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The Next Generation in Virtual Point-of-Sale Solutions
TSYS is committed to delivering innovative payment applications to advance its mission to move any payment form, anywhere, over any network, through any payment device.
Virtual Point-of-Sale
WebPASS is a fully hosted, virtual payment solution that rides the TransIT™ rails, seamlessly integrating to TSYS processing to provide your merchants with the next generation in payment solutions with best-in-class support services. WebPASS tackles the unique requirements of mail order/telephone order (MOTO), recurring and Card Not Present WebPASS is one in a series of payment applications offered by TSYS (CNP) batch payment as part of its n>genuity in action: environments. n>gen initiative for innovation. It is made possible by leveraging the Because WebPASS is a power of Infonox technologies. virtual application, both software and transaction data are managed and stored by a secure host. It’s simple for merchants to implement and use because WebPASS is accessed via the Internet from a secure URL. The result is dependable and efficient transaction processing with effortless software and compliance updates

Payment Acceptance
WebPASS offers the following payment acceptance types, all with the familiarity of a typical web browser user experience: • Credit • Debit • Check • CNP • Recurring payments • And more By offering WebPASS, the next generation in payment processing solutions, you can position your business for unprecedented opportunities and enhance merchant relationships.

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Infonox | WebPASS

WebPASS MOTO Transaction Screen

WebPASS Recurring Payments Customer List Screen

Value For You
• Expand sales opportunities creating a competitive edge for merchant acquisition • Rapid merchant boarding and deployment means faster revenue realization • Improve merchant loyalty, satisfaction and retention • Generate new recurring revenue streams through monthly fees and by offering additional payment forms • Configurable to acquirer brand look and feel • Fully integrated with TSYS merchant statements and billing • TSYS Class A approved • 24 X 7 TSYS Contact Center Support

Value For Your Merchants
• Secure and compliant Internet transaction processing • Automatic batch processing reduces interchange downgrades • Interactive and easy-to-use which reduces staff training • One device for multiple business functions provides convenience and saves money • Dashboard reports provide real-time access to transaction activity, daily sales reports and more • Supports V-Code and AVS • Seamless application and compliance updates

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