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Serialcompany Number specialisation website 1 A P Technosis Ltd Software development (Java, www.aptechnosis.

com VB, ASP), Offshore services, Consultancy 2 ABN AMRO Asia Corporate Finance M & (I) A, Restructuring, Pvt Ltd ADR/GDR/ECM products- IPO, Advisory D 3 ABO Software Private Limited B2B Products, Data Interchange (EDI), XML, Object Oriented Program 4 Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Web and Desktop Publishing Software D 5 Adroit Computer Technique Pvt Ltd. Application Software Development and Turnkey Consultancy, Transaction Orient 6 Aithent Technologies Pvt Ltd Packaged Software, Turnkey Projects, Healthcare Industry, Finance sector 7 Alcatel India Ltd. End-to-end Network Management, Next Generation IN services D 8 All e Technologies CRM, Entreprise Information systems, Internet Business Solutions 9 ALSTOM Systems Limited Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) for Power and Indust 10 American Express (India) Ltd Data Management and Information Analysis & Control 11 AmSoft Systems Pvt. Ltd. New Media, Web Technologies & Open Systems, Embedded Systems & Signal P 12 AMSYS Infotech Pvt Ltd Client-server application, e-commerce, Banking & Financial 13 AN-NET Infotech Limited E-Commerce Services, Net-enabled Services, Embedded Software, System Reopenings in 14 the Annik following Systems fields Pvt for Ltd s/w developers:Offshore database software programmers, development, web web based based prog, applications, graphics web VB, designer ASP, SQL Server, 15 Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd. Real Estate Development, Automobiles, Hospitality - Hotels and Super Speciality 16 Arthur Andersen India Private Limited Business Consulting, Assurance and Business Advisory, Corporate Finance, Tax 17 ASL Technologies Ltd. Interner & e-commerce, WAP for mcommerce, Database management, Client-se 19 Astral Tele*Foundation Pvt. Ltd. Telecommunications Billing and Customer Care System, Call Centre Application 20 AVL India Software Pvt Ltd Client-server/business App, Internet based application, realtime systems/embedd 21 Baypackets Technologies Pvt Ltd Telecommunication Software & Solutions, Internet, Software Product Developme 22 Bersoft Infotech Pvt Ltd Client Server / MS 98/ Windows, Manufacturing-Inventry Control, Education-Scho 23 Bersoft Infotech Pvt Ltd Client Server / MS 98/ Windows, Manufacturing-Inventry Control, Education-Scho 24 Bharti Telesoft Ltd. Onsite/Offshore services, IT Enabled Services, Internet & E- Commerce,Network 25 Bhilwara Infotech Limited Offshore, Onsite Software Development, Consultancy, Internet, E-Commerce, CR 26 Birlasoft Limited Client Server-based applications,Y2K Projects, EC/EDI Products & Services, Sof 27 BPB Publications Computer books, CD ROMs and Software 28 BT (Worldwide) Ltd. Global Data Transmission, Managed Data Services, Global Call Centre Commun 29 BTN Infotech India Pvt Ltd IT Events, Software outsourcing 30 Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Business Accounting 31 Cadence Design Systems (India) EDA Pvt. Tools, Ltd. EDA Consulting Services 32 Caldera International Systems software, Networking operating system, Web enabling & integration, Int 33 Canon India Pvt. Ltd. Embedded software for printers, scanners and other office equipments, Docume 34 Care & Cure International Ltd Portal development, software development & solutions, E-commerce, Printing & 35 CashTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Cash Management Software Development, Consultancy and Off-shore services 36 CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. Complete spatial software solutions based on GIS for vertical industries like Tele 37 Cellnext Solutions Ltd Wireless applications for wireless enabling businesses on SMS, WAP and GPRS 38 Centre for Development of Telematics Telecom software development, Unix and Real Time operating systems, Softwar 39 Churchill India (P) Limited Application and Maintenance, Systems Integration, Conversion