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------------------------------------------------ANKUR’S WORK----------------------------------------------------SPY CAMERAS Code No: SC-001 SPY WRIST WATCH CAMERA Built with stainless steel the

Spy wrist watch camera is designed in such a way to fit into your wrist very comfortably. It is a multifunctional gadget that provides you with the capability of recording videos and capturing images secretly without anyone else awareness. The spy wrist watch camera comes with a 5.0 mega pixel camera that provides you very clear high definition picture quality. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Camera 5.0 Mega Pixel | USB Transfer Rate:2.0(Hs) | Video Format: AVI Format | Camera dimension: 1280 X 960 | Memory: 4GB | Supports: video and voice recording functions | Built-in Li-ion Battery | No need to install drivers for windows ME/2000/XP/MAX OS 9.2.2 or higher version windows (except Windows 98)

Code No: SC-002 SPY WRIST WATCH CAMERA-HD A multifunctional spy product the spy wrist watch camera HD is made of stainless steel and includes a very fine quality glass in it. The HD camera included in this gadget is capable of providing you with very high quality HD videos and images. The HD camera installed in it is so minute that it cannot be detected by anyone. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Built-in MIC: Yes | Video Recording Format: AVI | Video Resolution: 1280 x 960 | Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux/F1.2 | Image format: JPG Image | Resolution: 1280 x 960 | Working time: up to 80 minutes | Unit dimension: 250x49x12mm | Unit net weight: 58g

Code No: SC-004 SPY WRIST WATCH CAMERA HD Equipped with 4 GB internal flash memory and a very high quality hidden camera this spy wrist watch camera HD is very unique gadget that lets you capture images and record videos of very high quality and store these images and videos in a bulk quantity. As it includes functions of a watch and also a spy camera this gadget is becomes a multipurpose device. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Memory: 4GB | Watch Function: time display (Hour, Minute, Seconds) | Strap: One size fits all adjustable clasp type | 300,000 CMOS Lens | Built-in MIC: Yes | Video Recording Format: AVI | Video

Resolution: 1280 x 960 | Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux/F1.2 | Image format: JPG | Image Resolution: 1280 x 960 | Working time: up to 70 minutes | Unit Dimension: 250x49x12mm | Unit net weight: 58g

Code No: SC-005 SPY WATCH CAMERA WATERPROOF What a wonderful spy watch it is working both as a watch and a spy camera and including the waterproof quality in it. This multi-featured gadget gives you best quality pictures and videos in high resolution. Because of its several qualities this gadget is very much famous in detective community. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Video format: AVI | Video resolution: 1280 x 960 | Camera resolution: 2.0 MP Picture resolution: 3264 x 2448 | Frame Rate: 30 frames per second (FPS) Type of camera: pin hole fixed camera |Battery type: 150Mah lithium ion rechargeable battery Interface: USB 2.0 | Dimensions: 5cm x 3cm x 1.3cm (1.9 in x 1.1 in x 0.5 in) |Weight: 20g (0.7oz)

Code No: SC-069 TREND WRIST WATCH CAMERA (HD) The Trend wrist watch camera is a multifunction device which includes features as of a wrist watch, spy camera and an audio recorder. The sporty look of the watch and waterproof feature make this gadget a very high demanding product in the market. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Built-in 4GB Memory | Color: Black | Video resolution: 1280*720 | Picture: 1600*1200 (. JPG) | Video frame rate: 30fps +-1 | Storage Memory: 4GB(8GB optional) | Transfer interface: USB 2.0 | Image ratio: 9: 7 | Compatibility: Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS 10.4 | Built-in lithium battery: Yes | Built-in Microphone: Yes | IR Night vision function: 1 Meter | Distance Picture taking function: Yes | Separate audio recording: Yes |Battery life with night-vision: 80mins | Charge current: DC 5V | Charging time: 90mins | Battery Capacity: 300 mAh | Dimensions (cm): H: 6cm W: 5.5cm D: 1.5cm

Code No: SC-092 FOCE WRIST WATCH CAMERA HD A high on demand product because of its several features Foce wrist watch camera is a great product which functions as a spy camera, as a watch and also includes the audio recording functions in it. Besides these feature the most attractive feature of this gadget is its IR night vision function. The various features of this product are as follows:

0 Dimension:13mm(D) x 154mm(L) | Weight: 51g Color: Blue/Red/Gold/Black Code No: SC-008 SPY PEN CAMERA HIGH DEFINITION An attractive design and equipped with several features Spy pen camera high definition is a very useful gadget.0 | Built-in Microphone: Yes IR | Night vision function: 1 Meter distance | Picture taking function: Yes | Separate audio recording: Yes | Battery life with night-vision: 80mins | Charge current: DC 5V | Charging time: 90mins | Battery Capacity: 300 mAh | Dimensions (cm): H: 6cm W: 5. spy camera.Features: HD Camera watch | Time stamp and separate audio recording | Photo taking function | stylish sports watch Weatherproof: Rinse in water (not for diving) |Built-in 4GB Memory | Video resolution: 1280*720 (.0 mega pixel CMOS camera | Battery: 150mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery | USB interface: 2. The various features of this product are as follows: . This spy product supports up to 5 GB memory which lets you record long hour’s videos and capture number of high definition images. Mac OS Code No: SC-009 SPY PEN CAMERA HD Spy pen camera HD is an excellent gadget outfitted with features such as a pen. AVI) | Picture resolution: 1600*1200 | Video frame rate: 30fps | Storage Memory: 4GB(8GB optional) | Transfer interface: USB 2. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Video resolution: 1280*720P | U Disc Tiny size: 14*1cm(L*D) | Weight:47g | Compression: AVI video format | 1280*720p | Video code: M-JPEG | Photo format: JPG | Voice recording: Yes | Voltage: DC-5V | Supports: Micro SD card up to 8GB | USB: MINI 5 Pin USB | Battery Type: Lithium-ion | Supporting System: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.5cm Code No: SC-007 SPY PEN CAMERA Who can think of a camera hidden in a pen like equipment? This spy pen camera is one such gadget which includes a hidden camera in it that provides you high definition pictures and videos. voice recording function and function of a USB flash drive. The camera in it is very tiny that cannot be detected easily. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Resolution: 1280*960 Frame:30F/S | Real time recording in AVI video format image size: 4:3 | Internal memory:4GB/8GB Video encoding: M-JPEG | Camera: 2.5cm D: 1. The camera included will give you very high quality picture and video quality.

