Qualifying Scores

Phil Skinner, Tartan Fields Defending Champion Qualifying Scores Mark Williamson, Tartan Fields 72 Chris Bernadino, Pinnacle 84 Robert Biles, Brookside Steve S&or, Eagle Eye 74 85 Vin Cahill, William Case, Kinsale 74 Brookside 85 Jack Trabue, York 37-35--72 Bill Howser, Oakhurst Curtis Ramey, Kinsale Carl Rankin, Kinsale 74 86 Frank Chasar, Skip 35-38--73 Dave Lennox, Bob Grossi, Rattlesnake Ridge Little Turtle OSU 75 Juris, 86CC Muirfield Jim Brown, OSU Norman Tracy, Hickory Hills 76 87 David Downey, Columbus 40-36--76 Columbus Kevin Daugherty, Stan Sanford, Kinsale Thomas Thompson, OSU 77 87 Steve Laslo, Doug Simson, Columbus Walter Dennis, Rattlesnake Ridge 77 87 Robert Bernadino, Pinnacle 40-36--76 Scioto Ned Maxwell, Heritage Rick Smialek, Riviera 78 87 Pat Sheffer, Robert Biles, Heritage 34-43--77 Terry McCurdy, Tom Young, OSU Tartan Fields 78 88 CC Muirfield David Royer, Brookside Bob Morton, Columbus 79 88 Miles Cumberland, Good, Heritage 37-40--77 Mike Milby, Steve Helwagen, Eagle EyeMike Lancaster 80 88 Hickory Hills Robert Bernadino, Thomas Leighty, Pinnacle 83 Rattlesnake Ridge 93 Lakes Gus Crim, OSU Gary Condit, 37-41--78 John Colston, Eagle Eye 84

2013 2010 Senior Amateur Senior Amateur Championship Ned Maxwell, Columbus Results Championship Round of 16

43-36--79 38-41--79 41-39--80 41-39--80 39-41--80 40-41--81 44-37--81

Columbus District Columbu Golf Association
1570 West First Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212 614-487-1207 Fax 614-487-1209 tournaments@ohiogolf.org


July 6-9, 2010 • Pinnacle GC

JulyResults 29 - August 1, 2013 Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club


Phil Skinner, Tartan Fields -- (Round def. John Colston, Eagle Eye 8&6 Round of 16) def. Kevin Daugherty, OSU 1 up Steve Laslo, Rattlesnake Ridge KinsaleCondit, Lancaster Doug Crim,5 Scioto &4 Vin Cahill, Gary Lakes def. Mike Milby, def. def. David Royer, Brookside 3&2 Curtis Ramey, Kinsale Ned Maxwell, def. Pinnacle Gus Tartan Fields Columbus def. Chris Bernadino, Crim, OSU 6&4 Mark Williamson, Heritage def. Jim Brown, OSU David Downey, 3 & 2 Columbus Ned Maxwell, Robert Biles, CC Muirfield def. def. Robert Bernadino, Pinnacle 2 up Robert Biles, Brookside Robert Bernadino, Pinnacle def.Tartan Bob Ridge Little Turtle def. Terry McCurdy, Fields Grossi,6 Rattlesnake &5 Dave Lennox,

def. Mike Good, Hickory Hills Miles Cumberland, Heritage def. Bill Howser, Oakhurst Steve Laslo, Rattlesnake Ridge def. Phil Skinner, Tartan Fields 19 holes def. Curtis Ramey, Kinsale 2&1 Vin Cahill, Kinsale Thomas Thompson, Columbus def. Frank Chasar, OSU def. Ned Maxwell, Heritage 2&1 Mark Williamson, Tartan Fields Skip Juris, def. Pat Robert Biles, Brookside CC Muirfield def. Dave Lennox, Little Turtle Sheffer,2Heritage up
Steve Laslo, Rattlesnake Ridge Robert Biles, Brookside

Jack Trabue, York Quarterfinal

5&3 2&1 19 holes 4&2 3&1 5&4 1 up 2&1

July 28 – 31, 2014

2014 • CDGA O F F I C I A L

A P P L I C A TWest I OFirst N Avenue, 1570 614-487-1207 Fax 614-487-1

Golf Ass

Round -- (Quarterfinal) def. Vin Cahill, Kinsale

Robert Biles

Fields 1 up def. Tartan Ned Maxwell, Columbus Gary Condit, Lakes def. Mark Williamson, Robert Bernadino, Pinnacle def. Robert Biles, CC Muirfield Final def. Jack Trabue, York Miles Cumberland, Heritage Robert Biles , Brookside def. Skip Juris, CC Muirfield Thomas Thompson, Columbus def.



