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November 1-8, 2013

“Zëri i Popullit”.al”.com”.al”.com”.11. “InfoAlbania”. “SHQIPTARJA.11. “Ora News”. “Partizani” projects Turkish coach ________________________________________________________on page 6 o ”Panorama Sport” (03. “Mapo” (07.2013) 2|Page . “Ballkan” (02. “55” (08. “NOA.2013)  AEPC proposes lowering the price of SMS ________________________________________________________on page 8 o ”TV Scan”.11.2013) o ”Scan TV” English Edition. ALBtelecom  E-communication authority to award fourth 3G licence ________________________________________________________on page 4 o “Tirana Times” (01.11.2013)  “ALBtelecom” has proposed technical assistance.2013)  ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile light the Durrës Amphitheater ________________________________________________________on page 5 o “News 24”.11. “Ikub.Lajm.2013)  AEPC: Albanians relationship with mobile phones. strengthening day by day ________________________________________________________on page 7 o ”Koha Jonë” (06. “Tirana Observer”.11.2013)  Albanians now keep only one mobile number ________________________________________________________on page 8 o ”Scan TV” (06. “Durres.11.

11. Vodafone  Vodafone supports the initiative “Let’s clean Albania in one day" ________________________________________________________on page 9 o ”Koha Jonë”. “Tirana Observer”  AMC  AMC officially bring the iPhone 5 in Albania ________________________________________________________on page 10 o “55”.”Mapo” (05. “Balkanweb” (04.2013) 3|Page .2013 o ”Ekonomia” 07. “Ballkan”.11.2013) o ”Gazeta Shqiptare”.

Currently four companies. almost the same compared to the EU average. Eagle Mobile and Plus Communication operate in the Albanian market. The watchdog has already launched a public consultation procedure ahead of the award of the fourth 3G licence. Albania's Electronic and Postal Communications Authority has launched procedures to award the fourth 36 licence. The electronic communications watchdog says the number of mobile subscribers having 36 internet access reached 594.000 up from 34.5 million which is 14 % more compared to 2011. AKEP says the number of active subscribers (those who have used mobile services in the past three months) is 3. expected in the first quarter of 2014. and a mobile penetration rate of 125 %.4 million euros in November 2010.8 million residents in Albania as revealed by the latest 2011 housing and population census. The second licence was awarded to AMC in October 2011 for 15. but still remain above the average in the region.000 at the end of 2011.6 million.1 million euros and the third 36 licence awarded in late 2012 went to Turkey's Eagle Mobile for Euro 4 million. Vodafone Albania won the first is-year licence after offering 31.000 in 2012. The number of subscribers is 7 % higher compared to 2011. Albanian-owned Plus Communication is the only mobile operator which does not offer the 36 service. double compared to the 2. Vodafone Albania. revealing that almost every Albanian holds at least two SIM cards. The number of 36 USB/modem subscribers rose to 55. up from 248. in the Albanian mobile market. fully liberalizing the service which offers faster internet. ALBtelecom E-communication authority to award fourth 3G licence Albanian-owned Plus Communication is the only mobile operator which does not offer the 3G service.000 in 2011. 4|Page . Currently. Data made available by the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) shovv the number of mobile phone subscribers in 2012 reached 5. Increased competition and interventions by the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority have considerably lowered mobile tariffs during the past 3 years in Albania. AMC.

This lighting was intended to promote the country's cultural heritage and historical tourism as well as to bring people’s attention on the Durrës Amphitheatre as a cultural monument of special importance and value. Odeta Nishani and representatives of the institution of the Presidency. In her speech. On the initiative of the Albanian Cultural and Environmental Heritage Foundation. While the Deputy CEO of ALBtelecom & Eagle Mobile Mr. Attending the inauguration ceremony were the First Lady of the Republic of Albania.ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile light the Durrës Amphitheatre ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile have enabled the professional lighting of the Durrës Amphitheatre arena and underground galleries. by lighting the historical objects located in this amphitheater. Osman Dinler and other representatives of the company. therefore the maintenance and investment in their preservation is a difficult and necessary mission. Deputy CEO of ALBtelecom & Eagle Mobile Mr. In this way we will add more value to the country and to our economy". Vice Minister of Culture Zef Çuni . said Dako. Vangjush Dako. thanking ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile for this project. the Mayor of Durrës Mr. archaeologists. said that the monuments are of particular importance and need to be displayed and promoted better. experts in the field of restoration. Vangjush Dako underlined that these initiatives should be supported since the Amphitheater is the biggest asset of Durrës and a very important cultural monument for the entire country. even being used for various cultural activities. the First Lady of the Republic of Albania. "Now. all tourists will have the opportunity to visit our Amphitheater at any time. Dinler Osman expressed his satisfaction that the company has somewhat contributed to the lighting of this very important cultural monument and has made it visitable even in the evenings. architects. the Prefect of Durrës Mr. Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. The Mayor of Durrës Mr. Zef Çuni said that if cultural monuments were not visitable they would be doomed to destruction. 5|Page . under the auspices of the First Lady Odeta Nishani. Rolant Xhelilaj as well as representatives of the Ministry of Culture. Mrs. ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile have made it possible for the Durrës Amphitheatre to host visitors not only during the daytime but also in the evenings.