Features: Video Resolution: AVI format | 1280 x 720 Pixels @ Real time 30 frames per second | Photo Resolution: JPG format 1600 x 1200 pixels | Video Compression Mode: M-JPEG | High Speed USB 2.5GB memory | Dimensions: 48*45*18mm Code No: SC-012 SPY MINI TABLE CLOCK CAMERA .3 Meters | Video Range: Up to 8 Meters | Power Source: 300mAh | Built in rechargeable lithium polymer battery | Analog 12 Hour Display (Hour. Minute. Second Hands) | Metal And Glass Construction | Fold out stand | Time Adjustment | USB Port | Micro SD card slot | LED Status Indicator | Continuous Recording Time: About 2 hours on full charge | File Size: 1 hour of audio/video will use about 2. Mac OS | Size: 150mm x 15mm x 15mm Code No: SC-010 LOUIS VUITTON TABLE CLOCK CAMERA This is a DVR table clock camera which usually looks like a normal table clock but includes a very high definition spy camera in it. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Silver | Memory: Micro SD card | White Balance: Auto | Time/Date Stamp: Yes (always on) | Video Format: AVI | FPS: 30 | Video Resolution: 640 x 480 | Photo resolution: 1280 x 960 | Image Capture Format: JPEG | Built-in MIC: Yes | Audio: 24000Hz 192 kb/s (1 channel) | Audio Range: 1 . This gadget is made of stainless steel in silver cover that gives an attractive look to this gadget.4 | Image Scaling Ratio: 4:3 | Working time: 3 hours | Support Micro SD card up to 8GB | Picture Format: JPG | Operating Temperature: 0-40 degree | Interface-type: Mini 4pin USB | Charge Pressure: DC-5V | Battery Capacity: 400mAh | Operating Humidity: 20%-80% Code No: SC-011 SPY TABLE CLOCK CAMERA Looking just like an ordinary table clock this spy table clock camera can monitor people without their awareness and capture their images and videos in a high resolution quality. Mac OS 10.0 Interface | Plug and Play | Supporting System: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Motion detection | Video Resolution: 720x480 VGA | Frame rate: 30fps+/-1fps | DVD Player Software: Mainstream Media Player | Picture Pixels: 5M Pixels | Video Encoding: M-JPEG | Video format: AVI | Supporting Systems: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/Vista. The hidden DVR camera provides you with the high definition picture quality both for images and videos.

The gadget is a beautiful mini table clock including features of a high definition spy camera and image sensor in it. . One of the very promising qualities of this gadget is its recording capacity that is 12 hours.7V | Charging Voltage: 4. electronic alarming and sound recording makes this gadget one of the very useful gadget in spy camera category. Besides these features it has number of features inside it that make this mini table clock a high on demand in the spy market. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Frame Rate: 30FPS |Video resolution 1280*960 |Remote camera monitoring |External TF card | hightech multi-functional product |Video making | Sound Recording | photo shooting | Electronic Alarming Clock |High-capacity battery| Video making of over 12 hours | Sound recording of over 20 hours | Long battery backup for 12 hour continuous recording | On/off by remote or manually |Metallic Color | Card accepted up to 32GB | 2200 mAh battery for long time recording. Code No: SC-014 SPY DIGITAL TABLE CLOCK CAMERA HD This digital table clock camera comes up with a HD camera installed inside it which can be used for monitoring people in a particular area in which you feel to keep an eye on people activities. Mac OS. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Resolution: 1280*960 | Video playback speed: 30fps | Video File Format: AVI | Battery Backup of 12 Hour Continuous Recording | External TF card memory | Sound Recording | Photo Shooting | Electronic Alarming | Sound recording over 20 hours | Supporting Systems: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/vista.2-5V | Dimension: 48*45*18mm | Packing size: 130*95*65mm | Weight: 250g | Operation temperature: <50 degree | Construction: Brush steel Code No: SC-013 SPY DIGITAL TABLE CLOCK CAMERA The spy digital table clock camera is a single product carrying multiple features inside it that you can use for several spy activities. The features of a HD spy camera. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Image Sensor: 1/4 | Camera angle: 63 degrees | Resolution: 640*480 | Video playback speed: 30fps | Video File Format: AVI | Encoding: MPEG-4 | Memory: 4GB | Microphone Range: 3-10m | Working Time: 90-130 minutes | Charging time: 3 hours | Operating voltage: 3.

720*480 and 640*480 | Frame Rate: 30fps | Picture Format: JPG | Image: 5M Pix. The various features of this product are as follows: Video format: AVI | Video Coding: M-JPEG | Resolution Ratio: 1280*960.Code No: SC-015 SPY CHEWING GUM CAMERA It is obvious that nobody will ever suspect a chewing gum packet having a hidden camera installed in it. DVR Specifications: Mini Camcorder with 2.5 inch TFT LCD 1280X960 Pixels Cyclic Recording Function Motion-activated recording function Record files is designed to be tamperproof ID stamp 20 seconds recording in Advance when motion detection starts Real-time and image ID number stamp on recordings One key operation for start-up recording Power off and LCD off function Power off automatically Vibration inform function High recording 1280x960 @ 30fps. One touch allows you to capture audio and 30 frames per second (fps) video in the popular AVI format. Built-in 128MB memory flash . | Image Ratio:4:3 | Support System: Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista | M battery Capacity: 300mAh | Working Hours: | Up to 90 minutes charging | Voltage:DC-5V | Interface type: MINI 4pin USB | Memory Card: Micro TF card | Battery Type: High capacity Polymer lithium electricity --------------------------------------NISHANT RAJ’S WORK-------------------------------------------------- Code No: SC-016 ANGEL EYE BUTTON CAMERA The ANGEL EYE BUTTON CAMERA is compromised of a high definition pinhole camera lens attachment that can be disguised as a shirt button and a pocket sized digital video recorder (DVR) which can easily be concealed in your pocket. This spy chewing gum camera is one that product having a high quality spy camera in it with which you can monitor and spy on people activities very easily and secretly. 1280*720.

