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9ou'* )ou acce,t a ,art ti.

e , o s i t i o n 8 7a3e )ou 4or:e* (or T"R#ET - e ( o r e 8 9 + en
Reasons (or ' e a 3 i n g T"R#ET LT2;

Yes Yes

No No
E.,'o)ee N o ;

9 +ere

Target Engineering & Construction LLCs o u r c e /,eci() Re(erra' s o u r c e : EMPLOYMENT FORM NO: EMP: 39279-20 ! (Website/ Newspaper/ TV/ Radio/ College/ U n i v e r s i t y placement office/ Employee Referral/ Friend/ word of T"R#ET "N E$%"L OPPORT%N&TY N EMPLOYER a. e mo t!/ Employment "gency/ # lletin # o a r d $

P'ease care(u'') rea* t+e #ui*e'ines on t+e 'ast ,age -e(ore (i''ing t+is For.
FOR OFF&C&"L %/E ONLY ",,'ication acce,te*0re1ecte*0contingent Reasoning 2ate o( &nter3ie4 &nitia's 5oining 2ate 2ate

5o- tit'e 2e,art.ent Last 2ate:
Marc+ 09620 !

7a3e )ou an) e.,'o)er8 )ou) 7o4 .uc+ notice *o )ou nee* to gi3e to )our current e.,'o)er8 9ou'* )ou acce,t a te.,orar) ,osition8 9ou'* )ou acce,t a ,art ti.e ,osition8 7a3e )ou 4or:e* (or T"R#ET -e(ore8 9+en
Reasons (or 'ea3ing T"R#ET LT2;



Yes Yes Yes

No No No

9+ere E.,'o)ee No; E M P L O Y M E N T FORM NO: EMP: 3<2=9-20 2

"ra-ian Ce.ent Co.,an)


P'ease care(u'') rea* t+e #ui*e'ines on t+e 'ast ,age -e(ore (i''ing t+is For.

FOR OFF&C&"L %/E O /,eci() N L Y source Re(erra' source: " ,(Website/ , ' i c a t i o n Newspaper/ a c c e , t e * 0 r e TV/ 1 e c t e Radio/ * 0 c o n t iCollege/ n g e n t University placement office/ Employee Referral/ Friend/ word of Na.e R mo e a s ot!/ n i nEmployment g "gency/ # lletin #oard$ 2 a te o ( & n te r 3 ie 4 5oining 2ate

e Fat+er>s0 7us-an*>s na.+one ?inc'u*e (u'' /T2 co*e@ 9or: Te'e. 0 Ms 0 Miss 0 Mrs. To4n 2istrict 9or: Cit)0Bi''age Post Co*e0Post O((ice Mo-i'e6 i( )ou +a3e one E-.e FaD6 i( )ou +a3e one Ma) 4e contact )ou -) e-.e /urna. Re'igion Marita' status N"ME ) P7OTO#R"P7 /ing'e Marrie* REL"T&ON/7&P /e.'6 i( )ou +a3e one Ma) 4e contact )ou at 4or: . "**ress ?i( *i((erent (ro.e Te'e.Yes 0 No /t. Te+si'C 7o.PER/ON"L 2ET"&L/' .e 2ate o( -irt+ P'ace o( -irt+ N.+one ?inc'u*e (u'' /T2 co*e@ Mo-i'e .+one ?inc'u*e (u'' /T2 co*e@ NEET OF F&N Na.No.+one ?inc'u*e (u'' /T2 co*e@ . a-o3e@ 7. Te+si'C /t. To4n 2istrict Cit)0Bi''age Post Co*e0Post O((ice 7o.+ones ?inc'u*e (u'' /T2 co*e@ PERM"NENT "22RE// ?i( *i((erent (ro.arate* OCC%P"T&ON * 9i*o4 2"TE OF A&RT7 2ET"&L/ OF 2EPEN2ENT/ ?/PO%/E ?/@ & %NM"RR&E2 C7&L2REN OR P"RENT/@ PRE/ENT "22RE// 7.C No.&. No.Yes 0 No Te'e. a-o3e 7o. Na.e Te'e.e Re'ations+i.No.

