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D!% $i&'i"( "f ')! "#$%!: English 101 is a foundation-level 3 credit course at IUB. The basic purpose of the course is to teach and refine freshmen students abilit! to communicate effectivel! in English. The course provides a student-centered learning environment to meet the basic language needs of the IUB student communit!. It is an integrated course li"e the other foundation English courses of IUB. This means that although the course focuses on the listening and spea"ing s"ills of students# the! are e$posed to a holistic communicative environment in the classes %here all the four s"ills of language teaching&learning ' listening# spea"ing# reading and %riting ' are simultaneousl! taught to promote inductive listening and spea"ing. Therefore# this course %ill enable students feel comfortable in ta"ing all other courses at IUB as the medium of instruction in IUB is English. L!*$(i(+ O#' ",!%: Upon the successful completion of the course# students should be able to:  Understand and use a variet! of English e$pressions  Infer %ord meanings from conte$t  Interpret spea"er s tone and attitude  (elate listening to personal e$perience  (eport personal e$perience  )s" and ans%er conversational *uestions  +articipate in routine conversation  ,ulfill a variet! of spea"ing functions  )ppl! good pronunciation s"ills in spea"ing C"#$%! '"&i %: The follo%ing topics %ill be covered during -ummer .013.       Introduction&greetings )ppointments /irection&more information 0uestions /escription +hone calls 1

amilies  Traditions  -ports  Ever!da! +roblems  /reams and goals T!.ears  1usic  1ovies  . This diar! %ill be often discussed as a reference in the classroom. These ma! include# but are not limited to: . -tudents should are also encouraged to maintain a diar! and "eep a record of dail! affairs of their universit! life. Teachers ma! decide to either do the activities on the %hiteboard or re*uest their students to bu! a cop! as a handout. Both versions are same in terms of topics and aims but one version contains some e$tra activities. O')!$ R!2#i$!. . )dditional hand outs %ill be given b! the instructor.' & H*(/ "#'%: -tudents are re*uired to bu! a te$t.!('%: -tudents are re*uired to %atch English movies 9list given: and T. M!')"/% "f I(%'$# 'i"(: 7verall# inductive teaching methods are used in this course. -pea"ing in English in class is mandator!. A#/i"0Vi%#*1 R!%"#$ !%: 8arious audio cassettes and /8/ s are used in the class room as listening resources. programs regularl!.        1odals /escription2people&place&process 3arration: stor! telling 4onversation techni*ues : polite refusal Idiomatic e$pressions&phrases 4omparison&contrast )rgument& debate +resentation T"&i % f"$ %&!*-i(+:  5ealth 6 1edicine  5olida!s 6 -pecial 7ccasions  8acation  Education  . This semester# there are t%o versions of the boo". If a student purchases the older version# her&his teacher %ill ensure that the e$tra activities are also covered from the other boo". 4lass participation is often based on movie revie%s.8. These e$tra activities %ill be available to all teachers of the course through the 4ourse 4oordinator.

1. At least 4 tests will ta e place ) preferably # before the midterm e&am and # after. A student who does not 6 10@ participate in class discussion.C teacher will fail the course. 90 6 R!*/i(+43$i'i(+ 20 B Li%'!(i(+4S&!*-i(+ 20 There will be a centrali(ed. 3 .*' ')! <!+i((i(+ "f 1*%%> H". C"#$%! 3"$.! C1*%% P*$'i i&*'i"( If you come late. As much as # points per class will be deducted if student does not participate voluntarily in class discussion. +air&small group activities to understand class content# s!nthesi<e ideas# appl! class content to student "no%ledge and promote anal!sis of studied material. 4ooperative problem solving to promote understanding of point of vie%# brainstorm ideas related to class content# e$press cross-cultural comparisons# and find e$amples related to "e! course contents.&$"5!. . 8ideos related to course content and current events to develop listening s"ills and promote a%areness of culture as it relates to effective communication. Two teachers will interview you ) your own course teacher and an e&ternal. 3. 3e%spapers&maga<ines to model summaries of information. .% 6 ?0 . 27 Mi/ T!$. >.i' =$i''!( )". 30 6 R!*/i(+43$i'i(+ 20 B Li%'!(i(+4S&!*-i(+ 10 37 Ci(*1 E. and!or does not answer "uestions from the A= absences B .!(' i( P$"(#( i*'i"( :7 S&!*-i(+ & Li%'!(i(+ A%%i+(. %ring the homewor the ne&t class and put it into the envelope.*.!="$.*. 97 I. 6 10 .!('% $o credit for wor handed in late.*.4 E5*1#*'i"( Your final grade will be based on the following. you are still responsible for the wor you missed. =. E. T!%'%4E. You will be tested on one or more of the s ills. If you are absent. 27 C".!('% S#<. 17 C"#$%! T!%'% & P"& @#iAA!% 10 'lass tests and pop "ui((es may be ta en randomly and will not be made up if you miss them.! A%%i+(. 17 R!+#1*$ C1*%% A''!(/*( ! A student who is absent for 4 classes is subject to failure. Individual listening practice to develop listening s"ills. uniform final spea ing test at the end of the semester. & A''!(/*( ! 37 V"1#('*$8 P*$'i i&*'i"( i( C1*%% Di% #%%i"( This is a class for improving spea ing ability. arrival time is recorded & counted in the grade..i(+ '" C1*%% "( Ti. ?.hole class discussions to determine students comprehension of class material# develop spea"ing strategies# and promote listening.