Rechargeable Li-ion (recharge from USB) Typical. Certification: CE.5x21mm Camera Imaging Sensor: 1/3" color COMS. Power supply: DC 5V 150mAh Code No: SC-017 SPY BUTTON CAMERA HD An average shirt button shaped SPY BUTTON CAMERA is a latest spy tool used to capture an image or to record for surveillance. Voice Recording: Yes Recording Mode: Continuous recording Adapter Type: USB adapter charging cable . Support media play (Music. playback video on PC. spy cam etc. With built in rechargeable battery.5 LUX. French Interchangeable/Rechargeable.Support extra SD card up to 32GB. with features like Real time recording in AVI video format. Lens: 3. It is an effective tool as a hidden camera. Features: Dimension: 73mm x 20mm x 11mm Suit button lens cover and 4 extra buttons Weight: 18g 5. Support Max: 16GB Micro SD card Code No: SC-018 SPY BUTTON CAMERA Tiny size of SPY BUTTON CAMERA makes it ideal for a variety of users. Korean. With having good video resolution and audio catching capacity. Russian. Dimensions: 34x22x10mm. 1~2 Meters Audio PC interface: USB. Battery: 300mAh. there is no long cord for you to hide it. Specifications: Built-in Super High Definition CCD Camera Lens Video Resolution: 1280x960 AVI Format and 30fps.0 MEGA PIXEL CAMERA Video Compression: AVI Video Format 1260 x 980.6mm wide angle lens. color video with voice. movie. MIC: YES. Main unit size (L x W x H): 79x56. Dimensions: 60mm x 17mm x 19mm (L x W x H). Horizontal definition: 480 TV Lines Total number of pixels: NTSC: 537 (H) X505 (V) approx PAL: 537 (H) X 597 (V) approx Minimum illumination: 0. FCC Operating Systems: Windows 98SE / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista. Battery Life: Approx 2 hour of video recording. photo) Built-in Microphone and speaker. Recording Range: 2~3 Meters Video. 1800mAh Li-ion Battery. Language: English. it is used frequently for spying on someone and keeping records.

It enables to record almost 2 hours continuously once been recharged. mini USB.9cm x 1cm) Code No: SC-021 SPY MERCEDES KEY CAMERA We provide Fake Mercedes Benz Car Remote Key Spy with Webcam and USB Drive. Power adapter. conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important. Dimensions: 1.Battery Type: Lithium Ion Record Time: Up to 8 hours in 16 GB micro SD card Code No: SC-019 SPY BELT CAMERA This cool and newest spy gadget can take micro SD cards up to 8GB and records direct to the micro SD and features a one touch record a video with audio or can capture an image. video resolution 640x480. It has 4 GB memory storage. It is easy to operate.4 inch (3cm x 4. .54" (H) * 1. captures videos in AVI format at 30 frames per second. Resolution: 640*480 Typical Microphone Range: 2-5 m. Built-in rechargeable Battery type: Lithium-ion 280mAh 3. Synchronous: Yes. Features: Memory: 4GB.2 x 1. Sensor: CMOS Sensor Power Source: Built in Lithium batteries Accessories: USB Cable. easy to operate as well as considerable design special for Law Enforcement Task. File Format: AVI.47" (W) * 0.7V.60" (D) Real time recording in AVI video format (1280x960) Color video with voice Use micro SD card from 1GB to 8GB Playback video on cell phone or PC Code No: SC-020 SPY KEYCHAIN CAMERA Car Spy Keychain has a hidden tiny camera that captures videos and photos. battery charging hour 3-4 hours. Features: Dimension: 2.95 x 0. It helps in personal investigation. It looks just like a regular remote for your car alarm.

used for surveillance or to do sting operation on the people who demand bribes etc.1 in x 0. but also with Voice Activated function and all the operation is alerted with vibration Voice/Motion. It can be easily carried out without being caught.5cm x 2. As it is in form of a key so no one even doubts that the recording is going on.3oz) Code No: SC-023 SPY TOYOTA KEY CAMERA This is new generation Car keychain Spy Camera. motion detection.3 Megapixel Camera Picture resolution: 2560 x 1920 Frame rate: 30 frames per second (fps) Type of camera: pin hole fixed camera Battery type: 300Mah lithium ion Rechargeable battery Interface: USB 2.8 in) Weight: 209g (7. It is available not only with Motion Detection Function.5cm x 5.0 Dimensions: 13. USB flash disk etc. AVI format.3 in x 2. can directly be plugged in USB port like a USB Drive Code No: SC-022 SPY SKODA KEY CAMERA SPY SKODA KEY CAMERA is one of the latest spy gadgets with advance features like high resolution video recording. It has a very good picture quality and has large data capacity for longer recording time.0cm (5.0M Pixel digital camera. video recording WAV format audio recording PC-Camera Function Compatible with Webcam function No USB cable needed.just have to press a button and it start recording and can take pictures at 1280x960 resolution and video at 640x480. . Features: 5. Features: Video format: AVI video format Video resolution: 720 x 480 Camera picture: 1.

