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EARTH FROM SPACE The blue marble as seen from space. We hear the calm voice of Jerry Maguire, talking just to us. JERRY'S VOICE Airight so this is the world and there are five billion people on it. When I was a kid there were three. It's hard to keep up. AMERICA FROM SPACE The great continent through mist and swirling skies. (Satellites and other pieces of skycasting equipment float by.) JERRY'S VOICE That's better. That's america. See, America still sets the tone for the world... KID ON BASKETBALL COURT A puberty-ravaged kid dribbles a basketball, stares straight at us. JERRY'S VOICE In Indiana -- Clark Hodd. 13. The best point guard in the country. Puberty hasn't been easy. Discreetly, his hand slips into his pants and scratches. Girl on a high dive she's poised. A faraway look in her eyes. JERRY'S VOICE (continuing) Becky Farling. You'll see her in the next Olympics. She launches her dive into mid-air, into nothingness.

ON TEENAGE GIRL BOXER throwing punches toward the camera. _ 2.

JERRY'S VOICE Seattle, Washington. Dallas Malloy. Went to court to be allowed to box professionally. She's 16. ON A YOUNG BASEBALL PLAYER at bat. JERRY'S VOICE Art Stallings, Indio, California. Check out what pure joy looks like. He swats a pitch -- not out of the park, it's much sweeter than that. He drills it over the first baseman's head, just out of reach of his glove. Art runs to first, laughing. Pats the first baseman's butt. Gotcha. ON GOLDEN BOY QUARTERBACK -- FRANK CUSHMAN A line of NFL scouts watch a dazzling pass from a future star. JERRY'S VOICE In Odessa, Texas, the great Frank Cushman. Cush is 20. Quarterback, role model, my client. He'll probably go number one in the draft this year. Cush turns into a closer shot. He's a living magazine cover. A YOUNG CHAMPIONSHIP GOLFER eyeing a long but level putt. JERRY'S VOICE

There's genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it's like popcorn in the pan. Some pop... The kid misses the shot, whips his club at his coach. JERRY'S VOICE (continuing) ... some don't. Hold on the kid, he's all youthful adrenalin, breathing hard. Portrait of an intense young competitor.


INT. NFL OWNERS MEETING/PALM DESERT FOUR SEASONS -DAY A wall of new NFL merchandise. Television monitors blink with the latest endorsement films. Into frame moves JERRY MAGUIRE, 35. He walks briskly and smoothly, yellow legal tablet in hand, at home in this lobby filled with Athletes and Sports Team Owners. We hear Herb Alpert's epic instrumental, "The Lonely Bull." JERRY'S VOICE Now I'm the guy you don't usually see. I'm the one behind the scenes. I'm the sports agent. INT. NFL OWNER'S MEETING LOBBY -- MINUTES LATER Jerry sits in a red leather chair, across from an agitated General Manager. He cooly works out figures on a yellow legal tablet. JERRY Easy now, we can spread these numbers over five years... JERRY'S VOICE

Each agent has a silver tray containing soft drinks and a glass pitcher of water. SMI CONFERENCE ROOM -. The word "millions" appears often and easily in his conversation.. _ 4.DAY The SMI agents are a fierce. ON ANONYMOUS NEWPORT BEACH BUILDING JERRY'S VOICE Inside that building. JERRY'S VOICE Thirty-three out of shape agents guiding the careers of 2. Zoom in on someone's shirt-sleeve on left of frame. INT. Sports photos and posters are framed on the walls. They sit in a carefully appointed conference room. JERRY'S VOICE (continuing) That's me on the left. Near the end of the table sits Jerry Maguire.. happy bunch. The signs of global marketing are omnipresent.120 of the most finely-tuned athletes alive. JERRY'S VOICE . standing next to Team Owner.You know those photos where the new player holds up the team jersey and poses with the owner? Flash of photo Anonymous Athlete holds up jersey. that's where I work. we see a large office divided up into many cubicles. Through the glass window. Sports Management International. Shot moves in.

ATLANTA RED CARPET ROOM -. there's no proof of anything except that this guy is a sensational athlete. Maguire attempts spin. blocking him off and forcing him through the glass doors into the police department. He is CALVIN NACK. in this economy. JERRY Listen. sometimes emotions run a little high. over here!!") Back doors open. . 22. ("Baja!!" "Baja..ANOTHER DAY Jerry now sits next to a towering white 27 year-old basketball player with a bad haircut. He is angry. A little BOY approaches the player with a basketball trading card.HOUSTON -. INT. BOBBY "BAJA" BRUNARD. Professional smile in place. WOMAN REPORTER Was the girl 16 or seventeen? MAN REPORTER Were you aiming at anyone when you fired the shot in the 7/l1? Jerry whips in between Baja and the taunting media. A cluster of chattering media members move in on the car. we hear baja bellowing insults at the press. They are signing a contract in the airport lounge. LITTLE BOY Are you Calvin Nack? Could you sign my card? _ 5.DAY An unmarked car pulls into the underground parking facility of the Houston Police Department. In the background.(continuing) . INT. and he is handcuffed. and out steps Jerry Maguire with huge offensive lineman. UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE -..

. Jerry nods encouragingly. it's gotten worse. I play for the Blackhawks.. JERRY'S VOICE Lately. I have it. DOCTOR stands nearby. INT. here it comes. DOCTOR Do you know your name? STEVE REMO I uh. CALVIN NACK I'm sorry little fella. 33. This pretty lady is my wife. I can only sign Pro-Jam Blue Dot cards.. HOSPITAL BEDROOM -. . Family is nearby.Nack bends down with a kindly-looking face.. STEVE REMO (continuing) My agent! JERRY Yes! STEVE REMO And I gotta play this weekend.NIGHT Hockey Player STEVE REMO. wait. I can't sign that particular brand of card. He is in traction. Jerry smoothly dishes off a business card to the little boy. is a big man in a small bed. Wait. with concussion. (now on a roll) You are my son. My name is Steve Remo. presents his best "familiar" face. As Calvin Nack turns to grab an orange juice from a barmaid. And you are. The Little Boy looks confused. shoots Jerry a look of concern.

Shouldn't somebody get him to stop? As he talks. a Pop Warner football player himself.DAY Jerry sleeps. JERRY'S VOICE Two nights later in Miami at our . It feels as if the kid is peering into his soul. SON Fuck you. MIAMI HOTEL ROOM -. He leaves Jerry standing in the hallway.. The kid turns and exits in disgust.Doc.DAY Jerry Maguire upset in a rental shuttle. HOSPITAL HALLWAY -..NIGHT Remo's 14 year-old SON (JESSE) confronts Jerry outside the hospital room. RENTAL CAR SHUTTLE -. Music. Phone still ringing. Passing through frame. Devastated. INT. If I play in 65% of the games. Music. JERRY (glib. EXT. right? The kid stares at Maguire. I make my bonus. EXT. and all he sees is'd take a tank to stop your dad. easy) Come on -. He's a hulking kid. SON This is his fourth concussion. _ 6. His voice is in the process of changing. It would take all five Super Trooper VR Warriors. Jerry's cellular phone rings in his bag.

This feeling is new to him. _ 7. who said: . most unexpected thing.a suggestion for the future. Breathing strangely. he holds onto the nightstand for grounding. alive now. He gets up. a pot of coffee and tray of room service nearby. takes a few gulps of air. the original sports agent. JERRY'S VOICE What started out as one page became twenty-five.. smears them across his face. a breakthrough. There is a direct line from the deepest part of him to the words he's typing. I was remembering the simple pleasures of this job. Suddenly I was my father's son. Breakdown? Breakthrough. the way a stadium sounds when one of my players performs well on the field.NIGHT Jerry types.. I was remembering even the words of the late Dicky Fox. we watch his face. I began writing what they call a Mission Statement for my company. Gathers some tiny ice cubes in his hand. MIAMI HOTEL ROOM -. walks to mini-bar. Even his eyes grow moist. how I ended up here out of law school.a Mission Statement -. Trembling.corporate conference. JERRY'S VOICE (continuing) It was the oddest. You know -. INT. His fingers fly. Jerry's eyes open.

Starting our lives. caring for ourselves. He pauses. . And then -. INT. It was the me I'd always wanted to be. JERRY'S VOICE (continuing) -. boldly.he restores it and continues on. we must simply be the best versions of ourselves. I had lost the ability to bullshit.SHOT OF DICKY FOX DICKY FOX The key to this job is personal relationships. _ 8. that goodness will be unbeatable and the money will appear. What I was writing was somewhat "touchy feely. Caring for them. SHOT OF SENTENCE: We must embrace what is still virginal about our own enthusiasm. we must crack open the tightly clenched fist and give back a little for the common good. As Jerry continues typing.NIGHT Jerry in T-shirt stands proudly watching copies pumped out. really. still considering the sentence. and wipes his eyes.. his voice is excited now. JERRY'S VOICE (continuing) I didn't care. and the games too. The answer was fewer clients. JERRY'S VOICE And suddenly it was all pretty clear.. KINKO'S COPIES -. I'll be the first to admit it." He deletes it.

It's Dana Andrews. any idea who it was?") Camera whips to Jerry. dramatic movie score. and dials with urgency. lighter. JERRY (self-effacing) Thanks. THE THINGS WE THINK AND DO NOT SAY (The Future of Our Business) KINKO'S GUY That's how you become great. band guys. INT. He moves to the phone. _ . everyone in Kinko's at 3 AM does. ON TV MOVIE (JERRY WATCHING) Suddenly. before I could re-think it. man. You hang your ba11s out there. taps his heart in tribute. He looks younger. Industrial. The sun is coming up. HOTEL ROOM -. In fact. Jerry nods. A slight concern on his face. standing watching as he packs.MORNING Jerry splashes water onto his face. and this guy sounds and looks like a prophet. showing Gene Tierney the newspaper reports of her death in Laura. ON MEMOS being stuffed into mail-slots. He slides a copy across the counter. multi-pierced Kinko's copy guy examines the first printed copy of the Mission Statement. other Copy People of the Night nearby. ("Someone was murdered in this room last night... JERRY'S VOICE I printed it up in the middle of the night. He nods approvingly. for Jerry's approval.Wired college students. It's 3 AM.

is the first to grab Maguire by the shoulders. JERRY Hi. that's fine. I had started my life. it's jerry maguire. ELEVATOR -. INT. clammy. (In a three-shot near the front desk. yearns to blend in. then reluctantly. INT.... 25. the ovation rocks the lobby. we see a 26 year-old female employee of SMI applauding with Mission Statement in hand. It's impossible. ("Finally. alone with his luggage.DAY JERRY Jerry in suit.) Jerry motions for them all to stop. holds onto the handrail to steady himself. JERRY'S VOICE I was 35. One offers gum to the other. but clearly he could listen forever. Dry throat.9. LOBBY -. another.. A week. someone said it!") Suddenly another agent begins to clap... Jerry inconspicuously turns the corner. Oh they did. Soon. Uh. her sleepy son at her side. ON AIRPLANE WHEELS . No no no no no. AGENT # 1 (RACHEL) How long you give him? AGENT # 2 (CHRIS) Mmmm. It is a watershed moment in his life. Swing off Maguire to find two agents standing clapping enthusiastically near the elevator.DAY The lobby is filled with SMI agents. Underling agent BOB SUGAR. listen did those manuscripts get. The blue Mission Statement is in evidence everywhere. the recognition ripples through the lobby.

NIGHT We move past a snoring businessman.. She is still buzzed from the conversation.. onto tired but adrenalized Jerry Maguire.. no. quit trying to make me say it! Jerry shuts off his laptop and prepares for sleep. working on his laptop. She laughs seductively and hangs up. Jerry continues to work. mmmm. listen. as his laptop now beeps.folding up into a plane..... I got you the perfect white shirt. Jerry turns to her.... _ 10. WOMAN (continuing) how about if I do it and don't say it. He sits in first-class. oh listen. a pile of newspapers and magazines nearby. monkeyface. surprising her. I'm not going to say it here.. AIRPLANE/FIRST CLASS -. INT. see you soon. JERRY I have to ask.. WOMAN (protective) . Battery's low. finishes up a spicy phone conversation with her boyfriend. Trying not to listen.... no. at this out of the way place. 3oish... WOMAN (continuing) . as music and credits end... WOMAN Monkeyface. The WOMAN PASSENGER next to him...

A harried passenger on this bus in the sky.. snapping off the bell. Her clothes are part-contemporary. _ 11. The Attendant offers a bundle of soggy cocktail napkins and is about to exit as Ray makes a gagging noise. She is never as composed or in control as she wants to be. The easy laughter from three rows ahead washes over her like cold water. part motherfunctional. my son is allergic to the material in these blankets ATTENDANT That's all we have. . 26. as she rings again for a Flight Attendant.. He's about to get sick. Both women reach for an airsick bag. past the panel separating the cool comfort of first class from the stuffy airless and uncomfortable world of coach. Stuffed into the side pocket is Jerry's Mission Statement. It is RAY. ATTENDANT (continuing) I'm sorry I was rude just then -DOROTHY It's okay. We're in it together we DRIFT BACK three rows. DOROTHY Look.What -JERRY Where'd you find the perfect white shirt? She laughs.two strangers enjoying the good life -. her five-year old son. Right now she is devoted to the sneezing kid in the wrinkled white-shirt sitting next to her. pissed. it's an infectious laugh -. The overworked ATTENDANT arrives. Dorothy is covered in toys and books. Their faces are now inches apart. We meet DOROTHY BOYD. and get it to his mouth just in time.

settles into sleep. He shuts his eyes. FIRST CLASS SEATS -. . as tired Jerry listens like a priest. BPI. SMI. right? JERRY Jerry Maguire. WOMAN Can I just get a quick "man's" opinion from you on something? DISSOLVE TO: _ 12. irritated. BACK TO JERRY AND WOMAN WOMAN You're with the sports people on the plane. Good luck with that -He nods.LATER Bobbi is intense now. leans out into the aisle to look for the heads that belong to these voices. unburdening. INT. Politely stifles another yawn. as he reaches up to shut off the light. I'm producing the Coke commercials for the playoffs.The Attendant now exits helpfully with the bag. WOMAN'S VOICE Don't take anything I say seriously! I love to flirt! Dorothy. WOMAN Bobbi Fallon. JERRY Well. Bobbi leans into his darkness.

.. Maguire fights another yawn. don't think we're quite at your pitch yet. amazing sense of style. former athlete. world class.. which is why I should take a nap now. JERRY She's an NFL publicist.. and then you can sleep. you're right. JERRY I uh.... I want to say goodbye to every bad thought I ever had about relationships. I mean.... she can't help but listen. volleyball. Why is it so easy to talk with you?! Tell me about your fiancee.. I crave this guy.. why.. I'll know when I see him. really knows how to live every moment of her life.. WOMAN It's the death rattle of my singlehood.. WOMAN Tell me.WOMAN And I can't say his name without laughing I want to eat him up...... . why did I have that affair this weekend? Does that mean I'm not in love with my boyfriend? JERRY I think you'll know when you see him at the gate. BACK TO DOROTHY Her sleeping son now silent. right? Because I finally see the white picket fence looming and I love it/hate it/love it/hate it/ love it. and yet...

. I collect romantic proposal stories. It's like --kaboom. The curse of 18 months. we were both in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. she told me about her favorite place in the world. JERRY Exactly. and define define define. WOMAN Oh. JERRY No no. the seven pools of Hana on the island of Maui. I knew I wanted to propose. WOMAN Gorgeous. so I took her there. .. Every serious girlfriend lasts 18 months.WOMAN'S VOICE Tell me how you proposed. WOMAN That's when you need to cement. tell the story.LATER JERRY --so our first date.. Now I've always hit a wall at 18 months. BACK TO JERRY -. DOROTHY (impatient) Oh. And the world does not need another 35 year-old bachelor. tell the story.. _ 13. JERRY A year-and-a-half later.

So the entire sixty mile ride back to the airport. BACK TO DOROTHY . JERRY Well. and I'm a little nervous. get this -.. I'm lagging behind. and she says to me. it bothered me somewhat. The mood is not right. And she knows I know. And I decide I'm not going to propose. Why be impulsive? Now at this point I know she knows that I was going to propose and didn't. And now she's quiet and we're both pouting a little. And I got quiet." WOMAN Oh no -_ 14. you know. we don't speak."Hurry up. Now she's Miss Rock Climber. and I'm more the Non-Rock Climber.. and I have the ring in my pocket. We check into the Pro Bowl hotel -WOMAN How sad -JERRY But wait. but we're hiking up through the pools and there's a fine mist in the air.WOMAN To the pools? JERRY To the pools. klutz. And we're both good at that. We fly to Honolulu in silence.

there's even an ESPN crew. riveted on the story. We're getting married in . She listens to the easy sound of Jerry discussing his charmed life. And listens. He sneezes. So I turn to her and sort of grandly say. BACK TO JERRY -.LATER JERRY Which they do. somewhat derisively. "Well. So she has gotten the lounge band to actually play "Here Comes The Bride" when we walk back in. She hands him more kleenex. three big ones in a row. RAY (waking up) Mama -DOROTHY Shhh. _ 15. and I don't much like big scenes. but she said "yes" right there in the lobby and some of the toughest men in football wept like babies. She tries to share the laugh with her son. All the football guys are in the lobby. this is me. Klutz. And we're standing there." And I took out the ring. JERRY'S VOICE Now little do I know that my assistant. Dorothy laughs to herself. Mommy's eavesdropping. Goddess of Rock Climbing. to marry me. asking you. has assumed that I've now proposed. The plane is now quieter. watching.She is now craning out into the aisle to hear this story. who stares at her.

February. WOMAN Jerry. You two will be together forever. BACK TO DOROTHY She takes one of her son's kleenex sheets, as an elegant Flight Attendant shuts the curtain to first class. Dorothy blows her nose, moved against her will. RAY What's wrong, mom? DOROTHY First class is what's wrong. It used to be a better meal. Now it's a better life. She pulls out the Mission Statement, aware that she's been listening to its author. She opens it and begins to read. INT. LAX AIRPORT TERMINAL -- MORNING Jerry Maguire exits the plane a few steps behind Bobbi Fallon. JERRY (quietly, like a coach) You'll know when you see him. You'll know when you see him. Bobbi scans the crowd. She spots Monkeyface, large and burly in tiger-print sweats. He looks like Mickey Dolenz. He holds flowers. _ 16.

WOMAN Oh my God, you're right. I know. (Jerry smiles) He's not The One. He's not the One.

