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GRAMMAR REVIEW AND PRACTICE POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS To singular nouns like: sister, brother or aunt add (S) Sisters, bothers,

aunts To plural nouns ending in S, like: students, boys, girls add () Students boys girls
To irregular plural nouns like: children, women, add (S) ChildrenS, WomenS Practice: Rewrite the underlined nouns in the sentences below to make them possessive. 1. The baby toy fell on the floor. ______________________________________ 2. They boys shoes are in the locker. ___________________________________ 3. Ben mom brought his snack to school. _________________________________ 4. The children toys were left out in the rain. _____________________________ 5. Tony sister fell off the swing. _______________________________________ Practice: Tell whether each underlined possessive noun is singular or plural. a. That books pages are wrinkled. Singular b. The penguins home is Antarctica. Plural 1. The girls ball went over the fence. ____________ 2. We cant find our cats toy. ____________ 3. The authors books were very popular. ____________ 4. Can you come to my brothers house? ____________ 5. The trees leaves are yellow. ____________ PRESENT SIMPLE OF THE VERB HAVE (see pages 45 and 46 of the book, grammar focus). Use


You We They



He It


Example: I have a sister You have a brother They have a big family

Example: He has a sister She has a skateboard It has black hair (it= dog)


2014 He She It


Dont have
Example: I dont have a sister You dont have a brother They dont have a big family.

I You We They

Doesnt have
Example: He doesnt have a sister She doesnt have a skateboard. It doesnt have black hair (it= dog)



You We They



She It


Example: Do I have any sisters? Do you have any brothers? Do they have a big family?

Example: Does he have a sister? Does she have a skateboard? Does it have black hair ? (it= dog) + Yes, he/she/it Does. - No, he/she/it Doesnt

+ Yes, I/you/We/they Do. - No, I/you/We/they Dont

Organize the words to write sentences 1. Doors / it/ two / have / doesnt ___________________________________. 2. We / cousins / seven / have ___________________________________. 3. Have / cousins / any / they / dont ___________________________________. 4. Magazines / she / any / does / have ? ________________________________. 5. Does / windows / any / have / it ? ___________________________________. 6. Have / do / I / sunglasses / any ? ___________________________________.



OBJECT PRONOUNS: They go after the verb, they are the object of the action. I me it it you you we us he him you you she her they them Example: I like rap music. I like it (it= rap music) She likes boy bands She likes them (Them = boy bands)

Replace the underlined words with the correct object pronouns.

1) The teacher always gives the students homework. a) me b) them c) you 2) I am reading the book to my little sister. a) her b) us c) him 3) My father is writing a letter to John. a) me b) her c) him 4) I don't know the answer. a) she b) her c) it 5) The books are for Peter. a) him b) her c) you 6) Can you help my sister and me, please? a) her b) me c) us

Complete with the correct object pronoun.

1 I'm not in love with _____ (he) 2 The book is fantastic. Ill Read _____ (it) ! 3 Look at_____ (they). They're in love. 4 What's your name? Do I know ______ ? 5 Tell _____ (we) about the film. Is it good? 6 I like _______ ( she ). She's really nice.

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. You can find more than one mistake.

What kind of music do he like? Correct: What kind of music DOES he like? 1. What kind of music do you likes? 2. He like hip-hop and rap, 3. Denisse hate country music. 4. Does you like pop music? No, I do. 5. 6. 7. 8. Is she into Jazz? Yes, she isnt. Mary and Max doesnt like rock music. She can stand loud music. Are you crazy about hip-hop? Yes, I do.