easy to install. Storage support: Support Micro SD(TF) Battery type: high-capacity lithium polymer Size: 10 x 10 x 5.4. It works like a normal calculator . It records up to 120 minutes of video with full sound. Interface type: Mini 5 pin USB. Image format: JPEG. easy to operate and conceal. Weight: 0. Charge pressure: DC-5V.100% undetectable with compact design. 4GB hard drive and easy to use. Support system: Windows2000/me/XP/2003/vista. The large capacity from the rechargeable lithium ion battery can still be used normally after power failure compact. Color: Black. Picture format: jpg(1280x960) Media playing software: Attached software of the operation system or Mainstream audio and video media playing software. picture function automatic infrared night vision function (need camera support) phone voice monitoring function. Image resolution: 1280 x 960 Microphone range: 3 meters. Features: Video format: AVI. Frame rate: 30 fps.Features: Video format: AVI. Video encoding M-JEPG Video: 1280*960/30fps. Video resolution: 640 x 480. This spy gadget facilitates real-time remote video surveillance Support PAL cable video input/audio input to support screen dynamic monitoring alarm TF card memory recording. built-in microphone.35kg Code No: SC-088 SPY 3G BUTTON CAMERA Spy button cameras are easy to operate and to switch on and off with vibration. It can capture up to 300 full color pictures. The ratio of image: 4:3. Type of camera: pin hole fixed camera . Features: Using the network: HSDPA / UMTS 1900Mhz or 2100 MHz EDGE / GPRS / GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G video monitoring standards: 3GPP QCIF 176 × 144 Video Standard: QVGA 320 × 240 TF card maximum capacity: 8G Power Adapter: 12V 1ABattery Capacity: 1500mAh Volume: 72 × 62 × 20mm Code No: SC-025 SPY CALCULATOR CAMERA This gadget is a completely self-contained recording solution.5cm. Mac OS10. video calling.

Battery type: 150mAh lithium ion.3in x 1. Frame rate: 30 fps Type of camera: Pin hole fixed camera. and even comes with a wireless remote so that you can handle it easily by just pressing a button inside your pocket from up to 10 meters away. Battery type: 150mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. Battery recording time: 3 hours Standby time: 2 days. Built-in 4GB DVR hard drive.0.5 in). It holds 4GB of memory.5cm x 4cm (6. Weight: 160g (6. Works like a normal tie . Interface: USB 2. Flash memory: 4GB.1oz) Dimensions: 17. just have to keep it on your head like other normal caps and have to press a button.9in x 6.6in) Code No: SC-026 SPY CAP CAMERA SPY CAP CAMERA is fantastic for covertly recording video and audio when you are in crowd and want to record comfortably. Video resolution: 640 x 480.should fit with any shirt Features: Video format: AVI.7oz) . Features: Memory : 4GB Synchronous Video Resolution: 1280 * 960 Typical Microphone Range: 3m File Format: MP4-AVI Sensor: CMOS Motion Sensor Power Source: Internal Rechargeable Li-Battery Color: Black Code No: SC-027 SPY NECK TIE CAMERA SPY NECK TIE CAMERA can discreetly do high quality recording up to 3 hours of video with full sound in stunning 640 x 480 resolutions. it will start recording. It can be used anywhere.2cm x 16. Weight: 20g (0. Pin hole camera (it really looks and feels like a normal tie). It is easy to carry and comfortable to use. Interface: USB 2.0 Dimensions: 49cm x 4cm (19 in x 1. and comes with a remote control and is installed with a vibrating mechanism programmed to activate for set reminders.Calculator power source: solar panels or AA/AAA batteries.

Real time recording : 30 F/S in AVI video format (1280x960.4mm (H). It is one of the great examples of technological advancement result of shrinking technology. It can do continuous recording until memory is full or manually turn off. Color video with voice lets you see and hear clearly Code No: SC-030 SPY ID CARD CAMERA SPY ID CARD CAMERA is the latest spy product available with neck strap & name card clip.Lithium-ion. Car DVR. Storage. Accessories : 110-240 V USB wall Charger with 4 kinds of charging head for different country plus USB Cable Box. PC cameras. 18. Ideal for journalists doing undercover video recording. and takes instant picture snapshots without anyone ever knowing. Dimension : 220*139*69 mm. 1280x960 .) Uses micro SD card from 128MB to 4GB ( 4GB included). Record Time : Up to 2 hours battery life Video file size : > 500 KB per minute. As it is in form of an I-card no one can doubt about it. It is very interesting and cool gadget with 4GB memory can record high definition video 1280x960 AVI file. motion detection.Code No: SC-028 SPY MINI CAR CAMERA This product looks like a simple car remote and captures the images and videos. Recording Mode Continuous Battery Type. spy cam etc. . audio. Video Compression. Features: Dimensions : 64. camera. 38. / 30fps. record.4mm (W). It is a portable appliance with the following functions: digital video. USB adaptor. It secretly records high quality video. Adaptor Type : USB adaptor. voice control. Features: Shape design of a special BMW car 1280*960 high-resolution real-time video Motion Detection Sound control 2 million-pixel digital camera Web camera function Memory: Support TF card Car charger is equipped with high-quality Code No: SC-029 SPY LIGHTER CAMERA This specially designed lighter is actually a spy camera used as a hidden camera.5mm (L).AVI video format.

Flash built-in storage. Specifications: Video Format: AVI Resolution: 1280*960 @ 30FPS Voice recording: Yes Memory: 4GB Video for 2 hour recording . its not easy to recognize it. stranger who breaks into will never notice he is under this covert eye. there is a LED to indicate the working status. Spy Coca Cola hidden camera. Internal memory: Yes. Voice recording: Yes. just move the switch at on side then press the remote controller button to start recording. Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable. 30 fps. Features: Built-in 4GB memory. Keep it on home table or office desk to safeguard your family and protect individual information. pretending to have a beverage. the computer can be connected to the U disk Battery type: Lithium-ion. Recording mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or manually off. 2 cm Still photo resolutions: 1280 x 1024 pixels. 5 x 5. Video resolutions: 1280 x 960 pixels Video format: AVI. Video compression: AVI.FEATURES: Built-in camera 2GB memory. Rechargeable battery. Still photo format: JPG. Audio format: WAV. Supporting operating system: Win2000/NT/XP Code No: SC-032 SPY BAG CAMERA One of the finest spy gadget generally used for intelligence and detective works. the LED is hidden in the bag. This is man hand bag but built in a DVR inside to record video. Video format: 1280 x 960. It`s also a good choice for investigator to capture evidence with it. Video file: AVI. Card size: 8. Charging interface: USB cable via adaptor or computer Code No: SC-031 SPY COCA COLA CAN CAMERA With high resolution pinhole camera this newest spy gadget became popular in very short time.

