7mega. is being de)eloped, the appearance o the screenshots and possibly some other in ormation may ha)e changed slightly(

Table of Contents
Copyright((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((2 ,ntroduction((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((< ,ntended readership((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((< What is a C2. tool and *hy are they use ul=((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((< 1( %o*nloading 7mega.(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((< 2( ,nstalling 7mega.(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((< 8( .he 7mega. user inter ace((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((< 4( ,nstalling a spelling dictionary(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((; <( Creating a pro>ect(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((? ;( .ranslating((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((? ;(2( Pro>ect 15 2 simple MS Word ile(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((? ;(2(1( @andling tags((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9 ;(2(2( Chec1ing your translation(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9 ;(2(8( 'alidating tags, creating target documents((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9 ;(2(4( $inal proo reading, correction, and deli)ery((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((A ;(0( Pro>ect 25 2n @.M& document((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((A ;(0(1( %o*nloading the supplementary materials((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((A ;(0(2( .ranslation memory B uCCy match unctionD(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((19 ;(0(8( .he glossary unction((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1A ;(0(4( .he te/t search B indD unction((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1A ?( .he 7mega. user group(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1A 9( 2ppendi/(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1A !"# $ree %ocumentation &icense((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1A 0( Preamble((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1A 1( 2PP&,C20,&,.E 2"% %F$,",.,7"S(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((20 2( 'F602.,M C7PE,"!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((20 8( C7PE,"! ," G#2".,.E((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((20 4( M7%,$,C2.,7"S(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((20 <( C7M0,","! %7C#MF".S((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((21 ;( C7&&FC.,7"S 7$ %7C#MF".S(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((22 ?( 2!!6F!2.,7" W,.@ ,"%FPF"%F". W76HS(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((22 9( .62"S&2.,7"(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((22 A( .F6M,"2.,7"((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((22 10( $#.#6F 6F',S,7"S 7$ .@,S &,CF"SF(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((22

Intended readership
.his document is intended or translators *ho are not e/perienced *ith Computer 2ssisted .ranslation BC2.D tools, and discusses only the basics( 2nother use ul source o in ormation is

What is a CAT tool and why are they useful?

2 C2. tool, as the term is generally used by translators, re ers to a so t*are program that creates a 3translation memory4 B.MD o a translated document, *hich can then be used to acilitate the translation o uture documents that ha)e signi icant similarity to the irst( .his aspect ma1es it especially use ul or repetiti)e material( 2lso5

2 glossary unction allo*s the user to enter source *ords and their translations into a glossary, *hich can be accessed *hile translating( 2 search unction scans pre)iously translated material Beither in a document in the present pro>ect, or in a translation memory rom a pre)ious pro>ectD, so that the user can see ho* a *ord or phrase *as pre)iously translated( 2 segmentation unction displays one 3segment4 o source te/t at a time Busually a sentenceD, and the translation is done *ith the target te/t on the screen directly belo* the source te/t( .his is )ery use ul or 1D ma1ing sure you donIt s1ip te/t+ 2D chec1ing your *or1+ and 8D putting both source and target te/t in a ont and siCe that are com ortable or you(

C2. tools allo* or greater consistency o translation, including *hen more than one translator is *or1ing on a >ob( $inally, C2. tools reproduce the ormatting o the source document( C2. tools range in price rom ree B7mega.D to J2,<00 or more( 7mega. is an e/cellent place to start, as the price is right, it is relati)ely easy to learn, and it runs on M2C and under &inu/, as *ell as Windo*s( 7mega. supports the current Microso t 7 ice ile ormats B(doc/, (/ls/, (ppt/D( ,t does not support the older Microso t 7 ice ile ormats B(doc, (/ls, (pptD+ these must irst be con)erted, e(g(, to the current Microso t 7 ice ile ormats( See the ollo*ing or more in ormation on C2. tools, including on the many )arieties a)ailable5

1. Downloading OmegaT
%o*nload 7mega. Bthe 7mega. site tells you the )arious options+ 3beta4 )ersions are stable, but may ha)e a bug or t*o and do not ha)e up-to-date documentationD( .he on-screen do*nload instructions should be sel -e/planatory( ,t is ad)isable to choose a )ersion that includes Ka)a BK6FD in your do*nload( $or the purposes o this tutorial, *e assume that you *ill be using a Windo*s operating system( , you are using another system, and run into problems, the 7mega. users group at Eahoo can help you Bsee Step 8D(

2. Installing OmegaT
When/a ter do*nloading the Cip ile, place it in a suitable older, e(g(, or Windo*s, C5LProgram $iles( #npac1 Be/tract, unCipD the Cip archi)e( 2 ter do*nloading 7mega. BWindo*s )ersionD, launch the (e/e ile and ollo* the on-screen instructions, *hich should be sel -e/planatory(

3. The OmegaT user interface

2 ter launching 7mega., the main 7mega. *indo* should appear *ith three main panes5 the Fditing pane, the $uCCy Matches pane, and the !lossary pane+ and i)e optional panes5 Machine .ranslation, Multiple .ranslations, "otes, Comments, and %ictionary( .he optional panes are co)ered in the comprehensi)e #serIs Manual( , you canIt see all the main panes, drag the borders bet*een them across your screen until they are arranged appro/imately as sho*n belo*( .he Fditing pane displays the 3,nstant Start4 tutorial in Fnglish( .he #serIs Manual can be called up *ith the 3@elp4 menu item or $1(

, the Fditing pane is empty, the language o your Windo*s installation is probably not Fnglish and 7mega. does not ha)e an ,nstant Start tutorial in your language( ,n this case, call up the 7mega. documentation by selecting @elp M #serIs Manual, or by pressing $1( 0e *arned that the documentation may be a little out o date, o*ing to the pace at *hich 7mega. is being de)eloped( $or some languages, it is Nuite a bit out o date( 'olunteers to translate the current documentation are *elcomeO Please contact the Eahoo user group(