Jerry's face falls. Bobbi Fallon moves into the embrace, faking it. Jerry moves ahead, turning back to see the doomed couple. Melancholy now, he continues forward through the crowded airport and the expectant faces of those waiting for loved ones. Music. INT. LUGGAGE AREA -- MORNING Dorothy looks through the rubber flaps of the luggage conveyor belt. She clutches a cup of coffee. In the background, other SMI agents' grab their bags and exit. DOROTHY Ray! Ray! Maguire enters picture, joining her as she looks into the dark depths behind the flaps. JERRY Can I help? DOROTHY Oh. Hi. I work in your office. I was on the junket to the conference. I'm -JERRY I know who y6u are. You're Dorothy Boyd. You're in... wait... you're in Accounts. You have the middle cubicle toward the back with that poster of Albert Einstein morphed onto Shaquille 0 Neal's body. DOROTHY (surprised) Hmm. Pretty good. JERRY Now what did you lose? DOROTHY My son... my mind...

Over her shoulder, Maguire sees Ray rounding the corner, riding the luggage conveyor belt like Washington crossing the Delaware. _ 17.

JERRY Well, while I go look for him, why don't you hang onto this curious gentleman behind you -Dorothy turns, is greatly relieved to see Ray, and snatches him off the belt. She bends down into his face. She speaks softly but intensely, with no frills. DOROTHY Remember "imagination?"... remember what that means? Well, this is one of my bosses so you will now IMAGINE me screaming at you right now. Do NOT do that again. Ever ever EVER. She rises, shifting back to being a somewhat relaxed young woman of 26. It's a transition she makes, oh, 500 times a day. DOROTHY (continuing) Well, thanks. JERRY Well, take care. DOROTHY And have fun at your bachelor party. Jerry pauses just a moment, but it's long enough. Dorothy freezes. DOROTHY (continuing) Oh no.

Jerry takes off. He stops. JERRY (eager for feedback) You think so? DOROTHY Oh tsht.. JERRY Thanks. DOROTHY I loved your memo. I already had my bachelor party. I'm just.. JERRY I appreciate that... you know. I knew. by the way.. DOROTHY I think in this age. anxiously looking past it... Yes. and begun swinging on him. JERRY No. interested and flattered. I just killed the surprise. it was just a "Mission Statement. it's a revolutionary act.JERRY No no." Ray has taken Jerry's free hand. _ 18. Turns. optimism like that. Jerry takes a step closer. It was called "my twenties.. actually. because some of that stuff." See you later. DOROTHY (slow sigh) Nnnnn. She flashes the well-thumbed copy in her purse. it was two .

and give a little back for the greater good. Ray.. swing. Jerry looks more nervous. _ 19. He is now swinging on both of them.. Now Jerry looks concerned. I don't know. to put yourself out the morning and.."and we should all force open the tightly-clenched fist of commerce.. I mean. don't spill my coffee. RAY One-two-three. DOROTHY -. and I'm an accountant. DOROTHY (continuing) -. To respect yourself enough to say it out loud...the part about "we should embrace what it is still virginal about our enthusiasm" -Jerry looks slightly edgy at the naked vulnerability of his words. it got me. I was inspired. DOROTHY Hey. RAY One-two-three. (shakes her head) . May I offer you both a ride? . so openly.. as Ray has now taken his mother's hand. JERRY Thanks.. as Ray continues swinging happily.". swing.

("Don't put food in your hair. Thanks. pulling Ray's hand up again and completing the swing. and exits to get his bag. RAY One-two.. Dorothy laughs. gathering Ray's toys.. I'm double-parked. taking that left down to little tiny Waterloo street where you have to play chicken with oncoming traffic. JERRY . She can't help but look back at Jerry. but -. Ray. I've obviously had too much coffee and all -. She wipes at Ray's hair. I'm sure it would just make your day to drive us all the way to Manhattan Beach. Jerry lets Ray down easy. though. Bye. as her sister arrives. swing. Ray is now happy. always courtly.") She is surprised that she's a little jazzed from her encounter with Jerry Maguire. which catches on dorothy's shirt as they hug. A pleasure. three. He then realizes something amiss and returns quickly. Dorothy returns to the world of motherhood. no bullshit. JERRY (amused) Dorothy. No make-up. and your life flashes before your eyes. in love's my sister Laurel to pick us up. But Maguire bows. _ 20. The kid is a little disappointed...hey.DOROTHY Oh no. who catches her . LAUREL BOYD is 36. Laurel has a pin on her sweater. LAUREL Come on. bending down. as Jerry exits.

or later. 29. Never BETTER!! Nearby. AVERY (continuing) Never BETTER!! The dog snaps awake... which is in the corner. Avery suddenly yanks away. and she finds herself oddly short of breath. people . AVERY Don't ever stop fucking me! JERRY Sooner. yes. There was a time. Breathing hard. Whoever snagged him must be some classy babe -INT.NIGHT AVERY BISHOR. AVERY (continuing) Open your eyes. Sex is a very serious business with Avery. oh yes.. a little shook. I'm not interested in it.. They are standing on the bed. He salutes her. a large and sleepy German Shepard yawns. it felt normal for me. I'll have to stop. she just looks at Jerry. AVERY Oh Gawd. like torn Levi's or law school for you. makes love to Jerry Maguire at fever pitch.looking. DOROTHY (to herself) Hmmph. AVERY'S BEDROOM -. with mock circumstance. but it was a phase. (he does) If you ever want me to be with another woman for you.. a college thing. it's never been better. I would do it. She returns it with a guilty smile.. He disappears.

AVERY Who told you? JERRY One of the accountants. as he does often when processing complex information. She then walks over. She makes a pissed-off sound. . this is what intimacy is! Jerry rubs his face. Avery returns. I would do it for you. AVERY (0.) Oh -. Jerry digests what he's just been told.don't forget tomorrow we have dinner with Wade Cooksey. I don't think we need to do the thing where we tell each other everything! AVERY (O. She skips off like a colt. She is an expert at body manipulation. JERRY (0. half-lit now in the hallway. is a glorious life-long project.) (laughing) Jerry.5.5.) I know about the bachelor party. JERRY (to the next room) You know. Her robo body. but if you ever feel like being adventurous in that way.S. loosening him as she talks.change. You want anything from the kitchen I'm going to get some fruit -_ 21. taking his shoulders and bending them forward.

Yugoslavia.NIGHT Jerry enters the hotel suite and over-acts surprise. Your buddy Dooler worked his ass off to make you a tribute film. The answer -. and have an amazing time. And you'll never guess who narrates your bachelor movie. JERRY Oh come on -DOOLER This is fuckin Michael Jordan. clutching his heart. . husky. It is hosted by MICHAEL JORDAN. looks like a beatnik on steroids. Tepid laughs. _ 22. He looks around for a bigger reaction than he actually gets. MICHAEL JORDAN I have often wondered where my career would have been had Jerry Maguire been my agent. INT. THE FILM -.SHOWN ON BIG-SCREEN T. 30. feigning an attack. He falls down. relax. Jerry? There is a seething wrongness at the edges of this party. as many of the agents turn and grab furtive looks at Maguire. Everybody loves you. DOOLER You hear those courtesy laughs. FANCY HOTEL SUITE -. act surprised. Just calm down. who stands at the back of the room with his friend BILL DOOLER.AVERY Jerry. Dooler. All those guys from the office are coming.V.

SUGAR (smoothly) The best commercial director in the business. Sugar moves on. I hail you. That moves Cush solidly up to numero uno in the draft. SUGAR We still having lunch tomorrow. Sugar is a Maguire wannabee. They are joined by unctuous agent Bob! They should be screaming. Puts an arm on Jerry's shoulder. SUGAR Everybody's having a great time. DOOLER Sorry I yelled. that'll really help this party! Let's all talk business! JERRY Dooler. . you know Bob Sugar.the movie's great. DOOLER Oh. DOOLER I like that guy. cheerfully. _ 23. Jerry? Looks like Carl Denton tested positive for marijuana. You're both nuts -. JERRY (eying crowd) You're imagining it. You have exquisite taste.

On the screen. she does a flawless Jerry-on-hisway-to-the-airport). and the job always wins. as if he were actually interviewing. which plays simultaneously with the conversation. uh. All seem to agree on some basic points (and if necessary maybe Jordan narrates the following information to underscore it.. None of the other agents can keep eye contact with him. man.. wielding a blowtorch. The final confrontation happens somewhere around the 18-month mark. but the confessions are brutally honest. Everywhere he looks is a potential Grassy Knoll. Jerry nods. MICHAEL JORDAN is cut into this. and many met him on the first day he'd broken up with the last one. takes a swig of beer. bad at intimacy") and even the Girlfriend Who Does A Great Jerry Imitation (rubbing her face. The Brainy Girlfriend. The relationship always competes with his job. heading for his corner office. is a Hi-8 confessional of Jerry's former girlfriends..) JERRY (wounded good sport) . The Cynical Girlfriend ("Beneath the cute exterior. more cute exterior. Maguire is now paranoid. He is like an FBI man searching treetops and corners for the Gunman. INT. _ .. this is. SMI OFFICE -.. There is The One He Was Too Good For. Something's wrong. The One He Wasn't Good Enough For ("He hated being alone. He knows the response is little more than polite. The Punk Rock girlfriend ("Sports makes me ill"). threatening to burn all these old phone numbers. nodding.") The Still in Love Girlfriend. The effect is funny.(The movie. He walks through the buzzing SMI headquarters. Sequence ends with Avery in character. Dooler is right. cut to music..") The Purely Sexual Girlfriend. the finale features a good-humored collage of Jerry photos. The Now Married With Kids Girlfriend.) Jerry always has a girlfriend.. ("Great at friendship.. DOOLER They ain't laughing.DAY Elevator doors open. too funny.

even bends down to check the sheet of slides being approved by a very large but seated Basketball Player. Tyson just stares at Jerry. He passes Fellow Agents. INT. He grabs a two-pint bottle of orange Gatorade -. The sheet flaps against his leg as she moves with him toward his back office.another . gorgeous. no! Across the room. but only he seems to sense it.DAY Jerry enters his corner office overlooking both the shiny waters of Newport Beach and a large mall parking lot. Already standing. Rod is very very upset. She's already in your office. 4 year-old menace TYSON ceases trying to pry a plexiglass case off the wall. who hands him a long list of calls.24. JERRY Thanks. reading the mail on his desk is lively MARCEE TIDWELL. JERRY Marcee. Moving forward. How's my favorite player's wife? MARCEE Jerry. He gives Marcee a quick peck and heads for the fridge. giving a word of encouragement to an Agent having an emotional hallway conversation with an Athlete. He turns corner and is met by assistant WENDY. She is also five months pregnant. JERRY MAGUIRE'S OFFICE -. African-American. There is trouble in the air. a heat-seeking smartbomb. JERRY Tyson. 25. WENDY (as in 'get ready') Marcee's here. Jerry has little luck with kids. always smiling. Tyson. Wendy. hello.

and sits down at his desk. Sugar exits. (more) _ 25. MARCEE (cont'd) He is the biggest. right? SUGAR Sorry to interrupt you guys. He slips into crisis mode like an old shirt. fastest. This is Bob Sugar. who needs to learn to knock. Now I don't know what you do for your four-percent --The door opens. raddest wide-receiver in the league. JERRY (continuing) How can I make your life better? MARCEE I know you say to take the Arizona offer. MARCEE . but my husband needs more recognition. Marcee resumes at the exact point. SUGAR Cronin's okay for lunch? JERRY Marcee -. at the exact level of intensity. Bob Sugar pokes his head in.this is one of our agents. MARCEE You've called our house.habit -. SUGAR Pleasure.

soft-drink.Now I don't know what you do for your five-percent. You and Rod will have my total personal attention. we majored in marketing. clothingline. and Jerry ignores it. Jerry finds himself admiring her drive. things are changing around here. She smiles. and she commands the best in him.shoe. and when you put him in a Waterbed Warehouse commercial. MARCEE (upping the ante) Damn right. _ 26. Jerry. The four jewels of the celebrity endorsement dollar. and you can start by taking Rod's poster and putting it where people can see it! JERRY (it's infectious) Damn right. JERRY (continuing) Marcee. an image. car. He is pure gold and you're giving him "Waterbed Warehouse" when he deserves the big four -. but this man. . you are making him common. MARCEE (continuing) You gonna get that -JERRY Not a chance... my husband has a whole plan. The desk buzzes. excuse me.

27. What's up? SUGAR I came here to let you go. new glass cabinet. Commanding wide-receiver ROD TIDWELL. We're coming to get ya. the poster hangs in the upper Siberian region of his wall. and reaches for the poster with his hanging device. hands on hips.CLOSE It is the kind of poster that is strictly the domain of second-tier players. MARCEE Look at that handsome man. trying to build a life up there by the air-conditioner. Elsewhere in the room...... Arizona contract. JERRY Gimme a second here. Tidwell.. True to Marcee's complaint. looking vaguelyl uncomfortable. CRONIN'S GRILL -.He climbs up on the edge of his sofa. _ 27. stands shirtless. EXT. SUGAR You okay? JERRY (looking up) I'm fine.. Jerry sits down opposite Bob Sugar. JERRY Pardon me? . still making a few notes. Emplazoned above his head: IN ROD WE TRUST. we hear the inevitable crash ("Tyson!")..AFTERNOON Crowded outdoor restaurant in the business district. darlin! We are so close to having it all! ON THE POSTER -.

SUGAR I know.. I suck.. the waiters are singing the restaurant's "Birthday Song" to someone else. You did this to yourself -Jerry's mouth opens to finish his sentence.. Scully was very upset. each one anticipating the other's next three or four moves. so there's no scene. For a long moment there is only silence. a little embarrassed. Sugar continues. JERRY Aw shit. SUGAR (razor sharp) You did this to yourself. For about five minutes you had everyone applauding smaller . SUGAR (continuing) It's real.. SUGAR (continuing) -.the crowded restaurant. you should say something... These are two smart boys.. Heart attacks make some people sweeter. JERRY You. It sucks. You said "fewer clients. but before he can speak. Suddenly he's flushed. You.SUGAR Came here to fire you. In a back room." You put it all on paper... Jerry. They study each other. Jerry is dying. but not him..although I do gotta hand it to you. Jerry.

SUGAR (unctuous) . unctuous. _ 28. Maguire reaches for water. SUGAR (musically) You wanted smaller.. SUGAR . Now I want all my clients and yours too. ungrateful.. dick? JERRY Dick. SUGAR Jerry -JERRY -.revenues. JERRY I'm over it. The sound of the ice cubes jangling is suddenly very loud to him... JERRY You.. Quietly. Maguire finishes the sentence he started earlier. He is drowning... SUGAR Give me a little credit for doing this face-to-face! What I went through knowing I was going to do this to my mentor! Can you get past yourself for a second? JERRY You'll lose.and I'll get 'em..

From within his bottom drawer. STREET -.DAY Maguire rolls the fax machine over to his desk. EXT.DAY Close on Maguire as he moves through the office.DAY Jerry tries to move briskly down the street. he withdraws a Powerbook. They are lined in front of him now. a third smaller phone book. INT. but we hear the music in Jerry's mind. through the lunchtime businessmen traffic. a phone book. Sugar's mouth keeps moving. Hangs onto the table. SMI OFFICE -. . CRONIN'S -.(patronizing) You'll always be my hero. eyes wide. Casually whips out a portable phone. Rising percussive music. Dorothy Boyd sees him. Trying to calm down. JERRY'S OFFICE -. Decides this is not a good time. _ 29. INT. We're no longer babysitters -Jerry fights the desire to use his fists. Always always always. Jerry.DAY Jerry in the elevator. as he dials. He takes a breath. heading to the back office. Back to the office. Then from another drawer. Music INT. And then from his inner jacket pocket.DAY Sugar dines alone now. raises a hand to say hello. mind racing. SMI ELEVATOR -. He's starting to freak out now. and begins to go to work. We're bringing other elements in. we're focusing on endorsements -.'s not about handholding anymore.

INT. Listen. talking on the portable. CUSHMAN HOME/ODESSA -. JERRY Carla.DAY .DAY Frank "Cush" Cushman picks up the phone.. I'm callin' ya first 'cause you're the most important guy in sports. SUGAR You read that memo I snuck to you.DAY Maguire on the telephone. Hey Dudeboy! It's Bob Sugar. Chameleon-like. EXT. right now you're paying 25% of your endorsments to SMI. as he feeds a fax into the machine at the same time. He's still playing NBA Jam on his Gameboy' as he talks. the young football God wears a yellow scarf on his head..DAY Sugar at the table. _ 30. I would cut my commission by 7%.DAY Sugar strolls back to the office. Today. Tired of making you money. he adopts the personality of whomever he talks to. JERRY'S OFFICE -. EXT. the guy's tired of the job. CRONIN'S -. JERRY'S OFFICE -..INT. SUGAR Cush.. and sentences them to the bottom drawer. STREET -. fighting hard. As he talks. he takes a stack of his Mission Statements. once proudly set on his desk. INT.

.DAY Several other agents working the cause behind Sugar. _ 31. SUGAR'S OFFICE -. You'd be my only client on that team. it was me. and the fan poll in the Sun-Times was 93% against you. SUGAR'S OFFICE -. JERRY'S OFFICE -. who went and found you that sympathetic journalist who turned it all around. Debra.. JERRY SMI represents all three quarterbacks on your team. SUGAR He's costing you money.DAY SUGAR I've got the clients. types another fax on his Powerbook. who breezes through the calls.. INT. .DAY Dorothy walks the center hallway with some contracts.Maguire feeds a fax. INT. INT.. where's their loyalty going to be? You stay with me. Not a minute to spare. I've got the juice. To the right and left of her are the phones are ringing. I'd fight for YOU alone. INT.. JERRY And when I got you that big contract in Chicago. all while he talks quickly on the phone. he's oldschool.DAY Jerry on the toilet. SMI OFFICE -..

a family of athletes -INT. JERRY'S OFFICE -. INT.the millenium. Did it at Cronin's. She stops at the desk of fellow Accounts Exec CLEO.DAY Sugar talks faster. She scoots back on her roller chair.personal attention -INT. SUGAR -. eight-hundred channels more endorsements. Think .DAY Sugar talks faster than Jerry.DAY Jerry talks faster than sugar. JERRY'S OFFICE -. and looks down the hallway to Maguire's office door. SUGAR -. as she lowers herself into her seat. 32. JERRY -. more endorsements -INT. SUGAR'S OFFICE -.Something is amiss. DOROTHY What's going on? CLEO (no big deal) They fired Jerry Maguire. Dorothy groans softly.more money. SUGAR'S OFFICE -. JERRY -.DAY The pace has accelerated. She is strangely affected by the news.