and removable flask disk function. photo camera function. USB Storage supported: micro SD (TF). These specs (glasses) cameras can easily wear by any person because it doesn’t contain any power lens. Battery type: built-in high-capacity lithium battery. education. These cameras help in seeing behind as well as in front. security. In this goggles camera. riding and covert operations. we can shoot high-definition video with audio. good quality photo etc. but can support 1 to 16GB memory Interface type: mini 5 Pin.000 pixels CMOS Color Sensor Field of View: 60 Degrees • Built-in microphone range: 2 . Functions: video and photo Video time: about 70 minutes without built-in memory.300. It is essentially utilized in business. This gadget doesn’t require any external wires or hookups to record video or take photos. 640 x 480 pixels clear video. health care. media. adopts high-quality Polaroid lenses and good program Stable performance/good effect/best feedback Video format: AVI. lens color available: gray Code No: SC-034 SPY REVERSE GOGGLE Spy Reverse Goggle Cameras look like an ordinary pair of sun glasses with several distinctive features along with classy look. Code No: SC-035 SPY SPECS (GLASSES) CAMERA SPY SPECS (GLASSES) CAMERA looks like an ordinary camera with video recording function. These are used for biking. durability and longer functional life.Recording mode continuous recording Adaptor type USB adaptor charging cable Battery type Lithium-ion Code No: SC-033 SPY GOGGLE CAMERA An interesting spy gadget in form of stylish and cool goggles with a mini spy camera built in. living and other field. high performance. Features: Video recording function • Photo camera function Removable flash disk function • PC Camera function Camera: 1. Spy Goggle Hidden Camera with Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery in Polaroid Lens Cool design sunglasses camera. tourism. Our products are known for their compact designs. justice. Video frame rate: 30fps±.

Auto ISO Speed . Features: • High Resolution/Standard resolution selection switch• Time/Date Stamping • Motion Activation • Low Lux Rating Storage: Micro SD Card Power Supply: Standard Cell Phone Type Battery Set to Take Video Or Still Photos • Camera: 2 MP CMOS Resolution: 640 X 480 @ 30fps/ 1280 X 720 @ 30fps Min Illumination: 1. Because of its comfortable shape it easily attached to house furniture backpack. It records video/audio whenever it detects movement within range and stores all footage on a micro-SD memory card for your review later.3 Lix • Lens 0. 0. for covert videos and surveillance.meters Micro SD (TF) card socket: support up to 8GB Typical Battery Life: 2 hours per 3-hour charge Record video and audio • Format: Records in AVI format Resolution: 1280 x 960 • Frame rate: 30 FPS Image capturing format: JPG • Image resolution: 1280X960 Working status LED indicator USB cable for charging and data transfer Built-in 250mAh battery (Charges via USB or AC/DC adapter) AC/DC adapter included: AC 100V 240V. car safety belt.DD – HH:MM:SS Video File Format: AVI • Photo File Format: M-JPEG Battery Capacity: 950mA • Charging Time: 3 Hours Working Hours: VGA: 320min. DC 5V.) Operation Mode: PIR Trigger Record/ PIR Trigger Photo Code No: SC-038 SPY BLUETOOTH CLIP CAMERA Cool looking Spy Bluetooth Clip Camera is equipped with secretly built in camera for video and image capture. It is enhanced with motion-detection mode by which it commences recording on detection of any movement.Auto F/stop . /HD: 260min (approx. SE / ME / 2000 / XP / LINUX2. and Linux Code No: SC-036 SPY CASOE SWITCH CAMERA Wall switch video recorders/cameras can be fixed easily on any part of the wall as per your convenience.6 mm Memory: MicroSD. Supports Up To 32 G SDHC Time/Date Stamping YYYY.MM.3A Control buttons: Video on/off.JPEG • Memory: 2GB Internal Flash Memory • Battery Type: High Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery• Charge Voltage: DC-5V • Supported OS: Windows98.) Standby Hours: Up To 5 Days (approx. Photo shooting.100 • Image Format . Mac. Multi-function button facilitates that by a simple click one can simply record video or take photos.24 • Shutter Speed .4 • Dimensions: L:57 x W:23 x D:26 (mm) . and Recording Dimension: 142mm x 30mm • Easy 2-button Control Working status indicated by LEDs User manual included Comes with carrying case USB cable included Operating temperature: 0~40 degrees Celsius Storage temperature: -10 to 60 degrees Celsius OS supported: Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Specifications: • Video 1280x960 Motion JPEG (AVI) Video Recording Format • Audio Information: PCM Audio 24000Hz 192 kb/s • 30 Frames Per Second • Image 1600 x 1200 72 dpi Bit Rate .

