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The Infinitive and Infinitival Constructions

I. Insert to where necessary before the infinitive in brackets: 1. Its better to be sure than sorry. 2. We let him go early as he wanted to meet his colleagues. . !e is said to be the best astronomer in the country. ". #ou can take a horse to water but you cant make him to drink. $. %an I listen to you &lay that sonata' (. Id like him to go to a concert but I cant make him go. ). !ell be able to do it himself when he is older. *. +he is e,&ected to arrive in a few days. -. #ou can leave your children with us if you dont want to take them with you. 1.. We were made to wait for hours. 11. #ou ought to go now. It may rain at any time. 12. If you cant remember her &hone number/ youd better look it u&. II. 0ranslate into 1nglish using a +&lit Infinitive in each of the following sentences: 1. +e a2tea&t3 ca mul4i &artici&an4i s3 refu5e categoric s3 ia &arte la com&eti4ie &e o asemenea vreme. It is expected many participants undoubtedly to refuse to go in for a competition on this weather. 2. 6rofesorul dorea ca elevii s3i s3 7n4eleag3 clar toate datele &roblemei. The teacher wanted his students to clearly understand all problems data. . 1l s8a hot3r9t s3 se o&un3 cu ncpnare la toate &ro&unerile noastre. He decided to take a stand against all our suggestions. ". :m &romis s3 e,amine5 personal situa4ia 2i doresc cu tot dinadinsu s3 m3 4in de cuv9nt. I promised to inspect the situation myself and i advisedly wish to keep my word. $. : 7ncercat s3 uite cu desvrire trecutul/ dar s8a str3duit 7n 5adar. He tried to completly forget the past but he endeavoured in vain. (. ;e a2te&tam ca ei sa fie ntru totul de accord cu sugestia noastr3. We expected them to make no uestion of our suggestion. ). ;u e u2or s3 r3s&un5i prompt la o asemenea avalan23 de 7ntreb3ri. Its not easy to uickly answer to fusillade of <uestions. *. :cum este esen4ial ca noi s3 7ncerc3m a restabili fr ntrziere adev3rul. It is imperious for us to try to reinstablish the truth. -. +e &resu&une c3 el 72i d3 pe deplin seama de &o5i4ia gre2it3 &e care se situea53 7n aceast3 &roblem3. Its assumed that he seems to completely understand the wrong position of this problem. 1.. =3sesc ca e foarte dr3gu4 din &artea lui de a consim4i bucuros la &ro&unerea noastr3. I find it very nice of him to happyly!gleefully agree!consent our suggestion. III. 0ranslate into 1nglish making use of >at least? two Infinitival %onstructions in each sentence: 1. +8a 7nt9m&lat s fie bolnav3 2i nu s8a &utut &re5enta la ultimul e,amen/ dar se ateapt s38l dea 7n toamn3. "he happened to be ill and not be able to come on the final exam but she is expected to pass it in autumn. 2. 0e8am rugat s te grbeti/ mai mult ca sigur c3 o sa pierdem trenul. I asked you to hurry up we definitely are going to lose the train.

