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Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael


Michael the Archangel:

Humanity has much to learn. I have been asked by God

almighty and His Son to come inform His children.
Every word I say is cloaked in truth.
Though you cannot see my face, I hide behind no mask.
I will speak to you in English.
I am Michael the Archangel.

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

hen God created the universe, He created a
humble place--a place for all living things,
large and small. He did this by thinking what
it was that He intended to do.

“Nothing is more powerful than the word of God.

Nothing is more beautiful than the word of God.
Nothing is as sacred as the word of God.”

This is the prayer I wish humanity would say every morn-

ing when they awake. This prayer is the essence of life on
Earth. Few souls have mastered this lesson throughout history.
Those who have are living a life on this side as Master Angels.
A Master Angel is different from an Archangel, like me. This is
how: a Master Angel is a soul that was living on the earthly
plane. I have not. The other three Archangels who I call my
friends, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, have not lived on Earth
either. It was God that assigned the job of Archangel to me. I
was lucky enough to have been assigned to this. A Guardian
Angel is an earthly soul who has returned to Earth at least five
times, learned the lessons, and chosen to educate the other
souls with whom it has been in contact.
God is both man and woman. God is omnipotent. God is
light and love. God does not speak evil, speak of evil things. That
is a false God. Therefore, when my God set out to create a hum-
ble universe He consulted no one, but Himself. I will use 'Him'

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

since most of humanity sees God as Him, but God could be and
is all human beings. God remains humble. Yet over years of
earthly development humankind has not. As I mentioned previ-
ously, some souls have successfully learned this lesson. Jesus, for
example, Savior of Man, Son of God, and Son of the Jews never
questioned his ability to serve. He simply did.
Next, I would like you to know about Lucifer. Lucifer is a
dark entity that has not learned humbleness. Lucifer and other
dark entities do not dwell in the white light. Lucifer, in fact,
started out as a Guardian Angel who lost his way. However, if I
were to spend more time speaking of Lucifer in a book about
humbleness and love, I will have failed my task.
Do you know what humbleness is? I see humbleness when a
person comforts another soul. This is what humbleness is. It is
nothing more, nothing less. It is not to be confused with com-
passion. Compassion is a feeling, humbleness is an act.
Compassion follows humbleness. If a soul cannot express hum-
bleness, they cannot express compassion. The next time you see
a soul suffering, offer them humbleness first.
After God created humbleness, He created light. I wish to
educate humanity about light for a moment. Imagine, if you
will, a dark world- a very black, dark world. That is what God
saw for three days and nights until He made light. When you
light a candle, think of the light that is God within you. God
fears nothing. God is light. God knows when to shed light onto
mankind. Humanity does not always know how to absorb light.

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

If light is reflected, think of what happens. It goes back to its

source. Every time there is an ungodly event on Earth like war,
famine, fighting, drought, and disease it is because the light of
the universe went unreceived and was reflected back to the
source. Light is given, appreciated, locked inside and closed. It is
God's desire that we all learn to open our souls like an open
book. If I were to write a book filled with the shameful deeds of
humankind, what purpose would that have? My purpose is to
state the current condition, offer solutions, and move on.
Only two times in earthly history have events been totally
receiving of white light; the angels have been told of these and
started singing in harmony. The first event was the birth of my
Master, Jesus. The second was His Resurrection. The third will
be when Jesus returns to Earth. When this occurs, look no more
for hunger, for it will have vanished. Look no more for the dis-
ease called AIDS, for it will be no more. Look no more for
killing, for there will be none. With the Second Coming will be
the Fall of Earth. Do not be afraid, humanity will not vanish. In
fact, it will thrive in a place far more peaceful than that which
you currently inhabit. However, the circumstances surrounding
mankind's condition will change.
I wish to return to the discussion of earthly souls that
embody the vision of humbleness. Did you know that Betsy
Ross, the woman who is credited with sewing the first American
Flag, was sent as an earthly angel? She knew humbleness- hum-
bleness for her country. Leonardo da Vinci knew humbleness

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

when he examined the texture of a line on paper. There is noth-

ing greater in the universe than humbleness. Find it in everyday
life and honor it.



nce God created humbleness and light in the
world, He was determined to create love that
flows eternal. Once love is created it cannot be
destroyed. That is why souls keep returning to
the earthly plane if they desire. Matter that is created cannot
be destroyed.
Love is matter. If I were to ask you what it is that you desire,
I would suggest to you that it is love. Once given, it cannot be
taken back; once lost, it can be found again. God created desire.
That may seem like a strange thing to have created. The desire I
am speaking of is imperative for mankind's soul to grow.
Without desire, mankind would be a vegetable or an animal.
Desire all that is good in the world. Desire all that is good with
the world. It is yours. It was given to you the day that you were