G Na.en*ent re'ati3es@ Yes No 7a3e )ou e3er -een con3icte* o( a cri.e8 &( )es6 *escri-e in (u''6 inc'u*ing *ate an* 'ocation o( court recor*s.e Re'ations+i.e o( /c+oo's 0Co''eges Cit) an* Countr) 2ates atten*e* Fro.ossi-'e.e6 *esignation an* re'ations+i.etiti3e i''ness8 o 2o )ou +a3e an) *isa-i'it)8 o 7a3e )ou +a* an) .-er o( *a)s@ (ro.a1or i''ness i*enti(ie* in 'east (i3e )ears8 &( t+e ans4er to an) o( t+e a-o3e is YE/6 . Yes No 2o )ou +o'* a 3a'i* *ri3ing License8 Yes No 7a3e )ou an) re'ati3es .'o).ent an* 4i'' -e consi*ere* on') i( it re'ates reasona-') to t+e 1o.ent an* 4i'' -e consi*ere* on') i( it re'ates reasona-') to t+e 1o. an) c+ronic *isease or re.NOM&N"T&ON FOR P"YMENT OF #R"T%&TY & F&N"L 2%E/ &N T7E EBENT OF 2E"T7 /r.'o.g.'o).. )oung c+i'*ren6 *e.onsi-i'ities8 ?E.uc+ *etai's as . Yes Yes Yes No No No E2%C"T&ON Certi(icate?s@02i..resent') 4or:ing 4it+ T"R#ET &( )es6 state na. "**ress P+one No. e.*uties. an* co.ro3i*e as .an) 4+ere )our re'ati3e 4or:s 9+at a-sences ?in nu. e.a?s@ 2egree?s@ Matriculation / O-Levels / GCSE or equivalent Intermediate / A-Levels or equivalent Graduation Post-Graduate / Professional Na. 4or: +a3e )ou +a* in t+e 'ast 2 )ears8 /ic:ness Casua'C "nnua' Ot+ers 7E"LT7 2ECL"R"T&ON " +ea't+ con*ition 4i'' not necessari') *isHua'i() )ou (ro.*uties. o 2o )ou su((er (ro. To Ro'' No0Reg No Mont+ &Year o( "4ar* .'ease . 2o )ou +a3e an) caring res. " con3iction 4i'' not necessari') *isHua'i() )ou (ro..

')ing (or.)ou are a. To Le3e' attaine* 2ate o( "4ar* . To Le3e' attaine* 2ate o( "4ar* o OT7ER TR"&N&N# 2escri.. o PROFE//&ON"L TR"&N&N# 2escri.tion Con*ucte* -) OrganiIation 0&nstitution Cit) an* Countr) 2ates atten*e* Fro.tion Con*ucte* -) OrganiIation 0&nstitution Cit) an* Countr) 2ates atten*e* Fro.F%T%RE PL"N/ TR"&N&N# /ECT&ON List an) training )ou +a3e recei3e* or courses 4+ic+ *i* not 'ea* to a Hua'i(ication -ut 4+ic+ )ou (ee' is re'e3ant to t+e 1o.

Please be aware that information provided in this section will be confirmed with your present / most recent employer E..-er o( sta(( 4+o *irect') (ro.osition se.osition (irst..ent. &( )ou are (res+ or +a3e no eD.ost recent e.ents 2ates o( e.EMPLOYMENT RECOR2 Aegin 4it+ )our .'o). To .e e.erience t+en si..ent.tion o( *uties6 res. Attach original or a certified copy of your most recent pay slip if available .ost recent .'o).ent /tarting sa'ar) .osition +as -een +e'* 4it+ t+e' Manager>s 0 /u.e Position +e'* 0Tit'e02esignation Nu.ns.resent or . T"R#ET LT28 Future career as.'o)er8 Reasons (or 4is+ing to 'ea3e or (or +a3ing 'e(t ED.arate') 4it+ .ac:age En*ing sa'ar) .onsi-i'ities an* Ma) 4e contact t+e e. &nc'u*e an) .ore t+an one .') 4rite N0" )et in gi3en -e'o4 co'u.'is+.ort to )ou Arie( *escri... To Fro.ecte* sa'ar) .er3isor>s na.'o)er Nature o( Ausiness "**ress6 . To Fro..'o)er6 'ist eac+ .erio*s o( se'(-e.'o).irations Fro.+one6 (aD6 e.. &( .

ersona'' " re'ati3e or a ca.ost recent e.ittance@ On') and mention t!e Transaction &26 /+o.ersona' an* .erson )ou :no4 in . .ro(essiona' re(erence can -e .art.+one FaD Mo-i'e 7o4 'ong :no4n Processing Fee +o are re.& Code wit! date in given below /+o.resent or .ni Re. Why Company charging processing fee? /rocessing fee is c!arge in terms of processing e0penses of t!e 3eri(ication s c! as CN&C Beri(ication t!ro g! N"2R" ?CN&C NO@6 2egree ?A) using Registration No 0 Ro'' NO@ Beri(ication and Misce''aneous etc111 T!e processing fee is ref ndable for nselected candidate only1 How to deposit the fee? For %AL O.ent@ Tit'e an* Na.'o).REFERENCE/ P'ease .'o)er ?7ea* o( 2e.acit) recent .e an* Co*e in t!e given below col mn1 Note T!e Mo-i'e No is not sed for comm nication and it is lin3ed wit! "cco nts 4erver 1 .ni 2 st go to any nearest %AL O.. J000.'e 4+o :no4 )ou an* )our 4or: to 4+o.ost a . and deposit t!e fee amo nt t!ro g! CN&C ?O.a*e: Present or ..?Re(un*a-'e (or unse'ecte* can*i*ate on')@ as processing fee in given below details of 2irector 7R of and fill t!e Transaction -.acit) outsi*e )our .ro3i*e *etai's o( t+ree .e Position +e'* Fu'' a**ress Person )ou :no4 in a .'ace o( e. ested to s bmit Rs.eo. Na.ent E-Mai' Te'e.

