Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954), Thursday 16 December 1937, page 10


tale that apthe "Dolly Pot' footghostly heard who men of two vicinity of a where, the spot in steps was later, man the body of a murdered of some simburied, reminded me found




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ilar cases. told by my mother. Il The first was of was a brother hers who concerned ill, exand was seriously whose death pected at any time. Sitting in our home one evening she said that she distinctly heard footsteps approaching the house, but no one knocked, and on looking out, told she to be seen, my was one no


father that they would hear bad news, hér for her and, though he, rebuked superstition, they heard next day that uncle had passed away. my with the farm, carried on His widow who in conjunction with his brother, to the a week used to take a trip once and dairy procountry town with farm spring a duce, using for the purpose of transport in cart, the only means those far-off days. One evening he did was aunt not come home, though my quite sure that she heard the cart being driven into the yard as usual. But again visible. My found uncle was was one no overturned under the dead next day cart some miles from home. Neither my aunt was in any nor way mother my fanciful or imaginative, being sensible, but they always mainpractical women, tained that they had really heard-the the the other one, the footsteps, and noise of the cart-wheels. that of the was curious case Another had who uncle of a relative of mine settled in New Zealand. Sitting up late, reading one night, he said that he plainly heard three taps on the door, and his mother's voice calling his name, just as he sat she used to tap and call when up over-late in his old Victorian home: had that his mother Later, he heard at a time that coincided passed away very nearly with the hour that he heard the mysterious sounds that had carried hun back in fancy to the days of his youth. apparently supernatural fourth The differed from the others, in occurrence supposed that the deceased person was to have been actually seen in the flesh. in his younger days was My husband South employed on a station in New« to was of his weekly jobs Wales. One and pair (no motor cars drive a buggy for mails, to the town in those days) etc. On occasion, the manone papers, Jones, to dig up old Tom ager told him who had been on his periodical "drunk" and cut out his cheque have but must to return to

to duty. return short a met was old Tom from the town, staggering along distance the road with a bottle of whisky under told to wait at a nearh¿s arm, and was return by hut to be picked up on the disnot there, but some journey. He was found lying tancé further along was whisky bottle dead, with the smashed to on drove husband him. beside My acquainted. the manager the station, and decease-which with the fact of Tom's utterly Irishman) he (a superstitious to believe, declaring that he had, refused old Tom pass the house on himself seen to .the hut, a short time before. his way He refused to have anything to do with notifying the police, the removal of the

ready to


subsequent proceedings, any body, or that he had, inalways maintained flesh on that in the Tom old seen deed, as Shakespeare says, fatal night. Maybe, and more things In Heaven are "There Earth than are dreamt of in our philand SALLY ANN.

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