Specifications: Camera lens: 2 lens Video format : 1280 * 960 (AVI 30/fps) Network camera : Yes Low illumination : 1LUX View Angle : 60 degrees Support to Micro-SD1GB-16GB 180 minutes of continuous recording It can recording while charging All cell phone battery charger 5. It can be plugged into any power plug for voice/audio recording and also video view direction can be adjusted by switching the lenses. JAVA games Code No: SC-043 SPY PHOTO FRAME CAMERA . This is the newest hi-tech hidden audio/video recorder with double camera for horizontal or vertical (wall or table) video recording. MMS Transceiver U disk support function to keep the information storage Bluetooth A2DP • Voice record • FM radio Calendar. This advance Camera automatically enters the video mode at last five minutes and saves the video when outside voice crosses 65 DB. Spy Camera DVR is very easy to install but difficult to detect. Alarm. Specifications: HVGA PX:320*480 • T-Flash Card Supporting • MP3 & MP4 player Dual cameras. support MMS Schedule power on/off: support to start/close under set time Game:1 common game. To do list.0. Stopwatch Caller picture. caller video Telephone directories: 1000 group of contacts Multimedia messaging: SMS. With advance features of audio/video recording with double camera for horizontal or vertical (wall or table) video recording. Micro SD card slot up to 16GB Resolution : 1280*960 • File Format : MP4 -AVI Typical Microphone Range : 3-10m Synchronous : Video • Construction : ABS plastic Accessories : USB cable. Power adapter Sensor : CMOS Sensor* Power Source : Internal Rechargeable Li-Battery Code No: SC-040 SPY MOBILE CHARGER CAMERA Universal SPY Mobile Charger Camera is the only double lens voice activated hidden recorder built in Digital Audio Video recorder which gives you all the evidence when required. World Clock. caller Ring Tone.Code No: SC-039 SPY SOCKET CAMERA SPY Socket Camera is a technically advance camera that has high resolution feature. User Manual. put out biggest size is 1600*1200 GPRS & WAP connectivity. Specifications: Memory : No memory.mega pixel camera Code No: SC-041 SPY MOBILE PHONE CAMERA SPY Mobile Phone Cameras are highly advance spy gadgets with double lens voice activated hidden recorder in the market. the machine again reenter video mode if the voice is again more than 65 DB that make the video for more 5 minutes and then saves it with consistent repetition. It can do both audio/video recording and video view direction can be adjusted by switching the lenses. Further.

camera. the max 32GB TF card support long time work. electronic clock.7V Working time : about 2 hours Operating temperature : < 50 Standby time : 3 hours Size: 110 x 95 x 45 mm Support system: Windows98SE/ME/2000XP/Vista/LINUX2. It is easy to carry.The latest Spy Photo Frame Camera is the perfect solution for your home and office. Capacity: 32GB Player: Media player /KM player USB interface: USB2. multilingual electronic time broadcast. It looks like an ordinary tissue box that can’t come easily in eyes of others or anybody can suspect that this tissue box can be used as a recording element or spying purposes. Features: Pixel: 5 Mega CMOS • Image format: JPEG Image resolution: 2592 x 1944 • Video format: AVI Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080. and other field. education. You can place it anywhere you would like to monitor. We provide advance spy products including auto-induction camera. media. beautiful and practical. voice recording device. living business.4 Code No: SC-087 SPY OVAL DIGITAL TABLE CLOCK CAMERA This is a multi-function high-tech surveillance camera with external TF card.0 Image sensor 1/3 COMS Video AVI Format: 720 x 480 30fps Operation voltage : 3. also known as "family security photo frame" is quite useful product from safety and security point of view. 24fps • View angle: 160 degree Motion video recording: straight-line 6 meters (approx. also have remote control facility. 5 million pixels high-definition video.) Minimum illumination: 1Lux • Remote control distance: 10M Recording range: 40m2 • Power consumption: 150mA/3. With 8GB internal memory. Specifications: Video format: AVI Video resolution: 720*480VGA Video frame rate: 30fps Memory: 8GB internal memory Supporting system: Windows me/2000 XP 2003/vista: M Battery type: High-capacity lithium polymer Operating temperature: 50 degree Code No: SC-089 SPY TISSUE BOX CAMERA With its advance features it has become an essential utility in justice. security.0 Code No: SC-046 SPY SNAKE CAMERA . health care. high capacity battery. SPY OVAL DIGITAL TABLE CLOCK CAMERA is equipped with sound recording.7V Storage temperature: -20 – 80 Celsius degree Operating temperature: -10 – 60 Celsius degree Memory card: TF card • Max. Specifications: • Support USB2. tourism.

image capture Video record Remote SMS set-up Works on all networks. It connects wireless sensors (Max. gas sensor. email and by standard phone call once motion is detected. bolts and screws. Features: Synchronous: Video/Audio • Resolution: Video 640*480 Typical Microphone Range: 3m • File Format: 3GP Sensor: CMOS Sensor Power Supply: AC Adapter or Internal Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Construction: Plastic Code No: SC-049 SPY 3G VIDEO CALLING CAMERA SPY 3G Video Calling Camera is a remote sensor spy device trigger live video and audio with high resolution image capture. It can also send alarm by SMS. This device is mainly used for watching the video recording. door magnet etc. Features: Remote sensor triggered live video & audio Remote high res. molding machines Aerospace: Aircraft inspections for contamination. process equipment. such as pir sensor. military etc. Code No: SC-047 SPY 3G CAMERA It is a self-contained wireless digital camera facilitates you to call the video phone to check the image of monitoring area anytime and anywhere. police. insect infestation. Features: Home inspection: Inspect in walls for mold. smoke sensor. This camera can send MMS images to any preset email. It doesn’t have storage space but very useful in surveillance. These devices are used for face to face talk. 15). Now days it is in great demand by media. anywhere in the world* PIN code protected Live record to external DVR / VCR Phone reports on camera settings. 128×96 Battery: 1750mAh lithium battery Code No: SC-050 SPY DETTOL CAMERA . J-shaped extension used to tug. You can also make a video call to 3G Camera to watch live video with audio. behind motors and compressors Automotive: View inside or around engines and transmissions Government: Safety and security inspections Industrial: Inspect weld integrity. cracks or other damage Magnet and Hook Tips Included allow you to pick-up nuts. debris. It has 2 remote controls for manual operation on/off and panic button. MMS.0 million pixels Image sensor: CMOS Video Resolution: 176×144.Another advance spy product with bendable wire camera attached to the barrel camera. electrical wire or water pipe location Pest Control: Inspect for termites in wall cavities HVAC: Inspect inside ducts. security agencies. gears. battery and signal status Specifications: Network: WCDMA(3G). pull or pick up small objects or wires.GSM 900/1800/1900 Camera: 5. This is portable which allows you to watch and listen from your cell phone anytime anywhere.

