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What is the process of manufacturing turkey red oil?

In: Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing [Edit categories] Answer: The best way of manufacturing turkey red oil is as follows. accurately weigh and transfer 800kg of castor oil in stainless steel with water jocketed and medium stirrer vessel/reactor arrangement, slowly add continuously145kg of concentrated sulfuric acid in 3hrs if required add 240gm of stearic acid for dispersion of acid initial stage of acid addition, and continue the stirring up to 4hrs. to this add 600kg of water and 0.8kg of EDTA disodium salt, stirr well and transfer the mass in to a V type separator, allow it to separate the spent acid for 24hours. after 24hrs decant the spent acid and weigh it accurately and keep it aside aprox630-650kg. transfer the un neutalized mass in to a suitable mixer to this add 200kg of water and 15-20kg of triethanolamine and mixture of 65kg NAOH+200kg water slowly with continuous stirring. the purity of the TRO did with this process is aprox58-59%.