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REPORT ON THE JOB OF TRAINING My name is Indah Prawestri. I was in school in SMK N 1 GODEAN at the department of multimedia of.

A year ago, i 'm following a training work called the practice of industrial work or pkl. PKL i follow this went on for less than three months. Place pkl i was in housing griya karanganyar, asri blog G15 brontokusuman, mergangsang, yogyakarta which is near with social dept. jogjakarta. X-code films founded by mr viko amanda. Mr viko amanda as producers, the founder of x-code films, also the owner of ghani arasyid as management, budi laksono direct, as the art andi saputra as editing, dian kartika martha as a photographer, and the steward of the borrowing ariyanto as a tool. Xcode films move in the fields of services that is, by the manufacture products the product of multimedia, like video clip, the manufacture of advertising, etc. X-code films also livery instrument-instrument of them start lighting, namely from the camera, green screen, a lamp stand, a tripod, a camera lens, accoutrements shooting, etc. I practice of work industry on the 1st of may 2013 to 31 july 2013. At first we berlima don ' t get place pkl, because of lacking fit with a PKL already dipilihkan schools. Finally we who do not get a place for PKL, seeking places where there are suitable to be used as training work. That first day we find bits on information from brother class, then brother class gives advice to seek for information on the internet. After we look for and find eventually earned and a PH suitable for pkl the department of multimedia. We get a lot of places, but after confirmed further, only a few who receives young intern. The second day we seek to address place which receives the young intern but it turns out the place was only a counter and not based expected. We started to surrender find a place pkl and it ' s almost report to the teacher, but we get the information from brother class that there is a ph near where pkl his first receive young intern. We almost surrender did eventually get back, we hurried off to find the phone number and address. After that we call the owner of the ph first of all to ask whether or not receive young intern or not. Later after know perfectly well received young intern, we did of confirmation to the owner of the ph. The third day we came to the PH x-code films, a place that would be a place pkl us. On the third day this we did of

the great. In the style of talk the language and style oms toni unique even oms toni be an artist x-code films with talent the interlocutor being indistinct and making people laugh the movie that diupload watched a movie on youtube. Sir viko is this the guy good. We also introduced with young intern from out of town. and disembarrass all these vessels which brought from the house. Oms toni would have been recovered from a mental.hari we will learn the part in digital camera and a camera analogous to dian kartika martha lived. I taught about the base of photography. Every day if we ' re not be a job. Oms toni the someones asik to invited to speak although sometimes i and friends don ' t know everything it means the interlocutor oms toni. then there ' s cider dewi k and kirana dewi from the University of Multimedia Nusantara. Ranging from mas ghani assistan sir viko amanda. mas denny and mas andi an editor who will teach us about co-edit video and movies. there part of a part analogous to. And in x-code films there we also acquainted with oms toni. Then we were given the conditions and provision for into young intern there. the owner of the ph. miftah and saka from smk n 1 pacitan. The first day we ' re just to inhabitant of ph tersebut. The beginning of the first meeting with oms toni me and friends were afraid. he introduced assistan and his boys which will guide us while we are conducting training. May 1 2013. digital camera and a camera learning three points lighting and editing video. at 10 having finished cession we allowed to go home and training began the afternoon at 4 p. Then we go back home to boarding. Jakarta.m. Serpong. Cession it began in the morning. Having finished matter. Oms toni are evolved denizens of social dept. we introduced with crew-crew which will guide us.hari our third the assignee make presentations about the difference digital camera with a camera analog. This first day of street vendors. and also most of the existing in the ph. my companion and friend stories in oms toni. Gading. Tanggerang. mas discernment--witless laksono and mas dian kartika martha fotograger who will teach about the camera. but after a few days we are accustomed and close to oms toni.confirmation to sir viko. And oms toni can also invited to communicate like normal people others.hari an assignee of a second we make digital imaging with the theme free and continued along with the crew. namely bayu. And a student from the university of development jogjakarta Denny Hermawan and Tegar. now reside in x-code films. on the .

the front of a light. Before we make clipping we also have a duty to make covers for the clippings of it. frog eye. back light. camera that is me and lina handayani. Mas andi saputra assign to edit video had been done. Later after completed filming we are taught by mas andi saputra how to include video of the camera to computing. extreme close-up. Reverensi " this is done for approximately 3 days. to our movie having finished make the concept of we saw off of youtube videos to be used as reverensi video clip us. . Our first determine song to be made video clip. dof narrow. Our next week the assignee to make video clip in an autodidact as young intern other. We did video clips 2 song. a song that we choose namely song odelia sabrina friend. and i. After we finish. I and friends make storyboard and the other. If it has completed makes an assignment photograph next photo a photograph is made of clipping. In the manufacture of video clip this is me and my friends need in 1 day to resolve it. I and friends did video clips song christina perri -one a thousand year with talent devi oktaviana. We will find the concept. and video editing takes a week. andi saputra taught us how to co-edit video clips and give us an example of the concept. side of we an assignee of a photography. Making video clip this is short of making before. medium cu. wide shots. low key. Talentnya namely diah kurnia princesa. the task scheduled for completion in a month. The task containing about a technical starting from various photography dof broad. After all is completed clipping dikumpul to mas Dian Karti Marta to discuss the comments and appraisement. Unlike the manufacture of video clip formerly took two days. Once done. And then also i and my friends did video clips again by given the direction of by the crew. video clip we are asking for criticism and suggestions of Mrs. andi saputra and discernment witless laksono. There we also helps young intern did video clips and we also indicated wayway adoption of a good image. that is my camera devi oktaviana. first we must merewind tapes and took the picture by an application adobe premiere. After a part -part duty ditentukkan selanjutnya make storyboard. And to property that is dessy eka saputri. I and a friend s shooting up to 2 days. Preparation finished next start production namely by simulcast. a close up. the high key. and lina handayani property that is dessy eka saputri. Finally i and friends alternately co-edit that video. a silhouette.

and must be finished the preformance of three days. Then we were told to reengage. but pengeditannya still is not good. My companion and friend agreed to help crew in conducting its function. Video clip we have completed and commended of an editor. We work and family x-code films bakti bersama-sama. Then the fifth we ' re on a sunday freed to do anything. We are pleased because the job first and second finished in waktu1 months.They said that the stories video clip we will be good. . There me and my friends not only makes an assignment that deals with multimedia but we there will be taught about cleanliness and togetherness. set forth in film equipment and take care of ph. starting from transcript.3 day has passed away. We have also agreed to cleanse the ph2 every morning and evening before discharge to the boarding. So we were given how-how editing that good and right.

Sidoagung. Sleman Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 2014 . Godean.Laporan Praktik Bahasa Inggris Report on The Job Training Disusun Oleh : Nama No Kelas : Indah Prawestri : 04 – 121 – 0121– 4 : XII Multimedia SMK NEGERI 1 GODEAN Kowanan.