4. Installing a s elling dictionar!

Eou *ill need a place to store your dictionary or dictionaries or your target languageIs spell chec1er Bthis is not the place or bilingual dictionariesD( 2n e/ample is to create a 3dictionaries4 older in your Program $iles BStart M My Computer M &ocal %is1 BC5D M Program $iles M right clic1 M "e* $older, name it 3dictionaries(4D .hen rom the 7mega. menu, clic1 7ptions M Spell chec1ing( Clic1 Choose and na)igate to the 3dictionaries4 older Bscreenshot, a" belo*D( Clic1 3,nstall ne* dictionary4 and you *ill be gi)en a list o many possible dictionaries B#D( B, nothing happens, select a di erent repository P see

***(omegat(org/en/ho*tos/spelling(html() Clic1 on the one or ones you *ant and clic1 ,nstall again, then close the bo/( Selecting a dictionary and 3,nstall4 causes the rele)ant dictionary to be do*nloaded rom the ,nternet to the older *hich you speci ied in a$( 7 course, you must be connected to the ,nternet or this unction to *or1( Eou *ill see that the dictionary or dictionaries appear listed in the 3spellchec1er setup4 dialog *indo* c$( Ma1e sure the language )ariant o your dictionary matches the language )ariant o your target language, or the spellchec1er *ill not *or1 properly Be(g(, 0ritish Fnglish or 2merican FnglishD(

a$ bD


%. Creating a


Most C2. tools use the term 3pro>ect4 to re er to a collection o olders and iles associated *ith a translation( 2 3pro>ect4 is usually synonymous *ith a translation >ob( .o create a pro>ect in 7mega., select Pro>ect, then clic1 "e*( .he 3Create a "e* Pro>ect4 dialog appears Bnot sho*n hereD( "a)igate to a suitable older in *hich to create the pro>ect, e(g(, the main

older you use or your translations, or you can place it on the %es1top or temporary ease o access, and later mo)e it to My %ocuments or a similar location or storage( Fnter a suitable name or your pro>ect, such as the clientIs name and purchase order number, and clic1 Sa)e( $or purposes o this tutorial, letIs call it '! (ro&ect)1. .he 3Create "e* Pro>ect4 dialog appears( Select the desired source and target languages by clic1ing on the arro*s to the right o these ields(

Clic1 on 3Segmentation4 to call up the Segmentation Setup dialog( 7mega. is supplied *ith a number o )ery basic segmentation patterns( Pic1 the one or the language o your source te/t Be(g(, ,talian, 3,.(Q4D, and use 3Mo)e #p4 to mo)e it to the top o the list( , the language o your source te/t isnIt listed, pic1 a language that is, double-clic1 on the &anguage "ame ield, and change it to the abbre)iation or your language( %o the same *ith the &anguage

Pattern ield( , you use 7mega. or any length o time in the uture, you *ill *ant to customiCe the segmentation rules( ,t is not *orth getting bogged do*n *ith ine-tuning the segmentation rules at this stage+ the basic rules as supplied should *or1 adeNuately or demonstration purposes, e)en or a di erent BsourceD language, pro)ided its sentence punctuation rules are broadly similar Bi(e(, donIt use the Kapanese segmentation rules i you are translating rom ,talianD( Con irm the segmentation rules and then creation o the pro>ect *ith 7H( %o not change any other settings, or the purposes o this tutorial( %o not clic1 on 30ro*se4 or other*ise change the de ault locations o the pro>ect olders BdirectoriesD( Eou ha)e no* created an empty pro>ect( .he Pro>ect $iles *indo* is displayed, *hich is empty since your pro>ect does not yet contain any iles( B%o not use the 3,mport Source $iles4 unction during this e/ercise+ you can e/periment *ith it later, on your o*n(D Eou can close this *indo*( $ind your pro>ect in your ile manager5 it is a older *ith the name o the pro>ect, containing the sub- olders /dictionary,/glossary,/omegat,/source, /target, /omegat, and /tm, and /glossary( .hey are all empty( Eou *ill put your document to be translated into the /source older+ the /target older *ill be illed *ith your translated te/t+ the /omegat older need not concern you no*+ the /tm and /glossary iles *ill remain empty unless and until you create a (tm/ ile and a glossary and put them into those respecti)e olders+ the /dictionary older is *here you can put bilingual dictionaries, i you *ish, in the appropriate ormat Bsee #serIs ManualD((

*. Translating
We pro)ide here t*o pro>ects or sel -training( .he irst, to get you started, uses a simple MS Word ile in the source language( .his does not demonstrate 7mega.Is ull capabilities, but is intended to help the 3ne*bie4 grasp the most essential procedures( .he

second pro>ect uses an @.M& ile or set o iles, do*nloaded rom the ,nternet, and demonstrates 7mega.Is capability to deal *ith graphics, comple/ layout, and comple/ ile structure( .here you *ill learn ho* translation memories, glossaries, and the search unction *or1( .hese capabilities can be used regardless o the ile type B(doc/, (/ls/, (odt, (t/t, (html, etc(D( See *.B.1)*.B.4, belo*( We ignore these in Pro>ect 1 only or training purposes( (lease roceed to (ro&ect 2 after com leting (ro&ect 1+

,mportant5 the purpose o this introduction to 7mega. is to acNuaint you *ith the basic concepts o translation memory so t*are( 6e erences to 7mega.Is more ad)anced or obscure unctions ha)e deliberately been omitted or 1ept to a minimum, since a description o them *ould almost certainly lead to you, as a ne* user, being unable to see the orest or the trees( Consult the #serIs Manual or urther in ormation(

