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DAILY LESSON PLAN FOR YEAR 4 Name: Siti Nur Zulaikha Binti Draman@ Zulkifli Year: 4M2 (4 Muaddib)

Date: 04/03/2014 Day: Tuesday Theme: World of Self, Family & No. Of Students: 32 pupils Friends Topic: Rosemary and the Four Gutsy Gnomes Duration: 60 minutes Time: 8.50 am 9.50 am (Unit 5) Lesson Summary: Teacher shows a video about a life of the fairy princess in a fairy world. Teacher recalls the characters from the story and their characteristics from the last lesson. Teacher asks the pupils to read the characters and the characteristics. Pupils work in group to create a finger puppet individually for the characters in the story. Pupils stand in groups and read aloud the characteristics of the characters with actions. Teacher and pupils decides the best performance from the presentation. Teacher to recaps the days lesson and remind pupils to practice the good values from the characters in real life. Content Standard Learning Standard

4.3 By the end of the 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able 4.3.2 Able to plan, prepare and participate in a performance with guidance based on literary works to plan, organize and produce creative works for enjoyment.

Pupils previous knowledge: Pupils have watched a fairy princess movie or cartoon from media. Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to: 1. 2. 3. list three characters from the story produce finger puppets for the characters in the story perform an action for two characteristics

Contents: Language Arts Moral Values/ Educational Emphases: 1) Obey instructions 2)Cooperation 3) Self-confidence 4)Enjoyment / 1) Creativity and Innovation

Teaching Aids: Video, laptop, LCD, projector, textbook, PowerPoint slides, pictures (for finger puppets), scissors, glue, cue cards Elements of Smart Learning Management/ Generic Skills: Making association and connection/ communications Future Studies: Pupils should identify good and bad values from the characters in real life. Stage Content Focus/ Skills Teaching and Learning Activities Teachers Activity Pupils Activity Teacher shows a video about life of Pupils watch the video. the fairy princess in a fairy world. Teaching Aids/ Values TA: laptop, projector video, LCD, Remarks/ Teachers Notes


Teacher asks a few questions: 1) What can you see from the Pupils respond to teachers video? question. 2) Do you have watched this cartoon at your home? PRESENTATION 15 minutes Teacher recalls the pupils about Pupils listen to teacher. the story of Rosemary and The Four Gutsy Gnomes. TA: textbook (page 44-45), Characteristics of the characters: PowerPoint slides 1) Rosemary Teacher recalls the characters from Pupils read aloud the - Beautiful the story to the pupils. names of the characters. - Kind - Helpful 2) Monsters Teacher describes the Pupils read aloud the - Huge characteristics of the characters by characteristics after - Strong showing the PowerPoint slides. teacher. - Evil

3) Gnomes - Kind - Brave - Clever


PRACTICE 20 minutes

Teacher divides pupils into groups. Teacher distributes a picture of the characters for each group.

Pupils sit in groups.

TA: pictures (for LO2 finger puppets), scissors, glue

V: obey Teacher asks pupils to create Pupils complete the task instructions, finger puppets from the pictures given. cooperation given. Teacher guides pupils to complete the task given. T: Cut the picture by following the outline of the picture. Cut the two holes from the picture. Insert your two fingers in the holes and you had your own finger puppet. .

PRODUCTION 15 minutes

Teacher asks the pupils to stay in Pupils sit in group. their group. Teacher divides cue cards to each group based on the characters.

TA : LO3 Cue cards, finger puppets

V: obey Teacher asks the pupils to stands Pupils perform their actions instructions, selfin groups and put on finger puppets in groups. confidence, while read aloud the characteristics cooperation with actions.

CLOSURE 5 minutes

Teacher and pupils choose the best group performance. Teacher sums up the lesson by Pupils give their respond. asking the pupils a few questions T: a) What have you learnt today? b) Do you enjoy your lesson today? Teacher reminds pupils to practice good values from the characters in real life.