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Camp Curry 47
Last weekend Sheldon Cadets participated in the third Camp Curry of the year, and the 47th overall. Cadets were put in classes/ flights and a series of tests were administered to challenge them. It all started with the sign-in and bag checks. The cadets then proceeded to a safety briefing from our squadron commander, Lt. Col. Levesque. The cadets then go drill until it is time to sleep for PT in the morning. On Saturday morning, the cadets woke up at five am, some drilled and the ones requiring a PT test took it and the majority passed. Cadets then ate breakfast and changed into their uniforms to begin their academic classes. The morning classes were all aerospace education. Most of the cadets did really well on their quizzes

Camp Curry 46 Catching up with Cadets Commander’s Corner Squadron Boosters News

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Upcoming Activities
 Booster Club Meeting & Promotion Ceremony, Thursday, 27 February @ KMS, 6:45 p.m.  Spring Fundraiser 28 February to 19 March  SISD Spring Break 10 to 14 March 2014  Operation Seguin II, Seguin, TX, 21 to 23 March 2014  Cadet Training & Education Program, Nacogdoches, TX, 28 to 31 March 2014

and test overall. The instructors did a great job on getting the material taught. The cadets then headed to eat some lunch to fill up their energy. After a good meal, they headed down to the gym to practice their drill. Classes came around the corner again for the cadets and the afternoon was spent working on preparing for their Leadership test. The after taking their leadership test and they proceeded to take their Drill test. All these tests are the requirements to get promoted. The higher the rank, the harder the expectation is to pass. Cadets then eat dinner to fill them up. After all classes are done, the cadets change into PT clothes to do some fun PT. Since everyone did a great job, everyone got rewarded with some play time to let out their energy. Sunday morning came along the cadets packed up and proceeded to complete any unfinished work and succeed. A very successful Camp Curry has occurred and one more left to come this year which will be better. Congratulations to everyone who got promoted. We hope to see everyone at the next Camp Curry. By: C/CMSgt Romero and C/SSgt Santamaria

Catching up with Old Cadets...
Meet former cadet Jorge Galvan... Current age: 19 Year graduated high school: 2012 Number of years in CAP: 6 College(s) attended: Stephen F. Austin State University Major/Minor: Nursing Highest grade/rank earned in CAP: C/2ndLt How did CAP help prepare you for college? It helped build my leadership skills and build my confidence in doing hard challenges like advanced college classes and joining the military. Any words of wisdom for current or fu-

ture cadets? Get your Mitchell Award . Did you win any special CAP awards? If so, please list them: A member of the drill team for about four years. We were SWR champs 3 times and won 1st at NCC in 2012 for TX-802 . When did you join the military? I joined the military in 2011, in November of my senior year of high school, right after I turned 18. What branch of service? I join the Army Reserve Where did you complete your training? I went to basic training in Fort Jackson in South Carolina. Where were/are you stationed? I am currently stationed in Conroe, TX.

What was/is your job in the military? I am a mechanic for the Apache Helicopter Did you receive the Mitchell Award? Yes How did CAP help prepare you for the military? Attending encampment helped me prepare for the expectations and schedule, plus it gave me prior experience on a military base. Any words of wisdom for current cadets considering joining the military? If you plan to do CAP become a member of the color guard or drill team. You get to compete, travel, meet cadets from all over and win for the squadron. Just in general get involved. Make sure you take advantage of what CAP offers. You will have great experiences and awesome opportunities.

Commander’s Corner
The Merit of Order List (MOL) that establishes rankings for cadet has begun to show its value with the selection of personnel to attend the Louisiana Wing Conference. The highest point total for males and females for 6th, 7th and 8th grade will be going to Pineville, LA 7-9 Mar. Operation Seguin II will be 21-23 Mar and we are targeting approximately 32 cadets to attend. The MOL will draw cadets from CAP I, II and III as well and from KHS. We will continue to use this tool when we have a limited number of seats to attend activities like the ropes course in May. The updated version after Cp Curry 47 will be published for the promotion ceremony. Unit activities are what make this unit strong. The following activities will give you a chance to experience new places, people and an opportunity to find out about CAP beyond the classroom. 28-30 Mar 14 Cadet Training and Education Program – Must be C/SSgt or higher (Applications are due Friday) 21-23 Apr 14 Cp Curry 48 2 May 14 Military Ball - Must have 2 Cp Currys TBD Ropes Course (Max 40) TBD Texas Wing Encampment 20-27 July 14 Louisiana Wing Encampment

TX802 Squadron Boosters Executive Board Election News
It is almost time to elect the executive officers for the 2014-2015 year. Board elections will be held at a special general membership meeting on Friday, April 25, 2014. Per booster club bylaws, you must be a member of the booster club in order to vote. Membership in the booster club is only $2.00 per person and there is still time to join. The last day to become a member of the TX802 Squadron Boosters is Friday, April 18, 2014. In order to join, you can download a flyer on the booster club site at www.tx802boosters.com, or return the bottom portion of this page with your $2.00 attached, to your cadet’s instructor. The executive board positions are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian. For a complete description of board positions please see the bylaws at www.tx802.boosters.com.

I am interested in running for the TX802 Boosters executive board. I would like to run for the following position:
Please Select Executive Board Position: Occasionally more than one person will run for the same position, while other positions remain vacant. If this is the case, and you have an alternate position you would be interested in, please check below and state the alternate position. 1st Alternate Position:

President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian

Please return this form to your cadet’s instructor, on or before Friday, April 13, 2013.

2nd Alternate Position:

I am not currently a member of the TX802 Squadron Boosters for the 2012-2013 year, but would like to join. My $2.00 is attached.


Name Address


TX802 Squadron Boosters
The TX802 Squadron Boosters was formed in the summer of 2005 for the purOn Twitter: @TX802 pose of furthering the enrichment and education of the Sheldon TX 802 Civil Air PaOn Facebook: trol Squadron and support unit activities. www.facebook.com/tx802cadet Funds raised by the booster club are used to assist with competition team needs, purchase equipment for the squadron, assist with the costs of activities inside and outside the squadron, help defray the costs of encampments for cadets and to help keep costs down for the annual military ball. The booster club currently maintains the squadron website at www.tx802.com. This, along with the squadron Facebook page, is a great site for you to visit for current happenings and download required forms! We invite you to help support your cadet’s squadron activities and would love for you to become a member of the booster club. You do not have to be a member of the booster club or the Civil Air Patrol to help at meals. In order to help keep cadet costs down, we raise funds once or twice a year. This Friday, on 28 February 2014, we will kick-off our Spring Coca-Cola Fundraiser. We will be selling cases of Coca-Cola for $21.00. Our goal is that all cadets sell two cases. The monies raised will be used towards the purchase of flight simulators for the squadron. The forms will be posted online on Friday if you need extras or more information. Thank you to the parents & family members of cadets: Cavazos E, Charles, Flores Z, Kelly, Melendez E, Olivares, and Wisener for their help with meals at Camp Curry 47!

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The following cadets were promoted in January (their new grade is reflected): C/CMSgt Donnelly C/CMSgt Melendez C/CMSgt Ortega C/CMsgt Romero C/A1C Olivares C/Amn Arriola C/Amn Castillo, C C/Amn Ogg C/Amn Ramirez, S C/Amn Sanchez, V C/Amn Williams, Jay

We always need help at weekend activities! Participate in the booster club and squadron fundraisers. Serve on the booster club executive board. Serve on the military ball committee, help contact volunteers, help with the fundraising committee.