*.A. (ro&ect 1, A sim le '- .ord file

&aunch 7pen 7 ice Writer and create a ne* te/t document( .hen use $ile M 7pen to Choose open any short MS Word document B(doc/ ormatD document in the source language( ,t should include at least some ormatting, such as title, subheads, ont changes( B$or the purposes o this tutorial, you may use (doc/ iles according to this procedure, although in act (doc/ iles do not reNuire the mediation o 7pen 7 ice Writer( See #serRs Manual *hen you are ready or the ine points(D$ile M Sa)e 2s, name the ile, and close it in (odt ormat( Clic1 and drag the ne*ly created (odt ile to the /source older o your '! (ro&ect)1 older, *hich you created in Step %( &aunch 7mega. and clic1 Pro>ect M 7pen( "a)igate to '! (ro&ect)1 Bit *ill ha)e the 7mega. icon beside itD( %ouble-clic1 on the ile( .he Pro>ect $iles dialog *ill display your source document( Close the dialog bo/( Eour translation ile is no* displayed in the Fditing pane, and you can begin translating( B"ote that this screenshot re ers to 7mega. 1(;(0 in the blue bar at the top( 7*ing to the pace at *hich 7mega. is being de)eloped, the appearance o the screenshots and possibly some other in ormation may ha)e changed slightly(D

.he basic idea is that the te/t is presented to you one segment at a time( 2 segment normally corresponds to one sentence( Eou type your translation into the ield pro)ided, con irm by hitting Fnter, and so on( 7mega. is an 3inline4 translation memory application, meaning that you see only one copy o the te/t+ segments *hich ha)e already been translated appear as such, other*ise the untranslated source te/t is displayed( 7nly in the case o the 3acti)e4 segment, *hich is highlighted, are both source te/t and translation displayed( 0y de ault, the source te/t is pasted into the target te/t segment or you( .his is con)enient *ith hea)ily tagged B ormattedD te/t, since it is easier to retain the tags undamaged by simply replacing the te/t bet*een them( With less hea)ily tagged te/t, you can delete the content o the target te/t ield and simply type in the translation, or you can instruct 7mega. to lea)e it blan1 by de ault Bre er to the #serIs Manual or detailsD(

*.A.1. /andling tags

@andling tags ta1es some practice( .he general principle is that you translate the te/t bet*een tags and lea)e the tags untouched( $or e/ample, this te/t in Fnglish5 &oo1 at thatO might appear li1e this in 7mega.5

&oo1 at Sa0MthatS/a0MO and be translated li1e this in 7mega. into !erman5 Schau dir Sa0MdasS/a0M anO *hich then appears li1e this in the inal te/t5 Schau dir das anO ,n this case, Sa0M and S/a0M are the opening and closing tags or bold te/t respecti)ely( 3Sa0M3 and 3S/a0M3 do not necessarily indicate the beginning and end o bold te/t, ho*e)er+ i the *ord 3that4 *ere in italics in the source te/t rather than bold, the tags *ould be the same( 7nly by loo1ing at the source te/t can you ascertain the actual unction o the tags in a particular case( .he current Microso t Office file formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) can generate a large number o unnecessary tags, ma1ing translation cumbersome( 7ne solution to this problem is CodeCapper Bhttp5//asap-traduction(com/CodeTapperD, *hich can eliminate these, *hile 1eeping the tags you actually need+ or you can use the 6emo)e .ags eature o 7mega. itsel to remo)e all tags( See the #serIs Manual B$1D( #ntil you are amiliar *ith tag handling, it is best to retain all the tags and to 1eep them in the same order i at all possible( 7mega. does allo* you to delete tags and to change their order, but only i certain rules are care ully ollo*ed( 7ther*ise, you may ris1 corrupting your inal document and pre)enting it rom being opened( $or details o the tag handling rules, re er to the #serIs Manual(

*.A.2. Chec0ing !our translation

F)entually, you *ill reach the end o the ile you are translating( , your pro>ect contains more than one ile or translation, con irming the last segment in the irst ile *ill ta1e you to the topmost segment in the second ile( 2n ad)antage probably common to all translation memory applications is that they simpli y chec1ing5 once you ha)e completed the irst dra t o your translation, you can 3*al14 through it *ith the source and target )ersions o each sentence displayed ne/t to each other( ,n the case o 7mega., the source is displayed abo)e the target te/t o the acti)e segment, acilitating comparison5

*.A.3. 1alidating tags" creating target documents

2 ter you ha)e chec1ed and sa)ed ing your translation, ne*er )ersions o 7mega. *ill chec1 automatically that you ha)e not damaged any tags during the translation process, or you can do it manually yoursel 5 .ools M 'alidate .ags( "ote5 %amaged or missing tags in UM& ile ormats, such as 7pen7 ice(org, are li1ely to result in the output ile ailing to open at all( Create the target documents by selecting Pro>ect M Create .ranslated %ocuments( .he translated documents are automatically generated in their original ormat in the /target older( , your pro>ect consists o multiple source iles, possibly in multiple sub- olders and *ith accompanying graphics iles, etc(, as is the case *ith the e/amples in our second, @.M&, pro>ect, the entire structure o the iles in /source is reproduced in /target(

*.A.4. 2inal chec0ing" correction" and deli3er!

