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As far as diabetes goes, substances such as phosphorous (to lower blood sugar), Codenium and Syzygium may all be useful.

Type 2 diabetes treatment
First line treatment for type 2 diabetes typically includes a combination of diet modification and control, regular and appropriate e ercise and home blood glucose testing. !f blood sugar le"els remain ele"ated despite these measures then tablet medication is usually prescribed. #ecently a number of new and effecti"e treatments ha"e become a"ailable, such as$ %yetta &ictoza %ydureon

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'iabetes (ellitus

Type 1 diabetes mellitus !t is characterized by loss of the insulin)producing beta cells of the islets of *angerhans in the pancreas leading insulin deficiency. +his type of diabetes can be further classified as immune) mediated or idiopathic. +he ma,ority of type - diabetes is of the immune)mediated nature, where beta cell loss is a +)cell mediated autoimmune attac.. +here is no .nown pre"enti"e measure against type - diabetes, which causes appro imately -/0 of diabetes mellitus cases in 1orth America and 2urope. (ost affected people are otherwise healthy and of a healthy weight when onset occurs. Sensiti"ity and responsi"eness to insulin are usually normal, especially in the early stages. +ype - diabetes can affect children or adults but was traditionally termed 3,u"enile diabetes3 because it represents a ma,ority of the diabetes cases in children

Type 2 diabetes mellitus +ype 2 diabetes mellitus is characterized by insulin resistance which may be combined with relati"ely reduced insulin secretion. +he defecti"e responsi"eness of body tissues to insulin is belie"ed to in"ol"e the insulin receptor. 4owe"er, the specific defects are not .nown. 'iabetes mellitus due to a .nown defect are classified separately. +ype 2 diabetes is the most common type. !n the early stage of type 2 diabetes, the predominant abnormality is reduced insulin sensiti"ity. At this stage hyperglycemia can be re"ersed by a "ariety of measures and medications that impro"e insulin sensiti"ity or reduce glucose production by the li"er. As the disease progresses, the impairment of insulin secretion occurs, and therapeutic replacement of insulin often becomes necessary

-(<--/) = 78. cephalandra indica A 2. Small red pimples with much itching./ (7-2.(7--/) < .ing abo"e homoeo med. Syzygium Cambolanum also helps in pric.(<2//) Fasting glucose mmol6l(mg6dl) 7.indness +han. and is diagnosed by demonstrating any one of the following • Fasting plasma glucose le"el at or abo"e 8. !ndications: Syzygium Cambolanum has mar. >lease Suggest me some homeopathic medicine which is a"aible here in pa. (y age is :: and ! am facing se problems for the last one year li.syzizium .e 2rectile 'ysfuntion.. >resently i am on medicine for the control of diabetes which is controled now a days..ed action on diabetes mellitus as it causes mar.s = #egards@ ns : 1. .9 (<-:/) 'iabetes mellitus <--.mmol6* (2// mg6d*). >re)e.umbolinum A %oth medicine 2/ drops in half cup of water B times a day and gradualy decreases the dose of allopathic medicine by regular measuring of ur sugar le"el.process of decreasing the dose of allopathic med start after one month of ta.9 (7-:/) !mpaired fasting glycamia 78.Diagnosis 5lycosylated hemoglobin and 5lucose tolerance test $ 1999 WHO Diabetes criteria Condition 2 hour glucose mmol6l(mg6dl) 1ormal 78.) 'iabetes mellitus is characterized by recurrent or persistent associated with diabetes mellitus./(7-2. mg6d*).uculation. Syzygium Cambolanum also helps in treating old ulcers of s. ! shall be "ery great ful to you for this act of .) <8. 2..ness. • >lasma glucose at or abo"e --./ mmol6* (-2.. 5reat thirst with wea. Q : ! am a person with a history of diabetes +ype !! for the last ten years ./ (<-2.9 (7-:/) !mpaired glucose tolerance <8. >rofuse urination of high specific gra"ity.. emaciation inspite of proper nutritious diet.) 78.ed diminution of sugar in urine..istan rawalpindi.mmol6* (2// mg6d*) two hours after a 8? g oral glucose load as in a glucose tolerance test • Symptoms of hyperglycemia and casual plasma glucose at or abo"e heat in the upper part of the body.