and 40 Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Networking Equipment for Internet 41 CLC Technologies Ltd Software for Apparel Industry, IT Enabled Services, Offshore customise using SQ 42 Clover Technologies Pvt Lts E-commerce application development, Oracle support services, Linux support & 43 CMC Limited Hardware maintenance equipment supply & Environmental Engineering, Applicat 44 Cognosys Software Pvt Ltd Travel Technologies 45 Cresco Technology (P) Ltd. Internet Solutions, Multimedia Solutions, General Applications 46 Crossword Software Pvt Ltd Telecom operational support systems application, Customer care - applications 47 CybizCall (International) Ltd Consultancy Finance, IT Enabled, Software 48 Daksh eServices Pvt Ltd Outsourced email helhdesk services, eCRM consulting & Solutions, outsourced c 49 Technovate Data And Services Pvt. IT Enabled Ltd. Services, Data - Processing, telesales, Infrastructure Monitoring, Conte 50 Techspan India Ltd. Enterprise Application Enablement, Enterprise Information Portal Enablement, Q 51 Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd Call Centre, Internat/ Intranet based Solutions, Customer care & Billing, Messagi 52 Tele Atlas India Pvt Ltd GIS (Digital Mapping), Navigation, Software Development CNF

net for Call centre. Ed Three S Solutions Ltd Engineering Services (R&D).com Software Development Telecommunications Consultants Telecom India Ltd. onsite deloyment for software. www. Messagi Tele Atlas India Pvt Ltd GIS (Digital Mapping).53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 Telecommunications Consultants Telecom India Hospital Administration. Off. Enterprise Application E-business. Telecom Solutions. Y2K Solu TGK (India) Limited Software Development (In . Control design software. Implementation of and Off-shore software based Solutions. www.vtplex. C Technovate Data And Services Pvt. applucation Usha Martin Infotech Ltd Software solutions .com and Maintenance provider. DVT & SLC products Damco Advanced Technologies AS/400 Solutions . call centre training. Y2K Solu TGK (India) Limited Software Development (In . AS/400 (Training). Communications www. Conte Techspan India & development. Embe Delsoft India Pvt. Customer care & Billing. www. Web-based solutions. IT Enabled Ltd.venire-it. Ltd. Network Management System. Turnkey Offshore development pro KLG Systel office Implementation of CPC. www.kurade. develop CRM packages for call ce Cosmic Infotech Solutions On site Consulting.techspan. Internet. E-business Application Software and vtPlex (India) Pvt Ltd. Training www. Telecom OSS products. Remote legacy Data Migra Trisoft System Pvt. Enterprise www. Customization and Unitech Software Solutions Ltd Software development. Software Development. VLSI Design. UEC Sail Information Technology ERP limited solutions for Sted. ERP Consultancy. Software produ vCustomer Services India Pvt Ltd Customer service.Microsoft. Ltd. UEC Sail Information Technology ERP limited solutions for Sted.eclsys. offshore dev e Three R Info Systems Pvt Ltd Call/contact E.D. Data . Marketing Computer Solutio KCC Software Ltd Software product Re-engineering. Web Development Consolidated Futuristic SolutionsEmbedded Limited S/W & RT System. Hospital Man Consulting Engineering ServicesGIS (I) Ltd & CAD based processing. Metals www.cciplindia.informaticsgroup. manpower resour Eastern Software Systems Ltd. Fixed price Software www. Technical Creatnet Services like ERP. Training www. I T Trainning. and other process industries. www. Systems. W Computer Clinic India Pvt. Software. Client Server Applications. www. Project Management. Ltd Call Centre. telesales..velocient.tcil-india. www. Networking softw Xansa (India) Ltd Management.teleatlas. Enterprise www. Internet Technologies Wind River Company Real Time Operating System SAP Implementation. Ltd Business Intelligence. Manufacturing industries and TCIL Bellsouth and other process insurance. Software Development www. System Software.Oracle).Processing. Application Software Products www. Back-office