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MFT – MPS Tentative Agreement –March 1,2014 Contract period 2013-2015 ra!t 3"#"2014
1. C$a%% Si&e M'A( A. As part of the district budgeting process there will be class size targets identified by grade levels. These targets may vary to address needs depending on poverty factors and High Priority School status; . Targets will be published and made available for the e!pected class sizes or student to teacher ratios for each school and grade level. ". #PS and #$T will wor% together to create a daily class size reporting tool to guide decision ma%ing. &. #PS and #$T will wor% together to ensure class sizes are monitored regularly and ad'ustments will be made (uic%ly throughout the year. ). #PS will streamline the ad'ustment process so teachers ultimately can wor% directly with their principal and also have access to one &istrict contact to notify that class size has e!ceeded guidelines. Teachers will get a confirmation reply within two *+, business days and a response to address their class size situation within five *-, school days. $. .n the event that class sizes cannot reach class size targets due to space limitations within the building/ the &istrict will wor% collaboratively with #$T on other options to reduce the ratio of students to teachers/ such as; 1."o0teaching models 'ointly created with #$T and #PS +.Additional classroom )ducational Support Professionals. 1. alancing class size among classes per grade level or sub'ect area/ as appropriate 2.Adding 3icensed Staff through Staff Ad'ustment Process -.4ther methods created by the site or through wor% with the #$T 5. #PS will wor% collaboratively with #$T on developing a wor%ing co0teaching model for the +61201school year.

H. Additionally/ the Superintendent and oard "hair will provide a letter of commitment to the #$T that
spells out the current +61201- budgeted class size targets/ specific commitments to lower the class size at specified grades at High Priority Schools for +61201- 7 as low as 18 at 901 in HPS; a guarantee to address class size by putting the above systems in place to monitor and ad'ust class sizes and %eep budgeted class size commitments; and convening the "lass Size Tas% $orce by #ay +612 to begin wor% on the class size reduction and staff ad'ustment process . #PS and #$T will continue to wor% collaboratively throughout the year on a class size reduction process that best meets the needs in

TA 1010+612 *&raft :er ; #ar < +pm,

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schools and is in line with the &istrict )nrollment Plan.

2( M'A on P P and P)C* A. #PS and #$T agree to blend the P&P and P3" processes in order to create one process that is more efficient and effective at addressing needs of learners and teachers.

. .nitial agreements to improve the P&P0P3" process= 1. .n an attempt to ta%e immediate steps/ effective after ratification of the " A/ the P3" meetings will no longer be re(uired to be >6 minutes in length but only as long as is needed to meet the teacher?team determined ob'ectives. +. A committee made up of #PS and #$T will meet starting in April +612 to create a blended process for the +61201- school year. 3( Tran%!er, +ea%%ignment and +eca$$ – Artic$e 15 A. Starting in +61-/ the date for notification to re(uest full0year leaves of absence and returns from leaves of absence will be moved from #arch 1 to $eb 1. . Teachers ta%ing a leave of absence for one year or more will return to a position within #PS/ but not necessarily to the same building 7 unless the site holds the position for return. 3eaves of less than one year would retain rights to return to the same building or assignment. A new option will be added for teachers to re(uest a leave of absence of less than one full year sub'ect to proper notice and the ability of H@ to find a (ualified replacement. ". The .nterview and Select process will be amended to include the four most senior and four additional candidates for interviews at the site. The site may ran% acceptable candidates for the vacancy.

2. ,igh Priorit- Schoo$% M'A = - (See full MOA) ,igh$ight% .e$o/=
"ontinues wor% started last contract on High Priority Schools = A. 3ower "lass Size Targets 901A+1/ 20-A+2/ and ;01+ sites will determine class size. The letter from the oard "hair and Superintendent will commit to an even lower 18=1 901 at High Priority Schools for +61201-. . 4pportunity for up to five additional preparation and planning times before school starts ". 4pportunity for more instructional time up to e(uivalent of five additional days with a site plan &. #utual consent placements as part of .nterview and Select ). #$T and #PS will collaborate on options to help recruitment and retention at High Priority Schools

-. 0ar$- Chi$dhood Fami$- 0d1cation 20FC03 – in contract Art. 2: - A 3abor #anagement )"$)
"ommittee shall meet regularly to monitor and?or revise the staffing procedures for )"$) teachers and scheduling of program offerings.