: percent by the year 2/2?. *at"ia. by 2/B/. #iga. 4e presents many concepts along with illustrati"e cases. around 9/. a real solutionM . nly then is it !ossi"le to hel! him.# $Hippocrates +his sentence truly applies to a patient of 'iabetes mellitus who is finding it increasingly difficult to do away with the reasons for his illness. (ay. gi"en the changes in life style. 2//9). stress and strain of modern life and the eddy around which he has to re"ol"e himself@ !ntroduction 'iabetes (ellitus is a heterogeneous chronic metabolic disorder characterized by hyper) glycemia resulting from a defect in !nsulin action and or deficiency of !nsulin secretion. e"ery ten seconds. at least one person dies from diabetes and its complications (Siegel = 1arayan. using totality of symptoms. !t is pro. 'iabetes mellitus is a syndrome G ubiHuitous and dynamic.arni discusses homeopathyFs role in the management of diabetes. with a global diabetic population reaching to B// million. !n "iew of the alarming rise of diabetes.L million. clinico)pathological and miasmatic correlations. +he pre"alence of diabetes in adults was : percent worldwideI this means that o"er -:B million persons are now affected. one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. indi"idualization. 2012 'r. 2012 | Print This Post D August 12. 2/-“If someone wishes for good health. +he Huestions that baffle a conscientious homeopath are G Jhat is diabetesM !s diabetes) increased blood sugar or is it "ascular changesM Jhich is the cause and which is the effectM !s it inheritedM !s it psychosomaticM Jhat role do emotions playM Jhat role does life style playsM Jhat should the diet beM Are diabetic pills to be lauded or bannedM !s insulin therapy as dramatic as it was made out to beM !s mere control of blood sugar le"el. August. J4K predicts that !ndia will ha"e the largest number of diabetics.ected that disease pre"alence will be ?. A. Jorldwide. the abundance of denatured food. the holistic therapy of homeopathy should not lag behind and e"ery effort should be made to utilize its benefits for the sa.'iabetes Ajit Kulkarni Hpathy Ezine. >resented at the 2uropean Congress of 4omeopathy.e of ailing humanity. !t is a systemic and multi)faceted condition that affects each cell in the body and also the Eul.

zinc o"erdose and also side effects of sweeteners. 'r. At the moment we ha"e only one parameter. the success of homeopathy has to be measured in terms of maintaining blood sugar le"el. Sorbitol. !ntercurrent and organ remedies and the importance of miasmatic assessment in the clinical stages of complications should become mainstay of homeopathic management. Kn this bac. its course and cure are un. >rotein metabolism is disturbed. Aspartame.idding@ 'iabetes is a multi faceted problem. (anu Eothari. Fructose. Cyclamate. "ascular and ner"ous personality of an indi"idual.s were three times more freHuent in the e perimental group. +he homeopathic approach towards each patient is essentially holistic and more so in '(.s. insulin therapy. NJe seem to . A homeopath should .nown and shall remain so. Kral hypoglycemic agents were clinically tried in America. arterial health is disturbed. Artificial sweeteners such as Saccharin. And you call it curing diabetes. (anu Eothari points out that'( is not a specific disease pathology. !t is said that increased %S* leads to heart attac. and Ci"iocid are often used and some of them are found to be carcinogenic.#esearch findings in con"entional medicine put toward the limitations and side effects of hypoglycemic agents. we are . treating diabetes@ OouFre . either primarily and 6or as a conseHuence of the metabolic. one of the distinguished physicians of !ndia.ground. and their conseHuences in multiple "ital organs. esppecially blood "essels. +hey put 2/? patients on placebo and 2/? patients on the pills for an eight)year period. than in those on that there is diabetes and there are anti)diabetic drugs. but the innate program of an indi"idual that embraces protein. but researchers found that the "ery pills which control the sugar. 'r. and 1eotame. For this "ery reason.iddingP. not necessarily to the patientFs comfort. glucose le"el. So we gi"e a drug to bring the glucose to the doctorFs desired le"el. %ut ! thin. pre"ention and management of complications G (acro"ascular 6 (icro"ascular 6 1europathic. +he role of Constitutional. fat = carbohydrate metabolisms.s. fat metabolism is disturbed. Sucralose. '( controls the course of a wide "ariety of tissues. cause heart attac. Acesulfame potassium. their side effects as he is confronted with people who are consuming these agents.As a parallel e"ent. . 4eart attac. Fructofiber. sugar metabolism is disturbed.

.-. . -edorrhinum. Pan'reatinum. 2ranium nitri'um B." an.. . . Agnus ''ino'inum. Although the constitutional remedy approach has to be underscored here. 1elonias.T1*. !ium. +he metabolic conseHuences of these defects range from modest hyperglycemia to se"ere diabetes. Kali iod. according to Q+he American 'iabetes Association$ A new etiologic classification system for diabetes mellitus is listed below with corresponding prominent homeopathic remedies. Thyroidinum ?.ul!hur. Family history of serious diseases and past history of multiple infections (li. !mmune(mediated diabetes: +he role of constitutional therapeutics and the remedies as listed under no. . .The "e#en Factors and Homeopathic $emedies +he following se"en factors are implicated in the etio)pathogenesis of 'iabetes mellitus. D) resulting &rom diseases o& e*ocrine pancreas $ Ars al".ey indicators for selecting %)A. /ar mur.orti'otro!inum. but a dose of %)A 2// healed the wound. )u& 0om. . . N+his remedy would be good for genetic!hor. D) resulting &rom endocrinopathies$ /ar3'ar". Phos3 a'id. )at sul!h. 1ydrastis 'an. . the use of intercurrent remedies must be emphasized. /ryonia. .ortisonum (. -edorrhinum.tre!to'o''inum.y!hilinum. 'iabetes has also been regarded as an autoimmune disease and the role of %)A has been increasingly obser"ed in genetic and autoimmune disorders. Iodum.orti'oids*. )u& 0omi'a. )at3mur.orti'otro!inum (A.onium. Thyroidinum. Iris'ino'inum.. )it a'' ars.e . . -ag3sul!h. Factor 1 (ost genetic defects in insulin action in"ol"e the insulin receptor. Parathyreoidinum. >.ar'ino'inum) are .ar'ino'inum. 1ydrastis. where the best indicated remedies failed to act.e!ia. . .ar"n3sul!h.ortisone and . . Tu"er'ulinum.hina off.ta!hylo'o''inum .%D)-:5a'ti'um a'idum. Iodides. Peni'illinum. Kali "i'h. . Parotidinum. Tu"er'ulinum. . -er' sol. Drug+Chemical induced$ Agari'us. 5a'hesis. ." 0eg. #obbins who did a wonderful pro"ing of %)A suggests.ortisonum. Kali3iod. !n&ections$ . . 5auro'erasus. . . 4errums.y!hilinum 2. .P %ladder G urination G urging to urinate G freHuent and scorbutic gums are reliable pro"ing symptoms of %)A. ! recall a case of Cu"enile 'iabetes with non)healing ulcer on the dorsum of the leg. -. )at3mur. . Arseni' al"um. Phos!horus :. Pituitaria !osterior. %enetic de&ects o& '(cell &unction or in insulin action:%eso&yri"onu'lei'um a'idum (%)A*. Thuja.ul!hur"30eg. . )osodes+ .ili'ea.e'ale 'or. %estational D) . Phos!horus. .

