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0.DECEMBER JANUARY 105. 20110 Expert IP Test Tools Release Notes Software Release 1.371 Contents The proceeding document contains information on the following topics:    Release Summary Operational Considerations Technical Support   Website Support Contact Information RTU-310 RELEASE NOTES 2 .10.

Release Summary This release of the EXpertIP (1.371) introduces the following list of IP test features as outlined below:          LAN Discovery VLAN Scan Ping Traceroute FTP Performance HTTP Availability Ethernet Port Statistics Common tool kit and test interface across all platforms Available for FTB-1 and FTB-200 v2 platforms RTU-310 RELEASE NOTES 3 .0.10.

if the application is launched through “All Programs” option in Windows.371.10." button on the keypad. Upcoming releases will be used to address any outstanding limitations regarding the functioning of the application.Operational Considerations The following section provides a list of operational considerations for the EXpertIP application version 1." (decimal). RTU-310 RELEASE NOTES 4 . 3) Traceroute does not stop Reference: ETS-486 Description The Traceroute test does not stop by itself when an invalid destination is given. Workaround None. it enters a "0" instead of a ". 5)4)FTB Performance test timeout Reference: ETS-524 Description FTP Performance – A "Timeout While waiting for response" may error while running ftp performance test using Firezilla FTP Server.Total Frame Count stops Reference: ETS-522 Description VLAN Scan . Workaround Stop the test manually.Total Frame Count stops incrementing at large values when connected at 1Gbps interface rate. 4)3)VLAN Scan . 1) No Ethernet statistics Reference: ETS-459 Description Ethernet Statistics do not initially report. the Ethernet statistics are reported properly. It includes workarounds for known limitations if available. 2) IP Address input via FTB-1 platform keypad Reference: ETS-482 Description When trying to enter an IP Address. Workaround Use the virtual keyboard to enter values. and you press the ". Workaround If the application is launched through Toolbox.0.

Workaround None. Also. 7) Portion of “Results” tab not displayed Reference: ETS-552 Description If Windows taskbar is enabled to keep on top of other windows. RTU-310 RELEASE NOTES 5 . then improper display of test-results. Workaround Disable the setting in Windows taskbar properties by un-checking the box "keep the task bar on top of other windows".Workaround Use other FTB server applications like Cerberus or Wing FTP. Workaround None. then portion of “Results” tab not displayed. Workaround Re-enter the DNS and gateway addresses. 6) Mandatory DNS configuration in interface set up Reference: ETS-533 Description A DNS address is mandatory to configure the static IP address on the test interface. if same stream is configured with 1 or 2 VLAN-IDs. horizontal scroll bar not displayed on result-summary page in traceroute test. 7)5)DNS information clears during interface set up Reference: ETS-537 Description Applying an invalid gateway address results in clearing the DNS server IP address information. 8)6)Improper display of VLAN streams on the result page on UI Reference: ETS-548 Description After running the test for 1 Stream containing 3 VLAN IDs.


com.23. Contact Information EXFO Headquarters (Canada) Tel.6801 Toll-free (France.8024.6. white Technical support available from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (local time) EXFO Asia-Pacific (Singapore) Tel. Italy.3338242 support.Technical Support The following section provides the sources for obtaining technical support with EXFO Technical support available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (Eastern time) EXFO Europe (U.) Tel.6800 Fax: +44.K.: +65.3338241 Fax: +65.): Technical support available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (local time) RTU-310 RELEASE NOTES 7 .: +1 866 683-0155 (USA and Canada) +1 418 683-5498 (worldwide) Fax: +1 418 683-9224 support@EXFO.8024.europe@EXFO.exfo.: +44. Germany.23. and contact information for EXFO at any time.K. Website Visit the EXFO website at www. This site can provide immediate information.6.

Canada +418. H4S 2C3 +514. St.0211 RTU-310 RELEASE NOTES 8 ..EXFO Transport & Datacomm 2650 Marie-Curie. Canada.856. Quebec.683. Vanier.-Laurent. Québec.2222 EXFO Opto-Electrical Engineering Inc. Corporate Head Office 400 Godin Ave.