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IB Geography Internal assessment checklist You are to use this document to self evaluate your work Criterion A: Fieldwork

question and geographical context (worth 3 marks) Your field work question is narrowly stated The fieldwork question is posed as a question You have sub hypothesis to help answer the main fieldwork question You have explained the geographic context- explaining why the fieldwork investigation is to be carried out You have explained the geographic context- explaining where the fieldwork investigation is to be carried out You have made a brief judgment (prediction) linked to geographical theory answering the fieldwork question The geographical context includes spatial, physical, socio-economic conditions and other background information, concepts or characteristics (if appropriate) You have included a map of the field work area (hand drawn) The map has all of the standard conventions (title, scale, north arrow etc) You have stated the area(s) of the syllabus to which the study relates

Criterion B: methods of investigation You have explained the sampling techniques You have a description of how and where you undertook the research include: sampling techniques, time, location circumstances of information collection where relevant. You have justified the methods linked to the hypothesis Your data collection allows for sufficient quality and quantity of data to be analyzed You have only mentioned the methods of data collection you are going to use to keep down the word count

Criterion C: data presentation (worth 5 marks) You have included a range of data presentation techniques: annotated photographs sketch maps graphs diagrams maps I have tried to be inventive with my data presentation techniques I have shown how the data varies spatially- i.e. combined the data with maps I have done appropriate statistical analysis on the data I have used tests of significance on the statistical analysis The techniques used are suitable for the question and data The techniques used allow for detailed analysis Ensure all data presentation techniques are clearly labeled (axis, title etc)

Criterion D: written analysis (10 marks) You have interpreted (described) data collected You have explained why it shows this pattern You have linked the explanation to geographical theory You have linked your findings/discussion to the hypothesis You have explained any anomalies and given detailed reasons why these may have occurred You have linked your results to the geographical context You have referred to the way in which the information has been treated (presented) Made sure your language is clear

Criterion E: conclusion (2 marks) You have summarized for findings You have made sure your conclusions are consistent with what you have said in the analysis You have included a clear, concise statement answering the fieldwork question

Criterion E: evaluation ( 3 marks) You have evaluated the methods of data collection You have suggested improvements to your methods- ensure these are realistic You have considered things that would affect the validity of the data collection such as weather and personal bias You have offered ideas about how the fieldwork could be extended- ensure these are realistic You have made suggestions for modifying the hypothesis

Criterion E: formal requirements ( 4 marks) The word limit is no longer than 2500 words Overall presentation is neat and well structured Pages are numbered References used for background information follow standard conventions All illustrative material is numbered, fully integrated into the body of the text and not relegated to the appendix You have broken down your word count- stated it after every section There is a contents page (that related to what you actually have within your project) You have a front cover including name, level of study, word count and IB number