Jerry I want to cry for what they did to you at SMI... listening in on the extension. and. KATHY I already heard from Bob Sugar. JERRY'S OFFICE -. She clicks the phone once. oh God. souvenirs of past endorsements. She is pained and outraged.. Her voice is suddenly cheery.. INT... 22 year-old figure skater.. JERRY Kathy! Hi.DAY Jerry shows signs of tiring. Kathy chokes on every other word. we have history. sits on a couch. Nearby are cardboard stand-ups. KATHY (continuing) .. you know I'd go with you! (starts to break down) Oh Jerry..DAY _ 32. KATHY SANDERS. Also. REHEARSAL ROOM -. the famous gold-medal shot from the Olympics. such is her anguish. KATHY (continuing) ... There is a click on the line. Kathy's adoring Mom and Dad sit next to her. think of dollars. You helped me win that gold at the Olympics.of me. it's Jerry Maguire.. Call Waiting. INT. oh Jerry. if we weren't in the middle of the Accura deal. The Mission Statement is folded open on Dad's lap. who could be calling me now?.

INTERCUT INT. . Kathy.DUSK Sugar crosses off another name on his list. JERRY Rod! How ya doing? Jerry Maguire. He fixes young son Tyson a bowl of cereal as he talks.Hiyee. JERRY'S OFFICE JERRY Still me.DAY ROD TIDWELL. I'm sweatin. TIDWELL KITCHEN/HOUSE -.. dude! That's how I'm "doin.. In the background. KATHY Ohhhhhhhh. 27. _ 33. monitoring the crisis is Marcee Tidwell. He is a powerful physical presence. and he holds a hot new cellular phone. INT.DUSK Jerry on the phone. She instantly starts "crying" again. INT. It's show business." I'm sweatin my contract. ROD TIDWELL "How am I doing?" I'll tell you. SUGAR'S OFFICE -. SUGAR It's not show "friends". JERRY'S OFFICE -. begins this conversation in the kitchen. INT. It's getting harder to crank it up.

I hear that you hear what I'm saying. hold on a second. But do you hear what I'm saying? INT... SUGAR (continuing) Hi. INT. SUGAR'S OFFICE -. gotta cough. JERRY'S OFFICE . Ben. that tells you a lot.. Back to the other call. have you heard from Maguire? You haven't???? Well. I'm sweatin'. SUGAR I'll bet he hasn't even called you yet. it's Sugar. You hear what I'm saying? JERRY I hear what you're saying.. SUGAR (continuing) So Jennifer..I'm sweatin' Bob Sugar calling and telling me I'm blowing the big endorsements if I stay with you. as another agent hands him a cellular with another call on it.SAME TIME Sugar works off a wristwatch.. TIDWELL No. I need to cough.. right Jennifer? Wait. He spends no longer than three minutes on each call. He covers the phone.. _ 34. Hold on.

Looking at his watch. JERRY (dying) Okay. TIDWELL Alright. Take notes if you want to. I am a valuable commodity. past clippings and citations from his career. Tee Pee. TIDWELL HALLWAY -. nobody's giving me LOVE. And I'm sitting here with an ant problem. Nobody. Say hello to Jerry Maguire -We meet the messy-haired and slightly overweight brother of Tidwell. I tell my brain "get killed. I see the ball and a dude coming right at me. I'm from Arizona. who lives free of charge in Rod's house. Nobody's giving me PROPS. Rare. I'm a Sun Devil.NIGHT Tidwell walks down the hallway. I went to Arizona State. always listening. TIDWELL Exactly. man!!! JERRY Now you want Arizona dollars." That's New York Steak. INT. wanting to kill me. we're just getting started on my list of things you need to know. is a nakedly jealous and more political version . Marcee follows. And yet. TEE PEE. I break Arizona records.Jerry is still on the same Tidwell call. baby. catch the ball. look! And my brother Tee Pee's room is flooded with water. I go across the middle. 'cause see. TIDWELL Good. 24.

I will stay with you. that's what I'm doing for you. Doomed. (next call) Tell me it's yes. you're nice to my wife. Steve. TIDWELL -.. You listening? . TIDWELL -. Marcee. right? Excellente. I like you. we don't even know where we're gonna live in a year. and continues through the to recap. with Tee Pee now following the procession of family monitoring the important call. and I'm supposed to be a "superstar.the house is fallin' apart. Rod. but here's what you're gonna do for me. I want to stay in Arizona. good decision.. yes? YES! Tidwell enters bedroom.of his brother.NIGHT Sugar has three phones going. He says into the phone: TEE PEE Hello Jerry Maguire. _ 35. SUGAR Killer. I want my new contract. (next call) So it's yes. here? Jerry looks at his watch. SUGAR'S OFFICE -. Tidwell takes the phone back. Tyson and Tee Pee in tow. JERRY I need a decision from you." man! Are you catching my flow. INT.

Me. _ 36. JERRY I got it. So I want to share it with you. he enters his closet and adds today's shoes to an enormous shoe collection. and he hasn't had a chance to turn his own light on. Tidwell hangs up. . The. It's a family motto. TIDWELL It's a very personal. Money. You're still my agent. TIDWELL Here it is. TIDWELL Congratulations. The." (pause) Show. Tee Pee shakes his head. Money. TIDWELL Now doesn't that just make you feel good to say it? Say it with me. watching the blinking white lights on the phone bank on the desk. He sits in the oncoming darkness. The lights have gone down in the city. Feeling good about the decision. very important thing. Me.JERRY (dying) Mmm. "Show me the money. JERRY Show. Nearby. Hmm. You ready? JERRY Yes.

SUGAR'S OFFICE -. he has weirdly turned the lights on.NIGHT Bam. (off Tidwell's dismissive look) . holding some belongings. Many of the other agents now try not to watch him leaving. Jerry's door opens. INT.DAY Sugar crosses the last call off his sheet. He looks back and symbolically flips the light switch off. . working for white owners and white agents. It's the iconography of rascism. slightly unhinged. calming himself. JERRY'S OFFICE -. INT. He is now in a state of advancing melancholy. Downs it and fills it again. CORNER OFFICE -. So. He lands in reclining mode with a soft pooof. The younger turks watch their new leader. He exits his office with box.TEE PEE An African-American man running with a little ball. surprising himself..NIGHT Jerry stands at the door. but I woulda stayed at the bigger company... Unfortunately he hasn't realized the lights are already off. don't worry! I'm not going to do what you think I'm going to do. which is FLIP OUT! JERRY (continuing) Jerry goes to a water dispenser. _ 37. and throws himself on the sofa. and fills a small Dixie cup. EXT. Victory is his.. rubbing his face. in his final gesture. JERRY Well..

JERRY (continuing) But let me just say. He attemps to be profound.. JERRY (continuing) In fact. JERRY (continuing) These fish have manners! They have manners. He notices the fish tank nearby. to fish) it's okay. JERRY -. grabbing the one exotic fish that failed to escape his cup. a Xerox Repair Guy watches the human train wreck. you can call me sentimental... it's okay. And now Jerry feels bravado.that there is such a thing as manners. It's a fire-tailed Peruvian beauty.. . and dumps the fish inside. Another cup of water as he finds power. He grabs a baggie from an assistant's desk. A way of treating people. Nearby.WATCHING from her cubicle. and the fish will come with me and.. shakes out some crumbs.. as I ease out of the office I helped build -sorry. He begins dipping into the tank. mixed with a wave of anger.. _ 38.. They're coming with me! I'm starting a new company. JERRY (continuing. but it's a fact -ON DOROTHY -.

JERRY Okay. Panicked. JERRY (continuing) Wendy? Shall we? Assistant Wendy looks at Maguire. Jerry absorbs the blow.. She can't look at him. Jerry stands alone. Jerry downs another small cup of water. Painfully polite: WENDY I'm three months away from the pay increase. and takes the keys from the top of her desk.. you know. he whips around the small baggie. JERRY (continuing) Anybody going with me? Silence. I have to.JERRY (continuing) But if anybody else wants to come with me. someone coughs. the loudest kind. Jerry. "Flipper" here? But clearly even Flipper is not happy with the new arrangement. anybody else? ON DOROTHY She looks around. this moment will be the ground floor of something real and fun and inspiring and true in this godforsaken business and we will do it together! Who's coming with me besides.. uh. the blue Mission Statement on Wendy's desk sits accusingly in frame. stay. Doesn't anybody believe in the very thing .. as agents and office personnel look on with equal parts pity and embarrassment. There is only silence now. His lid is blowing off with each second.

they were applauding three days ago? She has an odd reaction, a muscle twitch of the soul. Before she knows it, she stands boldly, unfortunately knocking a cup of coffee onto herself in the process. DOROTHY I'll go with you. (quietly, on her coffee mess) Wonderful... _ 39.

She dabs at her pants. Next to her, Cleo looks on sadly. ON JERRY halfway across the office. JERRY Dorothy Boyd! Thank you! She gathers her things, increasingly aware of what she's done. JERRY (continuing) We will see you all again. Sleep tight! He walks to Dorothy, and together they exit down the hallway corridor, past the framed posters and awards. WIDE-SHOT rising over the huge office. For the first time, we see the full expanse of the huge SMI headquarters. And down in the corner of the frame, two small figures leave carrying boxes. JERRY (to Dorothy) Let's see how they do without us. A beat of silence, then noise returns to its normal commercial roar. A couple of fleas have been swatted off the

carcass of an immense beast. INT. ELEVATOR -- NIGHT The tragic-sounding beep of the elevator passing floors. Jerry Maguire stands with Dorothy, both still charged with adrenalin. And then the first pangs of dread. There is silence. The elevator stops. A young, amorous Couple enters. Both are about 24, and the Guy presses a number five flights down. In a moment, we realize they are deaf. They sign to each other, murmuring noises of love. And then the Guy signs something, obviously powerful, because the Girl emits a delighted gasp, as does Dorothy. The Couple are truly in their own world. They kiss before exiting on their floor. And suddenly the elevator seems empty without them. JERRY Wonder what he said. DOROTHY My favorite aunt is hearing impaired. He said "you complete me." _ 40.

They continue on in silence. INT. BUILDING LOBBY -- NIGHT Jerry and Dorothy pass through another office's party. Loud music. It's a pre-Easter party thrown for the building employees and their children. Jerry and Dorothy squeeze through with boxes and fish. EXT. SMI PARKING LOT -- NIGHT Jerry and Dorothy walk to their cars. Music in distance. DOROTHY So I know this is a bad time, but -- you will have a medical program, right?

JERRY Sure. Yes. Medical, I don't know. He spaces out for a moment. Awkwardly, she touches him briefly. DOROTHY And I guess we didn't talk about money. So, I'll just dive in -JERRY Give me your number. I'll call tomorrow. I'm just a little. I'm a little insane right now. (off her look) But it's going to be great. DOROTHY No no, I know -They arrive at her red Camry. She writes her number on the back of a business card. JERRY But I mean really... wonderfully... (out of steam) great. DOROTHY (unsure) Absolutely. She climbs into her car, rolls down the window. JERRY And when you think about what you've done later, don't panic. _ 41.

DOROTHY Me? No. My sister -- it's a good bet.

talkative Divorced Women. Laurel has her nightly cigarette.." Stripped of power. She is a nofrills woman.She starts the engine. his once mighty theme now seems puny. blowing smoke out the window. This is their talk group. We meet JAN. "The Lonely Bull.NIGHT Dorothy does the dishes. covering her braces often as she speaks. . The other nine women nod with deep understanding. But that doesn't change the fact that most of them belong in cages.NIGHT A living room filled with ten earnest. played back to him. INT.NIGHT Lights glow inside this small-but-cozy home on a side street in Manhattan Beach. She has some time ago shut off those aspects of her life spent pursuing the opposite sex. Across the room. His own move. She holds a too-full glass of red wine. FADE TO EXT. JERRY Same to you. Salutes her in return. who speaks shyly. thoughtfully. Camera moves away from Jerry. The sound of women's voices. Windows open. (Much of the talk in this Women's Group will be improved by our cast of actresses) JAN I love men. I respect men. They are in midargument. as he stands alone in the parking lot.. She salutes him as she drives off. DOROTHY (continuing) That took guts. Herb Alpert. LIVING ROOM -. KITCHEN -. 30. INT. DOROTHY'S HOME -.

DOROTHY (irritated) If you'd read what he wrote.LAUREL What about medical? DOROTHY Of course. You have given up the right to be frivolous. Dorothy dries her hands. flicking in a hurry. . LAUREL And that's just when he's well -They talk over each other arguing for a moment and then: DOROTHY Wait. Where is he? LAUREL He's in the living room asleep. medical! _ 42. LAUREL (more irritated) You know how much those Well Child exams cost -DOROTHY (overlapping) Of course I know -LAUREL/DOROTHY A hundred and fifty dollars. LAUREL (unconvinced) You are a single mother. you would have left with him too.

DOROTHY (to herself) . protectively stroking her son's head. gotten my anger straight here. little boy in her hands. She has a hard time saying this. so she says it so nobody can hear: LAUREL Sorry. Dorothy strokes his head. INT. 50. _ 43. I'm going to visualize Carl being here and finally tell him -DOROTHY Shhhh! Dorothy exits. She exits in a hurry. speaks passionately to the group. DOROTHY (continuing) Come on. INT. finally. we're going to bed. The enormity of the day arrives with a thud. ALICE. HALLWAY-. as Laurel throws her cigarette into the garbage disposal. ALICE Okay I've finally.NIGHT Ray dreams sweetly in the middle of this rockbed of Women's Woes. Next time you lecture me. buddy. don't leave my little boy in a room with your Divorced Women's Group..DOROTHY Wonderful. In frame another woman.. as she plucks him up. LIVING ROOM -.NIGHT She stops for a moment.

AVERY (sotta) Good. everybody. and the .What did I do? INT. (full volume) They're all heatseekers! All of them. right? AVERY (sotto) And the egyptian cotton shirt that works with or without the jacket. tie in pocket. You keep one superstar and they'll all follow. JERRY'S CONDO -. (full volume) Tell me again.NIGHT Jerry is quickly packing for a road trip. There's no real loyalty. They are both in a manic state. _ 44. Avery looks on. with clothes) Seventy-two clients. JERRY The power move is to go unannounced. ONE stayed. (sotto) Black suit. AVERY Ugh! JERRY (turns. how was it left with Cush? JERRY (perfect imitation) "Dad says we gwan sleep on it. (sotto) Jacket on.

was you. She wraps her lips around it like a cheap hot dog. AVERY You are not a loser. When do you want to leave? Jerry zips his brown travel bag shut. this is working. Jerry Maguire. I was on a roll. turns. it worked.first person who told me that. _ . and I will not let you fail. He is packed and ready. AVERY Let's go. The way she says "loser" is the most elegant of disses. JERRY Who said anything about "loser?" Where do you get this word "loser?" AVERY I'm sorry. JERRY Now. AVERY Well. JERRY I think I was trying to sleep with you at the time. I meant something else. AVERY King of the Housecalls! Master of the Living Room! JERRY Okay. I'll drive you. JERRY That's right. Jerry stops. You are Jerry Mafuckin-guire.

Righteous indignation building. Music.DAY Jerry exits car. heads for the door. He walks to the front door with purpose. Adjusts the jacket.DAY Jerry follows the voice down a hallway loaded with Cush memorabilia. INT. JERRY (stops. Takes the tie off too. Jerry takes a breath. exits. Forward motion is everything. RENT-A-CAR -. The door buzzes. Music continues. Jerry spots the small electronic camera pointed at him from the upper-corner of this rustic home. CUSHMAN DOOR -. AVERY Function function function. CUSHMAN HALLWAY/DEN -. EXT. AIRPLANE WHEELS folding up. an odd thought) What if I don't get him? Avery takes his bag. Music continues. jolting him with a booming and cheerful voice: MATT CUSHMAN'S VOICE No sports agents allowed! Ha ha. . INT.MORNING Jerry drives the bumpiest Texas backroad ever. returns to the car and tosses it inside. Cush saves all. Suddenly an intercom crackles.45.

. I'm not a hugger and yet.. JERRY (continuing) Matt. I came here because in all honesty your son is just another piece of cattle to SMI. He has been spared. MATT You like a Bloody Beer. who stands at the living room bar.. A large draped American flag above the bar. JERRY You know. He moves into the den.if he shows up. I can't let go. But to me -MATT (overlapping) We decided to stay with you. On pure instinct. He is a J. JERRY No thanks. MATT Told myself -. finding MATT CUSHMAN. and sharply begins his pitch. Jerry? Beer and tomato juice -_ 46.MATT CUSHMAN'S VOICE I'm in the back den. come a few surprising tears of relief. he hugs Matt Cushman. Crew cowboy. And somewhere out of nowhere. Two framed game jerseys on the wall. we'll stick with him. The move surprises them both. 40. JERRY Oh. Jerry. Maguire takes a breath. thank you.

Jerry is giddy. I'll either surf or ski. Jerry toasts Matt with a bloody beer.HANDHELD Cush. CUSH Hey. INT. and it's stronger than oak. Jerry. DEN -. a part of the human race again. Little brother KEITH. A good day. CUSH (big grin) Hell. _ 47.Matt laughs. On the radio. and I want him to play.DAY Jerry drives back on the same bumpy road.LATER DAY -. 14. MATT I want him to go number one in the draft. MATT You know I don't do "contracts." But'cha do have my word. MATT Denver is where he should be. what's been going on? INT. RENT-A-CAR/TEXAS -. JERRY I'll give it everything. JERRY It's either going to be Denver or San Diego trading up to take him. I don't care. it's . Matt and Jerry brainstorm around the ceremonial "wagonwheel table" where decisions are made in this house. charged up. enters with him. as Cush lopes in from the kitchen.