www. www.unissl.efunds. OnSite Consulting. School Education & Training. www. n Technology . Customised sof Convergent Software Limited Contech provides On-site www.tbladm. IT Training. Web solutions. Network planning for Telecom (RTOS). Application and systems programming. Remote legacy Data Migra Trisoft System Differential Technologies Ltd Web based software solutions. Computer Aided Design & www. Administration Software. Web-Enabled Technologies.tcs.usit. Engineering (CAD/CAE).com Systems.unissl. Web Technologies. Offshore Software d Xerox Modicorp Ltd. Ed Three S Solutions Ltd Engineering Services (R&D). www. XML Web Services Development.Oracle).threeonline. CRP Solutions. Resource fulfilment. E. Networking.dcmtech.safewayindia.isi. www. Infrastructure Monitoring.delsoft.teckinfo. Client / Server based ap Divas Offshore Software Technologies Financial (P)Software Ltd Oracle & IBM.banking. Software produ Tata Consultancy Services Financial services .com integration. Warehouse Management www.Commerce.Shore www. A eFunds International Private Limited Banking. Supply Kurade I. Navigation. E-commerce Solutions. service Velocient Technologies Ltd. Internat/ Intranet www. www. testing Core Solucomm Ltd Develop software & technology www. www. ERP Consultancy.xansa. Distribution Eclipse Systems Pvt. MIS & Consultancy e-enable Technologies Pvt Ltd Groupware Solutions (Lotus & E-Commerce. On-stie services Keane India Ltd Consultancy services in Quality www. RBD Edutech Information India Development. Administration Software. E. Ltd Business Intelligence. e-CRM (Convergent). E-commerce. Metals www. Customization and Unitech Software Solutions Ltd Software development.ERP. ASP. Q Teckinfo Solutions applucation Usha Martin Infotech Ltd Software solutions & development. Business Process Re-engineering. www. Enterprise Dusk Valley Technologies Ltd Software development & www.e3r.Development www. Telecom OSS products. Web Applications DCM Technologies Limited ASIC Design and Verification.divassoftware. IT Enabled Services www. Teleco Venire IT Ltd Application Enterprise Information Portal Enablement.worldofdt.Net Hospital Administration. Internet Embedded Systems. Automated transaction processing Whitestar Software Ltd Software development/ Telecom Operation Support www.kcc-india. Hospital Management. Resource fulfilment. backwww. E DCM Datasystems Ltd. www.umitl. Ltd.keane. XML Web Services Development. Outsourcing services in Apparel www. Year 2000 Solutions. In Business .com notes Wireless and Maintenance.citesindia. E-commerce Solutions.

com IT Consultant Software Moguls (India) Pvt Ltd Software development.freemarkets. Call centre consulting. Training. Application Service Services. Visual FoxPro.) / Databasewww. Data www. Back office operations. Website development & Manage Software TEchnology Parks of India High Speed Data (Visual Basic. building automation. Product Dev .com trainning & manpower provider. .net Infrastructure for Software Development Fateh Computer Services Limited W eb based application development www.interrait. & systems integration. GIS database & appl SM Telesys Ltd Call Center. Consulting Services on M HCL Infosystems Ltd Application development/maintenance. E. Ltd. Capture Services. Investment Banking. Web Enabled Services (GIS/CAD).stpi.selectronicmt.hssworld. Offshore services. IT Enabled Internet services. Off Shore Services.sapient. Ltd. enabled electronic cataloging Houston Technologies Ltd Systems Integration. solutions. Turnkey India Online Pvt Ltd Internet application. ERP www. IT www. Microsoft Care & Telecom Audit Systems Integration & Consulting for Embedded & T Escosoft Technologies Limited ERP Implementation. Back Office www. SAP imple HCL Perot Systems Ltd.escosoft-tech. Internet portal www. onsite consu GrapeCity India Pvt Ltd Development and distribution www. E-Commerce. IT www.sarsoftech. MarketP HOPE Technologies Ltd. Internet 7 E-Commerce.smtelesys.105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 eMR Technology Ventures Pvt.hcltechnologies. IT