$o ma e*up e&am if you are absent on the major e&ams.= .. 0uestions 1usic 6 F!rics +ossibilities Events 6 .-3: 9=: 9>-?: 9E: 9G-H: 910: 911-1..*44 60 %elow 3. spea ing to a classmate. Test D1 91=-1>: 91?: 91?: 91E: 91G-1H: 9. C)!*'i(+ 6 0 "( '!%' +answer sheets. A0 12*1. copying.%*0 23*24 '50 2.! "f U(i' T!%'% There are no ma e*up tests.I3)F EI)1 = Test D= Test D3 Test D.A*0 13*14 %50 1. 7 C"#$%! P1*( Activities change depending on the re"uirements of the class.1: 9. boo s.0-.*14 %0 22*2. G$*/i(+ S *1! -.'*0 43*44 650 3.inal e$am . notes. dictionary.estivals 3eighborhood (evision for 1idterm e$am 1I/ TE(1 EI)1 1odals 5olida!s -tor! telling 1ovie revie% /escriptions -imilarities&/ifferences (evision for .. C1*%% N*. etc.I3)F -+E)JI3K TE-T .*24 '0 42*4. 91: 9.3: .*/. writing on des .-.: 913: Introductions 5abits&activities )ppointments# etc.

uneral 1H. The Tourist 30.G. 1egamind . Braveheart 13.A''!(/*( !: )s class participation is ver! important in this course# students need to attend all the classes for their o%n benefit. -tudents# therefore# need to be in touch %ith the notice board and IUB %ebsite regularl!. To! -tor! ..eddings and ) . -hall %e /anceO . Erin Broc"ovich G. 3arnia 11.0. -alt . Bruce )lmight! ?.>. -tudents are re*uested to form groups so that the! can arrange %ee"l! movie %atching sessions and discussions. M"5i! Li%' : S#.?.riend s . 1r. 6 1rs. 1usic 6 F!rics .M and leave the course. (obinhood: +rince of Thieves 1>. -mith E. Teachers ma! also arrange one or t%o advance ma"e up classes during the semester if s&he forecasts a class being missed in the future. M*-! #& 1*%%!% *(/ '!%'%: If a regular class is not held for some unavoidable reasons li"e hartal# iNtema# undeclared holida! etc# the universit! announces a ma"e up da! for the same. Babel 3=..H. C1*%% &*$'i i&*'i"( *(/ +$"#& ="$-% *$! "f'!( . The 5olida! 10. The +rincess /iaries 91: 9. Bean s 5olida! . 1r. -tudents missing out more than four classes in a semester should ta"e a L. 4ast )%a! . )nger 1anagement =.1. -lumdog 1illionaire 3>.onderland 1=. 1. )lice in .edding 1G. The E$pendables > .orrest Kump .our .. Kladiator 3.: 31.E. .*$-!/. Titanic 1E. In +ursuit of 5app!ness 33. 4lass participation is often based on movie revie%s. ) Beautiful 1ind >. Pust 1! Fuc" 1. 1! Best . . But if the instructor is unable to teach a class for some personal reason# s&he %ill let the students "no% through the 7ffice 1anager of the /epartment of English %ho %ill post a notice on the classroom door %ith ma"e up schedule.!$ 2013 Ever! student must %atch at least 1> of these movies during the semester.. Tro! 1?. (oman 5olida! 3. The 7cean s Eleven&T%elve&Thirteen H.

u +anda . ..irst /aughter ? . Jung . +rett! ..oman .3.=..

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