represented from the doorstep. Turkish consortium. the Director Erkan Tabak expressed on the day of the presentation was: "Partizani will be champions. This monument is built with combined walls or with bricks only. The last sentence." If this happens and the direction of the Reds takes a Turkish coach. are willing to offer some alternatives from Turkey and finally select the most appropriate. short axis by 101 m and arena axis 61 x 42 m. There are reports that “Partizani” is designing a Turkish coach to lead the team. if they need skilled specialists in training. From the source of news we learned that the sponsor is willing to assume the financial burden that will have the team for the Turkish coach. 6|Page . galleries and two maenianums. only half of the monument has been found. So far. the Durrës amphitheatre is classified the third in regard to the arena size after the Roman Colosseum and the Verona amphitheatre in Italy. The seating size of the Dyrrachium amphitheater is thought to be 15 000 spectators. galleries and two maenianums represented by stairs. “ALBtelecom” has proposed technical assistance. that would be good for the" red bulls " and Albanian football itself . who initially claimed that the finances are in order to push “Partizani” team up where it belongs. owning " ALBtelecom " . The excavation for its discovery was carried out upon phases. “Partizani” projects Turkish coach This can only happen if the situation does not improve until the January market. in the imperial roman universe. With a long axis by 120 m. From sources close to the Reds learned that the general sponsor "ALBtelecom” management has proposed that. certainly if the current situation doesn’t improve. current coach Hasan Lika will take another position at the club.The Durrës Amphitheatre is the only one of its kind in Albania and one of the largest in the ancient world.

00% 4. of Incoming calls/month MOU* Outgoing SMS/month 2012 2013/1 SIM Card Users 93 103 195 107 115 222 Difference between 2013/1 and 2012 83 94 177 12 15% 12% 14% 24% 21 26 **Active Users 152 168 319 35 162 175 337 40 130 147 277 19 7. the use of mobile services in their entirety for the first half of this year. strengthening every day Albanians cannot live without using cell phones. Such an occurrence is confirmed by the latest information communicated by AEPC.AEPC: Albanians relationship with mobile phones.00% *Minutes of Use **Active users (users who have used SIM cards mobile services in the last 3 months) 7|Page . of Incoming calls/month MOU* Outgoing SMS/month No.00% 14. Two facts are noticed: 1-Number of calls per month for each customer has grown 2-Number of SMS’s has grown in the same time 2011 No. And their relationship with them is strengthening every day.00% 6. of Outgoing calls/month No. of Outgoing calls/month No.

In terms of market share between operators. In outgoing call traffic. "Vodafone" has expanded its market share in 46% active users. As calls outside the network are more affordable. users are not required to use several SIM cards for each network communication. making consumer choices simpler. "Vodafone" owns 50% of calls and "AMC" 39%. "Plus" has achieved a slight increase and has taken 1% market share from "Eagle Mobile". In this analysis suggests that termination fees of messaging. outside network communication time. Meanwhile AEPC will soon 8|Page .Albanians now keep only one mobile number Albanians during the first half of this year have used a little less mobile numbers. Competition and market regulation have given a positive effect on the reduction of tariffs by offering packages of communication. Penetration scale has fallen to 119% from 125% it was at the end of last year. "Eagle Mobile" has fallen to 10%. versus 20% of "AMC". mobile operators have included in the packages. followed by "AMC" with 37%. AEPC proposes lowering the price of SMS Prices of messaging and phone calls between mobile networks will decrease over the next two years. While for the SMS. with 73% of the total. which mobile operators pay to each other should sit until 0. These figures show a slight tug of Albanians from using more mobile numbers. Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (AEPC ) has prepared an analysis of the wholesale market . This initiative aims to strengthen the competitiveness and creates space for drastic reduction of retail prices. a prepaid user can benefit almost unlimited communication within the network and at least 100 minutes of talk time toward other networks. For 1000 ALL per month. Data of the AECP indicate that the number of active mobile phone users at the end of June fell to 3. "Vodafone" has a deeper dominance. the same report as in 2012.58 ALL. the first half of this year has brought great upheaval. During this year. while the "Plus" is up to 7%. 5% lower compared to the end of 2012.37 million.