, you pre er to chec1 your translation on paper, print out the target document( %onIt, ho*e)er, ma1e corrections in the 7pen 7 ice Writer or MS Word ile5 ind the rele)ant segments in 7mega. Busing the te/t search unction, to be discussed belo*, Step *.B.4D and ma1e them there( 2 ter re)ising the te/t and ma1ing any corrections, create the translated

documents again and close the pro>ect( Eou are no* ready to deli)er the >ob( , the client reNuires MS 7 ice ormat, simply sa)e the target ile in 7pen7 ice(org in the rele)ant MS ormat B(doc, etc(D

*.B. (ro&ect 2, An /T'4 document

*.B.1. Downloading the su lementar! materials
&aunch 7mega. and create a ne* pro>ect( &etIs call it '! (ro&ect)2( Set it up >ust as you did *ith '! (ro&ect)1( .he procedures described in Pro>ect 1, Steps *.A.1)*.A.4" all apply here too, or @.M& iles( 2ll iles selected or translation in this tutorial are rom Wi1ipedia+ some pro>ects comprise more than one ile, to amiliariCe you *ith 7mega.Is use ulness or such structured documents( .he table pro)ides a summary o *eb pages a)ailable, or *hich our tutorialIs 3legacy4 iles ha)e been constructed5

Language combination English to Chinese English to Czech English to "#tch English to "#tch

Subject stocks biocoenosis stocks r#ssian$ %iscellaneo#s

Source h!tosociolog!'%erican!_(sland*id#al_%edle!,#rassic_Coast!_&ocks"#rdle_"oor on ark _1ane anelling'%erican!_(sland!oga,nana_!oga,ack anelling*odship odlasie_4oi*odship*id#al_%edle!'%erican!_(sland h!tosociolog!

English to )rench English to )rench

swi%%ing dorset

English to )rench English to /er%an

%edicine hilton

English to /er%an English to (talian

constr#ction r#ssian$ %iscellaneo#s

English to (talian English to (talian English to olish English to olish English to olish English to olish

!oga ci*il$ engineering constr#ction poland %edicine swi%%ing

English to ort#g#ese r#ssian$ %iscellaneo#s

English to &#ssian


English to &#ssian English to Spanish

stocks dorset,#rassic_Coast!_&ocks"#rdle_"oor!e!e on ark _1ane on ark _1ane

English to Spanish


English to Spanish English to Spanish English to Spanish

cereal sk!e hilton

English to 2#rkish


)rench to English

seine$et$%arne"7%ographie_de_Seine$et$ 5arne$et$5arne esoteric'#g#re"i*ination"anse$test"al%ate!!!_9Begriffserkl %C:%';r#ng<"o%estizier#ng"ress#rreiten<

)rench to English

)rench to English )rench to English )rench to English )rench to English )rench to English )rench to English /er%an to English

dancing cardiolog! ling#istics ornitholog! wine r#gb! canterb#r!

/er%an to English /er%an to English /er%an to English /er%an to English

do%estication e8#estrianis% railwa!s %#sic

/er%an to English /er%an to English /er%an to English (talian to English (talian to English

ps!chiatr! h#%o#r teaching librarianship politics s!chiatrie!_2owers"e_5ichelis"oen%C:%'>a_de_Chagas"?%9) %"@%8?%"?%B?%"?%B2%"?%BE*ideo para_la_(nfancia"erechos_del_niCo

ort#g#ese to English chagas &#ssian to English Spanish to English Spanish to English law %onte*ideo #nicef

Spanish to English


7nce you ha)e decided on a sub>ect, do*nload the iles rom the ,nternet, na)igating so that they go directly into the /source older o '! (ro&ect)2( Ma1e sure you do*nload the entire *eb page, including graphics( B'arious bro*sers ha)e slightly di erent methods or doing this( $or ,nternet F/plorer ?(/, or e/ample, $ile M Sa)e 2sM Webpage, Complete+ or $ire o/ <, $ile M Sa)e Page as M Web Page, Complete(D Eour /source older *ill no* contain one or more @.M& ileBsD, together *ith associated iles such as graphics iles( .he structure o olders and sub olders must be retained( Eou should be able to open the @.M& iles in your bro*ser and )ie* them appro/imately as they appear on the ,nternet( "e/t, do*nload the 3legacy pac1age4 *hich *e ha)e created or use in this tutorial, *hich is at5 #npac1 the legacy(Cip archi)e to any suitable temporary location Bsuch as My %ocuments or the %es1topD( ,t contains a number o translation memory iles B*ith the e/tension (tm/D and 7mega. glossary iles B*ith the e/tension (t/tD( ,denti y the (tm/ ile and the glossary B(t/tD ile or your language combination( Copy the (tm/ ile to the /tm older and the (t/t ile to the /glossary older o your 7mega. pro>ect(

-ome more

oints to note a#out the /T'4 files for translation,

, you )ie* these iles in your bro*ser on your PC, they *ill di er slightly in appearance rom the pages on the ,nternet( .his has nothing to do *ith 7mega. or your bro*ser, but is due to the act that Wi1ipedia does not allo* all the template in ormation or its pages to be do*nloaded( Wi1ipedia is sub>ect to continual change( .he pages listed here ha)e been selected as suitable e/amples Band the 3legacy4 iles ha)e been created to correspond to themD, but changes to them may ma1e them

less suitable, and they may e)en disappear or mo)e else*here(

When you are translating rom @.M&, you *ill see a lot o codes that do not need to be translated, particularly at the beginning o each ile( ,n many cases, *hole segments B3sentences4D, such as *eb lin1s, can be le t as they are( Simply clic1 through these by pressing Fnter to con irm that the target is to remain the same( @.M& is generally )ery tolerant o corrupted or missing tags+ the result is li1ely to be a ile *hich *ill open, but *ith une/pected or undesired ormatting results( 6e)ie* Step *.A.1 on handling tags(