. +e relatea53 c3 ei au furnizat noii hidrocentrale *.@ din utilaAul necesar/ restul urm9nd a fi livrat 7n lunile urmatoare. The report goes that they appear to provide #$% of the installation needed& the rest is going to be delivered next months. ". %el mai bun lucru &e care 7l poi face este s 7l rogi &e fratele tau s3 te aAute. The best thing you can do is to ask your brother to help us. $. : fost de8a dre&tul sur&rin53tor &entru noi s8l auzim vorbind engle5e2te at9t de cursiv. It was really a surprise for us to hear him talk english fluently. (. +e s&une c3 a fost invitat la rece&4ie/ dar nu a &utut sa se duc3/ deoarece doctorul l8a sf3tuit s stea 7n cas3. ). Iat3 un nou articol &e care s8l citeti 2i sunt sigur c3 te va face s nelegi mai bine esen4a teoriei mele. This is a new artticle for you to read and im sure that it willmake you undestand better the essence of my theory. *. +e s&une c3 e o c9nt3rea43 de o&er3 foarte talentat3/ dar/ din &acate/ eu nu am au5it8o niciodat3 cum cnt. Its saying her to be a very talented opera singer but unfortunately ive never heard her sing
IB. 0ranslate into 1nglish using Infinitival %onstructions: 1. :2 vrea s384i tai unghiile. I want you to cut your nails. 2. I8am ordonat s3 dea m9na cu ea. I orderd him to shake hands with her. . Ctiu c3 e indulgent. I know him to be indulgent. ". Ctiu c3 dat cu &umnul 7n mas3. $. Dmi 7nchi&ui c3 studia53. I imagine him to study (. 6resu&un c38i trimitea be5ele c9nd a &lecat trenul. ). 1a a2tea&t3 ca el s3 o cear3 de nevast3. "he is waiting for him to ask her to marry him *. I8am v35ut m9inile tremur9nd 2i l8am au5it d9nd cu &umnul 7n tabl3. I saw his hands to shake and I heard him to hit the blackboard -. :m s8o &un s384i fac3 semn cu cotul c9nd intr3 el. Ill ask her to flag!signal with the elbow when he is to come in 1.. ;u8l l3sa s3 te fac3 s38l aAu4i s3 fure c3r4ile acelea. 'ont let him make you help him to steal those cards 11. I se &ermite s3 stea cu bra4ele 7ncruci2ate' Is he allowed to sit with his arms crossed 12. +e 2tie c3 se 7ntoarce a5i/ ori cel &u4in m9ine. It is known for him to come back today& or at least tomarrow 1 . +e 5ice c3 &atinea53/ dar m3 tem c3 de fa&t 7noat3. 1". +e &are c3 a colindat str35ile cu m9inile8n 2olduri. 1$. Ein 7nt9m&lare se &limba bra4 la bra4 cu ea c9nd ne8am 7nt9lnit. 1(. : fost v35ut c3 o 7mbr34i2ea53 2i ea a fost au5it3 c3 &l9nge. 1). : fost f3cut s382i suflece m9necile. 1*. +e ra&ortea53 c3 a dus dic4ionarul sub bra4. 1-. +e &are c3 i8a dat bra4ul. 2.. 1 &u4in &robabil ca ea s38i fi 7ntins bra4ele. 21. +e &are c3 l8a luat de bra4 7n cele din urm3. 22. Ein 7nt9m&lare se s&riAinea de bra4ul lui c9nd a a&3rut mama ei.

2 . +8a dovedit c3 72i f3cea loc cu coatele afar3 din odaie c9nd l8a 7n2f3cat un &oli4ist. 2". Ein 7nt9m&lare se s&riAinea 7n coate &e mas3 c9nd a n3v3lit ea 7n odaie. 2$. 1 &osibil s3 o fi g9dilat &9n3 a 5is da. 2(. +8a dovedit c3 st3tea culcat &e s&ate c9nd a sunat telefonul. 2). +e &are c3 a lovit8o tare 7n s&ate/ ceea ce a 7nfuriat8o. 2*. ;oi suntem &rimii care beneficia53 de acest dis&o5itiv. 2-. ;oi suntem &rimii care au beneficiat de aceast3 im&rimant3. .. +e 5ice c3 s8a ridicat 7n ca&ul oaselor c9nd a au5it c3 are s3 intre un urs 7n odaia lui. 1. : fost v35ut cum fur3 batista unei b3tr9ne. 2. +e 2tie c3 a 7mbl9n5it o c3&rioar3. . +e 5icea c3 un fugar a dat foc hambarului. ". +e &are c3 i s8a terminat 5ah3rul. $. Ein 7nt9m&lare Audec3torul a fost instalator 7n tinere4e. (. +8a dovedit c3 ho4ul a s&us adev3rul. ). Ctim cu to4ii c3 a fost cam&ion mondial. *. ;e a2te&tam s3 fi sosit asear3. -. Dmi 7nchi&uiam c3 ai cum&3rat de mult casa aceea. ".. ;8a2 vrea s3 fi &lecat singur de acas3. "1. ;8am s3 &ermit nim3nui s3 m3 bat3. "2. D4i ordon s3 &leci chiar acum. " . %red c3 s8a m3ritat de mult.