ar'ino'inum and . weight gain. addicted to narcotics and diagnosed as a .u"enile diabetic. 4owe"er. three hourly. the multi)polychrests. it represents the dynamic potential of germ. !nsulin is reHuired in this group and no homoeopath should try to reduce it in an abrupt way. assume a "ery important place in clinical practice. of de"eloping cancer. new research suggests that *antus.y!hilinum.e '(. . Apart from side effects li.ection sites. !n a case of diabetic ulcer with a history of cancer in the family. host and their inter)action to become a powerful and comple healing force to meet the in"eterate morbific conditions li.4yperinsulinemia.'irrhinum should assume a place in all diabetics who become insulin dependent. the emaciation which a '( patient e hibits is typically tubercular in nature as are also the many complications. Jho can forget the inter)relation between tuberculosis and diabetesM A diabetic person is prone to infections and more to tubercle bacilli. where the life and death issue was the prominent one. when 4luori' a'id did only lip ser"ice.'inosinum not only sa"ed the amputation of the feet but has .+he 1osodes. 4ence.. during acute crisis. is a ma.y!hilinum.Anotherstudy suggeststhatinsulin use increases the ris. of colon cancer. side effects of !nsulin can be treated with homoeopathic remedies and !nsulin in potentized form can be used. ! remember a case of a young per"erted psychotic with homose ual and incendiary impulses. is . lipodystrophy at in. A nosode is a blend of the disease)potential and the host)responseI hence. A point of note is that the long)term safety of !nsulin analogues has not yet been established and there is growing e"idence of mitogenic effects.nown to cause "ascular changes and it is suspected that at least some of the "ascular complications in diabetics could also be due to insulin therapy. thic. Further.e diabetes. an artificial form of insulin.ening of s. +he incidence of cancer is increasingly found in the family tree and in order to deal with the cancer miasm. A case of carbuncle that was being partially helped by Tarentula 'u"ensis finally resol"ed under the action of Tu"er'ulinum.or remedy that can be interpolated when a case manifests syphilitic miasmatic complications that carry a patient towards destruction.ept the patient ali"e and healthy until now (see photographs). . may increase the ris.e allergic reactions. followed by . who presented with fistula)in)ano. which is responsible for bringing onto the fore a condition li. . 4ence the intercurrent use of Tu"er'ulinum helps a diabetic patient in many'ino'inum must be used. a representati"e of syphilitic miasm. that yielded finally to .rotalus horridus -/(. peripheral oedema. a side effect of insulin. and !g5 and !g( antibodies against insulin (!)5 !nsulin antibodies of high le"els lead to immune)mediated !nsulin resistance).