In the coming months is expected to propose a further reduction of the lower wholesale price. 9|Page . "Let's Do It Albania" is a youth volunteer movement to improve the lives of all of us. Termination tariff reduction enables mobile operators to offer much cheaper rates for calls between different networks. which have cleaned thousands of tons of garbage. with 139 highly successful actions and 8 million volunteers. It's difficult to predict consistently when the trends in the market will change. Movement "Let's clean Albania in One Day" is part of a broad movement worldwide “Let’s Do It World" which is inspired and supported by the voluntary act of responsible young people who believe in the passion of change and advanced technology. providing for us a cleaner environment and less harmful waste. According to AEPC tariff reduction is the main instrument for market regulators to promote effective competition between operators. Part of the difficulty is that psychological effects and speculation may sometimes play a large role in the markets. Director of Economic Adjustment in AEPC. the market prices are higher than that. Technically. Mr. states: AEPC has mentioned that would lower fees taking into consideration the recommendations of the EC in 2009 for cost-orientation. investor confidence and expectations that strong results will continue. * Bull markets are characterized by optimism. Altin Rrapaj.  Vodafone Vodafone supports the initiative “Let’s clean Albania in one day" When the spirit of youth and active participation and technology unite. the result cannot be anything else but success.start the orientation process of termination cost for voice calls. preparing a document which will consult with stakeholders.Rrapaj explains that even they(as AEPC) have calculated the SMS costs according to this model. AEPC is considering this possibility. pure model of bull – rates* brings costs in lower values than those we have calculated. The movement has reached so far 107 countries.

During the preceding weeks the day on follow on Facebook " Green Bus Tour" .AMC announces offers with a variety of tariff plans tailored for iPhone 5 subscribers in Albania.  AMC AMC officially bring the iPhone 5 in Albania AMC officially brings iPhone 5 to Albania TIRANA . The project uses facilities trash out application. faster processor. Everything summarized in a beautiful aluminium body. and much more.6 millimetres thin and weighs only 112 grams. IPhone 5 is just 7. which is supported by the Government of Albania. even the invisible details.The move comes in Albania by the "Green Line Albania". coordination and definition of "collection points". 10 | P a g e . designed and manufactured with a level of accuracy unfamiliar until now. Using the massive spread of intelligent phones (smartphones) . It's hard to believe that such a thin camera can offer so many features: bigger screen. an 8 megapixel iSight camera. this project brings for the first time in Albania this kind of innovation that is based precisely on technology and volunteerism . After successful completion of digital mapping. Thanks to this application registered users can more accurately monitor and report the locations of illegal collection points / landfill enabling the creation of the first digital map of waste in Albania. Vodafone Albania and a number of civil society organizations .Green Bus will be in all major cities of the country to inform and raise awareness for participation in the movement " Let's clean It Albania". On 22 November 2013 you can become an active part of this initiative and all together “Let’s clean Albania in One Day ". IPhone 5 is already available in all AMC in place and covered by a formal guarantee of one year. to evaluate the distribution and logistics needed volunteers. iOS and Windows Phone. Such a model is only achieved by taking care of every detail. especially among young people . available for mobile “smartphones” in Albanian and free platforms Android. the latest wireless technology.

is the forerunner in bringing new technologies to international standards in the country. said on this occasion that " AMC as part of global telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom . IPhone 5 is an iconic product that comes already officially in Albania and exclusively by AMC. Mr. so that every user get the best experience possible by the development of the greatest model that iPhone has known since his first model . Dimitris Blatsios . 11 | P a g e .AMC CEO . Our company will always offer its customers quality products and services that help improve their lives. " iPhone 5 coupled with attractive tariff plans and AMC’s fastets 3G internet .

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