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Lesson Plan

Focus : Class : Time : Theme : Topic : Curriculum Specification :

Listening and Speaking Year 3 60 Minutes World of Knowledge Parts of Body 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation.

Language Content :

1.1.1 Able to speak with correct word stress. 1.1.3 Able to listen to, say aloud and recite rhymes, tongue twisters and sing songs paying attention to pronunciation, rhythm and intonation. 1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : i) Sing a song with a correct pronunciation and rhythm. ii) Identify the parts of body. iii) Fill in the blanks in a song lyric with at least 6 out of 8 words correctly.

CrossCurricular Elements (EMK) : Teaching aids:

i) Entrepreneurship and ICT ii) Language Studies iii) Moral Values

LCD, Powerpoint, worksheet, audio.


Teaching and Learning Strategy


Set induction (5 Minutes) Teachers activities : Teacher asks the students about their previous knowledge about parts of body. Teacher relates it to the topic. Pupils activity : Pupils answer the questions orally. Open ended questions and moral values integrated.

Explanation: Teacher tells the pupils how to use and appreciate their parts of body.

Presentation (10 Minutes) Teachers activities : Question and answer.

Sample Questions : What can you see from the pictures

Teacher shows some pictures about parts of body.

shown? Can you name this part of body? What is the function of this part?

Teacher guides the pupils to talk about the pictures by asking questions.

Pupils activity : Pupils respond by naming the parts of body. Practice (20 Minutes) Teachers activities : Teacher plays the song once. Teacher distributes the worksheet to the students. Teacher plays the song twice. Word used : Head Shoulders Sing Along and worksheet Sample Questions : What are the names of the parts of body in the song?

Teacher checks the answers together with the students.

Knees Toes Eyes Ears Mouth Nose

Teacher shows the lyrics and gets pupils to sing the song twice.

Teacher asks pupils questions based on the song.

Pupils activities : Pupils listen to the song once. Pupils listen to the song twice and fill in the blanks. Pupils respond to the teachers question. Production (20 Minutes) Teachers activities : Teacher divides the pupils into 5 groups. Teacher distributes the lyrics of the song to the groups. Teacher gives feedbacks and comments about their pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and vocal projection. Pupils activities : In groups, pupils need to do the jazz chant according to the song. Groups present their jazz Jazz Chant Song lyrics

chants in front of the class. Closure (5 Minutes) Teachers activity : Teacher refreshes the pupils on what they have learnt. Pupils activities : Pupils present the songs in the class. Short allocation