phagocytosis. • !s . +he relationship between diabetes. and Kali "i'h helped the case not only in controlling blood sugar le"el but also in alle"iating the pain and discomfort in the abdomen./)8/0 of the pancreas (islet cells) can cause diabetes in any indi"idual. • 2normous appetite and thirst. factors for +2'( are more susceptible to de"eloping diabetes from pancreatic damage. gastric ulcer. hypotension. Factor 2 'iseases that damage at least . not the insulin molecule itself. muscular !nco)ordination. Another case of chronic pancreatitis with uncontrolled diabetes.ness and emaciation impro"ed with 2raniumnitri'umB/ gi"en once daily for o"er B months. • 'ebility. anemia. +he following indications of 2ran3 nit. pro"ide the switch)off signal from the beta cell to the alpha cell to initiate glucagon secretion during hypoglycemia.Je ha"e on our record a case of chronic pancreatitis where pain in abdomen was present at B): am and it was associated with +ype2 '(. pancreatitis. • Suited to '( originating in dyspepsia or assimilati"e derangements. +rauma6pancreatectomy. >ancreatitis. • Causes glycosuria and increased urine. languor and tendency to ascites. reduction in chemo)ta is. +he other to ic effects are electrolyte imbalance.Rinc plays a . are worth mentioning. Some researchers conclude that zinc atoms. degeneration of li"er. ! must mention zinc to icity. as well as conformational integrity of insulin in the he americ form. Since Rn plays a clear role in the synthesis. tubular necrosis with renal failure. characterized by profound wea. which affects the ability of the islet cell to produce and secrete insulin. might then compound the problem. insulin and zinc (Rn) is comple with no clear cause and effect relationships. particularly in +ype 2 diabetes.nown to produce nephritis. and platelet aggregation. 2 cess of zinc may lead to copper deficiency and may also inhibit the anti)carcinogenic effect of selenium. intestinal bleeding. . storage and secretion of insulin. ! recommend 6in'um salts in homeopathy for the states of both deficiency and e cess of zincum. high blood pressure and dropsy. Cystic fibrosis and 1eoplasia are implicated in '(.ey role in the synthesis and action of insulin. respiratory distress. the decreased Rn. !ndi"iduals with genetic ris. diabetes. yet the patient continues to emaciate. 4emochromatosis. pulmonary fibrosis. dizziness. thrombocytopenia. both physiologically and in the pathologic state of diabetes.

+he research study with the oral drug QA"andiaF has re"ealed that it increased the ris. of pro"o.s by :B percent and of death from heart problems by . of heart . N+he . 'iabetes and insulin resistance are associated with a number of endocrine disorders of these hormones. 5lucagonoma etc. >entamidine. glucagons. li.. decreasing insulin sensiti"ity.e Acromegaly. A Select 4omeopathic (ateria (edica lists under .ar"oneum sul!h as it co"ers the causati"e elements and degenerating pathologies. 5lucocorticoids. Apart from the hea"y metals that are indicated for chemical damage. +hey act either by decreasing insulin production and secretion. largely through their stated counter regulatory effects. 4is chronic constitutional remedy was fished out as-agnesium muriati'um and intercurrents were Thyroidinum and . +hese three remedies helped to tide o"er the crisis though the drug)induced pathologies were irre" type 2 diabetes. +he author has no e perience in treating a case of diabetes with this cause.: percent Kur homeopathic pharmacy should possess all tautopathic remedies to deal with diseases brought on by the drug miasm. for antidoting the crude steroids. ! reHuest our readers to focus on . Factor / 0 Drug+Chemical induced +here are numerous drugs that are associated with either diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. 'rug6chemical induced '( is a cause of concern today and many culprits ha"e been recognized$ 1icotinic acid. >rotease inhibitors. CushingFs syndrome.ortisone. cortisol and growth hormone) antagonize the action of insulin. Counter regulatory hormones (epinephrine. unpublished) Factor .er Atenolol (+enormin) carry an unacceptable ris. %ut a case can be cited where a patient de"eloped CushingFs syndrome and a"ascular necrosis of the head of the femur and diabetes due to prolonged systemic therapy with corticosteroids for Sarcoidosis. Clozapine. A Select 4omoeopathic (ateria (edica >art !!! and #epertory. Alpha)interferon. +hyroid hormones.• Chronic pancreatitis (#ef. S)adreneric agonists. #ecent e"idence suggests that e"en in normal doses the most freHuently used M) bloc. %eta)"n3s. Allo an. +hiazide diuretics. or altering the ability of insulin to regulate metabolism.ers etc. 1umerous medications used to treat 4!& infection ha"e been associated with diabetes.

poorly functioning connecti"e tissues. +he J4K has included diabetes in its classification of secondary immunodeficiency diseases.e. as a "ery useful remedy in Cu"enile diabetics who de"elop recurrent infections. 4omeopathically. with gestational diabetes.e use of . 'r. are at higher ris. narcoticsI absorbing aluminium. Je ha"e found it. who responded to Pyrogenium -(. >. Factor 1 0 !n&ections +he host resistance to infection in diabetes and the influence of an acute infection upon the endocrinologic)metabolic status of the diabetic patient is an interesting study for a homeopath. +he occurrence of infection in a diabetic patient perpetuates a "icious cycle.e an e ample of . Parotidinum can be thought of when diabetes has de"eloped after mumps. which in turn causes further aggra"ation of infections. >eople with diabetes. and those who use medications such as steroids. it is the tubercular miasm which is chiefly responsible for host susceptibility in diabetes. ! would li. !nfection tends to occur with greater freHuency and se"erity in diabetic patients than in non) diabetic. +he impairment of a wide range of functions in neutrophils and macrocytes ((acrophages) including chemota is and adherence phagocytosis and intracellular . . +his affects the system in many ways as connecti"e tissues play a "ital role in metabolic.. +ar.illing of microorganisms and also impairment in the mo"ement of phagocytic cells are the factors that e plain the increased susceptibility to infection. tobacco.! often ma. are malnourished and donFt put on mentions -edorrhinum for the same. gi"en si hourly for : days.ili'eais born with a defecti"e mesenchymal system i. lead (from cosmetics etc. *et us ta. !.tre!to'o''inum in such cases. defensi"e and hemopoietic functions.nife.ili'ea is a +uberculo)syphilitic remedy and is useful in many neuropathic and dermatological complications of diabetes. our surgeonFs .) and other chemicalsP. with loose.set.e to mention a case of urinary tract infection due to group % streptococcus in a pregnant lady. in which infection results in uncontrolled hyperglycemia. addicts of alcohol. for in"asi"e disease from group A streptococcal infections.ili'ea. . Tu"er'ulinum has been my sheet anchor in boosting the immunity against pyogenic infections.