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

created. Desire all things beautiful. They were given to you the
day that you were created. Desire wealth, for it was given to
you the day you were created. Desire passion, for it was given
to you the day you were created. To deny yourself desire is to
disregard God.
Too many times in history, however, desire became entangled
with greed. Land wars, feudal fighting, menacing war lords are
some examples. Let me help you to understand greed. If I have
two apples I would give one to you and one to another. If on the
other hand, I have two apples and I choose to keep both for
myself that is greed. Liken the apples to anything in your life.
Count how many times each day that you experience greed and
then strive to cut it in half.
If you take time to think about desire and greed then this les-
son will be partially learned. In order for the lesson to be com-
pletely learned, one must do it thoughtlessly and effortlessly
until it becomes almost automatic. Whenever this is achieved,
the lesson is learned and a soul can go on to another lesson. This
is the criteria on this side for deciding if an earthly lesson has
been learned or not. The thought process needs to be automat-
ic. This is the same principal no matter what the lesson- for-
giveness, mercy, grace, servitude, gratitude and many others.
I will mention another lesson called fortification. This is a
lesson very seldom discussed because it came about after the
Creation. The other lessons were there at the beginning. It was
God's choice to create something called fortification. The forti-

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

fication lesson is determined by how many good deeds a person

does in one earthly lifetime. I say earthly lifetime, because once
a soul crosses over into the realm where I live, they begin life all
over again. Not in the earthly sense since there is no body, but
there is learning in this realm, which I will detail in Chapter Two
and elsewhere. Therefore, fortified souls are few and far between.
In order for a soul to be fortified they need to accomplish one of
the following every day:

Kiss a loved one

Speak words of love and truth

That is all. Notice that I said one of the following every day.
Every day do you say, “I love you?” You may be asking your con-
scious self what happens to fortified souls, do they get some kind
of special treatment in the kingdom of the universe? The answer
is both 'yes' and 'no'. When a soul has chosen fortification, they
are in the protection of the white light. I make no judgment
about who does and who does not gain acceptance as a fortified
soul. My Master does that.
Once that judgment has been made, those souls normally
enter this realm with heavier vibrational energy than those souls
who have not attained this level of soul development. The major-
ity of fortified souls I have encountered have a vibrational level
of seven-out-of-nine, nine being complete oneness. For now,
recall this: there are many choices that every soul makes each

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

day from the moment they awake in the morning until the day
announces darkness. Make every moment count. Each of you
has so much to offer.
I would like to talk about divine guidance as it relates to the
Creation, since creation is what part of this chapter is about.
When the words “divine guidance” are spoken, they are under-
stood in many languages on earth. There is no corner of the
world that does not believe in divine guidance. Tribes in the
Eastern Sudan practice a ceremony to worship this by placing
their hands on their hearts and a mask over their eyes. They
believe that the light, which would come to them during this
ceremony, is blinding.
Shamans all over the world believe in divine guidance. They
go to great lengths to receive it. Sometimes, shamans are under
pressure from those around them to perform miracles.
This can lead to misunderstandings of power and greatness.
However, many shamans, especially those in the Southern
Hemisphere, living near the Equator, reach high levels of attain-
ment through divine guidance. They are guided by their belief
that there is one Creator, one Master of the Universe.
In Ethiopia, shamans are especially creative in the ways that
they ask for divine guidance. I will describe it for you.
In the earliest days, they spoke to a God they called
Mondada, which means “God of day and night.” Tribal wor-
ship was often frowned upon by some people, but it is as valid
a way to receive divine guidance as any other if the intent is

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

pure. Until the twentieth century, these indigenous people

spent most of their day in worship; so much so, that for most
of the late nineteeth century the Ethiopian fields lay dormant
and people starved. If worshipping God interferes with the best
interest of God's students then it is not a good practice. Such
was the case with this Ethiopian tribe. When God intervened,
the famine ended.
I would like to share another example. When the people
called the Israelites approached Socrates about the meaning
of life, Socrates said, “Go forth and worship who you will. As
for me, I worship my God, the Universe.” He was speaking
his truth. “The meaning of life,” he said, “is to love God.
God is love.” In another example, when the kingdom under
King Henry VIII was in shambles, his subjects followed his
advice. They went to the wrong source and hence, suffered
much hardship.
Humankind has turned to all kinds of earthly things to gain
insight and guidance. Of these things, the stars in heaven seem
to be the most appealing and there is a divine reason. When my
God created light and dark, He created stars to be beacons for a
soul's journey. Every star in the sky that you can see was created
to immortalize a soul. There are no more souls on earth than
stars in the sky. You may question, “But that can't be. There are
billions of people on earth. There aren't billions of stars.” To
which I reply, “God made as many original souls as stars in the
sky.” When a person schooled in the sciences says that they have