He's with Ray. passionately.. but. singing the call and response of the song. DALLAS/FT.DAY Jerry turns into shot. He's jacked. like a happy idiot. He's on the pay-phone. He thinks he knows the words. Excellent. didn't leave me her hotel number. Slipping through life with little turbulence. All he wants is to sing along with a song he knows.the Rolling Stones. with ornate lyrics. Switches again. He switches channels. He realizes he doesn't know the words at all... Finally he finds Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' "Refugee. she had to fly to Atlanta. INT. Baggy overalls. No one will ever know what the words are.DAY Dorothy is at her home work desk. He switches again and finds "Let's Groove Tonight" by Earth. 29. DOROTHY/LAUREL'S HOUSE -.. DOROTHY Uh. who holds pieces . _ 48." He drives through the countryside. Curious and nervous about the new arrangement. red hair cropped above the ear. Through the back kitchen door comes CHAD THE NANNY. JERRY Dorothy? Jerry Maguire! Is Avery there? Where can I reach her? INTERCUT INT. Finds a Rush song. He wants to sing along. WORTH AIRPORT -. Wind and Fire. JERRY (sings) Feelin. He begins singing nonsense noises.

of wood and a hammer. CHAD The new playhouse rocks, Dotty. RAY (jumping) Yeah! DOROTHY Honey -- later, okay? (Ray jumps on her) Whoop. Wait. JERRY Hello? DOROTHY (back to phone) Sorry, that's my son and the nanny. I had the calls transferred to my home so I could go over your stuff. Chad now notices the slight excited tone in her demeanor. He sits down nearby and listens to her talk to Maguire. JERRY No, that's fine. What calls came in today? DOROTHY Wait. That's yesterday, from the other office. Today is... She flips the call record from yesterday --150 calls -- to today, which is blank. DOROTHY (continuing) ... light. JERRY Shit, it's just so frustrating to not be able to talk to Avery --

AVERY Wait a minute, it has to be one of the NFL hotels we do business with -- let me look -- but in the meantime, about this job -_ 49.

She reaches over Ray to get to her laptop and buzzes through a list of phone numbers. Jerry can't help but share the qood news: JERRY (importantly) Dorothy, let me tell you something, we are back. We are so very very back. I re-signed Cush. We're set. DOROTHY We are? JERRY It's all going to work. DOROTHY I just got goosebumps. She examines her own skin with surprise. JERRY (manic, quiet) It's all going to work. We're going to save the world. DOROTHY Well, I'm happy for you. JERRY Happy for us. Oddly, the phrase affects her physically. DOROTHY

Happy for us... okay. Here's the number. 404-453-2222. JERRY Thanks. DOROTHY Call me later, hon. She hangs up, and looks over to Laurel and Chad. Both of them stare at her. DOROTHY (continuing) Wait. Did I just say "hon" to him? CHAD (laughing) Yeah, Dotty. You did. _ 50.

DOROTHY Twenty six years old. I'm already saying "hon". Hug your mother quickly -Chad looks at her, something is different about Dorothy. Laurel walks away, sharing a look with Chad. INT. DALLAS AIRPORT -- DAY Jerry is now teeming with energy, professional and sexual. JERRY Avery, I signed Cush. Again.

INTERCUT INT. ATLANTA HOTEL SUITE -- DAY Avery in mid-conference with four other NFL men in background.

kicking her expensive shoes onto the bed. Jerry. Part of them lusts after her. Love it. no you didn't -AVERY You lost your head. AVERY I'll set it up with your girl. and she falls back into a chair.g. Sorry I threw a scare into our lives there -AVERY Don't worry about it -. JERRY I know. we see the hungry look of her male co-workers. And when I see you. .I never told you what I thought of that memo either -JERRY Well.AVERY YA-HOOOO-SIE! It is the victory call of the competitive girl. and pick her teeth with their bones. In the b. I'm going to have to fly to Chicago tomorrow. The larger part knows she would demolish them. Enjoy it. it happens. how 'bout if we meet in the Dallas airport and we all fly into New York together for the draft? JERRY It's a plan -.-_ 51. I'm going to give you the best blow job of your life. Live it. (quickly) I'm so fuckin jazzed! Listen. Woo! This is when it's good.

my brother. On the radio. DOROTHY'S CAR -. far out of their league. JERRY They do. I put Tidwell on the same floor at the Marriott Marquis. the co-workers look at each other.. RAY (giggling) I'm not your brother! Dorothy continues. JERRY (nods to Ray) Hey. DOROTHY Avery'll meet you at the B gate at 4:15. _ 52.LATER MORNING -. as Jerry whips through a stack of sports pages. INT. staring at the phone. . Don't be late. She is far. In the room with Avery.DRIVING Dorothy Boyd speeds Jerry to the airport. a sports station debates the future of Cushman. you know they have big balloons built into cars? RAY No. DOROTHY . business on her mind. He doesn't smoke. I think it's great you're taking him to the draft..He hangs up. Tidwell will already be there. right? I have no idea. man. the electricity fills the car.

Ray is delighted by Jerry. DOROTHY Luck. and we linger on Dorothy and Ray who both watch with private fantasies of the goodbye they didn't get.DAY Jerry struggles through the Dallas airport. always feeling on the edge or embarrassing herself around this guy. Cush?" "You gonna be rich. And you're safe. is the last. It's a genuinely sweet goodbye. Her hand lingers perhaps a millisecond too long. Avery. . is in combat mode. Wish me luck. of his party to arrive at the B gate in Dallas. unnoticed.and you go booooong. (continuing to Ray) So Ray. She pats Jerry on the shoulder. Mother and son look at each other. right? JERRY Yep. DOROTHY Okay. ("Where do you think you're gonna end up. LUCK! RAY Jerry nods and exits. if there's an accident or something. She pulls away quickly. who embrace each other and their small girl. have we gone over everything? Back on Tuesday. communicating volumes. Have a good time at school. Nearby. Jerry bounces against the imaginary balloon. A lone kid approaches Tidwell. obscuring their view of Jerry. They pull back into traffic. Ray.JERRY I have no idea. INT. Into frame. Dorothy notes that he's great with her son. Cush is surrounded by fans and fawning Airline Employees. enters another Couple. They watch as Jerry inches into the crowded airport. dude!") Tidwell looks jealous and ingnored as he leans against the airline counter. it goes pwoooooooof -(simulates air-bag) -. DALLAS AIRPORT -. tall and cool in plaid skirt and shades.

DAY Jerry sits next to Cushman. Tidwell sinks lower. Kid leaves disappointed. who sits next to Avery.. They are a small family. Across the aisle is Tidwell. Want something to drink? CUSH (thoughtful pause) I see what you're saying. Doesn't anyone know his stardom. his essence. JERRY Wait. who is on the other side of Cush. his power? _ 53. BOARDING ANNOUNCEMENT All those disabled.KID Are you Hootie? TIDWELL (irritated) No man. Cush looks up suddenly. What do you mean? The two men have now totally confused each other. and Jerry feels at home with his operation. JERRY Let me think about that. Her stockings swish as she crosses her legs. Tidwell . CUSH (a big thought) Jerry. I'm not Hootie. INT. AIRPLANE -. who is reading Bukowski's Notes of a Dirty Old Man. Why does God sometimes reward the evil and punish the good? Jerry shares a look with Avery.. and Frank Cushman can board now.

Tidwell waits for a compliment of his own. CUSH Say what? _ 54. but Cush doesn't offer one. Cush throws his book away. TIDWELL I said -. He returns to the book. as Tidwell rises. ready for anything. You're the shit. JERRY HEY. five years old? Am I taking the . Nearby passengers begin to panic. Jesus Christ was still in heaven. TIDWELL Hey man. Knock it off. I wish I had a quarterback like you in Arizona. And you ain't even played in the NFL.leans across the aisle to Cush. Compliments blow off him like a summer breeze. Cush looks up. Tidwell feels slighted. What are you.last I heard. CUSH Thank ya. TIDWELL (loud mumble) Well you ain't that mothafuckin good. attempting comraderie. AVERY Jerry! Do something -Jerry throws himself in front of Cushman. JERRY This can't be happening to me.

man. INT.") Jerry admires his fiancee. He turns and exits unnoticed. Tidwell reaches over. ("I'll either surf or ski. CUSH Me too. Beat. Shot drifts off this media bubble to find Tidwell watching at the outskirts. Briefly. bathing Cush. Telegenic Cush shrugs and smiles. both of you! We are a family.NIGHT -. Cush!") Avery smoothly pulls ESPN into the front position. Cheese. Reporters chatter. Past Tidwell. EXT. ("Is it San Diego or Denver. Cheese here? Grow up. He handled the situation well. _ 55. Media lights flick on. he and Cush exchange a fingertips five.NIGHT The headquarters for the NFL draft is buzzing with activity. She crosses her legs. The workplace excites her. MARRIOTT MARQUIS -. stockings swishing. I dig Check E. the two clients bond. Avery smiles engagingly at Jerry. TIDWELL Hey. TIDWELL Heard that. dude. And we go to the draft in an ORDERLY FASHION. Especially that big old singin' Elvis to Chuck E.LATER . There is nothing more attractive than a person burningly efficient at their job. man. That's just insanity. Jerry wonders if he's pushed his mealtickets around too much. GIFT SHOP -. Cush?N "Cush!") Fans at the outskirts are calling out to the young star ("Go get the big chi-ching. Limo doors open and out pours Maguire and company.

don't sit down. their pure enthusiasm. Tidwell is embarrassed to have been caught in this misty state. JERRY Come on. Let 'em see ya. Let 'em see how big you are. JERRY At last I find you. He almost cries.Tidwell hides out in the gift shop. he sees the very real and emotional scene of a young athlete and his mother. but offers only: TIDWELL (begrudgingly) A'right. for humanity. _ . Rod. I want every media guy. he smoothly pumps up the big man's ego. The chip on his shoulder grows by the minute. thumbing through magazines. Let's walk. The biggest wide-receiver in the game. With a hand on Tidwell's large shoulder. The bestkept secret in the NFL. You ready? Let's do it. We're going to take a walk through this lobby. for himself. And Whatever you do. We hear the ripping guitar explosion of The Who's "Magic Bus" from Live at Leeds. TIDWELL (sharply) Why the fuck am I here? I feel like I'm five years late for the Prom. as Jerry enters. He is privately thrilled. In a look. everybody to see you for what you are. Elsewhere in the gift shop. Come with me. Both wear self-promoting colorful homemade t-shirts with the young athlete's face on it. every player rep. rubs Tidwell in an odd way. Something about them. Jerry sizes up the situation.

PATRICIA if life had become a t.. polite and charming. INT. He does not sit down. WILBURN Good. MARRIOTT BAR -. Who's he talking to? PATRICIA Right now..NIGHT Arizona General Manager DENNIS WILBURN. WILBURN They don't look interested do they? .56. INT. we see the boards and graphs for their upcoming draft selections. Portable phones everywhere.DAY Tough red-headed beat reporter PATRICIA LOGAN watches Maguire and Tidwell from the opposite corner. There is a heavy white media light bathing everything -. introduces Tidwell around. the team representatives. And Tidwell is natural. as they move through the pre-draft crowd. is on the phone here in the command center for the Arizona Cardinals. show. MARRIOTT LOBBY -. shows. in every hand.v. INT. 48. the already blasted Jets fans. All around him. I hope he unloads him so I can buy a decent quarterback. Music continues. Ha ha.v. the competing agents.NIGHT Maguire and Tidwell move through the brightly-lit lobby. ARIZONA CARDINALS WAR ROOM PHOENIX) -. Dallas. try not to laugh. past the reporters. past even a Nike crew filming an NFL spot in the lobby. Jerry works hard. Jerry Maguire brought Rod Tidwell to the draft. and everything within it concerned making other t.

TIDWELL (continuing) You believe they're shooting a Nike ad down there? Did I ever tell you my Nike story? JERRY I gotta get back to Cushman. He breathes in the commotion.PATRICIA Actually.. TIDWELL I came all the way here for that? To walk the lobby? JERRY Yeah. TIDWELL Okay..NIGHT Jerry and Tidwell rise triumphantly to the mezzanine level above the bright-white lobby. And it might have even worked too. MARRIOTT ESCALATOR -. TIDWELL Let's do it again. In another twelve hours. It's Sugar. I'll boil it down for ya. INT. but Tidwell continues talking. All they do is ignore me.. he will be at the very epicenter with Cushman. Wilburn looks concerned. I understand.. Jerry doesn't respond. Jerry is consumed with a thousand other thoughts. Fuck Nike. Down in the lobby. Maguire looks down at the scene. . _ 57. Jerry catches a glimpse of a familiar-looking agent.

TIDWELL Sure you don't want to go out and find some karoake? I'm a very good singer. _ 58.Jerry turns to Tidwell. respectfully. See you tomorrow. Take care. JERRY You know what was great about you down there? For about five minutes. man -JERRY Call me tomorrow. JERRY Get some sleep. Jerry starts to exit. you unloaded that rather expansive. I was just testing ya.I'm about "showing you the money. TIDWELL Good." Tidwell nods deeply. (beat) But just you saying that? Makes me love ya. TIDWELL I might call you later! . finally focusing totally on him. and you know what? You were brilliant. TIDWELL You're loving me now. let me just say "large" chip that resides right there on your shoulder. aren't ya? JERRY (mock serious) I'm not about love -.

CUSH (immediately) God. looking for autographs. _ 59. Cobain's "Something In The Way. as Cush continues strumming. basking in the glow of the man of the moment. INT. and more. who holds a guitar in his lap. and the room breaks up. importantly.Tidwell moves off. CUSH'S SUITE -. It's a great line. you're like a dude. A small pack of diehard Jets fans pass. . It's filled with NFL swag -. Keith and Cush's stylish college girlfriend ANNE-LOUISE mill about the room. the future of the NFL. what size are you? WAITER Eleven. This is charisma. wears the odd combination of a Nirvana t-shirt and a NFL jacket. still feeling good about the walk. Waiter exits. CUSH (to hotel waiter) Hey. sweatpants. you're like a God. And now Jerry speaks. Half-finished room service food abounds. Matt.NIGHT We glide into Frank Cushman's suite overlooking Times Square. WAITER Dude. athletic bags." Jerry enters on a rush of adrenalin. He signs for more room service and continues strumming the only song he knows on t-shirts. Cush. CUSH (grandly) Why don't you grab a couple pairs of them new Nikes by the door -Waiter spots a very tall stack of new Nikes by the door.

Yeah. MATT What happened to Denver? JERRY Denver got very silent about a day ago. he's gotta go number one. It's big. 'cause they Don't have any feelings. In the next room.they want him bad. CUSH "Something in the way. CUSH "Ooooooo. People get crazy. the phone is .we have a decision to make. but San Diego wants to trade up with New England -. Sorry. She is instantly embarrassed..JERRY Cush. who walks to the window and looks out at the big Jumbotron with Keith. you should know. CUSH "It's okay to eat fish. Signing bonus of eight. (beat) Million. San Diego's got a fever for Cush. JERRY Okay." MATT Well." JERRY He still goes number one. This stuff tends to happen the night before a draft.. And San Diego. Anne-Louise whistles loudly. is crazy to the tune of seven years for thirty. and puts a hand up. Cush turns to his curiously ambivalent father. San Diego just came in with a last-minute scenario. Matt -.

Jerry. They been callin' all night. _ 60." CUSH Talking and saying nothing. KEITH Should I unplug the phone? CUSH Reporters. everyone is. Just remember. SUGAR It's Sugar. right? Just sniff or something if he's there. Jerry. buddydude. panicked) Alright. man. The room lightens. He must be there. He offers a near-perfect imitation. You're swimming with the big boys now. Jerry picks up the ringing phone. Jerry holds up a finger -. MATT I don't know. INT. You let your dad do all the talking. I'm the one who . it's an art I have not me. (Jerry sniffs. laughing.ringing.DAY Bob Sugar talks on his hotel phone. JERRY Just be friendly and say "no comment. JERRY "This is Cush." Suddenly. BOB SUGAR'S HOTEL ROOM -.

Be strong. His head is spinning. I got "Cushlash. The room is still laughing. again! _ 61. before I go back to Denver. are you? ." He pulls out a yellow legal tablet. Something that says. I think we should put something down on paper. I'm already sick of me.v." More laughs. it's Cush on the big t. Jerry sits across from Matt. KEITH Hey. He scribbles a few lines. Jerry hangs up. This is business not friendship. as Matt looks increasingly nervous. reeling quietly. JERRY Do I know everything there is to know here? (silent beat) You fellas aren't talking with Bob Sugar. Sugar hangs up. Jerry. JERRY "No comment. JERRY Look. You're global now. I'm with Jerry Maguire. directly. "hey. He speaks casually. CUSH you the deal you needed. MATT Not right now.

More silence. KEITH (blurts) Mr. I'll fix this up. Jerry touches the coffee table. Maguire. Calms himself. MATT Apparently. right? Another rough silence is broken by little brother Keith. I -JERRY I brought Denver to twenty million. I'm learning as I go. You want Denver. You listened to Sugar? You let that snake in the door. someday I'm gonna be a famous athlete and I'm gonna sign with you'. You didn't sign anything with Sugar. JERRY So you empowered Bob Sugar to deal with Denver behind my back? MATT I'm sorry. JERRY (quickly) Said who? Sugar? MATT Hey. . _ 62. JERRY (continuing) It's okay. Denver wanted to deal with him instead of you. Denver deals with me all the time.

Wait.. MATT They say it's show "business. JERRY Well. JERRY Now. Visible behind Maguire is Times Square. Okay. Cush hangs on to his guitar. He surveys the room. You're twenty years old. in all it's neon logo glory. You didn't actually sign with Sugar. Silently.. did you? Tell me you didn't sign. (beat) Because I'm still sort of moved by your "my word is stronger'n oak" thing -MATT We signed an hour ago. KEITH (sympathy for Jerry) S' cool. not show friends. You were in the lobby with the black fella. Of course. Jerry. Jerry moans. CUSH I'm sorry. sorry. Jerry takes a breath before he exits. Shot moves in on Jerry. he rises and begins to gather his things.JERRY Shut up! (beat) I'm sorry. _ 63. settling on Cush. and I'm just ." Jerry.

coming through for each other. You'll never know.another guy in a suit. The Marriott lobby is packed. We hang a beat on the silent Cushman hotel livingroom. I'll be fine. is it true that Tidwell's had three concussions? JERRY I'm sorry. looking for Avery. Beat reporter Patricia Logan reappears.."I'll be out there cheering for you. PATRICIA LOGAN Jerry. Flushed and embarrassed. Endorsement placards in evidence everywhere. Weren't you curious? (they aren't) No.. really. LOBBY -. Let me see. and now I'll never know. Elevated in a open ESPN booth six feet off the ground. INT. mm." "The door is always open!" See? I'm a class act. host Chris Berman records voice-overs for tomorrow's . And you'll be fine. innocently. as Cush now continues on guitar. And Keith I bope you do call me. directly) But maybe this would have all worked. excuse me. You didn't buy my product. which is.NIGHT Jerry exits elevator dazed. Okay. at full trot. INT. he exits. It's all business. (breath. there's a speech that I'm supposed to make -. She relishes asking brutal questions.. NFL reps and media workers move tables and work out camera and seating arrangements. He is looking for Avery.right! -. It didn't work out. us being real human beings.NIGHT Jerry enters the grand ballroom. well. unfortunately. BALLROOM -..