With hea)ily tagged @.M& te/t, you may ind it con)enient to 1eep the source te/t open at the same time and to toggle bet*een the t*o B2ltVtabD in order to be able to see more Nuic1ly *hat te/t actually has to be translated( 2s a general rule or the purpose o this tutorial, assume that i something is )isible in your bro*ser, it should be translated( .he *indo*s in the abo)e screenshot ha)e been reduced in siCe in order to sho* the idea o 1eeping 7mega. and the source te/t Bin your bro*serD open at the same time(

When you are inished and ready to chec1 your *or1, you can open the

translated iles in /target in your bro*ser and read through them, and/or print them out or chec1ing( , you pre er to read through the inished te/t on the screen, i(e(, in your bro*ser, toggle bet*een the bro*ser and 7mega.( When you ind errors in the te/t in the bro*ser *indo*, ma1e the corresponding changes *ithin 7mega.(

*.B.2. Translation memor! 5fu66! match function$

F)entually, you *ill encounter uCCy matches( "ormally, it may be some time be ore you encounter use ul uCCy matches, but the 3legacy4 translation memory ile has been pro)ided or you in this tutorial to ensure that you *ill ind at least some( 3$uCCy matches4 are segments *ith some degree o similarity to the segment you are translating( .hey may be *ithin the current pro>ect Beither in the te/t you are currently translating or, *here a pro>ect comprises more than one source te/t, in another te/t *ithin the same pro>ectD, or they may be in the legacy (tm/ ileBsD *hich you placed in the /tm older( Since the legacy (tm/ iles in the /tm older are the product o pre)ious translation >obs, you *ill not normally ha)e any use ul legacy (tm/ iles to call upon until you ha)e completed a e* >obs in 7mega., and placed them into the /tm older o your ne* >ob( @ere, the current segment sho*s a uCCy match *ith a segment else*here in the pro>ect that has already been translated5

, a ter loo1ing at the uCCy match you decide that it is use ul, you can paste it into the acti)e segment at any point BCtrlV,D, or replace Bo)er*riteD the acti)e segment *ith it completely BCtrlV6D and then modi y it, or copy and paste parts o it into the acti)e segment BCtrlVC and CtrlV' to copy and pasteD( .he legacy material pro)ided or the purpose o this tutorial is intended to demonstrate the unctions o 7mega.( #nder no circumstances should the translations in the translation memory be assumed to be reliable( With hea)ily tagged te/t, you are li1ely to ind that 7mega. yields numerous spurious uCCy matches in *hich only the tags are identical, and *hich are not there ore use ul(

*.B.3. The glossar! function

0e ore beginning translating, you placed a glossary ile in the /glossary older( !lossary iles are simply plain-te/t iles containing t*o or three columns o terms delimited by tabs( BSee #serIs Manual or ho* to set up a glossary(D 7mega. creates an empty de ault glossary ile or a pro>ect *hen the pro>ect is irst created( Eou can also add urther glossary iles o your o*n( $or the purpose o this pro>ect, a glossary B(t/tD ile has been created or you or each language combination( .his ile *ill be o limited practical help to you during translation, but it ser)es to sho* you ho* the glossary terms are displayed to

you in 7mega. *hen they occur5 immediately in the 7mega. glossary pane( .erms and their translations *ill appear *hen you reach a segment containing them(

Wild card characters are not accepted( %o not put an article be ore the noun in a glossary+ i you *ant to indicate the gender o the noun, put that a ter the irst tab in the glossary, in the column *here you put the translation( .hus, i your source document contains the *ords ein Mensch, a glossary that has the source te/t as der Mensch *ill not ind it+ use Mensch or the glossary instead( $or more on glossaries, including adding ne* terms, consult the #serIs Manual( $or more ad)anced users, there is a plugin called 7mega.-to1eniCers B or use in 7mega. )ersion 2(1(1 and later )ersionsD, *hich allo*s 7mega. to recogniCe in lected orms o a *ord( .hose interested may consult the #serRs Manual and the usersW group on Eahoo(.he more recent )ersions o 7mega. automatically incorporate a 3to1eniCer4 unction, *hich allo*s the system to recogniCe in lected orms o a *ord(

*.B.4. The te7t search 5find$ function

CtrlV$ calls up a search dialog *ith *hich you can search or any term

throughout the pro>ect, i(e(, *ithin the source te/t and the legacy translation memory iles, source segments, target segments, and glossary iles(

2s *ith the glossary unction, you can use 1eyboard shortcuts to copy and paste content rom the .e/t Search *indo* into the acti)e translation segment( , you *ish to change the te/t in a segment *ithin the current pro>ect *hich is displayed in the .e/t Search *indo*, double-clic1 on it and 7mega. *ill ta1e you to the segment concerned( .he .e/t Search *indo* has Nuite po*er ul search unctions( $or details, see the #serIs Manual( "ote that there is no an automatic 3global replace4 unction a)ailable as a 3scripting4 plugin outside the main program, also described in the #serIs Manual(, but there are 3*or1arounds4 that can be used(

8. The OmegaT user grou

7mega. has a riendly and help ul user group( 7nce you ha)e >oined, you can post Nuestions there regarding 7mega.(

.he group can be ound at groups(yahoo(com/group/omegat( .he group is hosted by EahooO 7m. has moderated membership, i(e(, your membership irst has to be appro)ed( .his is in order to pre)ent spammers accessing the group( .o >oin, simply 3Sign ,n4 using your e-mail( Eou *ill be reNuired to send a short message rom *hich the moderator can tell that you are a genuine user and not a spammer(