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

discovered a new star, I laugh because it was there since the

Creation. There are no more, and no less than on Day One.
Every day thousands of people wonder about divine inter-
vention. I hear billions upon billions of requests for understand-
ing every second of every day. If I were to tell you that every
thought is recorded in a monumental universal book, what
would you say? You might question my words. However, if I told
you that every deed is recorded in a similar book, would you also
question my words or would you believe what I say?
Nevertheless, both are true. We do not call them books where I
am, but rather, they are registers. They have been around since
the Creation, which is why I mention them here.
Registers exist for every human being, for every lifetime ever
lived. I and other Archangels review the registers annually. At
times, we have asked for additional help if some of the registers
hold complicated decisions. After we have reviewed the registers,
they are passed along to higher Masters. They are the Master
Angels. There are only two Master Angels in the universe,
Aphrodite and Zeus. I have met the female version only once
and never the male counterpart. They reside in an infinite
dimension, yet in a second or a millisecond, they can be right
beside me for guidance and support. Yes, even Archangels need
guidance. After a Master Angel reviews a person's register, they
pass it along to the Hall of Knowledge.
Inside the Hall of Knowledge, all registers are displayed on a
long table that is infinitely long. All registers exist for one pur-

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

pose: so my divine Master can give praise and thanks to all who
have lived. That is His purpose alone. We other servants along
the way make general judgments, comments, and perhaps a sug-
gestion to a register for a different lesson to be undertaken if the
current life is filled with too many hardships. I personally find
great satisfaction in altering a register. This is done by anyone on
my level and it happens often.
As an example, a female soul has chosen the following lessons
to learn in her current life-indecision, financial strife, pru-
dence, and bearing false witness. Any one of these choices is
enough learning for a lifetime for some souls, but for this woman
it is almost life-threatening. Can a register be reviewed before a
soul crosses over? Yes. I finished reviewing this woman's register,
and she had lived in poverty. What exactly happens after a regis-
ter is altered is worthy of discussion. Normally, after the change
or changes have been suggested, sudden improving conditions
enter the soul's life. For her this meant that her husband who
was presumed dead in a war, returned to assist her with her needs
and those of the family.
There is nothing wrong if a register is altered. It does not
mean that the earthly souls have failed. Actually, they have

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael


ow I would like to speak more directly about the
Creation. I mentioned how God created darkness
and light. It is also my intent to teach the mean-
ing and order of the universe.
I have heard souls speak of the 'Big Bang' theory- that the
universe was suddenly and powerfully created by some cata-
clysmic change of events. That is a falsehood that needs to be
rectified. My God, your God, God of the Universe, said unto
Himself that a world was to exist where there once was none
and so it was done. Some time after the creation of the planets,
God created mankind. Mankind did not rise from the legs of
an ape-like form. God made him. God designed humankind in
his likeness. I am sure you have heard the words, “... in His
likeness”. It means that God took the best parts of Himself and
gave them to humanity- his sight, his smell, his taste, his hear-
ing, and his touch.
God actually had other prototypes of humanity before. He
created the man or woman that you are. The first prototypes had
no hair at all. They were to have been smaller than man today.
He also created humans that were expressionless and lacking ini-

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

tiative. It makes no difference what type of humanity was creat-

ed. What does matter is the lesson that God experimented when
He created.
Do you know of Sodom and Gomorrah? I will tell you about
them. Soon after God created humankind, he needed a setting
for man to inhabit. Sodom and Gomorrah were two young souls
who were to have been God's experiment with creating an earth-
ly utopia. He gave them everything they needed to live in peace
and harmony. Instead, they abused what was given to them.
Throughout history, much of the world has cursed Adam and
Eve for creating the situation of sin, but it was Sodom and
Gomorrah who inherited this fate and then passed it on. Had
they followed the words of God, a utopian existence would be
yours right now.
Let me describe for you the world that mankind was meant to
inhabit. Imagine a place so beautiful that your eyes would remain
open to never lose sight of it. That is the beauty of where I live.
That too, was intended to be the beauty for earthly souls. God
envisioned a place where the slightest breeze would blow contin-
ually, a place where there would be a light, sensual smell arising
from the earth. The air would be warm to the flesh, and sunlight
would pervade the landscape and never be clouded or blurred; a
place where fish and frog and turtle and salmon leep in the air; a
place dusted with pine needles and other effervescent aromas.
Imagine a light coming from a source other than the sun that
filled all those living underneath with the deepest abiding love