Leader Printing 740.522.2149

Junior Championship Amateur Championship Miles Cumberland Senior Amateur Championship Senior Championship Mid-Amateur Championship Pilkington Cup Matches AM/AM Handicap Pilkington Cup Matches AM/AM Scratch Super Senior Tournament of Champions Spring Old Pal Scramble Team Roundup

Round -- (Semifinal) 2014 CDGA Tournament Schedule Gary Condit, Lakes def. Robert Bernadino, Pinnacle Spring Old Pal Scramble May 21 Medallion Club Miles Cumberland, Heritage def. Thomas Thompson, Columbus
July 15 -18 Worthington HIlls • Medallion Club • Scioto CC July 28 - 31 Jefferson Golf & CC July 28 - 31 Jefferson Golf & CC August 5 - 6 OSU Scarlet Heritage Lakes August 5 - 6 OSU Scarlet September 3 Little Turtle GC September 10 Hickory Hills GC September 17 CC at Muirfield Village September 4 4 Brookside Golf Scioto & CC CC May September 4 Brookside Golf & CC May 11 Moundbuilders CC September 16 Lakes Golf & CC May 25 Kinsale Golf & FC September 25 Columbus CC May Heritage CC October 14 23 Scioto CC

Steve Laslo, Rattlesnake Ridge 5 & 4

19 holes 3&2 2&1 5&4 7&6 4&2

All players must have a USGA index of 10.4 or lower to enter. Entry is subject to approval or rejection at any time by CDGA Tournament Committee. All entrants must be a full member of a CDGA Affiliated Club. Application must include GHIN number.

August 2–5, 20

Golf & Country Club

Miles Cumberland,

Final • July 9, 2010

def. Gary Condit,

1 up

2011 CDGA Tournament Schedule

For Championship CDGA Tournament Applications and Results visit: Junior July 5 – 8

Amateur Championship

August 2 – 5

Hickory Hills GC O H I OGOLF.ORG Tartan Fields GC

$1,200.00 in certificate prizes
Deadline for entry is July 15, 2014 4 p.m.

Columbus District Golf Association

2014 Senior Amateur Championship
Jefferson Golf & CC • July 28– 31, 2014 ELIGIBILITY All players must have a USGA index of 10.4 or lower to enter. Entry is subject
to approval or rejection at any time by CDGA Tournament Committee. All entrants must be a full member of a CDGA Affiliated Club. Application must include GHIN number. No practice round included in entry fee.

OFFICIAL APPLICATION 2014 CDGA Senior Amateur Championship
Jefferson Golf & CC • July 28–31, 2014 Name_ ________________________________________________________________ Club__________________________________________________________________ GHIN #_ _______________________________________________________________ Address _ _______________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________ City ________________________________________Zip_ _______________________ Phone_________________________________________________________________ Email_ ________________________________________________________________ Birthdate ________ /________ /____________ Handicap Index ______________________

RULES USGA rules will govern all play except for local rules approved by CDGA. CARTS Golf carts and caddies are permitted. Players may carry clubs if host club permits. CADDIES The following constitutes a condition of the competition and is authorized by Appendix I,
Part C, Section 3 of the Rules of Golf. “A player is prohibited from having a parent, guardian or another player in the same competition serve as his caddie during the stipulated round.”

TEE TIMES Requested tee times can not be guaranteed. Copies of starting times will be sent
to CDGA Pro Shops approximately one week in advance of event. Contestants may check OHIOGOLF.ORG.

DEADLINE July 15, 2014, 4 p.m. (or when field fills). No Tee Entries. No Fax, phone or
e-mail entries.

FORMAT Must be 55 or over to compete. Handicap index limit of 10.4. 18-Hole qualifier
on Monday, with low 7 and 2013 Champion. If number allows we will qualify 15 and 2013 Champion starting match play Tuesday. Matches continue Wednesday, with final match(es) on Thursday.

Entry Fee: $90
Members of Jefferson Golf & CC may enter this event for $72
(20% discount as a host club member)

ENTRY FEE $90.00. Entry includes cart and practice range on Monday and practice range
for qualifying players. Fee will not be refunded after deadline unless player submits a written medical excuse. Members of Jefferson Golf & CC may enter this event for $72.00 (20% discount as a host club member).

Check made out to CDGA must accompany this applicaiton.

The Columbus District Golf Association will send $5 per player from each entry fee to the Capital Campaign for the new Evans Scholar House at the Ohio State University. The new house, located at 52 East 14th Avenue is named the Hamilton House in honor of Earl “Bones” Hamilton. $5 per player of the entry fee qualifies as a charitable donation for federal income tax purposes.

No Tee entries. No fax, phone or email entries. Entry includes cart and range fee for each contestant at qualifier. Mail this completed application with a check to: Columbus District Golf Association 1570 West First Avenue Columbus, OH 43212

DEADLINE: July 15, 2014, 4 p.m.

Evans Scholars Foundation administers the nation’s largest privately funded college scholarship program. Since 1930, over 8,500 deserving young caddies have earned their college degrees through Evans Scholarships. Today, more than 820 caddies attend college each year as Evans Scholars. The Evans Scholarship was founded by golf great Charles “Chick” Evans Jr. (1890-1979).

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