Enabled www.renewals-iis. Business Process Outsourcing IICE Technologies Ltd Web & applications. B2B. Microsoft Visual Studio Suite www.webcomtechnologiesusa. IT Enabl E-Serve Technologies Ltd Call centre -Inbound & Applications. Internet and Electronic Comm IBILT Technologies Ltd Information Strategy planning.indiagoodmorning. Business Process Outsourcing. Infoedge Solutions Pvt. E-Services. Imaging. Website development & Maintenan Interra Software (India) Pvt Ltd Enterprise Business Solutions. (I. Application / System Engineering Services Information Technologies (India)Client-Server Limited. CAD / CAM / CAE. Expertise on Unix. Outsourced Call e-marketplaces. Hardware Processing Shyama Software Solutions (I) Pvt Web Ltdcentric & extranet solutions.esamsungumit. www. Data Transactions based web poratls.iolpl. IT Consu SDRC India Pvt. Windows Programming / Enterprise Business Application.sispl.espacetech.interglobetechnologies. CAM / CAE.hiperworld. Reverse engineering. Group Wa Infozech Software Ltd.scicmp. Learning Online.eserveglobal.ijtc. Inter-Carrier Accoun Inox Global Services Ltd Call centre.softeklimited. Legacy Systems and AS 40 Hero Corporate Services Research & knowledge management. CB Geine Technologies India Pvt Ltd eCRM. Enterprise www.euroinfo. Distant www. Back-Office Processing Hiperworld Cybertech Ltd E Commerce-Netbased. Advanced using client server technology.indiafindit. Internet / E-Commerce Accounting and data communication. Web enablement Intelligent Information Systems Pvt Offshore Ltd Software Development. www.smipl.soft.Commerce. Call www. component deve Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd Integrated & Software. www.houstontechnologies.Product Data of Active X components.infics.hclinfosystems. Networking / System Software.sdrc. Customers www. Portal on Microprocessor based packaging machines. Creatives. Portal Website designing & developing. Windows based software Infinite Computers Solutions (India) Web Pvt and Ltd E-Commerce. SMS. Mainframe.gate2biz. Broadcasting Software. Oracle Applicati Freemarkets Services (P) Ltd Develop & maintain software www. www. e-commerce Global Infosystems Ltd IT Consultancy. E-commerce Software & website developm Softek Limited Application Re-engineering www. Embedded Systems : Firmware www. Transaction processing.transcription. Web Transforma Icon Data Management Ltd Outbound & inbound customer www. Workflow www. Reengineering. Telecom. www.boi. www. D Satya Infosoft Pvt Ltd E-business solutions. IT cons Indo-Japan Trade Centre (P) Ltd. R & Dwww. catalogue management GE Capital Services India Back Office Management Solutions. Engine Euro Info Systems Pvt Ltd ERP / EBS. 2D/3D imaging. www.geinetech. www. Front Office Software Development. eSamsung UMIT Infotech Pvt Ltd Software Development and E-commerce application. CAE software & services India Education Centre SoftwareData Eutech Cybernetics (India) Pvt Ltd Healthcare IT.L. Data Technical help-desk services.shyamasoft. www. www. Experience Modelling Sapphire Callnet Pvt Ltd IT trainning. Internet www. Telecom IT Enabled services. GIS. www.telecom www. & ERP.emrtechventures. ERP Implementation. www.e-icondata. IT enabled se Sar Softech Private Ltd Software development.herogroup. H ESPL Systems Private contact services. Off-shore Ser Hughes Software Sustems Protocol stacks . Application development Interglobe Technologies Pvt Ltd Software Development. Databases www. ERP (SAP.T. Object Developme HCL Technologies Limited Client Server.hopeindia. Revenue Accounting. Visual C++).com Energy. Processing.iecsoftwares. Oracle and D2K www.callnetindia.InfoEdgeSolutions.I. Customised projects Globalsoft Pvt. Qua Selectronic Equipment Services Medical Pvt. Placements IIS Scientific Computing Ltd Oil & gas exploration software. Product development Software Horizon India Ltd. Gate2Biz Pvt Ltd B2B e-commerce.globalsoft-online. Ltd. Web www. M-commerce business solutions. IT Enabled Services. SQL Ser Infogain India (P) Ltd. CAD.infogain. PDM www. Operations.