;. Sta!!ing ,ard to Fi$$ and ,igh Priorit- A%%ignment% M'A= - See full MOA
.n this #4A/ &istrict and #$T are see%ing to provide fle!ibility to staff vacancies early enough in the Spring so candidates are not lost to other districts. An earlier interview and select process may occur prior to budget tie0 out for contract teachers *i.e./ current teachers and unassigned teachers, and e!ternal candidates to interview for vacancies for the following year that may arise at times earlier than the regular staffing process.

<. Comm1nit- Partner%hip Schoo$% M'A = - See full MOA: the &istrict and the Bnion recognize the need to TA 1010+612 *&raft :er ; #ar < +pm,

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operate in a collaborative relationship with families and school community to provide the best opportunities for "ommunity Partnership Schools to succeed to deliver the vision that all students graduate from the &istrict college or career ready. The creation and development of "ommunity Partnership Schools is a strategy to ensure student success/ and create a foundation of teaching and learning that strengthens the entire #PS system.

8. A%%e%%ment A1dit M'A* = - See full MOA:
A. The tas% force will be made up of teachers from a variety of grade levels and disciplines and relevant district personnel. . The tas% force will start meeting beginning April +612 and will ma%e initial recommendations by Cune 16/ +612 for implementation for the +61201- school year.

>. Specia$ 0d1cation Ca%e$oad M'A= - See full MOA
A. #PS will= 1. "onduct a district wide audit of special education caseloads/ re(uired paperwor%/ number of meetings and other wor%load components to determine the e!tent of the issues and concerns. This audit will include Special )ducation teachers and educations support professionals. +. "reate a complete systems review of SP)& functions to address caseload issues/ student services and wor%load. 1. @eview weighting of student caseloads by student needs as in the StateDs weighting formula. 2. "ontinue collaborating with #$T and the Special )ducation 3abor #anagement "ommittee to develop actions that come from the SP)& audit. $or the +61201- school year/ #PS will provide additional supports to SP)& teachers such as/ a. "reating a Special )ducation Teacher )meritus cadre to rotate among schools to assist in completion of Special )ducation paperwor%. b. .ncreasing capacity to fill Special )ducation Assistants absences with S)A reserves when absent c. .ncreasing reserve capacity/ when needed/ so teachers can meet due process re(uirements -. $orward the Special )ducation 3abor #anagement "ommittee minutes/ recommendations/ and actions directly to the Superintendent/ ")4 and "A4 for review and needed action. . The Superintendent and "hair of the School oard will write a letter of commitment to the #$T with a guarantee to address the wor%load and systems issues that come out of the audit so that appropriate caseload ad'ustments can be made as soon as possible.

16. PA+ Contin11m 2See !1$$ M'A3 = )!pedited PSP. The PA@ continuum will be broadened to include an e!pedited PSP process in cases there the PA@ mentor assessment deems a need to move (uic%ly and provide intensive supports.

11. 'ther Agreement%= a. 'pening o! Schoo$* $or the +61201- School year/ teachers will have at least two *+, full days and two *+, half days of uninterrupted time during opening wee% to prepare in classrooms for the start of school. The district will communicate this change to the principals prior to the start of the +6120+61school year. b. 4e/ Teacher% to MPS* Eew teachers will participate in a two0day orientation as part of their first year in #PS to receive an e!tended orientation e!perience and get off to a solid start. c. 5or6$oad* #any of the discussions in this round of negotiations centered on student learning and teacher wor%ing conditions and the ability to be ready for the ne!t dayDs wor% with students. Fe