+he influence of emotional stress upon sugar metabolism has also been e amined. and the acidosis has. drowsinessI unusually tired. About 1elonias. +he importance of emotional disturbances has been appreciated.Factor 2 +he statistics indicate that Qabout one)third to one)half of women who ha"e gestational diabetes will ha"e it again in a later pregnancy. or emotions. (any in"estigators ha"e obser"ed definite connections and inferences go in fa"our of homeopathyFs holistic approach towards a patient of diabetes. diabetes. yet .nows no reasonP. And up to ?/ percent of women with gestational diabetes will de"elop diabetes at some point in the futureF. 1elonias and . self)consciousness. clear. there is an interesting rubric QSadness. and "ulnerability but were associated with lower scores for the trait of altruism. depression. personality traits of diabetic patients ha"e been studied and many researchers ha"e noted similarities of configuration. at times. So the combination is G sadness.ness. suffer from metabolic eccentricities that ma. A colleague of con"entional therapy once referred a case. N'iabetes$ first stagesI urine profuse. e ercise.s on (ateria (edica with ComparisonsF writes. 4owe"er. duringF. +hese cases need constitutional homoeopathic treatment and the repertory indicates three remedies G 5a'ti'um a'idum.e. AllenFs Eey 1otes lists the following indications. been attributed directly to the effects of emotional factors upon the metabolic processes.ul!hur. insulin inta. Jhen ! treat modern women. languor. *et me point out some cases of acidosis from my practice. +o cite the recent research findings$lower than a"erage blood glucose "alues at baseline were associated with higher scores for the personality domain of neuroticism and se"eral specific traits including an iety. angry hostility. with Ndesire to be aloneP (4ale)I they are irritable and fault)finding and intolerant of the least contradictionP. >ierce Jillard in Q>lain +al. ! find a stri. The !)3 Factor: The $ole o& 4motions +he role of emotional factors in the etiology of diabetes has been a source of debate. diabetes and pregnancy. !t has often been assumed that patients who repeatedly go into acidosis despite careful efforts at regulation. with great wea. +he case was interesting in the sense that the referred woman was admitted fi"e . saccharineI lips dry.e them react se"erely to slight changes in correspondence in 1elonias. Albuminuria$ acute or chronicI during pregnancy. stic. togetherI great thirstI restlessnessI emaciationI irritable and melancholy. N!t produces depression both of the body and the mindI there is profound melancholia. Susceptibility to infection may be held responsible.

A touchy. Cu"enile diabetes may occur in those children who feel insufficiently ac. 4is mother found a new man within a year and our patient was left alone. 4e was diagnosed to ha"e C'( at -: years and was maintaining well on !n. 4e got acHuainted with a new girl friend and life became smooth with her. under the rubric. The 3ersonality characters in Diabetes %efore we contemplate the personality characters.According to human symbolic language of the pancreas) sweetness. +he concept . +he pancreas is lin. 'onFt discard them as metaphysical. +his was the big assault. Another case was of . +he pancreas represents the sweetness of life. constant on an acute. 2"ery time the relati"es narrated the history that the patient and her husband were not on good terms and whene"er big Huarrels'ino'inum made him altogether a different man along with psychotherapeutic sessions. Acidosis. +here is a huge inability to feel part of the whole and gi"e and recei"e in a balanced way.ed to the solar ple us that deals with emotions. on one fine day she left him. !n short. 4e was determined to find himself. insulin deficiency and others. +he reasons for selection of . intro"erted. increased susceptibility to infection.years. to find his potential and to use the QgoF in his life. lo"e. Since then'. +he blood sugar le"el also maintained at normal le"els. Je ha"e enough threadbare through islets of *angerhans. and an intense abandoned feeling. shy young man. for whom the home was as if hellI no lo"e from parents.. were family history of cancer. .u"enilediabetes of a young chap of 2. 'iabetics are found to be more emotional and harbor many wishes for themsel"es and others. has a prominent role to play in diabetes. gi"en on the basis of totality of symptoms not only stopped the recurrent episodes of acidosis but her susceptibility to infections was reduced.)atrum muriati'um. the basic comple emotion.times in his hospital for diabetic acidosis within a span of two months. Alas. +hey tend to reproach themsel"es with discontentment of others. the chronic state ta. se"ere episode.nowledged.nowledge the symbolic language of the pancreas. Synthesis #epertory mentions . 4e was harbouring resentment and feelings of abandonment and had to sustain the blow of di"orce. 1otice that diabetics are alarmingly increasing in the world. mother materialistic. Some deeper insights are needed to understand the concept of lo"e in diabetes. the patient went into metabolic acidosis. +hey spend much energy fulfilling the inner need of their emotions and there is associated inner sadness from an unreHuited lo"e. wishes and intellectual acti"ities. we must ac. the problems of the pancreas stem from indi"iduals not belie"ing they deser"e lo"e. !nsulin. acidosis and then hospitalization became a "icious cycle. increase in blood'. father alcoholic.