The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Micro SD (TF) card socket: Support up to 32G micro SD (TF) card (not included) USB interface: USB 1. FCC | Dimensions: 55mm x 20mm x 18mm | Recording can be sound or manually activated | Can be used as a webcam with the included USB cable and software CD | Consumption Current: 120mA/3. it can be used for digital audio video filming. Mode. You can easily attach this gadget to your clothes. Features: Battery Standby Life: 240 hours | Power ON/OFF Mini USB port Sound trigger switch ON/OFF | Record button Micro SD Card slot Integral Lanyard Connector | Battery Type: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion Battery Capacity: 260mAh | Certification: CE. The elite design and the highly advanced recording technology make this gadget become the smallest covert recorder in entire world. and Fast forward.7 (max. It can also get satisfactory results even though under interior low light with better sound recording. fast backward Built-in Li-ion battery recharged by USB | USB cable included | HDMI . This product is simple to operate.0M pixel lens that gives 1280 x 720 resolution high definition videos and pictures. bags and backpacks etc.) Code No: SC-052 Spy Mini DVR HDMI Camera Spy Mini DVR HDMI Camera is an excellent gadget equipped with great features like a spy camera with 5. kitchen etc and can have secret surveillance over others. Record. It can also be used as U disk. washroom. This spy mini DVR camera provides you picture quality like a real view and crystal clear sound quality.It is built-in memory of the remote control DETTOL Camera. Features: Long battery backup for continuous recording | On/off by remote or manually or remote | Also you take the Dettol from the bottle and refill again easily | Card accepted up to 32GB | 2200 mAh battery for long time recording ----------------------------------------ANKUR’S WORK STARTS------------------------------------------Code No: SC-051 Spy Mini DVR Camera This Ultra compact digital video recorder records high quality videos at rate of 30 frames per second.0 | Power Source: Internal 500mAh Li-ion Battery Built-in MIC: Yes | Video file format: MOV Video file resolution: 1280 x 720 | Video frame: 30 frames Photo file resolution: 3200 x 2400 | Photo file format: JPEG Lens: 5.1/2. Reset. It is easy to project like in living area.0M pixel CMOS sensor | Control buttons: Power on/off.

0 mega pixel CMOS lens the spy cloth hook camera is an exclusive gadget that lets you take images and record videos of very high definition quality. recording video & audio by manual or motion detected | audio recording | USB drive | Webcam Feature | Automatic Cycle Camera | Memory: Supports SD card 1-32GB | Video: AVI format with 1280*960resolution | 30fps | Photo: JPEG format with 1280*1024 resolution | Battery Type: Lithium-ion | 300mAh Battery | Recording time: About 2 hours | Charging voltage: DC-5V | Interface Type: mini 4pin USB | USB:2. It includes a very tiny camera in it that nobody can detect with his opened eyes.: SC-054 Spy Cloth Hook Camera Equipped with Low Illumination Spy Camera and 2.Low Illumination Spy Camera: | Lens: 2. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: | Camera . Mac OS Dimensions (W*D*H): 108x28x18mm | Weight: 39g Code no. The various features of this product are as follows: .0 mega pixel CMOS lens | Minimum illumination: 1 LUX | Video resolution: 640x480 / 30 fps | Video file format: AVI (MPEG-4) | Photo resolution: 1280 x 960 | Photo format: JPEG | Micro SD(TF) Card socket: support up to maximum 16G | Microphone built in Battery: 300mAh capacity of lithium battery Code no. government officials and sometimes even by common people for security purposes.: SC-053 Spy Camera Pen Drive Shape The spy camera pen drive shape is a single product having multiple features inside it that you can use in numerous kinds of situations. Win 7.0 (Hs) | Operating systems: No need for driver installation if the operating system is Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista or above Code no. The features of a spy camera pen drive shape as motion detecting highdefinition digital camera and automatic cycle camera makes this product one of the very useful gadget in spy camera category. schools. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Main functions: taking photo. shops. industries.: SC-055 Spy Dome Camera The spy Dome camera is a very unique spy camera that is much used by big business houses. You will get a number of unique features such as real time surveillance and built in DVR system in this spy dome camera.cable included Operating system: Win 2000/xp/vista 32.

Plug-and-record | Records all the files to TF card | Supports 1GB to 16GB TF card | Records both video & audio | VGA or CIF format set by "user set tool" | Real-time surveillance by connect to computer | Infrared night vision | Loop record: when the memory is full | Shows precise recording time on the record file | Motion detection | Effectively solves the fog and astigmatism issues | It can be widely used in houses. It gives great camera results even when used under interior low light. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Pixels: 5.1/2.Features: Built-in DVR system. Vista. Besides this it is equipped with several other features such as motion detection and many others. schools. garage. This gadget is very simple to operate and it is undetectable by the common eyes.7V | Store Temperature: -20 – 80 | Operation Temperature: -10 -60 |Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH |Memory Card: TF Card. 2007. office.: SC-056 Spy wall clock Camera The Spy wall clock camera includes in-built 4GB memory and a remote controlled stealth Camera which can be used for digital audio video filming.0 Mega CMOS |Video Resolution: 1280*960 | Video Format: AVI FPS: 30fps| View Angle: 140° |Motion Detection Distance: Direct 6 meters | Low Illumination: 1Lux | Battery: 4800MA | Recording time: More than 24 hours | Remote Control Distance: 18m | Power Consumption: 150MA/3. XP. It has a 5. MAX: 32GB |Data Transfer Interface: USB 1. Code no.0 |Operating Systems: 2000/XP/Vista | Memory Consumption: 1GB/40min Charge time: About 8 hours Code no.: SC-062 Spy Pendant Camera .0 Mega Pixel CMOS camera which is capable of providing you with very high quality HD images and videos. Code no.: SC-061 Spy Digital Table clock Camera A multifunctional spy gadget the spy digital table clock camera includes a very fine lens and high tech advanced technology in it. 2003. warehouses. shops. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Memory: 4GB | Camera Format: AVI Format | Sensor resolution: 1280*960 pixels | Dimension: 174mm x 45mm x 174mm | Weight: 273g | Photo format: JPEG | Built-in Transmitter | remote control: Switch to turn on and off | built-in lithium rechargeable Battery | Support Systems: Win7.