TA 1010+612 *&raft :er ; #ar < +pm,

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addressed a number of the issues that showed up as the top ten areas of teacher concern over the past two years through contract negotiations/ #4As and other actions outside of bargaining. #$T and #PS will continue to wor% collaboratively throughout the remainder of this contract on these top items= class size/ Special )ducation caseloads/ P&PGP3"/ testing and assessments/ technology/ district0level professional development/ student behavior policies and practices/ $ocused .nstruction/ Teacher )valuation/ and supports for )33 students. d. C1$t1ra$ Pro!icienc-* #$T and #PS agree to wor% collaboratively on addressing the cultural proficiency of the school system overall to ensure we are meeting the needs of each student. As a start/ there will be &istrict level training in cultural proficiency and a ProPay course of the professional staff starting in +61201-. e. Artic$e 7 +e%erve Teacher%= @etired #PS teachers who wor% Short0"all Substitute assignments will be paid at the highest Short "all rate and will not have to (ualify based on number of days subbed per year. f. Artic$e 8 9ro1p :ene!it%* #PS may offer additional optional coverages *i.e./ spouse or dependent life insurance/ identify protection/ supplemental medical or short0term disability insurance or other similar voluntary benefit plans, to employees at the districtDs discretion as new products become available and provide desirable options to employees. )mployees are under no obligation to sign up for any of the voluntary benefits.

TA 1010+612 *&raft :er ; #ar < +pm,

Page Sa$ar-* See printed Sa$ar- Sched1$e% A. +611012= 1. Teachers receive steps and lanes. 1. Add H1/11- to each cell in lanes A 7 B and steps 1026. 2. .f lane B *+1, is greater than the amount on the same step of 3anes ++011/ the teacher will be moved to B and get the higher salary amount. -. Teachers in 3anes ++011 whose salary is below H88/>61 *non0redlined, are eligible for a step increase. ;. Teachers in 3anes ++011 whose salary is above H88/>61 *redlined, are not eligible for a step increase but will receive a H1/666 one0time payment added to a regular paychec% within ;6 days after ratification of contract. <. Salary changes are retro pay bac% to <?1?+611 and ad'usted moving forward.

. +61201-= 1. Teachers receive steps and lanes. 1. Add +I to each cell in lanes A 7 B and steps 1026. 2. .f lane B *+1, is greater than the amount on the same step of 3anes ++011/ the teacher will be moved to B and get the higher salary amount. -. Teachers in 3anes ++011 whose salary is below H>6/;<> *non0redlined, are eligible for a step increase. ;. Teachers in 3anes ++011 whose salary is above H>6/;<> *redlined, are not eligible for a step increase but will receive a H1/666 one0time payment added to the second paychec% in September *Sept 1>, for employees active as of that pay0period. <. Salary changes are effective <?1?+612.

". The &istrict and #$T will collaborate to develop opportunities for teachers to pursue dual licensure in )33/ Special )ducation/ and possibly other license areas which can result in lane movement beyond 3ane B for teachers currently on 3ane +1 to 3ane 11.

&. 3ane change ad'ustments. .n the previous contract/ lane designations were created for placement of new teachers to #PS. #PS and #$T have wor%ed out an agreement to review lane placements of current #PS teachers and move them up to these new lane designations. Teachers who currently have lane change credits on file with the &istrict and who are currently not placed on the new lane designated for that credit amount will be addressed in the following manner by being moved to the appropriate terminal degree lane *e.g. #AJ3ane 5 or PH& J 3ane K, effective Culy 1/ +611. Teachers with additional credits will be receive one lane change *one lane up to #A 3ane 5 and two lanes for 5raduate "redit lane changes #A0#A;6, each year following until they reach their total accumulated credits up to A;6 or #A;6. )!ample/ teacher with #A1- and currently on 3ane )/ will be moved to 3ane 5 effective Culy 1/ +611. )ffective Culy 1/ +612/ they will be receive an additional lane change to 3ane .. Fith this agreement/ the Llane slingshotM practice will e!pire Cune 16/ +61-. 1+. ,ea$th ;n%1rance Contri.1tion% ;n!ormation .a%ed on previo1% ,ea$thcare M'A =

TA 1010+612 *&raft :er ; #ar < +pm,

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A. &istrict contribution to families?dependents will increase with the following schedule=
1. +. 1. 1?1?+611 0 increase by H;66 to H1/8-6 1?1?+612 0 increase by H;66 to H2/2-6 1?1?+61- 0 increase by H;66 to H-/6-6

TA 1010+612 *&raft :er ; #ar < +pm,

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