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WORK BREAKDOWN SCHEDULE FOR BUILDING A HOUSE BUDGET PLANNING Decide on the available amount to spend on the project

Develop cost estimate for the project including cost of granting permits, drive way, sidewalks, drainages, landscaping, fencing, blinds, furniture, appliances and interior decorations. Funding Method Decide on funding method – self funded, bank loans, relatives Decide on approach to getting loans – bank or relatives Decide on payment methods and interests – with/without collateral security. Estimate the maximum amount available as loans Decide on the recurrent expenditure after the project expenditure such as repainting, refurbishment etc. SELECT THE BUILDING TYPE AND STYLE Select the type and style of house you intend building Consider the budget available Consider the estimated number of people intended to live in the house, make allocation for visitors and relatives Consider the purpose the house is meant to serve – immediate needs or luxurious needs Consider the building codes and styles of the location the house is going to be situated – whether storey building or bungalows SELECT A LOCATION FOR THE HOUSE. 1.1. Consider Climatic condition of the location such as special considerations must be flood, intense heat, frigid cold, and other extreme weather and climatic conditions. 1.2. Examine the topography and soil stability 1.2 - Engage the service of soil sampling collector 1.3 - Collect soil samples for test 1.4 - Identify the resource person for the test 1.5 - Assign responsibility for performing soil test in the laboratory 1.6 - Deliver to laboratory – by resource person 1.7 - Obtain results 1.8 - Review the results if it is OK 1.3. Check if there is availability of utilities.

compressed earth blocks. and what the cost will be. Available building materials. Check for police station for protection against crime. Make extensive research on this by making enquiry from existing dwellers in the location Check for availability of community infrastructure. and other conveniences by making enquiries from existing dwellers as well as obtain relevant information as necessary. Find out what is available in your area. or modern materials like aluminum.4.Check for supply of electric power. Check for quality schools in case you plan to raise children. glass. telephone. and vinyl. . hospitals 1. Homes can be built from rough lumber (or even logs). potable water. Check access for medical helps such as clinics.