AVERY I just heard. Walks to him. isn't it? Soothe me. Jerry spots Avery across the empty ballroom. passing out media packets on the empty tables. _ 64. It's spun. He rolls with it. save me. She keeps moving.v. adding an extra snap to the packets. ADJACENT BUFFET ROOM -. Doesn't he know? AVERY It's all about you. framed by a bank of t. INT. moving fast.NIGHT Jerry finally catches up with Avery in the empty side-room. expertly. AVERY . JERRY What did I do to you? She is furious with his question. Fans heckle him by singing the ESPN theme. JERRY What do I do? How do I spin this? AVERY Oh honey. love me -JERRY Could you just stop moving? AVERY I have to finish my job -JERRY Everything's on the fucking run! Everything -She stops. monitors.draft.

Blows a troublesome piece of hair out of her face. Get it signed. I don't have it. slaps down another media packet. there is a "sensitivity" thing that some people have. JERRY Go ahead.. _ 65. We sell -JERRY Look. I can't be honest? She turns and exits again. AVERY What was our deal when we first got together? Brutal truth. AVERY So honesty is outlawed here. You and I are salespeople. He follows." She stops.Jerry.I'd prefer loyalty. remember? JERRY I think you added the "brutal." It's make the sale. Jump right on into my nightmare. The water's warm." It's not "trust my handshake. AVERY Jerry. JERRY Tell you what -. I don't cry at . I don't want a -AVERY It's not "love me. There shouldn't be "confusion" about that.

We're both ragged out right now. They are quickly interrupted by overweight. She moves fast to avoid him. talk-show voiced CURTIS WEINTRAUB. watching Avery coldly clasping her media packs to her chest. JERRY -.stop -She exits back into the main ballroom. I don't gush over babies. They face off. _ 66. 45. she stops. she looks different to him. poor baby. Jerry looks at his fiancee. and I don't tell a man who just screwed up both of our lives -'oh. Curtis gets a whiff of what he walked into. For better or worse.movies. I don't start celebrating Christmas five months early. exiting . Standing here. This is it. For a moment.' That's me. JERRY Avery -She knows what's coming. AVERY Don't say it. CURTIS WEINTRAUB Hey! Curtis Weintraub from the Sports Popper! Haven't seen you two since the Cuervo Gold Rock 'n Sock Charity Six Flags Budfest! Hello! Neither look at him. But I do love you. they remain fixed on each other. CURTIS WEINTRAUB (continuing.

AVERY You've never been alone and you can't be alone -JERRY Listen to me. JERRY It's over -She continues moving into the next room. AVERY No one has ever dumped me. AVERY . She can barely believe it. JERRY I'm not trying to make history. JERRY Listen to me! AVERY No. You won't have another chance. Don't say it.quickly) Goodbye! AVERY I'm warning you. AVERY Didn't hear it. _ 67. She blinks. JERRY There is something missing here. it's over.

TIDWELL You love me now. Loser. Jerry stands like a woozy boxer. Starts to step away. then thinks better of it. . She hits him again with a fist. Both wear sunglasses. She straddles him. AVERY I won't let you hurt me. sagging. INT. right in his bruised face. Jerry. From somewhere. addresses him fully. ON TV MONITOR -.ROY FIRESTONE is leaning forward.NEXT MORNING Jerry moves through the crowded airport with Rod Tidwell. She gets an odd look. I'm too strong for you. AVERY Oh Jerry. JERRY (steps closer) You know I didn't ever want to hurt you. She takes a breath. shaking her head. then again in the chest. backwards. She WALLOPS him in the face with the back of her hand. JFK AIRPORT -. expressively. don't you? JERRY Very much. JERRY (it slips out) No. It sinks in.I did the 23 hour nose-route to the top of El Capitan in 6 hours! I can make this work. He sinks to the floor. talking with a weepy athlete. the small voice of her vulnerability.

_ 68. Why? Let's recap.. JERRY (continuing) See this jacket I'm wearing? You like it? I don't really need it. as they wait for the flight. Jerry nurses a stiff drink. They will teach my story to other agents on "do not do this" day in agent school. I'm fucked. I'm a cautionary tale! Tidwell looks at Jerry..I'm finished. ) You feel bad you tested positive? Quit doing blow! You feel bad about your baby girl? Why did you leave the mother? JERRY What are you doing with me. Twenty-four hours ago.INT.DAY Tidwell watches next to Jerry. Rod? TIDWELL Huh? JERRY Don't you even see -. TIDWELL Everybody on this show cries now. . RED CARPET LOUNGE -. because I'm CLOAKED IN FAILURE.v. JERRY Rod -TIDWELL (off t. impassive. I lost the number one draft pick the night before the draft. I was hot. Now.

I'm out of this sport in five years. I got a shelf life of ten years.LATER DAY They sit together. What's my family gonna live on? What you get me. JERRY It's a quality that might come in handy for a commercial sometime. your "nya nya nya. Jerry holds another drink. I had two slices of bad pizza.Because a hockey player's kid made me feel like a superficial jerk. JERRY Why not? INT." . tops! My next contract's gotta bring me the dollars that'11 last me and mine a very long time. boo-fucking-hoo. TIDWELL Man. TIDWELL You are not allowed to act this way. went to bed. grew a conscience and wrote a 25-page Manifesto of Doom! TIDWELL Well. AIRPLANE -. JERRY The least you could do is nod and act sympathetic -TIDWELL (shaking head) No. So I don't want to hear about ya shit. _ 69.

I said I would. I invited the guy over. DOROTHY He just lost his best client. EXT. He called from the plane.".NIGHT Dorothy finds Laurel on their small porch. PORCH -. LAUREL Dotty -.JERRY (ruefully. but I'm sticking with you. LAUREL At eleven at night? _ 70.this is not "guy." It's called Early Midlife. you're gonna show me the money. This is a "syndrome. He looks straight ahead. Hanging Onto The-Bottom-Rung Dear- . DOROTHY He's coming over. About-To-Marry. TIDWELL Anybody else would have left you by now. to attendant) Another drink please. JERRY (the hell that never ends) Oh my God. at the airphone in front of him. Laurel sits in it. There is only room for a miniature garden and one comfortable seat. And if I got to ride your ass like Zorro.

Cars parked on both sides. DOROTHY 'Night buddy. calls to next room. I'm a part of something I believe in. This is my favorite part of your head. She kisses the corner of his forehead.God-Don't-Let-Me-Be-Alone. Down the street. you still allow him to come over. Visible on the wall above Ray's bed. rolling with anything. more power to you. INT. JERRY Okay. RAY'S BEDROOM -. The cab turns onto a very small street. I'llCall-My-Newly Long-sufferingAssistant-Without Medical-ForCompany Syndrome. turn here! Sharp right turn. _ . Music. Laurel shakes her head.NIGHT Dorothy puts Ray to bed. post-flight. CAB -. Dorothy exits. 8831 3/4 Waterloo. is her ex-husband's photo. rising up into the mirror. LAUREL Okay.NIGHT Jerry in back of a cab. knowing all that. And if. three drinks later. And for the first time in my professional life. DOROTHY Honey. he's engaged. She checks her look. another pair of headlights. in spite of herself. but he better not be good looking! INT. wearing sunglasses.

Thank you. in fact he floors it. Watch out for that . JERRY (continuing) Thanks for inviting me over. as Dorothy rounds the corner. JERRY Hi. JERRY Honesty. floor it. good. DOROTHY'S FRONT PORCH -.71. I'm her disapproving sister Laurel. shoulder hang-up bag. DOROTHY Hey you. JERRY I'm Jerry Maguire. LAUREL (super pleasant) You seem just the way I pictured you. disheveled hair and sunglasses.NIGHT Door opens to reveal Jerry Maguire with brown bag. INT. Jerry's cab refuses to give in. The lights are low and his glasses are very dark. Same with the oncoming car. kill us!! EXT. Where's the little guy? DOROTHY He's asleep. LIVING ROOM Jerry enters. JERRY (continuing) Yes.

DOROTHY Sorry.. DOROTHY Too bad. . We'll still be friends. DOROTHY Jesus. DOROTHY Oh my God. it's a real gash. I broke up with Avery. _ 72. Dorothy laughs. JERRY Yeah. isn't it? JERRY And just think if I got her the ring she really wanted. barely. have a seat.lamp.. revealing a welt and a cut below his eye. Jerry takes off his glasses.. Dorothy's entire body chemistry changes in ways she doesn't quite understand. let me see. Laurel exits through his shot. Suddenly she feels very nervous. JERRY I'm glad you're home.. He looks at her strangely. not my specialty. miming "drinking" behind his back. That too. I'm dying here. That "alone" thing is. as he sets down his bags. I'll get you some aloe vera for that cut too. JERRY Better now than later. Uh. He ducks the lamp.

and the situation . She waits politely for Jerry to finish before exiting into the kitchen. "I wish I'd had a more comfortable chair. No moaning! Head down. He pretends he's from the east coast. And yet! My family. (more) _ 73." 38 years he sat in it! Do you know what I'm saying. Do it.. He pretends he's an intellectual. I'm almost as old as his chair. JERRY My brother works for the White House. She turns. My dad. Dorothy? Repression as a religion.JERRY Do you have something to drink? DOROTHY Sure -She moves to the kitchen door. She is about to exit. JERRY (continuing) I was supposed to be the successful one. I grew up with repression as a. JERRY (cont'd) But I don't want to talk about it.. a religion --you don't bitch.. he worked for the United Way for 38 years! You know what he said when he retired? He said. not quite sure what his point is.. She looks at him. He rubs his face. when Jerry begins to unburden. whatever "it" may be.

DOROTHY (surprised) Thank you. DOROTHY No kidding. LAUREL Look. DOROTHY Beer okay? JERRY Yeah.slightly overwhems her. KITCHEN Laurel smokes a cigarette and blows it out the window. Dorothy goes for the refrigerator. wide-open. Here he is. I looked over and saw the shadow of two curious shoes in the doorway of the kitchen. LAUREL But you just gotta hear me out on . I warmed it up -_ 74. Use the frosted glasses. finds a couple beers. INT. DOROTHY That's the girl I love. LAUREL This guy would go home with a gardening tool right now if it showed interest. thanks. ripe for the taking. (off Dorothy's look) Wait. LAUREL I heard. here's some of that chicken with salsa too.

LAUNDRY ROOM -. RAY Hi. You're very responsible with Ray and you know it's not right for a little boy to hear some strange man's voice in the house. LIVING ROOM -. We see Ray wander into the room and stare at Jerry. JERRY Hi Ray. HOUSE/WINDOW OUTSIDE LAUNDRY ROOM -. DOROTHY As opposed to twenty angry women? Dorothy turns quickly and the beer. Now. You don't have the luxury of falling for some drowning thing. INT.NIGHT Now camera starts to move around the house. from this window showing the two sisters in the laundry room. Be practical. Dorothy deftly catches the food in her t-shirt. INT. EXT. looks up to see Ray. But her shirt is now stained. They know each other well. who is playing with a kaleidoscope on the table. to the living room where Jerry sits alone. She starts to quietly implode. LAUREL Come on. Which top? .SAME TIME LAUREL All I'm saying.NIGHT Jerry. sisters and chicken collide in the small kitchen. and dumps it back onto the plate. and Laurel takes command. let's get you another top -They exit to nearby laundry room.

One is sexier with a dipped down front.She holds up two tops. Do you know what most other women my age are doing right now? They are partying in clubs.. _ 75. trying to keep a man. look at me. trying to get a man. I'm the oldest 26 year old in the world! How do I look? LAUREL Good. and all of them running a distant second to a warm bath. playing tug with a piece of rope.. The other is striped. RAY . all achingly self-sufficient all friends of yours I might add. and puts it on. you want to talk about practical? Let's talk about my wonderful life. for the rest of my life. I'm trying to RAISE a man. INT. all boring. She grabs the sexier top. DOROTHY Thanks. functional. DOROTHY Okay. Laurel. Look at me.NIGHT Jerry and Ray have a great conversation. trying to act stupid. LIVING ROOM -. I have had three lovers in four years. DOROTHY (continuing) I've got a 24 hour a day reminder of Roger. not me. cute.

JERRY Aw. You're right. I've been hogging it. RAY Let's go right now. JERRY Yeah I know. the zoo is closed. RAY . You know that feeling? Ray nods vigorously. JERRY (cont'd) All my life I've been trying to talk. Ray loves this guy.. RAY Let's go the zoo. and no one wants to listen. really talk. Do you hate the zoo or do you love the zoo? JERRY Wait. (more) _ 76.. Let's go to the zoo. I did. I mean.And then my dad died and my mom took me to the zoo and I love the zoo. I want to tell you more about my dad. the fucking thing. JERRY Okay. RAY You said "fuck". He pats Jerry's knee.

. _ 77. but with a distinctly less sexy attitude. JERRY (slightly confused) Good idea. Plus.. RAY I don't see any. Ray hugs Jerry and exits. Ray looks at Jerry's hands.. I have a little boy asleep. DOROTHY Drinks.I won't tell. The door swings open and a harried Dorothy appears in the sexier top. Okay? I think I might have some time on my hands. Jerry sits contemplating the kid for a moment. And we should keep our voices down a little. JERRY (points respectfully) Funny. Food. RAY Funny. and a tray. I called you a cab. JERRY We'll go to the zoo sometime. JERRY (continuing) Right. (imitates him) (hears mom approaching) I better go to bed. Thank you. Of course.

Then coughs a little. Not... but loose. Your. You still have a job. She watches the drunken man. I want you to feel confident! In. Job. Powerfully: JERRY (continuing) Do. And I have a problem with people who talk about themselves in the third person. ripping at his palm. Me. He begins to joust with an imaginary opponent.. He opens it. who drinks. DOROTHY So. JERRY Okay. JERRY (continuing) Come after me and you will lose I am a survivor! Do not underestimate Jerry Maguire! I've got wits! (more) _ 78. Jerry reaches for a fireplace poker. You and your son. Our company. inelegantly. Then stands. About. . (beat) Our company is in good shape. Worry.. She hands him an opener. are just fine. Lil' speech before I go.Jerry tries to twist open the beer. we. It's not a twist-off. woozy. but let me tell you something about Jerry Maguire. His confidence nicely fueled. He gets up.

I want to be inspired.. Decides to ignore them. But mostly. He becomes very aware of himself.. She gets closer. carefully touching his wound with the wet tip of the aloe vera plant.. JERRY (continuing) I am drunk.. DOROTHY Sure. He collapses onto the sofa. JERRY And I am. Shaking his head. Acting out in a virtual stranger's small-but-comfortable living room.. Of course.. .especially one like this. Dorothy turns to see that Laurel's two shoes are still very visible at the kitchen door. (very honest) . Dorothy scoots closer in an adjacent chair. DOROTHY Truth? JERRY Sure.JERRY (cont'd) I've got the instincts of a panther! (joust) I've got Dorothy Boyd on my side! DOROTHY Don't worry about me. She breaks the personal barrier. embarrassed. I care about the job. I can get jobs -JERRY We will be fine! DOROTHY -.

but you glimpe tomorrow's embarrassment? DOROTHY Don't worry about it. JERRY Sorry about this hand. She pulls away. They kiss.. You said "boss.. _ 79. A woman's affection.There is something inspiring about the way she says the word "inspiring. He is catching a scent of that most ancient elixer. boss. Both regard the hand on her breast. DOROTHY What you wrote inspired me... It turns rather passionate. DOROTHY Well. JERRY Oh shit. (he rises unsteadily) You know that feeling -." JERRY Me too. She places a cool hand on his cheek.. DOROTHY (continuing) I'm working with you because of that memo.'re not completely embarrassed yet. Their heads inch closer together. He places a hand on her breast. JERRY Mission. The taxi beeps outside.." .

and exits. right now. DOROTHY I may not sue. He stands. JERRY No. I did. JERRY Well.. Music. harrassing you. No don't feel like Clarence Thomas. good evening. and he knows it. (the worst day ever) I'm like. And then: _ 80. He laughs a little.. And I'm going to take my. . He takes a few more steps. Unsure what more to say. I feel like Clarence Thomas. JERRY We'll be okay. DOROTHY No. DOROTHY Good evening.DOROTHY Yeah. He is a mess. Stumbling slightly on the first step leading down from the front porch.. JERRY Now I feel like Clarence Thomas. coughs a little. re-balancing bags.. I do... one client and we're gonna go all the way. returns the fireplace poker to her. Jerry rubs his face. he recovers with style.

Gee. I can't imagine how you ever lost Cush. TEMPE PRACTICE AREA -.NIGHT Jerry in the back of the cab. the GM we met earlier. and moves gracefully downfield. INT. Laurel watches her conflicted. I'm back. Maguire forges ahead anyway. scoffing loudly. He was strangely comfortable there. Wilburn moves on. looking back at the warm house he's just left. slightly lovesick sister. INT. Music continues. Dennis Wilburn. Something is scratching at his soul. and slams into a padding post. He turns for a moment. She regards the poker still in her hand.. JERRY We gotta talk about his contract. as the house disappears from his view. She laughs. He snags it out of the air.DAY Rod Tidwell races to catch up to a wobbly. and exits back into the kitchen. FADE TO EXT. CAB -. overthrown pass. He turns back to shout at the quarterback for the wobbly pass. _ 81. trying to get in. Maguire. crosses in front of Maguire. Dennis. WILBURN Your timing is impeccable. waves. loving the dark humor) Hey. LOCKER ROOM SHOWER AREA -.JERRY (continuing. giving him a look.DAY ..

I SMOKE all these fools.Jerry stands in pre-season locker-room. JERRY I started talking with Dennis Wilburn about your renegotation. community. JERRY That's your word? TIDWELL Yeah. and the dollars too. pissed.. Rod emerges naked.. He says this next word royally... one of those locker-room psych-up signs like: Injuries happen first in the mind. it means love.." It's the. J.g. In the b. but -TIDWELL John Taylor. and I got an agent that ain't even put the number on the table. . man. Off-stage we hear a shower. and yet they're making the big sweet dollars. Because it's not just the money I deserve.J. respect. Andre Rison. TIDWELL Did you tell him about the "ten million for four years?" JERRY Uh. It's not just the "coin. They're making the money. dripping wet. JERRY I understand your anxiety. as if it's fine silk.the kwan. TIDWELL Maybe you don't. Stokes. TIDWELL (continuing) -. not today.