between o"ereating to ma. it can be eHuated to lo"e. 'iabetes is particularly related to feeling either a lac.of lo"e is central to understanding and managing diabetes. which reinforces a belief that thereFs no sweetness in life. as homeopaths.e.Jhilepresenting the parallels between insulin in language (*atin word insula T island i.e. !f we. and lo"e is a sweet feeling for human beings. of "alue. of sweetness and a deep longing for Nwhat might ha"e beenP may cause malfunction of the pancreas. +he sugar le"el in our blood relates to the amount of sweetness and lo"e in our li"es and to the opposite. . of lo"e or nourishment and an inability to recei"e lo"e. we canFt brush aside the role of emotions and resol"e the conundrum of diabetics. %asically. (etabolic acidosis conseHuent to emotional e citement is a good e ample. "iew oursel"es as holistic prescribers.P +herefore. +here is always polarity between lo"e and aggression. Cust as diabetics cannot integrate sugar in the food. (ichael *incoln. !n an adult. +he body warns G those without lo"e become sour. because the pancreas reHuires the emotion of . to be e creted bac. when theyFre not able to find nurturance. %ehind the desire of diabetics to en. !slets of *angerhans) and characters of diabetics. they feel they ha"e to rear themsel"es. life loses its sweetness. diabetes is often associated with obesity and this shows the lin. 'iabetics canFt assimilate sugarI it passes straight through.oy to function properly. in Q(essages from the %odyF suggests that indi"iduals with diabetes are Nislands unto themsel"esP) i. they become self)made. Nfrom birth they learn to fend for themsel"es. it is difficult for them to integrate or accept lo"e. between sugar and acid. stands an unsatisfied desire for lo"e.e up for the lac. 5lycosuria amounts to running out (failure) of lo"e. 1ot being able to metabolize sugar is an effect from not being able to get lo"e.ely to be traumatic. out again. rele"ance or "alidation from outside themsel"es. along with an inability to accept lo"e and absorb it unreser"edly. Acid is a symbol of aggression. +his lac. "ugar5 6o#e and Diabetes Sugar is a material synonym for lo"e and hence. or an o"er abundance of sweetness in our li"es. +his process is li. 'iabetes depicts this aggression in the form of inflammations ()itis. the war) and destructi"e pathologies. 'iabetes leads to o"er)acidification of the whole body.oy sweet things and their inability to assimilate and absorb them. 'r. *incoln further adds that due to guilt feeling and lac. 'r. anger and sourness.

diabetes. a desire to be lo"ed but not to gi"e lo"e.en for repertorization. increased :. disappointment in lo"e . in .Clinical Testing %ased on the abo"e)mentioned human symbolic language and the concept of lo"e. +he following symptoms are ta. accumulating and running as if sugar in the blood. %alance and stability is simply out of the Huestion.e responsibility. the filter being used as an entry point more.. to be cared for without ha"ing to gi"e. increased B.ind of emotional selfishness. a . 'e"eloping the therapeutic inde in order of their importance in clinical practice and not necessarily on Huantity of mar. Appetite. the following steps are listed. unresol"ed problems stemming from lo"e..2 0) ha"e. 2"aluating the remedy data through (ateria (edica and clinical e periences ?. common symptoms. in one way or other. emaciation 8. the author found that out of 28/ cases of mature onset diabetes. Jea. 5eneralities.ness. +hirst.. 2/. 5eneralities. obesity 9. +he author obser"es that in most of the patients lo"e remains unused. Study of repertorization filter B. #epertorize symptoms related to diabetes) clinical rubric of diabetes. -. +hey represent the theme G lac. profuse ?. 4#ol#ing the Therapeutic !nde* o& $emedies !n order to e"ol"e the therapeutic inde of polychrest remedies in diabetes.s. cases (8. Arteriosclerosis L. !t was found that diabetics often feel emotionally isolated. Urine. of lo"e or affection. the role of lo"e in diabetes 2. !n this study it was found that there is also resentment at ha"ing to ta. Focusing on polychrest remedies :. uni"ersal complications of diabetes. -. unable to gi"e of themsel"es. 'iabetes mellitus 2. Ailments from. +hey demand to be lo"ed without ha"ing to gi"e bac.