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

they have ever known. This was to have been mankind's home
and it was going to be called Nirvana.
As time passed, God grew weary of the business of man. He
grew impatient. He decided to take action. He created Jesus and
sent him to right the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus took
that lesson and became a savior for His own when He came to
Earth. It delighted His Father, but it was a surprise to Him. Once
known, His Father embraced his Son, for in Him, He found the
perfection He was seeking.
Next I would like to speak of wasteful energy. Energy is
involved in creation and energy is what made Jesus, Jesus, made
me, and made you. Imagine a flame that is flickering, flickering,
flickering, and then silently extinguished. That is what it feels like
to angels when a soul has lost their energy for living. Our job as
angels is to re-light the candle, so that it burns in despair as well
as in acclaim- so that it burns brightly and is sustained over the
course of each soul's life, life after life after life.
If a soul has chosen difficult lessons, their candle should still
burn brightly. I wish that I could come down to earth right now
and scream at the top of my lungs, “Man, wake up! Love yourself
and love your brother! Together you can make it through any-
thing.” That is why God created and intended man to multiply.
He had a vision of Nirvana where man helped man and solved
problems together. I know that if I came to earth, I would lose
my powers. That has been stated to us over the ages.
Angels that comes to earth without being asked lose their

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

powers. (I will describe my powers in Chapter 6.) Things that

feed human energy are nutritious food, restful sleep, common
desire, and love. See that you get these every day and see your
energy force connect you to my realm. That is real power.

I realize that I need to devote some words to the resurrection
of my Savior, since I informed you that I would be doing so. The
resurrection is a bit more complicated a lesson, for it continues
to this present day. There is not one incident that can be cited as
being the resurrection as is commonly stated in the King James
version of the Bible.
The resurrection that I am speaking of is ongoing. Let me
clarify this. To resurrect means to reclaim. I am using this oppor-
tunity to reclaim the messages of God and put them into current
understanding. I am restating or reclaiming them. This is the res-
urrection of which I am speaking. This is the resurrection to
which God refers, not the rising of His Son into His Kingdom.
That is a gross misunderstanding of the Word and the Law.
To resurrect, re-build, re-new, re-tain, all the laws of the uni-
verse were what my Master intended. There are commandments
to be retained and resurrected. There are ideas that are to be
reclaimed and resurrected. There are faiths that are to be
reclaimed and resurrected. So you see my understanding of this
term may be different from yours. I love this word resurrect. It is

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

everything universal. It is pure oneness. Oneness with one's self.

Self-loving is worthy of resurrecting here. Self-love is mandatory
for growth in a lifetime. Without it your chart and every soul's
chart, is examined upon entrance to this side, rewritten and
begun again. With it and a soul's chart is exalted. I ask you, do
you truly love yourself? If you hesitate for even a second you
have work to do. Do it tonight. Recite the following verse:

I am love,
I give love freely,
I love myself as I love my Master.

This last one is especially important. I love myself as I love

my Master and my Master loves me. Repeat this for thirty
nights. When I ask you again, you will answer, “I do.”
I left off with a brief description of the resurrection. There is
so much more that I have to say. If I asked you to please describe
your life, how long do you think it would take? I would say that
every time you sat down to the task, you would think of new
things to add. Such it is with the task of describing resurrection.
Consider this: once there was an ungodly-like king that lived in
the 17th century. He governed his subjects by being ruthless and
vindictive. Both of these are outside the goals set forth by my
Master. One day, the subjects who were living in England at the
time, revolted. The king was beheaded. When such a thing hap-
pens, you may wonder what happens to a person's soul. It is res-
urrected. Know that resurrection can also apply to a person's soul.