JERRY Rod.. TIDWELL Is that your porty or mine? JERRY You. I'm just breakin' in the new agent. TIDWELL (irritated) I got there from "coin. Towel? TIDWELL No. Yeah. I air-dry. JERRY (impressed) But how did you get "kwan?" _ 82.The package. The kwan. Tidwell holds up the phone so Jerry can hear the sound of Marcee going off. coin. kwaaaan. Coin. .. JERRY Great word.. but those players you mentioned are marquee players and -A portable phone beeps. I know. He says I'm not marquee.. Finds one of two porties and answers the one with a Polaroid of Marcee taped to it. TIDWELL Hi baby. Tidwell rummages in his bag.. I say this with great respect. I know." dude..

" (pissed) That's the iconography of rascism. Tidwell. I'm not a rascist. TIDWELL (irritated) You're telling me to dance. to get back to the guy who first started playing this game. JERRY No. This is a renegotiation. JERRY Here's what I'm saying. INT. TIDWELL (little voice) "Love me love me love me. gesturing passionately. I'm saying to be -He mimes a dainty little showboat-touchdown dance..TIDWELL (continuing) My wife is upset with you. let's bury the Attitude a little. Jerry speaks to the reflection.v. I'm telling you to be the best version of you. put me on t. so let's show them more from us. may or may not be listening.. LOCKER ROOM MIRROR -. still naked.DAY The conversation continues as Tidwell fixes hair in the mirror. man! JERRY Rod. let's show them -_ 83. taking him on. We want more from them. . Let's show them your pure joy of the game.

man. TIDWELL I'm an athlete. Get it? I don't dance.Way back when you were a kid. was it? Tidwell gives him a look. not an entertainer. TIDWELL No tell me. _ 84. Money was always a factor. He begins gathering his things. JERRY Forget it. TIDWELL You're hanging by a very thin . TIDWELL (continuing) What's wrong. TIDWELL Do your job. It wasn't just about the money. JERRY I'm out here for you! You don't know what it's like to be me out here for you. It is an up-at-dawn pride-swallowing seige that I will never fully tell you about! Okay?! Help me help you help me help you. Jerry rubs face. don't tell me to dance. JERRY Fine. Forget it. These are the ABC's of ME.

preoccupied with thought. muttering and swaying.A. Jerry has had enough for one day. arms flailing) Hey. punch-drunk. I'm happy to entertain you! I'll see you in L. Dorothy greets him. carrying bags.! Tidwell watches his agent lurch off. JERRY'S HOME OFFICE -. I think we're finally talking! INT. And I dig that about you.LATER DAY Jerry enters. She hands him a list of his calls.DAY Jerry moves slowly through crowded airport. He said "happy?" DOROTHY Actually he said "glad. weary. and you'll be happy. man. They are stuck in his small condo. LAX AIRPORT -. JERRY (jolted into happiness) Happy. DOROTHY Dennis Wilburn called from Arizona to say he's faxing in the new Tidwell offer on Thursday morning. You think we're fighting. TIDWELL See. JERRY (loopy.thread." _ . and the scent of their previous encounter is still in the air. between us. that's the difference. dude. INT.

I won't ever take advantage of you in that way again. JERRY Good. I felt like you understood something I could barely even say. DOROTHY Plus. JERRY Look. I want to apologize. seeing the thorough work she's already done. JERRY I mean.85. DOROTHY I'm relieved you said that. and -DOROTHY You don't have to explain. Good. the other night. which devalued... JERRY We're two people working together and we can't have an atmosphere. She hands him a financial report she's done. He takes a quick look. you could use that commission. DOROTHY (can't read her) Yeah. what happened there. JERRY I sunk most of what I had into this condo.but we have a company here to think about. Glad is good. the other night was. DOROTHY . something way down deep in the murk -(beat) -.

JERRY You walked out on a job for me. JAN I broke up with the Cowboy. how to fix them. watching his reaction.... And now he's stalking me. DOROTHY (cont'd) Think about everything that's gone wrong. JERRY You want to go out to dinner? INT. DOROTHY'S LIVING ROOM -. (more) _ 86. ALICE What's the current definition of stalking? WOMAN # 1 Coming over uninvited. and just be. alone. JAN (thoughtful) . gesturing with a too-full glass of red wine.DAY Dorothy looks for a jacket as Laurel helms the Divorced Women's group in the living room. DOROTHY Exactly because I know this is a time when you need to be alone with your thoughts. alone. alone.. Jan speaks through her whistly braces. and I won't ruin that.(evenly) Oh good. Dorothy in the background of the shot.

am I dressed okay? I guess I didn't realize we were. HALLWAY -. Dorothy enters.. It's a new sensation for this bachelor. as Dorothy finds the jacket. looks like you've got a fan. KITCHEN offense buster. She watches unseen as Maguire shakes hands with Chad the Nanny and is hit suddenly by a flying hug from Ray.. He gives the kid an athletic bag. DOROTHY Yeah -. That's more than a dress. which is filled with state-of-the-art promotional athletic wear.") Ray continues hugging Jerry.guess I got revved up at the idea of an evening among adults -.. etc. .NIGHT Jerry is a little embarrassed by the affections of the kid. Expertly breezy. Meaningful sounds of revelation. (then) You meet Chad the nanny? JERRY Yeah.So Romeo under the trellis.. He doesn't finish the words "going out on a date.NIGHT Dorothy stops in the hallway to see that Jerry Maguire has arrived at the back-kitchen door. ("Brought you some swag. That's an Audrey Hepburn movie. INT." The cacaphony of the Boyd home swirls around Maguire. DOROTHY Hey. was a stalker. _ 87. I did -. INT. JERRY (outdressed) Wow.

She twirls toward the door.DOROTHY Don't let him stay up too late.NIGHT . _ 88. Laurel gives Ray a look. Shot falls on Ray who watches Jerry exit with wonder. Even at his age. INT. and Ray plants a kiss on Jerry's cheek. honey. Jerry bends down awkwardly to give him one. CHAD (grandly) Hey. he wants a hug. adlibbing hellos. JERRY Bye you guys. you people have a jazz problem in this house. CHAD You know. grabbing her purse. All are surprised. Dorothy is struck and moved. Ray backs down. No offense. KITCHEN-. he knows a prize when he sees one. Ray extends his arms. as Jerry hears snatches of the Women's group going full blast in the living room. adding to the chaos. man. especially Jerry. Laurel enters. RAY I wanna go too. that'll put him to sleep early. DOROTHY We'll see you soon. tonight I'm going to teach Ray about jazz. Bye. DOROTHY Good.

She spots keys on counter.NIGHT Jerry and Dorothy exit through the many cars which we now see are parked on the street and the front lawn. LAUREL (continuing) Forgot your keys -DOROTHY (privately) That's the first time I ever saw him kiss a man. knock it off! _ 89. DOROTHY (laughing.Laurel looks out the window. She is equal parts jealous and protective." Replacements. Dorothy retreats so she can have privacy with her sister. She grabs them and runs out to catch her sister on the lawn. DOROTHY'S HOUSE -. . The sound of the Women's group is heard in the warmly glowing house behind them. watches her sister exiting. She holds her arm. EXT.. "All Shook Down. LAUREL Hey! As Jerry moves ahead to the car. wasn't that just. thrilling? (eyes tear up) I mean. LAUREL No no. Women's group laughter in the distance as Laurel attempts to glue her emotional sister back together. Don't cry at the beginning of the date. wiping tear) Oh.. like a dad. he must have been needing that.

Mariachis play. running to Jerry down the street. Lit by streetlight. slapping away the leaves of a tree.if you go for it.NIGHT Jerry and Dorothy sit at the table of this Mexican restaurant. Dorothy runs like a young girl. HEAD MARIACHI A song for the lovers? JERRY/DOROTHY (too quickly) No. "it's nobody's fault. right? Someone is always to blame -. ." It's one of the great lies. across the lawns of this car-filled neighborhood. Jerry slips the guy a few bucks to go away. ANTONIO'S RESTAURANT -. JERRY It was laziness1 my whole breakup with Avery. In the background. They do so. Music continues. but -Mariachis approach the table. I know. INT. We stay with Laurel as she watches her sister exit. work at it -DOROTHY Maybe love shouldn't be such hard work. No thanks. DOROTHY We work together. reluctantly. go for it like you do a job. You know that thing you say.LAUREL (can't help it) And don't be a shoulder for him to cry on either.

Why are we even talking about this? A FLOWER GIRL approaches the table with an armful of roses. It's only when "options" entered the picture that things got bad. JERRY You want a -DOROTHY _(_ (scoffs) No. FLOWER GIRL A rose for the lady. If you fall for someone. you should make it work. Jerry gives her few bucks. JERRY No no no.JERRY See. No way.I think the only good thing to (more) _ 90. DOROTHY . I just underestimated her. JERRY (cont'd) come from this period in history is probably the movie "Annie Hall." DOROTHY (evenly) Maybe you should call her. I guess. she do I feeeeeel? -. you choose. nueroticism -.. It's a modern day concept. (touches wound) her temper. if you make a commitment. I'm speaking historically now..

Life is good. EXT. He admires her directness.MINUTES LATER Dorothy on the phone outside the bathroom. you got such a good heart.. _ 91. we're semi-successful. INT. BATHROOM Sbe exits the bathroom and stops at the sight of what is happening at the table. okay? We're young.(continuing) Yeah.. Jerry. now. BATHROOM -.. let Chad catch the bee in a glass. is embarrassingly being serenaded by the Mariachis. even before -(stops herself) Jerry? JERRY What? DOROTHY (simply) Let's not tell our sad stories. It wasn't like my marriage to Roger was so great. I love you. She exits and we hang on him for a moment. DOROTHY (continuing) I'll be right back. Can't wait to see you.NIGHT -.. come on. He won't hurt it. who now play . I'll be home soon. DOROTHY No. Jerry laughs to himself. hand on face. Aw. Quit thinking those murky thoughts. buddy.

or come in depending on how you feel. DOROTHY Come on." She smiles at the image. Dorothy moves forward. JERRY I'll see you tomorrow. Jerry rises to kiss her lips again. They take great care not to touch too much. _ 92. He pulls her closer by her straps. she grabs him and pulls him close. But they don't move. and sends the Mariachis in another direction. JERRY Well -. DOROTHY (continuing. let's take a walk. She sighs deeply. They don't move. nervous now. Her expression says there is a decision to make. His lips travel down. She concentrates on the styrofoam container she's brought back from the restaurant. . in fact the poetry charms her. grinning. They don't kiss. tying her straps back on.this would be goodnight. DOROTHY'S PORCH -. A bug buzzing from the nearby light. He kisses her upper chest.a mournful "Tears in Heaven. DOROTHY Good night. INT. Jerry swats it away. She holds them up.NIGHT Music feathers into sounds of night. DOROTHY Good night. They break. On impulse. breath) I think you should not come in. Kisses him. It's a good one. she's missed this feeling. fishes some bucks out of her pocket.

LIVING ROOM -.NIGHT Jerry on the porch. Wait here a second. INT. as shot lingers on Jerry. EXT. (beat. the remains of the Divorced Women's group is still in evidence. right? CHAD Yeah.v. That odd moment when you've crossed the line. The house is now quiet. She exits.NIGHT Dorothy enters to find Chad watching t. as Chad exits. DOROTHY No. JERRY Right. DOROTHY Okay. I'll come in. He takes a breath. Chad raises his eyebrows. how'd it go with Sportboy? DOROTHY Still going. DOROTHY He's asleep.JERRY Same to you. Chad now fully plays the . I live here. then) Do we really want to do this? JERRY (half-unsure) Oh hell yes. I have to go in. DOROTHY (continuing) Shhh. PORCH -.

. as the front door squeaks open.. well. CHAD Treat her right. is Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Getting hotter. And I know this is a little awkward.. Stockholm. Finally it is impossible to ignore. INT.part of friend with seniority. _ 93.. playing in a time before their art was corrupted by a zillion cocktail lounge performers who destroyed the legacy of the only American artform -. Looks the taller Jerry up and down. CHAD (continuing. She is left frozen. quietly leads Jerry inside.. man. CHAD She's great. 1963. JERRY (self-conscious) Yeah. but I want you to use this.. two masters of freedom. her arms open but he is gone.. Dorothy and Jerry making out on bed. Dorothy shoos Chad away.. The music gets wilder. BEDROOM-. Out comes a cassette tape. Jerry takes the tape. Chad ruumages in bag for a moment. Jerry is somewhat horrified at what Chad might be giving him. driving jazz. DOROTHY ...NIGHT Fierce.JAZZ. She's. intense) This. and Jerry collapses backwards on the bed laughing.

She turns away. It's still dark.MORNING Dorothy and Laurel in the kitchen. She pops open the styrofoam appetizers her sister brought back from dinner. Only the glow of the digital lamp. He looks at her. Laughter from the next room.MORNING Radio clicks on. KITCHEN -. the music is ridiculous. he's still looking at her. coughs. Manuevers through a strange bedroom. and she kisses him as the music plays. LAUREL First you gotta tell me something.NIGHT -. waiting far the first possible drops of coffee. DOROTHY I'm getting him up. but Laurel pulls her back far a second. She starts to exit. (Their sex is a big difference from the let's-be-intense sex with Avery. pulls on some pants. DOROTHY'S BEDROOM -. DOROTHY No-- . It's a powerful moment for her. KITCHEN -.' Ray will never see his mother's raging physical needs.What is this MUSIC? They both crack up. Laughter continues. He gets up. DISSOLVE TO: _ 94. steps on toys. Jerry alone in bed. don't worry. INT. has a late-night joint and carefully blows the smoke out the window.) INT.SAME TIME Laurel just home from work in nurse uniform. INT. then back again.

Laurel? (more) _ 95. listening to the kind of honesty an agent rarely hears. hears voices. Am I a bad person? All I know is that I found someone who was charming and popular and not-so-nice to me -. DOROTHY . Okay? So why should I let this guy go. KITCHEN -. DOROTHY (cont'd) Maybe I am taking advantage.and he died. INT. because of the way things are going..MORNING LAUREL Because I'm worried that you're putting your faith in this guy who. so what am I. for taking the opportunity. may not have an emotional marble in his head. if I start talking -LAUREL Guys are just different people when they're hanging onto the bottom rung. ON JERRY listening.INT. DOROTHY Please. Pinned to the wall.. HALLWAY -. when everything in my body says This One is The One. .MORNING Jerry moving dawn the hallway.

The cat is way. but I was just about to tell you that I love him. hon. As Ray pounds down the hallway in his new over-sized shirt. (to Laurel) Thank you for your honesty. I don't know if you're interested in this detail. sees Jerry standing there. The lack of control in her life is overwhelming her. easy -Jerry enters the kitchen. ON JERRY rubbing his face. Dorothy begins to crumble. They look at each other. JERRY (continuing) I could pretend I didn't hear. RAY Hi Jerry! Dorothy leans into the hallway now. I was just looking for fun details -DOROTHY Oh. brought by Jerry. way out of the bag. why didn't you say so? And oh. and I don't care what you think. well. I love him for the guy he wants to be. I heard everything. well within earshot. stands near Laurel. and I love him for the guy he almost is. I love him. JERRY Easy. but I won't. DOROTHY Oh God.LAUREL Easy. as always. I love him. _ .

INT.96.LATER DAY Jerry and Dorothy prepare for the Tidwells. He shrugs and continues to feel happy. still embarrassed. LAUREL (frozen polite) Coffee. Jerry sits down for breakfast. JERRY'S HOME OFFICE -. in full view of Ray. He kisses her on the cheek. Dorothy.. dismissive) Look. The Tidwells honk. We bottom-feeders prefer cereal first -RAY Let's have Apple Jacks! Apple Jacks it is. no thanks. unstacking chairs and making room. we need this commission. he feels happy. Jerry? JERRY A lot. JERRY (friendly. good morning. Jerry? JERRY Oh. We got a big fax today. not sure what is going on. The sisters look at each other. but fairly complete-looking family. darling. RAY (continuing) What's going on.. Dorothy. They are an odd. cleaning up the cramped office. arriving in the driveway. let's just root for a big . buddy. Ray looks around. reaches for cereal. but there is something else in the room. DOROTHY That was great of you this morning.

. Jerry's heart sinks. FOUR FACES waiting for the results. and don't say anything unless it's over nine.. Everybody has a stake in this fax. JERRY I'll go back to them. We owe more than that. She feels slightly slapped down. His face slackens. as Tidwell slinks off to sit in a seat too small for him. She opens a window quickly. _ 97. as Marcee opens hers. Dorothy shuts her eyes. Lives are very clearly hanging on this results. MARCEE (explodes) And say what? "Please remove your .offer so we can move out of this room to a real office. There is a stunning disappointment on the fax. Marcee shuts her eyes. JERRY Aw shit -Rod turns away. That's below average. MARCEE One-point-seven for three years. ON FAX Connecting. It is so very painful for her. MARCEE Read it to me. and busies herself with the clutter at hand. but covers.

I'm a little pregnant right now. you haven't gotten emotional ENOUGH about this man. _ 98.dick from my ass?!" Both men look at her. DOROTHY How about a little piece of integrity in this world that is so filled with greed and a lack of honorability that I don't know what to tell my kid except take a look at a guy who isn't shouting "show me the money. can't hold back. The outburst has surprised even Marcee." If you ask me. MARCEE (continuing) I'm sorry. JERRY Marcee -MARCEE What DO you stand for??? Dorothy looks right and left. We roll with this problem." he's quietly broke and working for you for free! (off Jerry's pained . I feel like breaking the room up. we don't take this emotionally. JERRY Okay. MARCEE What are you talking about -"don't get emotional. TIDWELL I feel like crying.

and we see him for the first time without his protective shield of attitude. I'll eat lima beans.. okay Dorothy? DOROTHY Fine. JERRY Another time. TIDWELL Tell me what to do. I just -JERRY And I appreciate that impulse. DOROTHY In fact. when Jerry swiftly intercepts it. She is headed across the room to give it to Marcee. Jerry. MARCEE No. Scared. that's all we can get -- . TIDWELL (cont'd) If you say take the shitty deal. You tell me to eat lima beans. Camera moves to Tidwell. I'm sorry. that was pretty good. She opens a drawer. I'm not as good at the insults as she is.look) Well.. TIDWELL (impressed) No shit. and withdraws the Mission Statement. Jerry throws the Mission Statement into a bottom drawer. (more) _ 99. you should read something that meant the world to me.