8. A


9:; 2ree Documentation 4icense

0 !reamble
.he purpose o this &icense is to ma1e a manual, te/tboo1, or other unctional and use ul document 3 ree4 in the sense o reedom5 to assure e)eryone the e ecti)e reedom to copy and redistribute it, *ith or *ithout modi ying it, either commercially or noncommercially( Secondarily, this &icense preser)es or the author and publisher a *ay to get credit or their *or1, *hile not being considered responsible or modi ications made by others( .his &icense is a 1ind o 3copyle t,4 *hich means that deri)ati)e *or1s o the document must themsel)es be ree in the same sense( ,t complements the !"# !eneral Public &icense, *hich is a copyle t license designed or ree so t*are( We ha)e designed this &icense in order to use it or manuals or ree so t*are, because ree so t*are needs ree documentation5 a ree program should come *ith manuals pro)iding the same reedoms that the so t*are does( 0ut this &icense is not limited to so t*are manuals+ it can be used or any te/tual *or1, regardless o sub>ect matter or *hether it is published as a printed boo1( We recommend this &icense principally or *or1s *hose purpose is instruction or re erence(

" A!!LICA#ILIT$ A%& &'(I%ITI)%S

.his &icense applies to any manual or other *or1, in any medium, that contains a notice placed by the copyright holder saying it can be distributed under the terms o this &icense( Such a notice grants a *orld-*ide, royaltyree license, unlimited in duration, to use that *or1 under the conditions stated herein( .he 3%ocument,4 belo*, re ers to any such manual or *or1( 2ny member o the public is a licensee, and is addressed as 3you(4 Eou accept the license i you copy, modi y or distribute the *or1 in a *ay reNuiring permission under copyright la*( 2 3Modi ied 'ersion4 o the %ocument means any *or1 containing the %ocument or a portion o it, either copied )erbatim, or *ith modi ications and/or translated into another language( 2 3Secondary Section4 is a named appendi/ or a ront-matter section o the %ocument that deals e/clusi)ely *ith the relationship o the publishers or authors o the %ocument to the %ocumentIs o)erall sub>ect Bor to related mattersD and contains nothing that could all directly *ithin that o)erall

sub>ect( B.hus, i the %ocument is in part a te/tboo1 o mathematics, a Secondary Section may not e/plain any mathematics(D .he relationship could be a matter o historical connection *ith the sub>ect or *ith related matters, or o legal, commercial, philosophical, ethical or political position regarding them( .he 3,n)ariant Sections4 are certain Secondary Sections *hose titles are designated, as being those o ,n)ariant Sections, in the notice that says that the %ocument is released under this &icense( , a section does not it the abo)e de inition o Secondary then it is not allo*ed to be designated as ,n)ariant( .he %ocument may contain Cero ,n)ariant Sections( , the %ocument does not identi y any ,n)ariant Sections then there are none( .he 3Co)er .e/ts4 are certain short passages o te/t that are listed, as $rontCo)er .e/ts or 0ac1-Co)er .e/ts, in the notice that says that the %ocument is released under this &icense( 2 $ront-Co)er .e/t may be at most < *ords, and a 0ac1-Co)er .e/t may be at most 2< *ords( 2 3.ransparent4 copy o the %ocument means a machine-readable copy, represented in a ormat *hose speci ication is a)ailable to the general public, that is suitable or re)ising the document straight or*ardly *ith generic te/t editors or B or images composed o pi/elsD generic paint programs or B or dra*ingsD some *idely a)ailable dra*ing editor, and that is suitable or input to te/t ormatters or or automatic translation to a )ariety o ormats suitable or input to te/t ormatters( 2 copy made in an other*ise .ransparent ile ormat *hose mar1up, or absence o mar1up, has been arranged to th*art or discourage subseNuent modi ication by readers is not .ransparent( 2n image ormat is not .ransparent i used or any substantial amount o te/t( 2 copy that is not 3.ransparent4 is called 37paNue(4 F/amples o suitable ormats or .ransparent copies include plain 2SC,, *ithout mar1up, .e/in o input ormat, &a.eU input ormat, S!M& or UM& using a publicly a)ailable %.%, and standard-con orming simple @.M&, PostScript or P%$ designed or human modi ication( F/amples o transparent image ormats include P"!, UC$ and KP!( 7paNue ormats include proprietary ormats that can be read and edited only by proprietary *ord processors, S!M& or UM& or *hich the %.% and/or processing tools are not generally a)ailable, and the machine-generated @.M&, PostScript or P%$ produced by some *ord processors or output purposes only( .he 3.itle Page4 means, or a printed boo1, the title page itsel , plus such ollo*ing pages as are needed to hold, legibly, the material this &icense reNuires to appear in the title page( $or *or1s in ormats *hich do not ha)e any title page as such, 3.itle Page4 means the te/t near the most prominent appearance o the *or1Is title, preceding the beginning o the body o the te/t( 2 section 3Fntitled UET4 means a named subunit o the %ocument *hose title either is precisely UET or contains UET in parentheses ollo*ing te/t that translates UET in another language( B@ere UET stands or a speci ic section name mentioned belo*, such as 32c1no*ledgements,4 3%edications,4 3Fndorsements,4 or 3@istory(4D .o 3Preser)e the .itle4 o such a section *hen you modi y the %ocument means that it remains a section 3Fntitled UET4

according to this de inition( .he %ocument may include Warranty %isclaimers ne/t to the notice *hich states that this &icense applies to the %ocument( .hese Warranty %isclaimers are considered to be included by re erence in this &icense, but only as regards disclaiming *arranties5 any other implication that these Warranty %isclaimers may ha)e is )oid and has no e ect on the meaning o this &icense(

* +',#ATI- C)!$I%.
Eou may copy and distribute the %ocument in any medium, either commercially or noncommercially, pro)ided that this &icense, the copyright notices, and the license notice saying this &icense applies to the %ocument are reproduced in all copies, and that you add no other conditions *hatsoe)er to those o this &icense( Eou may not use technical measures to obstruct or control the reading or urther copying o the copies you ma1e or distribute( @o*e)er, you may accept compensation in e/change or copies( , you distribute a large enough number o copies you must also ollo* the conditions in section 8( Eou may also lend copies, under the same conditions stated abo)e, and you may publicly display copies(

