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Introducing the Business Filings Incorporated

Corporate Forms Disk

Congratulations on your newly-formed corporation! Along with your formation documents, you
have received this corporate forms disk and complementary corporate forms booklet. Business
Filings Incorporated created this disk to help simplify the often time-consuming task of
complying with initial and ongoing corporate formalities and creating good corporate records.

This disk contains, in template format, the forms most often needed by corporations. These forms
can be easily modified to meet the specific circumstances of your particular business. In addition,
we have included practical information on how and when to use certain forms, as well as helpful
hints for your corporation.

Please note that these forms are only suggested forms for the purpose of complying with
corporate formalities. Corporate laws vary by jurisdiction. If you have questions on how to best
customize these documents for your company or concerns about whether specific documents may
be required in your state or for your particular industry, please consult an attorney.

Please also note that certain data included in some of these sample forms, such as dates and
numbers, are only examples. Each form must be customized for your specific business purpose.

We wish you only the best of luck for your new corporation.

Business Filings Incorporated