?. . arteriosclerosis was selected. brain.e degeneration or sclerosis as a general one. lungs. intestines. (#adar -/. +he repertory used is Complete #epertory %asic). . including the heart.+he purpose of the abo"e selection of rubrics is to de"elop the totality of symptoms comprising mental generals (causati"e emotional modality). physical generals.en.en.idneys.or complications of '( that can affect many different organ systems. 4ence. as it is the ma. +here is no rubric li. physical particulars and pathological generals.or cause of diabetes. +he rubric emaciation is ta.//B software is used for #epertorization. as it is one of the ma. and limbs. as it is a complication of diabetesI obesity is ta.

ar"oli' a'id. slow healing ulcerations.!f we analyze the filter of forty leading remedies. Phos3a'. Final choice of the remedies should be based on cationV. and of animal remedies there are are three. twenty remedies are from the mineral .ul3a'. Phos!hates. hemorrhages.accentuates on debility and numb stateI 5a'3a'. Symptoms of '( and those of the Acid group of remedies are stri.ingdom. . Pi'ri' a'id. Phos!hori' a'id. on alcoholics. on rheumatic and gastric symptoms as concomitantsI . &ali' a'id and . Arseni'ums. there should be no rigid compartmentalization in selection of remedies on the concept of .ul!hates. !t is generally obser"ed that mineral remedies are more often employed in diabetes. delayed wound healing. si teen remedies are from the "egetable . 4errums. tendency to ulceration etc. emaciation. -edorrhinum. . are the chief remedies for '(.ingly similar "iz."ons are the freHuently indicated groups with their deri"ati"es. pplying %roup $emedies to Diabetics A'ids.ul!huri' a'id.ingdoms. . increased appetite.anion bonding and the characteristics both ions represent. . 5a'ti' a'id. -er's. profuse urination. >lant remedies ha"e their operational "alue due to the psychosomatic reflections in diabetes. Kf course. and only one nosode.ingdom. Kalis.

an !(> remedy for diabetes.B-0).e the system de"italized.e Phos3 a'id emotionally numb and blunted. +he resulting negati"e. 2 perimental studies show that not all animals with drug induced hyperglycemia and insulin deficiency demonstrate renal glomerulosclerosis. 'isappointment in lo"e.en attachments while -agnesiums feel orphaned due to depri"ation of lo"e. putrescence and un)repairing states. -agnesium and 5a' groups of remedies. we find the theme of lo"e being lost. 4e becomes se"erely apathetic and indifferent and canFt reciprocate lo"eI as if no sweetness is leftI as if lo"e has stagnated in the body and has remained unusedI also debility and self)depreciation se"erely affect the concept of self)lo"e in Phos3 a'id.e to emphasize the role of )"3a'. more in"ol"ed with conflicts and aggressionI Kalis get disturbed by their intimate bonds and also bro.ect with genetic predisposition. on muscular debility and neurastheniaI . lea"ing blood sugar le"els ele"ated. !nsufficient sulphur may result in decreased insulin production. ! regard . hypo ic states of "ital organs that alter the structure and function and ma. A "ariety of en"ironmental factors can ad"ersely affect the diabetic milieu and thus enhance the susceptibility to chronic complications in a sub. 2. 5a'ssustain the feeling of being abandoned and being inferior. !nsulin contains a large Huantity of sulphur (B. ! use it as an intercurrent remedy in warm blooded diabetics. Acid in Phos a'.e the readers to note two research inferences G -. All these groups with their radicals suffer hea"ily from metabolic"ons. plays its role as to its destructi"e and degenerating pathologies. gangrene. on senile complications. between life and death due to decay and decompositionI they are in life but riding slowly towards death.debility and gastric symptomsI Pi'3a'. *et us deal with . !f we study Phos!hori' a'id. %ased on the concept of lo"e. A'ids canFt lo"e as their mind set is much more materialistic. !t is also possible that a lac.e the cells so rigid and impermeable that they become unable to absorb sugar from the blood efficiently. Carbons are more indicated for "ascular and neurological complications of '(.. Kali. ulcerations. ma. profound grief and chagrin.. +hey represent ad"anced pathologies li. pplying remedies to complications ! would li. A'id. of bio)a"ailable sulphur would ma.e. . all of which is found in the form of cystine. )atrums are de"astated by disappointment in lo"e.ul!hur. ! would li. shoc. though its "alue as a chronic deep acting multi)miasmatic constitutional remedy is doubtless. unlo"ing thoughts and feelings feed both the subconscious and the conscious mind and a "icious cycle is set"ons are in a twilight zone. ! must say few words about .ul!hur as a basic remedy for diabetes. which constitutes -20 of the total hormone weight.

plays an increasingly important role. JiernspergerFs report$ NAnimal and human studies reported defects in small "essel constrictor reacti"ity in diabetes but also e"idence for disturbances already present in nondiabetic. Phos!hates. got benefit from -edorrhinum. 4e was restored to consciousness. Although classic diabetic nephropathy accounts for the ma. !t was at this stage that homeopathyFs help was sought for. +he complications in '( are chiefly due to tubercular and syphilitic miasms. +he use of hea"y metals. Anti)syphilitic remedies are noted here. !t is necessary to study 1icolas F. -er's. A case of diabetic neuropathy where the patient was unable to sleep due to pain. Kalis. which is freHuent in such patients.ely to occur in e"en the mildest cases of diabetes. started passing urine and at least for few months. .trontiums. reno"ascular disease. insulin resistant statesP.ority of patients reaching 2S#F. Kne more case where burning of soles was the prominent symptom. Diabetic nephropathy 'iabetes mellitus is an important cause of end)stage renal failure (2S#F). and .daily three doses and he responded Huic. %ut seeing no progress. delirium and con"ulsions. Aurums. aurums. ! prescribed . scanty urination. Diabetic neuropathy >eripheral neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes and may appear as the first manifestation of the disease. tingling and numbness of legs was helped by 6in'um sul!h.+he former inference "alidates the point that not all is well e"en if blood sugar is controlled strictly and the latter "alidates the miasmatic theory of homeopathy. ! remember a case of diabetic nephropathy where a patient de"eloped uremia. +he mirrored reflection of pathology in our remedies chiefly comes from to icological and clinical confirmation data.u!rum arseni' *(. >athology is the accentuated and concentric energy of the disease that gets reflected at the tissue le"el. dialysis was recommended. Plum"ums et'. . coppers.alis are to be used more. Clinico)pathological and miasmatic co)relations are essential for managing the complications of '(. 6in'ums. "omiting. Ashwagandha mother tincture can be tried in neuropathy. dialysis was not needed. .u!rums. !t is li. 4e was hospitalized and many diuretics were gi"en. -agnesiums.

