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anch "" #ANTINO CORLEONE$ CON#TANCIA MAN%INNI & CORLEONE$ 'REDO CORLEONE$ AND MIC(AEL CORLEONE$ as hei!s of DON )ITO CORLEONE$ !ep!esente* by+ Attorney-in-Fact MIC(AEL CORLEONE$ Plaintiffs, ,-e!sus, #P#. RUNO AND MARIA TATTAGLIA Defendants, /,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/ COMPLAINT PLAINTI''#$ th!ou0h counsel$ !espectfully alle0es that+ 1. They a!e all 'ilipino citi2ens$ of le0al a0e$ !ep!esente* by thei! siblin0$ co,hei!$ an* atto!ney,in,fact$ Michael Co!leone$ also a 'ilipino citi2en$ of le0al a0e$ an* a !esi*ent of 134 Mafia #t.$ Go*fathe!$ Manila 5hile the *efen*ants a!e of le0al a0e$ 6a!!ie* to each othe!$ an* !esi*in0 at 431 7a5a5a #t!eet$ #iniba8$ Manila$ 5he!e they 6ay be se!-e* 5ith su66ons an* p!ocesses of this cou!t9 :#PA Anne/ ;1< he!eof= Plaintiffs a!e the o5ne!s of a house an* lot$ 5hich they inhe!ite* f!o6 thei! fathe!$ Don )ito Co!leone$ p!esently occupie* by the *efen*ants$ 5hich the plaintiffs$ 5ith !ese!-ation of title an* o5ne!ship until *efen*ant spouses shall pay the balance of Php44>$???.??$ sol* unto the *efen*ants the afo!e6entione* house an* lot fo! the consi*e!able a6ount of Php3$@??$???.?? by -i!tue of a Dee* of Absolute #ale e/ecute* on Janua!y 3??A9 :Dee* of Absolute #ale Anne/ ;3< he!eof= (o5e-e!$ *efen*ants faile* to pay the balance of Php44>$???.??$ that on Au0ust 3$ 3?1?$ plaintiffs 5e!e p!o6pte* to sen* a *e6an* lette! fo! i66e*iate pay6ent$ else$ the annul6ent of the Dee* of Absolute #ale :Anne/ ;3<=9 :De6an* Lette! Anne/ ;4< he!eof= Despite !eceipt of the *e6an* lette! :Anne/ ;4<=$ *efen*ant spouses CI)IL CA#E No. """""" FOR: Unlawful Detainer





Tatta0lia$ 5ithout suitable !eason$ faile* an* *ecline* to pay 5hich$ on Ap!il 1@$ 3?14$ le* the plaintiffs$ in 5!itin0$ to sen* a final *e6an* lette! info!6in0 the *efen*ants of the !e-ocation of the Dee* of Absolute #ale :Anne/ ;3<= an* to -acate the p!e6ises$ also 5ith the *e6an* to pay 6onthly !ental a6ountin0 to Php3?$???.?? fo! the use of the p!ope!ty sta!tin0 Ap!il 1@$ 3?14 up to the p!esent9 :#econ* De6an* Lette! Anne/ ;B<= y !eason of failu!e to pay an* -acate the p!e6ises$ the plaintiffs sou0ht the assistance of the of a!an0ay of Go*fathe!$ Manila$ 5he!e no !esolution 5as a0!ee* upon fo! failu!e of the *efen*ants to appea!$ a ce!tificate to file action 5as issue* on Dece6be! 1@$ 3?14$ the!eby$ allo5in0 the plaintiffs to file fo! ci-il action a0ainst the *efen*ants9 The plaintiffs$ const!aine* to hi!e the se!-ices of a counsel$ spent the a6ount of Php4?$???.?? fo! !etaine!Cs fee an* filin0 fee$ an* Php@$???.?? fo! e-e!y cou!t appea!ance9 On account of the failu!e of the *efen*ant spouses to pay the balance$ !efusal to -acate the p!e6ises$ an* non,pay6ent of the 6onthly !ental fo! the use of the p!ope!ty$ the plaintiffs li8e5ise *e6an* 6oneta!y co6pensation$ 5hich !ec8ons a!oun* Php>?$???.??$ fo! the *ep!i-ation of sleep an* 6ental an0uish this p!e*ica6ent has cause* the6.