Processing Fee !etails For "#$ %mni Mo-i'e No: (5'% 67(787% CN&C: 598(7 %67('75 5 Transaction &2: ))))))))))) O.'ication an*0or -e groun* (or *isci.itte* +ere4it+ or in connection 4it+ t+is a.'o).eclaration if t!is Form is s bmitted t!ro g! email wit!o t signat re of t!e applicant is accepted$ .) o( )our Current Nationa' &*entit) Car* ?CN&C@ 4it+ t+e E-For. ired at t!e time of interview& once an offer is made and accepted1 2ECL"R"T&ON & certi() t+at t+e in(or.. %n'ess ot+er4ise in*icate*6 & agree an* gi3e ..ination an* 0or 'ega' action.ts0*ocu.ast /+o. an* a'' transcri.ation reHueste*.ent is accurate an* true6 an* .erson6 (ir. Na.) consent t+at an) .) c+aracter6 .ateria' concerning .a) -e su-1ect to 3eri(ication6 & un*erstan* t+at (a'si(ication or concea'.e in t+is (or.'o). /ignatures 2ate ("pplicant s!all be deemed to !ave signed t!is Form and made t!e above . or organiIation 'iste* +erein is aut+oriIe* to (urnis+ T"R#ET 4it+ re(erence .ent or an) ot+er in(or.'inar) action u..ation6 .ation .) a..'ication (or e. to an* inc'u*ing ter.ro3i*e* -) .a) *isHua'i() . /lease do not send any certificates wit! yo r application1 T!ese will be re..ent o( an) in(or.ents su-.e: CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Co*e: ))))))))))))) On') attac+ co'or scan co.

#%&2EL&NE/ FOR F&LL&N# T7E FORM -f yo !ave any problem completing t!is form please contact t!e .teccKg..ita's. "ny information yo provide is confidential1 T!e acceptance of t!is form does not in any way w!atsoever ass re event al employment wit! T"R=ET > Aeans gross salary before ded ction of any ta0es or contrib tions (e1g1 pension& provident f nd etc1$ pl s any ot!er monetary and nonBmonetary'.R . est1 /a'ar) . Co L PO AoD 9J0-"b .bal& Clifton Carac!i 977((& /a3istan FaD: D*' ('%$ 5'8%*%E' Regiona' O((ices: >a!ore& 4 33 r& Faisalabad& A ltan& -slamabad& /es!awar &roup Head 'uarters T"R#ET Engg Const.rint scan in -'ac: or -'ue in: an* in -'oc: ca. +o may also wis! to s bmit a CV& b t if yo do please note t!at it wo ld still be necessary to complete and s bmit t!is form in f ll1 +o m st provide all information re.!abi U"E FaD: D*9% ' E9%86(( .co.1 /lease note t!at yo r application will not be ac3nowledged if t!e form is incomplete1 ?nly s!ort listed candidates will be notified of t!e o tcome of t!eir applications@ if yo do not !ear wit!in two wee3s of t!e closing date yo s!o ld ass me t!at yo r application !as been ns ccessf l on t!is occasion1 2isa-i'it): " disability is a permanent p!ysical& m e n t a l or sensory condition1 T!e disability m st be s bstantial rat!er t!an slig!t& and permanent in t!at it is seldom f lly corrected by medical replacement& t!erapy& or s rgical means1 T!is confidential information is solicited only to ens re compliance wit! o r policy of providing e. al opport nities to all prospective candidates1 -t s!o ld not be constr ed and will not be considered as a re. isites and benefits (e1g1 bon ses& provident f nd& grat ity& medical ins rance& life ins rance& company maintained ve!icle& >F"& paid leave& etc1$ T!is form may be: • Emailed to +r.epartment at +r. ested in t!is form to avoid re<ection of yo r application1 Use additional s!eet w!ere necessary1 T!e form may be emailed to t!e given below Email "ddress1 T).ai' or . Country Head %ffice PO AoD No <2<< C!ayabanBeB-.

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