QFor persons who are wearing out under the physical and mental strain of a busy lifeI who suffer from e hausted ner"es and brainF. Wgone. impotency and diabetes. %oeric. Allen mentions in QEey 1otes and Characteristics with ComparisonsF. stress of busy life. • Care of gums helps control diabetes... 2 udation in the retina. of o ygen in the retina).ling synchisisI soft cataract. *(.e mentions.o'a in this case were Qcold.o'a when 5y'o!odium helped only partially.ed affinity for the eye.Diabetic retinopathy 'iabetic retinopathy is the result of micro"ascular retinal changes. Phos!hori' a'id and . 5y'o!odium. +hese damages change the formation of the blood)retinal barrier and also ma.e the retinal blood "essels become more permeable. of . "ome use&ul research &indings • Sedentary lifestyle increases le"els of glucose in bloodI e"en if one may not be diabetic.o'a. hypo ia as an indication and decided to select a . (en with diabetes tend to de"elop erectile dysfunction -/ to -? years earlier than men without diabetes. ! put her on )a!h.elenium. +he indications of .daily for o"er 2 months and it yielded partial but definite impro"ement.or too much sleep. erectile dysfunction becomes e"en more common. . ! often use this when there is a combination of melancholy. • 'iabetes = obesity are associated with +& "iewing.ening of the basement membrane lead to incompetence of the "ascular walls.F Qrela ed feeling about the genitals and a sensation as if the penis were absentF. !t produces detachment of the retinaI papillo)retinal infiltrationI deposits in patches upon the retinaI amblyopia and consecuti"e amaurosisI spar. As men with diabetes age. +he freHuently indicated remedies are . ! helped one patient of diabetes with . . choroid and ciliary bodyF. brain fag. raises diabetes ris.. alcoholism. 4yperglycemia)induced intramural pericyte death and thic.aladium. ! found a good pathological correspondence under )a!hthalinum. hypochondriasis. • +he motherFs stress triggers diabetes in . ! had a case of >roliferati"e diabetic retinopathy (where blood "essels grow and there is lac. • %reastfeeding reduces mothersF diabetes ris. !mpotency !t is estimated that about B?)8?0 of men with diabetes will e perience at least some degree of erectile dysfunction during their lifetime.ids. • #educed waistline lowers diabetes and heart ris. Q(ar. • *ac. !"onremedy.

s in diabetic neuropathy. indi"idualization and clinico)pathological and miasmatic co)relations will pro"e to be useful for the treatment of diabetic patients. (iddle age diabetes may lead to dementia. (others of smaller babies at higher ris. you. of prostate cancer. !n the larger perspecti"e of management of diabetes. high le"els of selenium in the body may pre"ent diabetes. with a lot of sweets and lo"e@ . Although this article focusses on polychrest remedies. !ts armamentarium is rich and the classical approach based on totality of symptoms. 4epatitis C lin. pro"ided they are indicated according to the *aw of Similars.ed to type 2 diabetes. !n this paper many concepts are discussed and many research findings are presented along with some illustrati"e cases. of diabetes. throughout her life with a single remedy@ +he homoeopathic system of medicine is based on principles of indi"idualization and susceptible constitutions. homeopathy has a definiti"e role to play. 'iabetes is a constitutional condition and it reHuires constitutional treatment for its management. *aughter cuts blood sugar le"el. other remedies ha"e their usefulness also. constitutional treatment doesnFt mean treating the patient. potentially pre"entable with the aid of homeopathy. At the end.ed with diabetes in adults.idney stones. +hey are symbiotic to the holistic application of homeopathy. diet modification and e ercise are eHually significant in the management of diabetes. Conclusion 'iabetes mellitus is the sub. ! must mention that change of life styleI yoga.• • • • • • • • • • • Snoring could raise the ris. >sychotherapy helps control diabetes. factors and se"erely disabling complications. 'iabetes raises incidence of . 4owe"er. 4igh blood le"els of selenium are lin. Spinal cord shrin. as it is a "ery pre"alent disease with modifiable ris. of de"eloping diabetes. 'iabetes reduces ris. +han. As selenium has antio idant properties. my readers.ect of a great many case management programs around the world.