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•June 2012
2 - 3 - Training Leaders of Cadets - Miami Springs Optimist Cadet Sq. TBD - Group 7 NCO Academy – Miami 16 - Group 7 Airplane RC Day - Miami
Change of Command and Promotion Ceremony

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• July 2012 16-17 - ICS 400 - Fort Lauderdale 18-20 - ICS 300 - Fort Lauderdale 21 - FLWG Commanders Call 28 - Squadron Leadership School - Miami JUL 29 to 04 AUG FLWG Summer Encampment - Camp Blanding

From the Commander As summer begins I would like to remind every member of the squadron that
safety should be on everyone’s mind, from hydration to preparing for a hurricane and making sure that all your information is updated within your records in case of an emergency. There are many activities scheduled within the squadron as well as group and wing training events. It is important that you prepare for the events in a timely manner and advise your chain of command of any issues or concerns you have in advance. I want to wish everyone a great and safe summer.

Safety History teaches that a lack of
hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. Hurricane hazards come in many forms, including storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and rip currents. The National Weather Service is responsible for protecting life and property through issuance of timely watches and warnings, but it is essential that your family be ready before a storm approaches. Furthermore, mariners should be aware of special safety precautions when confronted with a hurricane. Are you prepared….. For more information on Hurricane Preparedness see your safety officer or visit: ne/resources/TropicalCyclones11.p df


ICS-300/400- TBD GTM-TBD CAP E-Learning: www.member.gocivilairpatro
Summer 2012 ● Volume 1, Issue 1

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Cadet Change of Command
The Homestead Air Reserve Base Cadet Squadron (SER-FL279) held a cadet change of command on the 24th day of May 2012. Relinquishing her command was Cadet Commander C/Capt Karina Hamilton and incoming Cadet Commander C/2Lt. Noah A. Diaz accepting the command. Cadet Capt. Hamilton stated she had contributed her part to the position and it was time to give another cadet officer a chance to lead and grow within Civil Air Patrol. C/2Lt. Diaz welcomed his new position as cadet commander and is eager to lead his cadets in to their next path within Civil Air Patrol. In Military history as well as in our Civil Air Patrol program we follow the tradition of allowing cadet officers a chance to lead and introduce a different perspective as well as add a part of their skills to help mold younger cadets into better leaders for tomorrow. After the cadet change of command C/Capt. Hamilton and C/2Lt. Diaz held a promotion ceremony together for those cadets moving on to their next achievements and ranks.

Cadet Capt. Hamilton relinquishing her position to Cadet 2Lt. Diaz. 24 May 2012

Cadet Programs

Summer Encampment is right around the corner
sign up mow. Encampments are week-long activities that serve to build a foundation for cadets from which to build their Civil Air Patrol experience. These wee- long events provide indepth orientation to Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force. First time cadets can expect to be challenged both mentally and physically during a busy and exciting week of hands on leadership development training, aerospace events, and local site activities. Cadets returning as staff will be challenged even further through the leadership roles they will fill and staff duties they will perform. All cadets will have the opportunity to be introduced to the military, learn to overcome challenges, develop time-management skills, enhance their interpersonal skills, and have a great time. The Summer Encampment will be held at Camp Blanding Florida on July 29th – August 4 2012. Logon to:
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Aerospace Education

Civil Air Patrol's aerospace
education program is part of CAP's Congressional charter which provides its members and the educational community information about aviation and space activities. It underlines the need for aerospace strength and the importance of the aerospace sector to the overall economy and quality of life. Each year it supports over 200 aerospace education workshops for teachers, approximately 100 colleges and universities around the country. CAP prepares an estimated 5,000 teachers to teach aerospace-related subjects in the classrooms.

The National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, an annual national convention for aerospace teachers, is one of CAP's major contributions to the nation's aerospace education. The organization also develops curriculum and publishes aerospace educational materials for use in the nation's schools. The Aerospace Education directorate is responsible for providing an organization to encourage and aid citizens of the United States in contributing their efforts, services, and resources in developing aviation and in maintaining air supremacy and to provide aviation education and training especially to its senior and cadet members

Congratulations to……
C/2Lt. Diaz-C/Commander

Homestead ARB Cadet Sq
12720 Tuskegee Blvd. Building 180 Homestead, FL 33039-0001 PAO: 1Lt. Dennis La Rosa E-Mail: Web Site: Facebook: #!/groups/13118667691183 9/

- Southeast Region Staff College (RSC)

Sunday, July 08, 2012 - Saturday, July 14, 2012 -The Summer Encampment will be held at Camp Blanding Florida on July 29 – August 4 2012. Logon to:

-Hurricane Preparedness, Get a plan:

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