The big man looks into his wife's eyes. surviving. you get nothing. This is us. Focused on Rod. you are just -No one else in the world exists. proud.. I'm strong in my mind. TIDWELL (continuing) -.MARCEE "All we can get?" TIDWELL Can I SPEAK with my agent here? Marcee is passionate. Dorothy and Jerry look at the couple. fascinated and somewhat uncomfortable. They are a couple in every passionate sense of the word. Jerry and Dorothy in the background. There is a palpable forcefield around the Tidwells. He pulls her to him.the shit. She caresses the back of his neck. You're gonna play out your existihg shitty contract and go be a free agent next year and the hell with Arizona. After a beat: JERRY If you get injured. Rodney. Truer words. TIDWELL Honey. just watching the intricate machinery of this marriage. MARCEE You know what you're qonna do. They are focused totally on each other. splendid black man. and we determine our worth. TIDWELL Won't happen. . He gives her a small kiss. Beat.. You're gonna reject this shitty contract. You're a fine.

. MARCEE I'm sorry what I said back there. We're gonna make it. DOROTHY (continuing) Look. I was up for a job in San . Jerry looks over to Dorothy. TIDWELL Bet on me. JERRY Don't be silly. man. Tidwell puts his hand out. EXT. Bye bye Dorothy. Maguire is conflicted. JERRY I'll get you some quick work -TIDWELL Good deal. Bet on me like I bet on you. Dorothy and Jerry on the lawn. dude. but he takes a breath and shakes. Finally. The Tidwell situation has left an ominious feeling in the air. _ 100.JERRY It's a risk. DOROTHY Take care you guys. MARCEE My husband believes in you.. who grits her teeth at the implications of the decision. JERRY'S HOME OFFICE -. Tidwells exit.LATE AFTERNOON Tidwell and Marcee exit. Dorothy and Jerry are alone.

get on the camel. director Bill Dooler appears ready to implode. just get on the camel! JERRY Bill.Diego before I left SMI.DAY Tidwell stands on the set of a regional Arizona car commercial. JERRY Rod. Three other bored. It is a hot day. I look more powerful. _ 101. acting as referee. EXT. a camel. I'll find something fast for Tidwell. JERRY Don't even talk about that yet. It's with the Chargers.. We'll stay afloat. looking up. AIRPLANE WHEELS touching down. Maguire stands slightly away. COMMERCIAL SET/TAYLOR CHEVROLET/ARIZONA -. Dooler is arguing with Tidwell. wait -TIDWELL Dude. DOOLER (shoots look to Jerry) The sponsor wants a camel -- . know your art form. Rod. Nearby. Rod. There's no need for a camel.. as Jerry's friend. DOOLER Look. large Arizona athletes wait by a coffee machine. you got ME. If you put the camera down here.

TIDWELL There you go. We ain't gonna bring Nike to their knees with some regional camel ad -Jerry rubs his face.TIDWELL Jerry. This isn't what I had in mind anyway. Tidwell waves his arms. Several crew members scatter in various directions. It's either the camel or me. JERRY Can I ask you a question totally unrelated to your career? TIDWELL Oh. we gonna be friends now? JERRY What do you know about dating a single mother? . dude. back me up.. You're learning how to represent me. Enough. spooking the camel. In the background. DOOLER Then you shouldn't have begged me to hire him. who spits and stormps. EXT. another athlete rides the camel. JERRY (takes the bullet) Airight. I'm pulling him out of this. _ 102.LATER Jerry and Tidwell walk quickly from the set.. SET -.

I was raised by a single mother. that ain't fair to her. _ 103. JERRY Tell me. Tidwell is always happy to hold forth. TIDWELL Then you gotta have The Talk. I don't know. it eats at your insides.Tidwell warms to the personal question. and she's about to take another job in San Diego." They have been to the circus. You love her? JERRY How do I know? TIDWELL You know when you know. single mothers don't "date. you know what I'm saying? They have been to the puppet show and they have seen the strings. TIDWELL Oh I know plenty. because it's been a month. You know? JERRY No. TIDWELL Well. . JERRY But I sure don't like that she's leaving. that's a sacred thing. man. TIDWELL First. A single mother. It makes you shivver.

Are you ready for the . A real man does not shoplift the "pooty" from a single mom. TIDWELL Shame on you. JERRY I didn't "shoplift the pooty. DOROTHY They offered me everything I asked for.I give you my favorite animal in the zoo. it's only 2 hours away. I shoplifted the pooty. and not just by Ray. INT.I mean it's two mutual people who -(a look) Alright.DAY Jerry. Jerry feels tugged in many directions. ZOO -.JERRY The kid is amazing. They approach the reptile house. TIDWELL (shaking head) No. Life-changing decisions in the air. RAY Show me the animal. buddy -They approach the Reptile House." We were thrown together and -. SHAME on you. Ray straining at Jerry's arm. Jerry! JERRY Right up ahead. JERRY (continuing) -. where a small crowd is gathered. Dorothy and Ray at the zoo. I think it's good for us.

both heads battle for direction all day long. The odd animal moves forward. A few people peel away. What is it? JERRY It's in a cage... can I relate.. RAY Whoa...weirdness. JERRY Both heads have brains. DOROTHY (quietly) Two heads. Both heads eat. My God. fighting itself constantly. RAY I'm scared. (meaningful) Man. Do not be scared of. _ 104.. JERRY (continuing) The Two-Headed Corn Snake. . The snake has two heads.. revealing. THE TWO-HEADED CORN SNAKE A friendly but confused looking reptile. Jerry is happy to play tour-guide. both twisting and battling each other for direction.. both identical. Aw-ed chatter around the animal ranges from "weird" and "wow" to "mira mira! Dos cabezas!" Few can turn away. the strange perfection and truth of.

staring at the animal. Ray does not look at him. scoots the kid over.THE SISTERS We see Jerry. She turns to Anonymous Man standing nearby. he needs a warm body to cushion the fall. He opens the door. saying goodbye too many times.DAY A U-Haul is parked in the driveway. Jerry approaches carefully. as a sad Ray trudges to the cab of the U-Haul. DOROTHY Is this a guy thing? ANONYMOUS MAN It is.. following Chad back to the house. LAUREL You're doing the right thing. Finally Chad grabs him by the shoulders.RAY Me too. and sits next to him. Jerry now follows Ray to the car. a very sad Ray. come on. He's anxious not to be left alone. EXT. Dorothy just looks at the two men in her life.DAY Laurel and Dorothy say goodbye. You need to start your life and he. says goodbye. DOROTHY'S FRONT YARD -.. jittering and moving around the cage. Inside the cab. I mean. EXT. and it isn't. DOROTHY'S LIVING ROOM -. Check out exhibit A on the front lawn -POV -. . _ 105. ON THE TWO-HEADED CORN SNAKE strangely endearing.

JERRY (too quick. you know. . keys in hand.. okay? Promise. She reacts with an odd look. with shrug) I love you. The words don't sound right. _ 106. weirdly) . Jerry blinks. She accepts it casually. Ray wails. it does nothing. JERRY (continuing) I'll see you this weekend. JERRY I'm not good at this. JERRY So I'll see you this weekend. No problem. and talks to him in the car. He rises and faces Dorothy. Jerry is incapable of dealing with it.EXT. Jerry squeezes his shoulder. DOROTHY'S PLACE -. Ray begins to cry. DOROTHY Airight. so he exits. I love you too. JERRY (continuing) Sure you're okay to drive this? DOROTHY This rig? Phht.DAY Jerry scoots a very sad Ray over.. with a shrug. so goodbye and -(simple.

She kisses him.. He grips one hand with the other.. JERRY (continuing) What -DOROTHY Look. whatever. He grows increasingly uncomfortable. It's not loud enough for her. JERRY (continuing) I know a way to s.. He shudders a little with the intimacy of her words. leaving him alone in frame. Dorothy looks at his strange behavior...and he knows that she knows. and moves quickly toward the car.. JERRY Wait a second. ON DOROTHY moving to her car.. better than the Bob Sugars. Go back and read what you wrote. look.. where Ray is making a sad face at him through the window. You're better than the rest of them. She hears him. JERRY .. (beat) Don't make a joke of your life. She turns and he is now close to her. to save on Medical and rent and. He looks over to the cab. He watches her leave. JERRY WAIT A SECOND! She stops. and don't forget it.. smiling very slightly to herself . just in case this weekend becomes next month and next month becomes. biting her lip.

would you stay? DOROTHY No no. INT.. In the wedding band. smile pasted on. what if we stayed together? What if we uh. got married.NIGHT We are close on Ray now as we hear the sound of a Reverend ... JERRY Will you marry me? She looks at him. Rod is not a gifted singer. EXT.(continuing) . Contrary to his own belief. It's an odd proposal.. full of love. standing on a small stage in the corner..DAY Rod Tidwell sings Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" at the wedding for assorted guests gathered here in the backyard. Don't do that.. are Chad and Dooler. JERRY (continuing) If I said that. ON JERRY who stands watching. with stoic FATHER and well-dressed BROTHER. She looks at him. DOROTHY'S BACKYARD -. DOROTHY'S LIVING ROOM -. BROTHER Where are all your friends? JERRY (looking around) In the band. dabbing at her mascara. _ 107. Don't say that if you don't.

NIGHT The bride and groom catch each other. did you? JERRY . He moves to Jerry. Dorothy heads into the living room where Friends and relatives watch the video of the wedding. post-wedding. Jerry takes a breath and moves into the kitchen. Ray holds the ring. And now the enormity is evident on Jerry's face. He turns and finds himself alone with Laurel. JERRY (as she exits) Glad we had this talk! Nearby. I'll kill you. steadies himself. we did. INT.g. Confidentially: TIDWELL You never had The Talk. She calms him with a hand on the shoulder. We actually -_ 108. Finds a beer. Warm laughter in the b. DOROTHY Wow. Dorothy's leg and hand are visible in frame. DOROTHY'S HALLWAY/KITCHEN -. in the hallway of the small home where the event has taken place. and waits for his cue to offer it. Giddy. And every time the Reverend pauses. And finally the cue comes and he offers the ring. He holds onto a table for a moment. LAUREL If you fuck this up. She raises her beer. More laughter and family noise in the background now. for the first time. They toast. JERRY Yeah.reading wedding vows. he starts to offer the ring. warily. But he has forgotten the cue. Tidwell watches all.

passing a monitor where elsewhere in the country.No. At the center is Marcee Tidwell. who is taking a beating. _ 109. the neighborhood friends. Tyson does the "Daddy Dance. and then the cousins. FADE TO EXT. and for a moment the couple stands awkwardly together. At this particular moment. Tidwell rubs Jerry's shoulders a little. Everything flows from her. Frank Cushman is having another sensational Sunday. . man! And we're all gonna have a great season! He pounds Jerry on the back.v.v." a dance of pure joy. they are all screaming for Rod. PHILADELPHIA PRESS BOX -.. TIDWELL LIVING ROOM/PHOENIX -. Dorothy brings Jerry a Poloraid someone took. this was another way to go. shaking him like a pinata. In front of the t.DAY This is the Tidwell family ritual of watching Rod's games on the big-screen home t. He turns away. but is having a hell of a game. takes a vicious hit. Next to her is Tyson. PHILADELPHIA PLAYING FIELD -. Jerry smiles. he sees GM Dennis Wilburn standing with Avery. TIDWELL Well.DAY Across the room. announcing to the room: TIDWELL (continuing) This is my agent. INT. The season is on.DAY Tidwell catches the ball. hard. INT.

INT. JERRY How's your head? Bubblicious. The white man sending the black man into battle. you know. greeting quarterback JOHN SWENSON. here comes Tidwell. PHILADELPHIA LOCKER ROOM -. EXT. Marcee shoots him a look. TIDWELL Tidwell moves to a tan in a wheelchair. quick.NIGHT Jerry stands waiting. STADIUM HALLWAY -.. MARCEE Why don't you be the first man in your family not to say that word? And then we'll let you live. MARCEE (continuing) Now go kiss your daddy.TYSON (proudly. to family) That's my motherfucker! Marcee reaches out and collars her dancing son. as Tidwell takes another rough hit. _ 110. signs an autograph and .NIGHT Finally. Bob Sugar nearby. moving very slowly with garmet bag. Tyson nods.. wide-eyed. TEE PEE (cooly) That's why they cheer. Still no Tidwell.

just stay healthy. He's gonna get me killed. my drunken brother.. Rod. Jerry regards his slightly befuddled friend. INSANE FAN (interrupting loudly) FUCKIN ROD TIDWELL YOU RULE YOU RULE! I WON A FUCKIN. TIDWELL (irritated) Hey.moves on. Tidwell pats the fan and moves him along to other tired players. okay? . Jerry alongside. TIDWELL Peace. Insane fan moves to another player. A FUCKIN MUG ON YOU IN MY ROTISS.. With great skill.. I'm worried that the only reason I'm here getting my brains blown loose is that you weren't asshole enough to get my ten million three months ago. Ahd don't discuss gambling with me. TIDWELL (stops) No. The quarterback sucks. JERRY I'm a little worried -TIDWELL I'm worried too. JERRY Well. that's my word. JERRY We can still take the offer. Jerry proceeds carefully. I will show you the kwan.. ROTLISS. man.

and show all these motherfuckers. JERRY What's that supposed to mean? TIDWELL Why are you even here. JERRY I don't know -.Tidwell wearily heads for the bus. TIDWELL Don't I know. Jerry stands in the parking lot. man? You could have told me all this over the's "dedication" for an answer? TIDWELL You don't want to go home. JERRY Take care. _ 111. okay? You're my entire client roster. Now go home to your wife. do you? JERRY Why are you doing this to me. Rod? TIDWELL I'm asking you a question -JERRY . TIDWELL I'm gonna have the game of my life on Monday Night Football. JERRY I'll see you in Arizona.

You want an answer? I'll give it to you. For love. and one in which he has no quick answer. TIDWELL (jab) For loyalty. She was loyal. you buy a dog. I'm going to answer you. _ 112. How's your marriage? Jerry looks at Rod for a moment. JERRY Damn right. you get married. TIDWELL Then why'd you get married? I'm asking you as a friend. (beat) Loyalty. It is the simplest question. JERRY (shaking his head) You're jabbing at me. . JERRY No. TIDWELL That's an answer.No. TIDWELL I'm sorry I asked. you're -TIDWELL I'm trying to talk to you. (unconvincing) Everything grew from there. JERRY Not everyone has what you have.

JERRY Look. but that's the're a businessman. Not your heart. You are a paycheck player." Rod. friends can tell each other anything. as always. Between friends. JERRY (intense) Airight. In your personal life? (points) Heart. Are we really "friends?" TIDWELL Why not -JERRY Well. But when you get on the field -(more) _ 113. That's not what inspires people. JERRY (cont'd) (finger rises to Tidwell's head) -. can you handle it? Just a "question. right? If we have our "friends" hats on -TIDWELL (wary) I think so. It's wide-angle lenses and who fucked you over and who owes you for it. I'm happy to entertain you. I'm sorry. You play with your head. Here's why you don't have your ten million dollars yet. but I have a question for you. TIDWELL .

TIDWELL (continuing) "No heart. Tidwell is pissed.NIGHT The Tidwells and the Maguires. I don't want you dehydrated for Monday Night Football.? TIDWELL (anqry) Only 'cause my wife likes your wife! Jerry exits.honey. And hurt. . seasoning for each other. JERRY Fine." "No heart?" (yells after him) I'm all I go to see a so-called "black" film the other day -(then) -. (more) _ 114. Most important game of your career. Marcee is very very pregnant. feeding each other like one many-armed and loving body. no more salt for you. CRAB RESTAURANT -. MARCEE -. Tyson and Ray run around the table of this family-style restaurant. TIDWELL Beautiful. They crack crabs for each other. motherfucker! He gets on the bus.A. INT. JERRY (angry) We still having dinner in L.I don't want to be friends anymore.

INT. Baby. Wesley Snipes with guns the size of our house.. She hangs her arm on his shoulder. looks at him. SHOT OF MARCEE She takes a breath and gets a weird look. with dry throat. Mortified.. all violent.. Jerry stares straight ahead. SHOT OF JERRY AND DOROTHY Sitting across the table.MARCEE (cont'd) (then) -. . I mean hooo -TIDWELL I hate you going to movies alone withoutme -MARCEE Oh baby -He cracks more crab.NIGHT Marcee gives birth. Is this all they think we want to see? Come on! I enjoyed Shindler's List. I'm talking about brothers shooting brothers.. Rod assisting. TIDWELL What baby? MARCEE Baby. cars crashing. blood blood blood blood. Give me a little credit. blood flowing. stunned.TWENTY minutes of coming attractions. just watching this intricate and perfect marriage. All black films. HOSPITAL ROOM -. Baby. Jerry and Dorothy watch from behind thick glass. killing. gives her the biggest piece.

.INT. alone.. He makes a noise. JERRY Why do you love me? DOROTHY Why do you love me? .NIGHT Jerry and Dorothy exhausted. JERRY I was thinking I hope he doesn't get's no big mystery. Dorothy sits down near him on the bed.. what's going through that head of yours. ask me. As in -. DOROTHY What were you thinking tonight? Watching them go through the complete human emotional experience? _ 115. getting ready for bed. Beat. I felt responsible. when you wonder. He feels inadequate. DOROTHY Sometimes I can't tell at all. DOROTHY (unsatisfied) Okay.. JERRY Well. I will. DOROTHY (continuing) And I really don't know your noises yet. DOROTHY AND JERRY'S BEDROOM -.

JERRY Tonight. DOROTHY It's my fault. Dorothy approaches. Music. JERRY . Anxiety building. A steeliness comes over her that we have not yet seen. RAY Jerry. second -buddy -JERRY The door flies open and Ray comes bounding in.. onto the bed. the better question. Beat of silence. _ 116. INT. sits down. the red-eye.It is. PRESCHOOL -. Yeah.NEXT DAY Dorothy drops Ray at preschool. EXT.? DOROTHY I'll come visit you in a Just for a few minutes. Dorothy watches. RAY'S PLAYHOUSE -. stations himself in the center and begins wrestling Jerry for the remote control.NIGHT Jerry sits finishing a phone call to an advertising account exec.. can I come in and watch t. And before he can answer. of course. disconnected. She watches the boys and girls playing together in a room full of bright colors and games. and stands in the doorway of the playroom.v. I'll be in Arizona on Monday. Jerry adlibs some salesmanship on Tidwell's behalf. there is a pounding at the door. to Ray's playhouse for privacy. She gives him a few phone messages. He has come here. He sees a look on her face that is unfamiliar.

I was just on some ride where I thought I was in 1ove enough for both of us." JERRY You soul or something.. _ 117. JERRY (direct) .. DOROTHY I don't need you to "stick.What -DOROTHY It's not fair to you. I stick.. DOROTHY I don't know -JERRY (it slips out) .let me help -DOROTHY I took advantage of you and worst of all. DOROTHY Why fucking not! I deserve it. I did this with a kid.I'm not the guy who's going to run. This whole -JERRY (instant crisis mode) Tell me -. I'm not alone.. And at least I can do something about it now. I did this. JERRY (damage control) Well -.

