February 2014
A Message From The Commanding Officer…..
Dear members of the 61st Precinct community, I am Captain John M. Chell, the Commanding Officer of the 61st Precinct of the New York City Police Department. This is the second edition of our Community Newsletter which will be published monthly. The Community Newsletter will serve to keep you informed of quality of life issues, crime prevention tips and will also provide contact information for vital 61st Precinct units such as the Community Affairs Unit, Domestic Violence Unit and the Crime Prevention Unit. I would like to take this opportunity to invite each and every one of you to our monthly Community Council Meetings. At the Community Council Meeting, you will have an opportunity to meet myself as well as other members of my staff including the precinct community affairs officers. At the meeting, I will present a summary of the state of the precinct as well as discuss current crime trends, quality of life issues and traffic conditions. Members of the public will also have an opportunity to ask questions about crime and topics of concern related to the Police Department. Please review the column to the left of the page for upcoming dates and locations of the meetings. I look forward to continuing to build our partnership together as one community as we help keep our neighborhood safe by reducing crime, increasing traffic safety for motorists and pedestrians alike, and as we increase the quality of life for all residents, visitors and business owners.

Upcoming Community Council Meetings:
—————————Wednesday March 12, 2014 At 7:30 pm @ the Bainbridge Center, 3093 Ocean Avenue. (Opposite Walbaums’ grocery store.) —————————Wednesday April 9, 2014 At 7:30 pm @ The Homecrest Presbyterian Church, 1413 Avenue T. —————————Wednesday May 14, 2014 At 7:30 pm @ the 61st Precinct 2575 Coney Island Avenue
Join the NYPD Explorer Program (Open to everyone between the ages of 14 and 20.) Contact P.O. Jermaine Aspinal @ 718-627-6614
Captain John M. Chell

N e w Y o r k C i t y P o l i ce D ep a r t m en t P r o g r a m s & I n f o r m a t i o n

Join the NYPD Auxiliary Program (Open to everyone age 17 and older.) Contact P.O. Chris Mullen @ 718-6276628

“Operation ID” Register your electronic Devices with the NYPD Contact P.O. Philip DiSanto @ 718-6276832

Join the NYPD Go to: Or Call 212-RECRUIT

61st Precinct Monthly Crime Statistics

61st Precinct Contact Information and Important Phone Numbers
Address : Main Telephone Switchboard: Community Affairs Officers: 2575 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11223 718-627-6611 Police Officer Samuel Shaya ( Police Officer John Stewart ( Office Phone # 718-627-6847

Crime Prevention Officer:

Police Officer Philip DiSanto ( Office Phone # 718-627-6832

Police Youth/Explorer Program:

Police Officer Jermaine Aspinall Office Phone # 718-627-6614

Auxiliary Program Coordinator:

Police Officer Christopher Mullen ( Office Phone # 718-627-6628

Domestic Violence Unit:

Sergeant Karen Brennan Office Phone # 718-627-6606

Recent Traffic and Collision Information In accordance with Mayor De Blasio’s “Vision Zero” campaign, one of the top priorities of the New York City Police Department is to reduce injuries and deaths resulting from motor vehicle collisions. Officers on patrol will focus enforcement related to keeping pedestrians and motorists safe by issuing summonses that include the failure to stop at stop signs and red lights, as well as the failure to yield to pedestrians. Our current top pedestrian related collision location is the intersection of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue Z. Our partnership with the community includes sharing vital information so that our friends, family and neighbors will remain safe.

Quality of Life and 311 Officers at the 61st Precinct treat all complaints made to 311 with great importance. Complaints made to 311 require the response of Officers on patrol and are reviewed on a regular basis by Captain John M. Chell, as well as the Community Affairs Officers. If you would like to discuss a 311 issue or quality of life issue please feel free to contact one of the 61st Precinct Community Affairs Officers. Our

If you would like to be added to the NYPD Community Affairs e-mail list, please fill out the form below and return it to the 61st Precinct. You will receive crime prevention tips and updated information about the latest programs available to the public. To date, we have received over 400 submissions which is one of the highest in the city.

Monthly Crime Trends and Information The 61st Precinct has experienced an increase in theft of property from parked vehicles. Perpetrators have been gaining access to parked vehicles by breaking side windows, as well as by entering unlocked vehicles. The community is reminded to always remove all personal property from their parked vehicles and to always make sure the vehicle doors are locked. Please refer to the vehicle crime prevention tips below for information on how to keep your vehicle and property safe. The 61st Precinct has also experienced an increase in Grand Larcenies specifically related to pickpocket complaints. The pickpocket incidents have occurred primarily on MTA buses and generally involve female victims. The perpetrator has focused on removing property from unsuspecting riders’ pocketbooks. The property removed generally consists of wallets and credit cards. Often times riders are unaware that they have been the victim of a pickpocket until many hours later when they attempt to look for their items. Please refer to the included crime preventions tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of a pickpocket.

Crime Prevention Tips on Safeguarding your Vehicle The NYPD would like to advise the community of the importance of safeguarding your vehicle while parked. The following is a list of safety tips: • Do not leave satellite radios, portable GPS system, or suction cups on the windshield whether temporarily parking or parking overnight. • Do not leave wallets, purses, backpacks, jewelry, credit cards or any other valuable property in your vehicle while it is parked. • • • • • • • Do not leave cell phones or other electronics in the glove compartment. Activate any theft deterrent devices you may have. Do not leave packages or valuables in the vehicle. Do not keep your license, registration or title in the vehicle. Make certain that your vehicle is locked. If possible, park in a bright, well lit area. If you have a garage, use it. Lock both the vehicle and the garage.

Contact the 61st Precinct Crime Prevention Officer to have your vehicle VIN etched.

Pick Pocket Crime Prevention Tips Pickpocket and purse-snatchers conduct most of their criminal activity in commercial areas. Most of them choose females as their victims because purses and pocketbooks are easier to steal than mens’ wallets. You can protect yourself from these criminals if you follow these basic tips: • While riding on buses and trains be mindful of persons who may attempt to pick your pocket or purse. • Be particularly aware of your purse/wallet in crowded situations, such as during rush hour on trains and buses. • Keep your keys separate from your purse. If your bag is stolen, the thief will not have access to your home. Keep your keys in your pocket. • Pickpockets often use a diversion to get your attention while they attempt to steal your wallet from your purse. They often work in teams; one will bump into you while the other reaches in to your bag. This often occurs in stores while you are waiting to pay for an item. Sometimes they will stage or fight to divert your attention. • • • When dining out, never hang your purse over a chair in a restaurant. When walking with a purse, keep it over your shoulder on a short strap with the flap facing your body. Be careful when making withdrawals at banks. Thieves often watch customers through the windows.

• Minimize the amount of money, credit cards and valuables you carry by only taking items that are necessary for the day. Minimize the amount of money, credit cards and valuables you carry by only taking items that are necessary for the day. • Be alert when approached by a stranger asking for directions or the time of day. Thieves often use this approach when sizing up their victims. Contact the Crime Prevention Officer in order to take advantage of “Operation I.D.” Operation Identification is offered free of charge by the New York City Police Department. The program involves engraving an identifiable serial numbers all portable valuables such as computers, cell phones and tablets. This program can be implemented by contacting your local Precinct's Crime Prevention Officer. The marked property will be more difficult for a thief to sell and recovered stolen property in the possession of a thief is easily traceable to its rightful owner and will allow for stolen property to returned.

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