/ C)!$I%. I% 01A%TIT$
, you publish printed copies Bor copies in media that commonly ha)e printed co)ersD o the %ocument, numbering more than 100, and the %ocumentIs license notice reNuires Co)er .e/ts, you must enclose the copies in co)ers that carry, clearly and legibly, all these Co)er .e/ts5 $ront-Co)er .e/ts on the ront co)er, and 0ac1-Co)er .e/ts on the bac1 co)er( 0oth co)ers must also clearly and legibly identi y you as the publisher o these copies( .he ront co)er must present the ull title *ith all *ords o the title eNually prominent and )isible( Eou may add other material on the co)ers in addition( Copying *ith changes limited to the co)ers, as long as they preser)e the title o the %ocument and satis y these conditions, can be treated as )erbatim copying in other respects( , the reNuired te/ts or either co)er are too )oluminous to it legibly, you should put the irst ones listed Bas many as it reasonablyD on the actual co)er, and continue the rest onto ad>acent pages( , you publish or distribute 7paNue copies o the %ocument numbering more than 100, you must either include a machine-readable .ransparent copy along *ith each 7paNue copy, or state in or *ith each 7paNue copy a computernet*or1 location rom *hich the general net*or1-using public has access to do*nload using public-standard net*or1 protocols a complete .ransparent copy o the %ocument, ree o added material( , you use the latter option, you must ta1e reasonably prudent steps, *hen you begin distribution o 7paNue copies in Nuantity, to ensure that this .ransparent copy *ill remain thus accessible at the stated location until at least one year a ter the last time you distribute an 7paNue copy Bdirectly or through your agents or retailersD o that edition to the public( ,t is reNuested, but not reNuired, that you contact the authors o the %ocument

*ell be ore redistributing any large number o copies, to gi)e them a chance to pro)ide you *ith an updated )ersion o the %ocument(

2 -)&I(ICATI)%S
Eou may copy and distribute a Modi ied 'ersion o the %ocument under the conditions o sections 2 and 8 abo)e, pro)ided that you release the Modi ied 'ersion under precisely this &icense, *ith the Modi ied 'ersion illing the role o the %ocument, thus licensing distribution and modi ication o the Modi ied 'ersion to *hoe)er possesses a copy o it( ,n addition, you must do these things in the Modi ied 'ersion5

A. #se in the .itle Page Band on the co)ers, i anyD a title distinct rom that o the %ocument, and rom those o pre)ious )ersions B*hich should, i there *ere any, be listed in the @istory section o the %ocumentD( Eou may use the same title as a pre)ious )ersion i the original publisher o that )ersion gi)es permission( B. &ist on the .itle Page, as authors, one or more persons or entities responsible or authorship o the modi ications in the Modi ied 'ersion, together *ith at least i)e o the principal authors o the %ocument Ball o its principal authors, i it has e*er than i)eD, unless they release you rom this reNuirement( C. State on the .itle page the name o the publisher o the Modi ied 'ersion, as the publisher( D. Preser)e all the copyright notices o the %ocument( <. 2dd an appropriate copyright notice or your modi ications ad>acent to the other copyright notices( 2. ,nclude, immediately a ter the copyright notices, a license notice gi)ing the public permission to use the Modi ied 'ersion under the terms o this &icense, in the orm sho*n in the 2ddendum belo*( 9. Preser)e in that license notice the ull lists o ,n)ariant Sections and reNuired Co)er .e/ts gi)en in the %ocumentIs license notice( /. ,nclude an unaltered copy o this &icense( I. Preser)e the section Fntitled 3@istory,4 Preser)e its .itle, and add to it an item stating at least the title, year, ne* authors, and publisher o the Modi ied 'ersion as gi)en on the .itle Page( , there is no section Fntitled 3@istory4 in the %ocument, create one stating the title, year, authors, and publisher o the %ocument as gi)en on its .itle Page, then add an item describing the Modi ied 'ersion as stated in the pre)ious sentence( =. Preser)e the net*or1 location, i any, gi)en in the %ocument or public access to a .ransparent copy o the %ocument, and li1e*ise the net*or1 locations gi)en in the %ocument or pre)ious )ersions it *as based on( .hese may be placed in the 3@istory4 section( Eou may omit a net*or1 location or a *or1 that *as published at least our years be ore the %ocument itsel , or i the original publisher o the )ersion it re ers to gi)es permission( >. $or any section Fntitled 32c1no*ledgements4 or 3%edications,4 Preser)e the .itle o the section, and preser)e in the section all the substance and tone o each o the contributor ac1no*ledgements and/or dedications gi)en therein(

4. Preser)e all the ,n)ariant Sections o the %ocument, unaltered in their te/t and in their titles( Section numbers or the eNui)alent are not considered part o the section titles( '. %elete any section Fntitled 3Fndorsements(4 Such a section may not be included in the Modi ied 'ersion( :. %o not retitle any e/isting section to be Fntitled 3Fndorsements4 or to con lict in title *ith any ,n)ariant Section( O. Preser)e any Warranty %isclaimers(