The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Main function: Spy video recording | Video format AVI | Video coding M-JPEG | Video resolution 640 x 480 | Video frame rate 30fps | Images Format: JPG | Image pixels 5M Pix | Image scale 4:3 | Battery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery | Battery capacity 180mAh | Working time About 80 minutes | Charging time about 70minutes | Interface type Mini USB | Storage: 4GB Micro SD card included | Dimension: 1.1/2. and bag or even in some kind of documents and can obtain secret surveillance videos and images. IR day and night vision LED lights.: SC-065 Spy Smile Camera The spy smile camera looks like an innocent iconic smiley face button.0 | Operating system: 2000/XP/vista32 | Memory capacity: Up to 8GB | USB interface: USB1.: SC-063 HD Portable Spy Camera A very high on demand gadget because of its numerous features HD portable spy camera is great equipment which functions as a spy camera has image sensors.: SC-066 Spy Kiss Up Camera . 2003. Vista.80 | Operation temperature (in degree Celsius): -10 to 50 | Operation Humidity: 15% -85% RH | Memory Capacity: up to 8GB | USB interface: USB 1. that’s why the latest spy pendant camera is becoming very famous among people who use spy gadgets for various motives such as media people who use such gadgets in sting operations.3M CMOS View | Angle: 65 degree | Minimum Illumination: 1 Lux | Storage temperature (in degree Celsius): . XP. 2007. belt.20 .It is very hard to think of a hidden camera inside a pendant. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Resolution: 1.8 inch diameter Code no. Code no.0 Code no. but includes a high definition camera inside it which can record both videos and capture images and stores them to a micro SD card. low illumination and several other features. You can just clip it on your shirt.1 / 2. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Image Sensor 1/4 color | CMOS WXGA HD Image Sensor | WXGA 1280 x 720 pixels | Frame rate: 30fps | WVGA 848 X 480 pixels | VGA 640 X 480 pixels | IR day and night vision LED lights for low-illumination recording | HD portable dvr High-definition multimedia interface | High speed recording quick response for night | Low illumination for night operation | Picture Format: JPEG | Support Systems: Win7.

It is very useful in monitoring suspicious activities of people and in securing your surroundings.32GB | Max Time/Date Stamp: Yes | Built-in MIC: Yes | Recommended Range for Audio: 1 .3 Meters | Recommended Range for Video: Up to 8 Meters | Power Source: Built in rechargeable battery | Continuous Recording Time: About 1 hour on full charge | Charge Time: About 2 hours for full charge Code no.1/2. blue | Video Recording Format: AVI | Frames Per Second: 30FPS | Video Resolution: 720*480 | Material: ABS Plastic | Memory: Micro SD card .5 hours continuously | Standby Time up to: 120 hours. Code no.: SC-067 Spy Door Name Plate Camera An unimaginable spy camera in a door plate with high definition camera quality which can record videos in low illumination is really one of the best spy gadgets. Body sensor motion-activated | Viewing Angle: 72 degree | Operating Temperature: -10 to 50 degree C . This secret high tech doorplate is practical and easy to carry. It is widely used in several kinds of security purposes.A Gum Container which can record audio & video have motion detection function and Sound activation recording is a very great and valuable gadget.5 to 3 hours | Recording time: Up to 1.0 | Support up to 16GB TF card | Built-in 260ma Li-ion battery | can record up to 1. Photo.: SC-068 Spy HD Switch Camera The spy hd switch camera is unique gadget which has a very tiny high definition camera that a person cannot detect with his naked eyes.5 to 2 hours | Supports voice recording | Supports TV out | USB 1. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Size: 50*80mm (D*H) Weight: 42g Color: Yellow. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Size:18*9*1. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Video Resolution: 640*480@30fps | Video Format: AVI | Photo: 2560*1920 JPEG | Memory: Supports TF Card up to 16GB | Battery Capacity: 1000MA | Charging time: About 4 hours | Distance of remote controller: 20m | Control buttons: Power On/Off | Remote Control buttons: On/Off | Video. One can install this switch in his premises as a normal switch for electricity supply and nobody would ever know that it is also being used for surveillance purpose.2cm (L*W*H) | Weight: 51g | Also suitable as a web camera | Supports AVI video format | Can take high-definition video in low Illumination | Frame Rate: 30fps | File size: 40MB/Minute | Supports audio-detection and motion-detection | Charging Time: 2.

Vista | Color: White | Unit Dimensions (L*W*H): 80*80*15 mm. 2000.: SC-091 Ladies Purse Spy Camera -HD The gadget is a beautiful Ladies purse which includes features of a high definition spy camera. but gives very high quality video recordings and images. Linux | Video Time: up to 2 hours | Battery capacity: 300 mAh . Vista Code no. Vista. This tiny camera is very hard to detect and can’t be seen by naked eyes. XP. It retains a perfect stylish design and is convenient to carry. XP. 2007. 2003.5*10*7 cm | Supporting Systems: Windows ME.7 V | Battery capacities: 650 MAH | Video format: AVI | Resolution: Video 1280 * 960. It is very useful in monitoring activities of people in any premises and is a really easy to use device. Besides these it has a number of features inside it such as light and shade environment instant response that make this HD Ladies purse spy camera a high on demand product in the spy market.8 cm | weight: 0. 720 * 480 | According to request custom make photos 1600 * 1200 | Dimensions: Length 21cm * 10 cm * 2.: SC-070 Spy Water Bottle Camera The gadget is a specially designed water bottle which includes a very minute hidden camera. XP.Storage | Temperature: -20 to 80 degree | Operating Humidity: 15 to 85% | Support Systems: Win7.3 kg | Control buttons: Power On/Off | Supporting Systems: Win7. The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Battery: 3. 2003. Code no. 2007. 2003. Mac os . The various features of this product are as follows: Features: Design: Water bottle | 720P HD Camera | 5 million pixels CMOS image sensor and pin-hole lens| Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels | Can take: 2560 x 1920 pixels pictures | Supports motion detection | Supports TF Memory card | Easy to connect to PC and playback videos | Weight: 321 g | Size: 22.