. Why don't we call this next road trip what it is. come on. in that question. DOROTHY There's no question you'll be friends. DOROTHY . But now he can't stop. if one of us doesn't say something now we might lose ten years being polite about it.Dorothy -. I sort of know it by heart. JERRY So this break. is a break-up. "responsible". DOROTHY Oh please... I watched it.what if I'm just not built that way? DOROTHY I think we made a mistake here." I mean. JERRY What about Ray? She notes the only real glimpse of ache.. My need to make the best of things. It's the theme of my bachelor film -DOROTHY I know. A nice long break. JERRY (absorbs it) I don't like to give up. Of course you'll be friends. and your need to be what. JERRY What if it's true? "Great at friendship bad at intimacy.

DAY Jerry Maguire stretches his arms out. It's not the way I'm "built. See. defensive) . on the surface. He once lived in a tank the size of a Cadillac. She pulls away first. looking at him. it was just a Mission Statement. RAY'S ROOM -. no tears) -. Jerry.Come on. DOROTHY (cont'd) I mean..NIGHT Jerry kisses sleepy Ray goodbye. (more) _ 118. has nothing to say.. a man who speaks for a living. I've got this great guy who loves my kid -(resolute. JERRY Don't wake up. you'd almost think everything was fine." He moves to embrace her. The fish now hangs in a too-small bowl. You know this isn't easy for me. AIRPORT -. A security wand passes .....and he sure does like me a lot. DOROTHY (continuing) I can't live that way. And then faces the exotic fish who now resides on Ray's table. INT. Jerry Maguire. JERRY (continuing. INT.

SUN DEVIL STADIUM -. EXT. _ 119. INT.over him. The classic Monday Night Football shot from the blimp. games. and the family celebrates her. TEE PEE He'd better not mess up on Monday Night Football. A buzz in the air.ARIZONA We are hovering in the sky. sound-muted. Marcee sits in the position of honor. PICKLE MAN Nothing like Monday Night. 2 billion viewers? TIDWELL (irritated) Shouldn't you be out there doing .NIGHT Nervous Tidwell chews a toothpick as he stands checking out the field. it's not a secret. INT.. TEE PEE (continuing) What did I say? He gets nervous for the t. TIDWELL LIVING ROOM -.v. Deadness in his eyes. The glaze of the road on him. just above Sun Devil Stadium. huh? What is it. Marcee shoots Tee Pee a look. She is a tired mother.. The pregame show is on.NIGHT Tidwell's family in the living room. Everybody is happy. her new baby KAYDEE in her arms. TUNNEL AREA/PRE-GAME -. Nearby. Old-school on the stereo. some cheerleaders and a man in a Pickle suit. Music.

talking about you. Go. SUGAR Rod. ready to feed on his insecurity. _ 120. when it counts. I would have had him on the air. but you belong with the big boys. You belong with -- . SUGAR Listen. SUGAR Where's your agent tonight? TIDWELL Don't know. It's Bob Sugar approaching." Tidwell looks at him. VOICE Hey Rod -. SUGAR (continuing) You should let me do more for you. chews his toothpick. And I said. Laser-like. Al Michaels is a friend of mine. you know. TIDWELL Get outta here. I know this is "uncool" to do this now.some pickle dance or something -Pickle Man nods and goes out to dance for the crowd. tonight. You belong with the money.v. let Tidwell look good on t. I spoke to your quarterback.hey Buddydude -Tidwell turns. He's my client. "take care to get those passes down. I would have had you your deal by tonight.

Flee.Here comes Jerry Maguire. TIDWELL Jerry! You made it -JERRY (off Sugar) Go. What can I say? INT. Tidwell takes a rough hit. Sugar retreats. GIFFORD (ON T. and they respond loudly. .NIGHT They watch the game.V. Come on. He beams as he sees his agent approach. Tidwell can't help it. _ 121. JERRY Get the fuck away from my guy. MICHAELS (ON T.) It's a bruiser out there tonight. JERRY (bittersweet) I missed ya. TIDWELL Thanks for coming.) Arizona refusing to go into the quiet night of this rough football season. I'm trying to be poetic here. offering one final look to Rod. TIDWELL HOME -.V. think about what I said. Sugar.

DIERDORF (ON T. Nothing poetic about that. But in the middle of the cheers.V. TIDWELL LIVING ROOM -. trays and whooping loudly. PRESS BOX -. Big laughs from the living room. She pulls him over to her. INT. as she says: MARCEE What does daddy say? TYSON "It looks worse than it is.NIGHT Maguire moves through the box.NIGHT Tidwell takes a hit. Marcee gives him a kiss. Hangs onto the ball.) Ooof. Marcee sees the unsettled look on young Tyson's face. INT. giving him preference over baby Kaydee.NIGHT The Tidwell clan are banging on t. FRANK GIFFORD'S VOICE They don't pay enough for a man to take that kind of ugly hit -MARCEE (to others) Boy. INT.v. no s-h-i-t. He is the only thing in her world.. Another rough hit across the middle on Rod Tidwell. TEE PEE He's gonna have nothing left for next season. as Tidwell makes another grueling gain on the field. Except Tee Pee.. They're letting him kill himself. FIELD -. MARCEE .

And the ripple effect of the injury shoots through the stadium. The second defender then hits him at the shoulders. inside the game.SLO-MO The hit in replay. One cuts his legs out from under him. Tidwell leaps for the catch. and is sacked.NIGHT We are thrust into the vortex. Philadelphia fans cheer wildly. like two bulls. tucks the ball in and is promptly and brutally hit by two defenders from two different sides. Tidwell lands on the back of his neck. the Philadelphia defenders enter from each side. Jerry looks up to the monitor for a closet look at the next play. Still. The game is turning uglier by the minute. throws a wobbly pass into the end-zone. with a thud. Overhead. Tidwell is out cold. ARIZONA FIELD -. Worse than bad. Still holding the ball. _ 122. ball still in his hands. PRESS BOX -. the fight music continues for a few seconds before disappearing abruptly.Can you be quiet? TEE PEE What'd I say? INT. the Arizona quarterback. This hit is bad. hard. Tidwell flips and comes down like a sack of potatoes. And we can see a flash of his pride as he catches the lousy pass. EXT. and then. crumpling downwards.. and Rod's taut body literally flips.NIGHT Maguire watches as Arizona's quarterback John Swenson drops back for a pass. ON PRESS BOX MONITOR Swenson. His head hits the astroturf. TV MONITOR -. stunned by the sudden brutality. Jerry stares at the monitor. . Players and coaches begin to gather around the still body of Rod Tidwell. It is brutal.. Tidwell lies still on turf.

MARCEE Can't you be loyal to your brother who LOVES you?? . I just have a commitment to the truth. now panicked. _ 123.NIGHT Gathering around the television. INT. heading into the bright t. TEE PEE He should have kept his head tucked down. Utter silence. Camera catches the face of Tyson. Marcee lunges for him. the family waits through a commercial for more information on Rod's injury. And then.NIGHT Silence. GIFFORD'S VOICE -. light of the football field. TIDWELL LIVING ROOM -.v. TIDWELL LIVING ROOM sure hope his family wasn't watching that.INT. in a cry that gurgles from way down deep. MARCEE (immediately) Shut up!!! TEE PEE I'm not putting him down. He turns the corner. talking his way past a guard. BOWELS OF SUN DEVIL STADIUM Maguire sprints through the inner bowels of the stadium. into the tunnel. Marcee begins to sob. INT. he embraces his mother. Scared.

MARCEE My whole life is this family. COUSIN It's Jerry Maguire! EXT.NIGHT Jerry Maguire on the portable. the phone starts ringing. Jerry covers phone and yells onto the field.(she is held back) Get out of my house! Across the room. Jerry. A COUSIN answers. JERRY Alright. JERRY DON'T TOUCH HIM!!! . MARCEE "Stay calm?" I'm freakin.. Oh God I'm -JERRY Keep the phone open.. MARCEE I'm freakin out. I'll call back. JERRY He took a shot. It doesn't work without him. as Jerry watches an overzealous Trainer run out onto the field to join the cluster around the fallen Tidwell. But they need you to stay calm. I'll call back. I'm freaking too. _ 124. ARIZONA FIELD -. She takes a big gulp. He's got some good doctors out there. He's unconscious. Stay calm.

EXT. right in his face. The Trainer leans in close.. ON TIDWELL -. CENTER OF PLAYING FIELD -. We don't hear them.V. ("Rod!" "Rod can you hear us!") We see the anguish and escalating fear on their faces.. We read their lips. His hands head toward each other.. bellowing. Shoving fingers in front of him. As crowd noise begins to rise. YELLING. Tidwell becomes aware he is the absolute center of attention of the entire stadium.CLOSE Dead to the world as sound disappears.. We see them. POV TIDWELL . all watching Tidwell pinned to the screen. 5) Maguire straining at the sideline. All gathered around the television. bringing with them the first inkling of sound. trying to pull him out. They are all. Concerned men are yelling very loudly. SHOTS OF NATIONAL TELEVISION AUDIENCES 1) A full sports bar in arizona silently watches Monday Night Football.NIGHT We're now just a few inches in front of his peaceful. There is now only silence.SLO-MO -. bringing with him the sounds of the stadium. . sleeping face.. ON TIDWELL who blinks back to life.. closer. he spreads his hands wide to clap right in front of Rod's still face. 4) Tidwell living room. getting closer and then finally coming together. _ 125. 2) Generic living room of sports fans. Screaming. 3) Generic outdoor bar-b-que as white fans watch t. their motions increasingly manic.SILENCE The Doctors and the Trainers are now truly panicked.

Is he okay? ON FANS Crowd noise rises. Just let me enjoy this for a minute. TRAINER Can you feel your legs? TIDWELL Yeah. At first on wobbly feet. Is he okay? He rises. it's real and he feels it. ON JERRY who watches. It is the pure and absolute love of the spotlight.salutes the crowd. Only marginally relieved. He does a .TRAINER Let's get you off the field! TIDWELL Wait. ON TIDWELL Has never felt like this before in his life. Tidwell breaks out in a small but unmistakable move -. Crowd noise doubles. And his fans.. Stadium explodes. Is he okay? ON TIDWELL Can he move? Is he okay? ON TIDWELL'S LIVING ROOM Not a breath is taken. he raises the football and for the first time -. ON MAGUIRE gasping for breath.a flutter step. And then..

all his own. _ 126. BACK ON TIDWELL -. ON TIDWELL'S LIVING ROOM Going absolutely nuts. Jerry Maguire is overcome with emotion. He sits down on a camera case. now in complete disbelief. Photographers and others rush past to be closer to Tidwell. are you??? You're a silent motherfucker! Tyson watches in silent awe of his mother. OVERHEARD FAN I always knew he was great.CLOSE Finishes his small but heartfelt dance.LATER Jerry Maguire surrounded by well-wishers and backslappers and . He moves past Jerry Maguire on his way off the field. ON JERRY MAGUIRE who watches. laughing and crying. for about ten yards. MARCEE (to Tee Pee) You ain't talking now. head in his hands. It is a personal catharsis he is sharing now with 2 billion people. Maguire rubs his face. Tidwell will not let go of the spotlight. INT. casually thumps his heart twice. TUNNEL -. Marcee hysterical. TIDWELL (to himself) Nike. Behind him. a stadium cheers a new hero. Jerry. Overcome.high-stepping move.

Sportswriters. Success has returned, in all of it's superficial grandeur. He is a star again, by association. We catch the look on Maguire's face. Try as he might, he can't manufacture the joy of the moment. There is a void. Over the heads of the heatseekers we see Dennis Wilburn nodding, holding a thumbs up. He tries to get to Maguire, but cannot. And then a commotion behind them all. REPORTER It's Tidwell! Tidwell exits the locker room. Press and media surround him. Even the grizzled old-time stadium workers reach in to squeeze him, to slap him, to touch him. He works his way to Maguire. They hug. Cameras flash. Tears roll down from beneath his purple shades. TIDWELL We did it. And now, in the middle of this emotional union, a portable phone rings. Both men reach for their porties. It's Maguire's. With anticipation, he answers. _ 127.

JERRY Hello. (beat) It's Marcee. She says she couldn't get through on your phone. Tidwell grabs the phone, and joyously shares the moment with his wife. Jerry watches, as Tidwell leans on his shoulder. ON SUGAR AND SWENSON (WATCHING THEM) Bob Sugar watches from the nearby wall where he stands with his client, quarterback John Swenson. SWENSON Why don't we have that kind of

relationship? INT. ARIZONA KAROAKE BAR -- NIGHT Rod Tidwell sings karoake, on stage. He's struggling through U2's "One." In the audience are many Arizona players, as well as most of Tidwell's family. TIDWELL One love... you got to share it... INT. TIDWELL HOME -- NIGHT Tee Pee is stuck at home, babysitting twenty kids. INT. KAROAKE BAR -- NIGHT We move past many Big Men celebrating Tidwell, singing along, sharing their Monday Night victory, onto melancholy Jerry Maguire. He watches, cellular at his side, as a YOUNG AGENT approaches. YOUNG AGENT Jerry Maguire. I'm Tommy Bendis. You don't know me, I'm a new agent, just getting started. I represent that place kicker over there. (indicates kicker) I wondered if you would sign this for me. Because it inspired me. He withdraws a well-thumbed copy of Jerry's Mission Statement. The blue cover is ripped along one edge. It clearly has served as a manifesto for this younger man's career. _ 128.

ON JERRY MAGUIRE He feels the cover, flips through it a little. Memories flood with the passing pages. Shot holds on Jerry's face, as Tidwell continues singing in the background. Suddenly, an

odd feeling. A shiver runs up and down his spine. His forehead tingles. He rubs his face. All he can do is think of Dorothy. AGENT Just make it out "To Tommy". JERRY Tommy. I love you. INT. AIRPORT -- NIGHT Jerry Maquire sprints through the empty airport, heading for the last flight out of town. Music. INT. DOROTHY'S LIVING ROOM -- NIGHT The Divorced Women's Group in session. Laurel stands near the doorway, blowing cigarette smoke into the night. Dorothy is now a part of this group. DOROTHY I've listened to you all tell a thousand sob stories, and I have been very judgmental. Frankly, I think you've all been waaaay too comfortable with your pain. Plus, Jan, you always spill your red wine on the couch. (off Jan's guilty look) I've not been fair to you. Women need to stick together, and not depend on the affections of a man to "fix" their lives. Maybe you're all correct. Men are the enemy. Murmurs of agreement. DOROTHY (continuing) But I still love the enemy. Murmurs of disappointment. _

NIGHT Jerry enters. JERRY (continuing) I'm not letting you get rid of me. then this is where it has to happen. but on what was supposed to be the happiest night of my business life. Neither do they.. On the other side of that window is a world he hopes he's still a part of. EXT.129. How about that? He shares a look with some of the other women. Dorothy says nothing. Dorothy looks up. JERRY Hello. she does not move. Dorothy is seated toward the back. INT. JERRY (continuing) Alright. If this is where it has to happen. I don't know.. Looks at the house.. And now I just. Send me in there. LIVING ROOM -. holding hang-up bag. DOROTHY'S HOUSE -.. I'm looking for my wife. robbed of words. it wasn't complete. I'll do it alone.NIGHT Jerry exits cab. Stunned. I was good in a living room. She's not going to say a word. wasn't nearly close to being in the same . JERRY (continuing) This used to be my specialty.

I missed my wife. You complete me.. because I couldn't share it with you. FIRESTONE . _ 130. INT. I couldn't hear your voice. Ray watches in b. the mother who cleaned the steps of a prison to make your tuition. DOROTHY Aw. They embrace. Roy. Rod. FIRESTONE -. in a somewhat scholarly mode. The older brother who lost a leg in that tragic bass fishing accident -Tidwell is wearing glasses now. Jerry has given this room hope.well. TIDWELL No. your agent passed me a note before the show. ROY FIRESTONE SHOW -. We live in a cynical world.. so try not to laugh -(directly) I love you.g. At last.vicinity as complete. even Laurel gets off on her sister's happiness.. JAN (sloshing wine) I think we'd better go. You had me at hello.. He moves to her. It's on their faces. I'm not gonna cry. and we work in a business of tough competitors. as she shares a look with Chad.NIGHT Roy Firestone leans forward. shut up. He says . or laugh about it with you.your father who left the family on Christmas eve.

that your deal memo has been signed by the Arizona Cardinals.WEEPING TIDWELL I. I love my wife. just a beautiful bunch of dudes. who am I leaving out? FIRESTONE (laughing) It's only a half-hour show.. My brother Tee Pee. _ 131. Marcee. My new baby Kaydee. Rod. .. Dorothy and Ray. ON TIDWELL -. TIDWELL Wanna send some beautiful love out to my offensive line. JERRY Take care. Marcee crying too. Little Tyson. I love my friends.. but they do come around. Shot takes us to Jerry. I'm leaving somebody out. wanna thank a beautiful individual -God. My kids. Amused and finally glimpsing the end of a long journey. and of course the entire Arizona organization. a little slow. I love everybody. We'll see you at the restaurant. Playing in the state where you grew up. Four years for ten-point-two million dollars.. my teammates. man. ON TIDWELL'S FRIENDS AND FAMILY watching off-camera. Jerry leans over to Marcee.

They walk to Jerry's car. biting her lip. turning slowly to look at each other. I love this man. loving individual. Jerry Maguire! My agent! This is a fierce. EXT. _ 132. Ray exit into the daylight. PARKING LOT -. he is love...DAY Jerry. TIDWELL Oh ambassador of kwan. they say quickly to the boy: . Ray picks it up. From across the fence. A few kids on the other side of the fence shout their approval of a great little throw. emotionally. In an easy fluid motion. TIDWELL And I love my fans. a stray baseball from a pick-up game flies into the parking lot and bounces ahead of them. Rod. Jerry and Dorothy stop. Wanna thank them for all my Sundays. he is about love -. thank you for the suit. TV credits are rolling on the show.. not ready to deal with it. Jerry watches wonderously at the monitor before leaving. of which he is one. looking at Ray who has just shown shocking natural ability. And then.. They are quiet for a moment. he whips it back over the fence to the game on the other side.She nods. TIDWELL (continuing) Wait! And thank you Melvin from the Casual Man. not even close to ready to deal with it. and of course my Monday nights too. Dorothy. FIRESTONE Ten seconds. That about says it.

FADE OUT THE END . Happily Ray joins them as they walk to the car.JERRY DOROTHY Come on. let's go. Ray. Music. A family. Ray.

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