, the Modi ied 'ersion includes ne* ront-matter sections or appendices that Nuali y as Secondary Sections and contain no material copied rom the %ocument, you may at your option designate some or all o these sections as in)ariant( .o do this, add their titles to the list o ,n)ariant Sections in the Modi ied 'ersionIs license notice( .hese titles must be distinct rom any other section titles( Eou may add a section Fntitled 3Fndorsements,4 pro)ided it contains nothing but endorsements o your Modi ied 'ersion by )arious parties-- or e/ample, statements o peer re)ie* or that the te/t has been appro)ed by an organiCation as the authoritati)e de inition o a standard( Eou may add a passage o up to i)e *ords as a $ront-Co)er .e/t, and a passage o up to 2< *ords as a 0ac1-Co)er .e/t, to the end o the list o Co)er .e/ts in the Modi ied 'ersion( 7nly one passage o $ront-Co)er .e/t and one o 0ac1-Co)er .e/t may be added by Bor through arrangements made byD any one entity( , the %ocument already includes a co)er te/t or the same co)er, pre)iously added by you or by arrangement made by the same entity you are acting on behal o , you may not add another+ but you may replace the old one, on e/plicit permission rom the pre)ious publisher that added the old one( .he authorBsD and publisherBsD o the %ocument do not by this &icense gi)e permission to use their names or publicity or or to assert or imply endorsement o any Modi ied 'ersion(

3 C)-#I%I%. &)C1-'%TS
Eou may combine the %ocument *ith other documents released under this &icense, under the terms de ined in section 4 abo)e or modi ied )ersions, pro)ided that you include in the combination all o the ,n)ariant Sections o all o the original documents, unmodi ied, and list them all as ,n)ariant Sections o your combined *or1 in its license notice, and that you preser)e all their Warranty %isclaimers( .he combined *or1 need only contain one copy o this &icense, and multiple identical ,n)ariant Sections may be replaced *ith a single copy( , there are multiple ,n)ariant Sections *ith the same name but di erent contents, ma1e the title o each such section uniNue by adding at the end o it, in parentheses, the name o the original author or publisher o that section i 1no*n, or else a uniNue number( Ma1e the same ad>ustment to the section titles in the list o ,n)ariant Sections in the license notice o the combined *or1( ,n the combination, you must combine any sections Fntitled 3@istory4 in the )arious original documents, orming one section Fntitled 3@istory4+ li1e*ise

combine any sections Fntitled 32c1no*ledgements,4 and any sections Fntitled 3%edications(4 Eou must delete all sections Fntitled 3Fndorsements(4

4 C)LL'CTI)%S )( &)C1-'%TS
Eou may ma1e a collection consisting o the %ocument and other documents released under this &icense, and replace the indi)idual copies o this &icense in the )arious documents *ith a single copy that is included in the collection, pro)ided that you ollo* the rules o this &icense or )erbatim copying o each o the documents in all other respects( Eou may e/tract a single document rom such a collection, and distribute it indi)idually under this &icense, pro)ided you insert a copy o this &icense into the e/tracted document, and ollo* this &icense in all other respects regarding )erbatim copying o that document(

5 A..,'.ATI)% WIT6 I%&'!'%&'%T W),7S

2 compilation o the %ocument or its deri)ati)es *ith other separate and independent documents or *or1s, in or on a )olume o a storage or distribution medium, is called an 3aggregate4 i the copyright resulting rom the compilation is not used to limit the legal rights o the compilationIs users beyond *hat the indi)idual *or1s permit( When the %ocument is included in an aggregate, this &icense does not apply to the other *or1s in the aggregate *hich are not themsel)es deri)ati)e *or1s o the %ocument( , the Co)er .e/t reNuirement o section 8 is applicable to these copies o the %ocument, then i the %ocument is less than one hal o the entire aggregate, the %ocumentIs Co)er .e/ts may be placed on co)ers that brac1et the %ocument *ithin the aggregate, or the electronic eNui)alent o co)ers i the %ocument is in electronic orm( 7ther*ise they must appear on printed co)ers that brac1et the *hole aggregate(

.ranslation is considered a 1ind o modi ication, so you may distribute translations o the %ocument under the terms o section 4( 6eplacing ,n)ariant Sections *ith translations reNuires special permission rom their copyright holders, but you may include translations o some or all ,n)ariant Sections in addition to the original )ersions o these ,n)ariant Sections( Eou may include a translation o this &icense, and all the license notices in the %ocument, and any Warranty %isclaimers, pro)ided that you also include the original Fnglish )ersion o this &icense and the original )ersions o those notices and disclaimers( ,n case o a disagreement bet*een the translation and the original )ersion o this &icense or a notice or disclaimer, the original )ersion *ill pre)ail( , a section in the %ocument is Fntitled 32c1no*ledgements,4 3%edications,4 or 3@istory,4 the reNuirement Bsection 4D to Preser)e its .itle Bsection 1D *ill typically reNuire changing the actual title(

9 T',-I%ATI)%
Eou may not copy, modi y, sublicense, or distribute the %ocument e/cept as e/pressly pro)ided or under this &icense( 2ny other attempt to copy, modi y, sublicense or distribute the %ocument is )oid, and *ill automatically terminate your rights under this &icense( @o*e)er, parties *ho ha)e recei)ed copies, or rights, rom you under this &icense *ill not ha)e their licenses terminated so long as such parties remain in ull compliance(

"0 (1T1,' ,'+ISI)%S )( T6IS LIC'%S'

.he $ree So t*are $oundation may publish ne*, re)ised )ersions o the !"# $ree %ocumentation &icense rom time to time( Such ne* )ersions *ill be similar in spirit to the present )ersion, but may di er in detail to address ne* problems or concerns( See http5//***(gnu(org/copyle t/( Fach )ersion o the &icense is gi)en a distinguishing )ersion number( , the %ocument speci ies that a particular numbered )ersion o this &icense 3or any later )ersion4 applies to it, you ha)e the option o ollo*ing the terms and conditions either o that speci ied )ersion or o any later )ersion that has been published Bnot as a dra tD by the $ree So t*are $oundation( , the %ocument does not speci y a )ersion number o this &icense, you may choose any )ersion e)er published Bnot as a dra tD by the $ree So t*are $oundation(