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

Resurrection is a word that has endless possibilities for

description in the eyes of holy ones. When I was resurrected, I
gained my wings. Before then, I could not fly. I could move
about the universe, but I could not fly. I challenge you to con-
sider parts of your lives that could be resurrected for the good of
humanity. Go ahead and make a list. Begin today. The challenge
is to list five things that you can resurrect, to make better and
more holy.
After you have done this look at the list. If you have written
anything that begins with “I”, you need to begin again. “I” is an ego
word. In this exercise, I want you to begin every sentence with a
verb. Then see what a difference it makes. Once the list is complete
and you feel comfortable with it, share it with at least three other
people. Allow them to listen. Then destroy the list. Remember it in
your heart. There will be another time in which you are asked to
examine this exercise through the eyes of a blind person, a deaf per-
son, a person of weaker intelligence. It makes no difference how the
words arrive in the universe just that they are done.
I would like to make a series of general remarks and see if you
can respond to them:

I once was an angel.

I once had love.
I once knew God.
I once knew my brothers/sisters
as I know myself.

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

Now think about each of these statements. Can you put

them in order of importance? Ask yourself this question: If I
died tomorrow which one of these things would I desire? Do
not answer aloud. Simply think about your answer. I promise
you this when we are finished with this book your answer will
have changed. This, too, is an exercise in resurrection. For what
was born in your soul will need to be re-created, re-born, re-
built, re-connected. That is the process of life- renewing,
reconnecting, resurrecting.

Jesus' Path
I would like to describe the actual resurrection of my Master
Jesus Christ because it is piece of the Trinity. For those non-
Christians who may be reading this word, the Trinity refers to my
Father, His Son, and the Holy Ghost. For those readers of the
Baha'i faith and other less traditional faiths of the Christian-based
world, the Trinity is called 'the grand cycle of life' and 'the grand
finale of death'. In other religions, the Holy Trinity is barely rec-
ognized at all. Rather, the reincarnation element of supernatural
power is exalted. If I examined every discernible religion in the
world today, I would have thousands more examples to cite. As it
is, I will say that my description of the Trinity to which I refer,
comes from my belief and the belief as it exists in my universe.
(There are other universes, by the way, which are tremendously
vaster than ours. But that is a topic for another time.)

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

The resurrection in the neo-Christian, world-based theology

is what I will describe. When my Master, Jesus, was condemned
to the cross, He learned that He would be entering a kingdom
greater than anything He knew on Earth. An angel in a dream
told Him this.
Up until then, Jesus did not know that He would be resur-
rected from the dead. He only learned this through a visit from
the Angel Gabriel. Gabriel and I are acquaintances in the
Kingdom. Gabriel appeared to Jesus on the night before his jour-
ney to Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem (or Palestine) where Jesus
was told that He would “rise again in the glory of His Father.”
Stunned, Jesus replied to Gabriel, “But if I am to rise again in the
glory of my Father, how is it that I will be able to serve Him?” to
which Gabriel replied, “Look over your shoulder. For in three
days the birth of a baby will signify your deliverance. On the day
that you cross over from this life, another boy child will be born
and his name will be Adam. Adam will release your fears. Adam
will never know you, but you will learn of Adam. This is your
sign of your Father's love.”
That night, when Jesus lay down to sleep, He thought about
the message He had received, He covered himself in willow
branches and a rough piece of cloth given to Him by a shepherd,
which the shepherd had slipped past the jailer. At this time in
history, Jesus had already been condemned to death. How many
souls aware of such a fate would thank the person that con-
demned them? Nevertheless, this is exactly what my Master did.

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

Then He kissed his hand before being sent off to die. Think of
this with all your power. Would you kiss the hand of your enemy
in forgiveness? That night, Jesus never slept. He spent his last
hours in prayer and meditation, planning for his resurrection.
He was told that on the third day of his death, another angel
would come to Him in the tomb. This time, I would visit Him
not Gabriel. For this position, I was most eternally grateful to
my Father. You see, I have first-hand knowledge of the events of
the Biblical resurrection, for I delivered the message.
I will move to the third day when my Master ascended to the
Kingdom. Explanation is necessary here to help in understand-
ing why it was that my Master returned to Earth. It was not, I
repeat, not to prove His powers. His powers had already been
proven. It was not to rejoice in living, for true rejoicing is done
in this realm. It was done in order to show humanity that a life
that is created could never be destroyed. Since God had selected
Jesus to be perfect in creation, it was natural to Him to use Jesus
as the perfect example of a soul's reincarnation. After three days
of joyous trumpet-sounding news in my universe, Jesus made a
covenant with His father and asked His permission to return.
He felt he had so much work to do on this side. He made a
covenant with his Father. He asked His Father for permission to
return to Earth, but for only a short while. In exchange, his
Father would allow Jesus to return once again in the future at a
time of his choosing. The covenant was made. This choosing will
be Jesus' Second Coming to the earthly plane.