E(ERE'ORE$ p!e6ises consi*e!e*$ it is 6ost !espectfully p!aye* unto this (ono!able Cou!t that$ afte! *ue notice an* hea!in0$ fa-o!able Fu*06ent be !en*e!e*$ specifically o!*e!in0+ a. The *efen*ant spouses to lea-e an* -acate the subFect p!e6ises9 b. The *efen*ants to pay the 6onthly !ental of Php3?$???.?? fo! the use of the p!ope!ty f!o6 Ap!il 1@$ 3?14 up to the p!esent9 c. The *efen*ants to co6pensate the cost of hi!in0 the se!-ices of a counsel an* othe! le0al e/penses they shall incu! th!ou0hout the p!ocee*in0s9 *. The *efen*ants to pay the a6ount of Php>?$???.?? as *a6a0es fo! the sleepless ni0hts an* 6ental an0uish they ha-e cause*. Othe! !eliefs an* !e6e*ies a!e li8e5ise p!aye* fo!. City of Manila$ 'eb!ua!y 3@$ 3?1B. 'ORTUN,NAR)A#A LAE O''ICE

Counsel fo! the Plaintiff >th 'l!$ Ascott To5e! Pe*!o Gil$ Manila y+ ATT&. 7RI#TIE IRI#( CLAIRE DOLOGUIN Roll of Atto!ney No. >>>34 I P No. 134B@G13,34,13GManila PTR No. @B431G13,3?,13GManila

VERIFICATION/CERTIFICATION OF FORUM SHOPPING Republic of the Philippines = City of Manila = #.#. I$ MIC(AEL CORLEONE$ of le0al a0e$ 'ilipino citi2en$ an* a !esi*ent of 134 Mafia #t.$ Go*fathe!$ Manila$ afte! ha-in0 been *uly s5o!n to in acco!*ance 5ith la5 *o he!eby *epose an* say+ 1. That I a6 the o!i0inal plaintiff in the abo-e,entitle* case9 3. That I ha-e cause* the p!epa!ation of the fo!e0oin0 co6plaint an* ha-e !ea* the alle0ations containe* the!ein9 4. The alle0ations in the sai* co6plaint a!e t!ue an* co!!ect of 6y o5n 8no5le*0e an* authentic !eco!*s9 I he!eby ce!tify that I ha-e not co66ence* any othe! action o! p!ocee*in0 in-ol-in0 the sa6e issues in any cou!t$ t!ibunal o! Huasi,Fu*icial a0ency an*$ to the best of 6y 8no5le*0e$ no such othe! action o! clai6 is pen*in0 the!ein9 B. That if I shoul* lea!n the!eafte! that a si6ila! action o! p!ocee*in0 has been file* o! is pen*in0$ I he!eby un*e!ta8e to !epo!t that fact 5ithin fi-e :@= *ays the!ef!o6 to the cou!t o! a0ency 5he!e the o!i0inal plea*in0 an* s5o!n ce!tification conte6plate* he!ein ha-e been file*9 @. I e/ecute* this -e!ificationGce!tification to attest to the t!uth of the fo!e0oin0 facts an* to co6ply 5ith the p!o-isions of A*6. Ci!cula! No. ?B,IB of the (ono!able #up!e6e Cou!t. IN EITNE## E(EREO'$ I ha-e he!eunto affi/e* 6y si0natu!e this 3@th of 'eb!ua!y 3?1B$ in the City of Manila. MIC(AEL CORLEONE #U #CRI ED AND #EORN to befo!e 6e this """"""" *ay of

'eb!ua!y$ 3?1B$ in the City of Manila$ affiant e/hibitin0 to 6e his D!i-e!Cs License No. 31313 issue* by the Lan* T!anspo!tation Office on Octobe! 3$ 3?11 at the City of Manila.

ATT&. AL CAPONE Nota!y Public Roll of Atto!ney No. A134B I P No. I>DA@G4,1A,11GManila PTR No. >DA@BG1?,4?,11GManila

Doc. No. """""""" Pa0e No. """"""" oo8 No. """"""" #e!ies of 3?1B.