com chain Planning Software/ Enterprise Application Develop Oyster Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd IT Consultancy & Application www. eBusiness. State-of-the-art telecommunication facilities. Development and deploy Logicsoft International Pvt. Onsite/ Off Shore Services.niftindia. Consultancy and Projects. Content development/Animation Mindmill Software Ltd Web enabled client-server www. Software Soluti Marble Infotech Ltd. Intranets. Enabled Services. Business Misty International ERP. e-commerce Max Ateev Limited Enterprise Software Solutions www. CRM.eMarkets.net4india.jktech. Data Management www. Software Development Services. customer relationship Spectramind eServices Private Limited I.niit. Remote Office Pro Pan Business Lists Pvt Ltd Data collection. Extranets û IT&T Limited IT infrastructure management.magicsw. MRP. Client Server based business www. M-Commerce. Enterprise Computing Solutions. Enterprise Resource www.centres PG Softech Ltd. Web & Internet su e-business applications Solutions Infosystems Pvt. Technology www. Software De Omega Net India (P) Ltd AS/4000 Software technologies. Systems Integration.ittindia. CRM. Portals B2B. Turnkey Projects.mindmillsoftware. www. Visual Inter-Development. Ltd. Services Parsec Technologies (India) Ltd. Internet Professional Services.Offshore or Onsite.spectramind. Ltd.End to End solutions for call www. transcription National Institute of Fashion Technology Web CRM. Middleware application Prologic First India Pvt Ltd Client-server development. E-enabl JK Technosoft Ltd Consultancy . Internet-based/Web Handsets.Engineering. Operating systems and servers.Training on PROGRESS. Development of GIS andwww. www. SCM ML Infomap Remote Sensing coding. supply Consultancy. QAI (India) Ltd. IBM E-business Authorised training. www.intiqua. Human resource development & onshore Intiqua India Limited eBusiness solutions. RDBMS. Telecom Switching & Network (offshore / onsite).com Development Navision Software India Pvt Ltd ( Commerce and Web related activities Oracle Software India Ltd.Engineering.pipalsoftware. Knowledge Managem Medical e-Commerce Solutions Pvt Healthcare Ltd . Partners in ERP reta ONICRA Credit Rating Agency of Individual India LtdCredit Rating Open Technologies India Systems Integration. Broadban Network Programs (India) Ltd.T. Remote Data Processing Audits & course corrections Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Call Centers. ERP SEI CMM / ISO 9000 Implementation. Medical Billing Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Consultancy in the domains of Banki Paharpur Business Centre Instant Hi-Tech Office Facilities. Channel & centers Pasco Info-Tech Back office Development. www. Q . Medical www. Medical www. m-commerce. www. Consultancy. eCommerce. www. clubs and restaurants. High-end career training. Billing Mediation & System Integrati Newgen Software Technologies Software Limited Development Projects www. Networking Solutions. Training. Ltd. Web Publishing.logic-soft. .157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 Intertech Resources Ltd Consultancy for Call centre . Ltd. www. www. Digital Map Products for Momentum India Private LimitedSetting up Offshore Technology Solutions & Services for the . www. communication software . www. Ltd.go-fashion-go. Internet and Magic Software Pvt. NCL Infotech Private Ltd. network Internet / Web Distribution support. Oracle Applications ).com enabled Services.minervatelelink. Services Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.panbusiness.solitarysystems. software. www. Re.mlinfomap. E-Business Solutions. application.Packaged software for www.nclsoft. Product www.Development www. û for improving business efficiencies. Visual Software www. Pa Neptune Information Solutions Ltd.maxateev. eBu Netaquila Solutions Pvt Ltd Microsoft ASP. e-learning. GSM applications on Centers for Global companies providing Softwar MTC (India) Private Limited Custom Software Development www. Groupware Solutions on No Net Edge Computing Solutions Pvt Onsite/ Ltd Off Shore Services. Software Product Developm NextBrick Solutions Macromedia Design Studio.pgsoftech.Java & E-commerce Solutions.pbcnet. Ltd. www.parsectech.medecomsolutions. NetVantage International Ltd e-commerce. Internet Management. IT NIIT Limited Software Service . Ltd. e-procurement/supply chain management.nextbrick. Intranets www.mtcindia. Ltd Web enabling services. Call . www. Database Management Solutions. eBusiness Strategy. Re-engineering / P Planet PCI Infotech Ltd Customised Software Development. www. Data Processing. Web enabling solutions. signature entry Minerva Telelink Pvt. CD-Rom