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SAP Process Industries (PP-PI) With the component PP-PI (Production Planning for Process Industries), SAP provides an integrated planning

tool for batch-oriented process manufacturing. It has been developed in cooperation with I S Prof. Scheer !mb", Saarbr#c$en. It is primaril% designed for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries as well as the batch-oriented electronics industr%. PP-PI supports& • 'he integrated planning of production, waste disposal, and transport activities within a plant • 'he integration of plants within the compan%& • (erticall% b% means of an information flow, ranging from central business applications down to process control • "ori)ontall% b% the coordination of planning between production plants, rec%cling and waste disposal facilities, and production laboratories. *elow, %ou will find an overview of the areas of functionalit% covered b% PP-PI. +esources In this area, %ou manage the capacities, the production resources, and the personnel %ou need for production. ,aster +ecipes In the master recipe, %ou describe the processes to be used for producing materials in %our plant as well as the resources and ingredients re-uired for production.

Sales & Operations Planning Long-Term Planning Demand Management Material Requirements Planning In this area, %ou carr% out rough-cut planning on a cross-compan% basis. .sing this data, %ou can then carr% out detailed planning on the plant level in PP-PI. apacit! Requirements Planning In capacit% re-uirements planning, %ou determine available capacities and capacit% re-uirements. *ased on this data, %ou then allocate operations to resources. Process /rders In a process order, %ou cop% the process described in a master recipe and ad0ust it to the actual production run.

important data is defined concerning •'he use of production e-uipment4persons •'he available capacit% of the resources •'he costs of operating the resource A resource ma% be. . I" !ou #ant to $ou also need onsiderations Install this component in process manufacturing companies. PI-P2S Interface 3ou use this interface to lin$ process control s%stems to the +45 S%stem.anagement In this area.Process . this function enables %ou to document order-related planned and actual data in a form that e1cludes posterior manipulation. Production Information . and costing. %ou coordinate the communication between PP-PI and process control during the e1ecution of a process order. capacit% re-uirements planning. It also enables %ou to evaluate process data using internal and e1ternal tools. for e1ample& •A processing unit •A person (such as a process operator) •An intermediate storage area Implementation Integration 3ou assign resources to operations and phases in the master recipe and in process orders to specif% with whom or at which parts of the plant a processing step is carried out. ata managed in the resource serves as a basis for scheduling.anagement *% offering a lin$ to optical archives. Resource (PP-PI-MD) Purpose 3ou use resources to manage the ob0ects and persons involved in the production process in %our enterprise. In a resource.

%ou can assign resources as follows& • +esources used for production are assigned as the • Primar% resource for the operation (if the resource is occupied for the entire duration of the operation) • Secondar% resource for operations and phases (if the resource is re-uired in addition to the primar% resource for a certain period of time) • +esources that are onl% used for storage are assigned a storage location at which the stoc$s are managed. for e1ample& •Persons involved in production that are also recorded as emplo%ees in personnel administration •Parts of the plant that are used for production (processing units) •Parts of the plant that are used for intermediate storage (storage resources) •Parts of the plant that are used for both intermediate storage and production ( storage resources ' processing units) (se 3ou assign resources to operations and phases in the master recipe and in process orders to specif% with whom or at which parts of the plant a process step is carried out. epending on the resource categor%. resources perform the same function as wor$ centers do in PP. 'his is particularl% the case in 2ustomi)ing.2lassif% resources 2alculate the costs of operating resources 2hoose people and their -ualifications for a resource Classification System (CA-CL) Controlling (CO) Personnel System (HR) T%e Term &Resource& In PP-PI. +esources can be. 'he% are subdivided into categories to specif% their suitabilit% for certain purposes or their use in certain processes. 6or technical reasons. De"inition +esources are production facilities and persons involved in a production process that have capacities. %ou will sometimes come across the term 7wor$ center7 instead of 7resource7 in the s%stem. . since here the settings are usuall% carried out for both applications together.

for& • Sc%eduling /perating times and formulas for calculating the operation duration are maintained in the resource. • Simpli"ication o" Operation Maintenance (arious default values are maintained for the operation in the resource. • • • • • • • efault values (for e1ample. for the control $e%. Structure 'he data to be processed is functionall% subdivided in the following wa%& • *asic data 'he standard value $e% is part of the basic data.aterial components that are withdrawn from storage (in the case of ingredients) or placed into storage (in the case of b%-products or co-products) 'he data in the resource are used.3ou can assign a storage location for& • "eader material that is stored • . • osting 6ormulas for calculating the operation costs are maintained in the resource. or the wage group) 2apacit% data (for e1ample. Standard values are used as parameters in formulas for determining the e1ecution time. In addition. for e1ample. • apacit! Requirements Planning 6ormulas for calculating capacit% re-uirements for an operation are maintained in resources. capacit% re-uirements. the capacit% t%pe and the available capacit%) Scheduling data (for calculating the e1ecution time) 2ost center assignment 8in$ to the personnel administration s%stem (for labor resources) "ierarch% relationships 9etwor$ relationships . and costs. the wage t%pe. a resource is assigned to a cost center.