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

If I could describe my feelings as being the angel sent by God

to deliver the message to Jesus, it would be to say I was uncom-
promisingly filled with peace and love. Once awakened Jesus lift-
ed His head, looked around into the darkness of night and asked
aloud, “Angel, if this is to be true, show yourself to me,” and I
appeared over His shoulder. The light from my energy force
appeared and surrounded Him. He rose. He was barefooted,
naked, scarred and bruised when He went to the rock that sealed
His fate. It was I, along with Jesus, who moved the rock from the
wall where it was resting. My Master's burial was above ground.
Jesus saw Mary after leaving the tomb. Mary was an earthly
angel. She was told of the resurrection days earlier. She greeted
Jesus as any mother would greet their son, with her hands
cradling his face and crying, “My son, my son. They told me of
your coming!”
Mary blessed her son and held His hand as they walked down
the dirt path to the town of Nazra. From there Jesus asked her to
go to safety. She obeyed her son and He set forth into the city.
When Jesus came to the city, He rejoiced. He was not bitter. He
was not ashamed. He was not filled with hate. For his Father
asked Him to come for humanity.
The first woman on the outskirts of the city who recognized
the face of Jesus ran to her dwelling to get Him clothing. She ran
after Him carrying all that she could find which was a long, tat-
tered robe. She handed it to Jesus and He blessed her. He con-
tinued His walk and as He walked, He came across more and

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

more of the same faces He had seen during His long march to
the Crucifixion. These faces were in his path by the hand of my
Master. Jesus blessed each one of them who had just three days
earlier cast stones at Him. This time upon seeing Jesus, they
bowed their heads and knelt. Jesus spent the remainder of this
day walking, occasionally encountering people. Much of His
walk was done in solitude, for this was His choosing.
By nightfall on the first day, Jesus was instructed to meet His
Father near the olive tree on the highest mount in the city.
Obediently Jesus followed His command. Once on the mount,
my Master convened with His Father and two angels flew Jesus
to the other side. After Jesus ascended to join His Father, a band
of angels greeted Him. Thousands upon thousands of angels
nursed His wounds.
The wounds that I am speaking of are not of a bodily kind,
but rather emotional wounds. You may think that Jesus was
beyond healing since He was a Master Healer, but He needed
healing like every other soul that has visited the earthly plane.
He complained that his job on earth was not finished. He did
this before a tribunal of angels. We listened. We wrapped Him
in our arms. He continued His ascent for several days. (Days are
an earthly term. I choose to use it here to help readers gain
understanding, but there is no time in the dimension where I
dwell. Time is limitless.)
There is a point in the universe called the Northern Star. It is
to this place that Jesus ascended. The North Star is a resting stop

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

for Master Healers. Joan of Arc stopped here, so did Joseph, so

did Moses, so have many other healers since the Creation. Jesus
dwelled in this healing spot for several more “days” before join-
ing His Father in the kingdom we all inhabit. I have spoken to
Jesus many times since His crucifixion. Whenever a soul is espe-
cially wounded, they arrive in the footsteps left by Jesus. His
energy transcends all earthly logic and reason. If you doubt my
words look into a mirror. Examine the lines on your face. For
every line you see is a mark from the tears of my Master. That is
why all humanity ages and changes physical form. The lines are
there for a purpose. They are to remind humanity of the path
Jesus walked before his Resurrection.

I have six more items that I want to cover.

They are:
Item #1: If souls are to truly understand the laws of the uni
verse, they must understand their Creator.

Item #2: If humanity is to progress as a species, they must

embrace faith.

Item #3: Once a promise is made, a promise (to God) is to

be kept.

Item #4: Recalling past events in one's life is helpful only to

move forward.

Kelly Hampton

Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael

Item #5: Rest is as important an activity as recreation. Find

time for this every day if you are to study the laws
of the universe.

Item #6: Resurrection is available to all earthly souls if they so

choose. If you choose to resurrect yourself, it will be.
If you choose to remain on the plane of existence
you currently are on, that is fine, too. Know that it
makes no difference to me if a soul chooses advance
ment or not. My love goes to all.

Sometimes, dark entities approach me with salvation on their

mind. In these cases, I reach out for their hand, ask for divine
blessings, and release them. Resurrection is always available, at
any time, at any place, for any being.

Kelly Hampton