Titles.bhushan-group.netedgecomputing. Turnkey Net4India Ltd eBusiness solutions. Telecom Equipment. Pvt Ltd.opentechindia.nucleussoftware. Interne N Y Dox Services Ltd IT Enabled services. E-Business Consultancy. WAP. .networkprograms. Alli Solitar Systems (India) Pvt Ltd Maintenance and Modifications to existing p Powersolv India Pvt.JSP.operation. Consulting and Offshore Develo Nokia Telecommunications Pvt. E Pipal Solutions (India) On-site services. CRM. Systems Integration. Banking & Financial Services Segment.nisl. Consu Microwave Communications Ltd Call centre. Cellular www. Medical Multimedia Content development. Software Process Improvement. services & training. Map / Drawing data Industry. product dev River Run Software Group Mobile Computing (Remote www. Euro conversion. & Publishing www.riverrun. services. Network services. Related ltd.ramtech-corp. Packaged Software.rebusgroup. www. Off shore and sale of packaged software Rebus Software Pvt Ltd Areas of Knowledge Transition www. Micro ERP.tbladm.For small and www.995%).tcs. Staff Samtech Infonet Ltd E-commerce.quantum.samtechinfonet. www. Font Digitization.(SMITA) and maintenance. Interactive multimedia presen Tata Consultancy Services Financial services . Project manageme Sampatti. Data centre www.summitindia. Consultancy www. Consultancy. Systems Integration Summit Information Technologies Newspaper Web-site designing & hosting (Also availabl Systems America (India) Pvt LtdImplementation.saiinfoglobal. Offshore and onsite software d RICO Softech Ltd CAD/CAM/CAE. Applica Reservation Data Maintenance (India) TravelPvt. Software Development. Projects.209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 Quadrant Infotech (India) PrivateData Ltd entry of text and numeric On-line data Outsourcing. Overseas proje Ramtech Corporation Limited Software Development. Consultancy Systems Management & Information WebTechnology page design. Systems Radix Softwares Pvt. Services. Onsite Services. Data entry from image Quantum Information Systems Ltd High end Internet based education data (accuracy> wireless connectivity to enterprise on Handheld PCs Sai Info Ltd Business Software Development.radix-infotech. RMSI Geographic Information Systems. e-Comme Supertech Software & HardwareCommercial Pvt. software Limited Property & Real Estate www.systemsamerica. Academy development .com medium enterprises. securities.rmsinet. Telecom Operation Support Web developing & hosting.sampatti. www. Indian Languages. Manufacturing industries and TCIL Bellsouth Ltd. insurance. GIS software R Systems International Systems. Applications Management. C . Network planning for Telecom Network.quadrantindia.rdmindia. Ltd. www. Noida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida Noida New Delhi Noida Noida Gurgaon Noida ashokmalhotra@an-netinfotech.comNoida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi location New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida .com Haryana New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi Noida New Delhi Noida bpb@vsnl.

in New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi prashant.comNoida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi Noida New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon Noida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon Noida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida New Delhi New Delhi tgk@vsnl.comGurgaon New Delhi Gurgaon Gurgaon Gurgaon New Delhi info@citesindia.

com Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon Noida Noida New Delhi New Delhi globalsoft@vsnl. UP New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida Gurgaon New Delhi Noida cmd@eelindia.comNew Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida Noida .com Gurgaon Gurgoan New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida New Delhi Noida New Delhi New Delhi Noida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida New Delhi Noida New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi Gurgaon info@interrait. New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi info@boi.vsnl. New Delhi New Delhi pbl@del6.netNoida Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Avanthi .net New Delhi Noida New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi Gurgaon anil@siworldwide.comGurgaon New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi Noida New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi rschroff@omegasystemsusa.

com Gurgaon New Delhi Noida Noida New Delhi New Delhi Gurgaon New Delhi Gurgaon Noida Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi saindia@systemsindia.brij@quadrantindia.tcs.