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Creating vocal Harmonics

Harmonics are important for healing. By working with them you will start to resonate deep inside your body.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis who spent his whole life investigating the ear, sound, and healing, showed that sound rich in high frequency harmonics actually charges the brain with energy. Sound with low frequency vibrations (eg computer hum) robs the brain of energy leaving us feeling tired and drained. we do it all the time

!owel sounds are created by stressing certain harmonics alter the tongue, lips, chee"s, etc while listening closely.

automatically. To create audible harmonics start by ma"ing vowel sounds, then

"The voice can only duplicate those harmonics that the ear can hear"
(Dr. Alfred Tomatis)

#n other words, the ear needs training to hear harmonics, otherwise those energies cannot be e$pressed in the voice. %irstly, ta"e a deep breath right down as low as you can, then purse your lips ma"ing an &mmmmm& sound, then move through the vowel sounds below. Some may wor" better than others it doesn't matter( The important thing is )ust to have fun e$perimenting. #t helps to cup one hand behind an ear, while holding the other palm a few inches in front of your mouth to reflect the sound bac" to the ears. This helps you to hear the harmonics. *eep practising a good place as the hard walls reflect the sound bac" to you.
!owel Sound li"e this +armonics at the lips

the bathroom is

,, .+ A+ 010 A1 00

---,,, ---.+ (/o) ---AAA (Ah) ---### (-y) ---A1 ---000

-ove continuously between these sounds, with lips pursed to emphasise harmonics.

2ow sound an elongated ----.......3333333 (-ore) with lips pursed, sound in the front at the lips. As you tighten the lips and mouth you should hear a whistling sound above the basic tone.

Now for harmonics in the nasal cavity (this is good for sinuses 4 headaches). 3eally nasalise the sound, again start with the &nnnnnnn& sound then run through the vowels5
!owel Sound li"e this 2asal +armonics

,, .+ A+ 010 A1 00

222,,, 222.+ (as in /o) 222AAA (as in Ah) 222### (as in -y) 222A1 222000

-ove continuously between these sounds.

2222,,,, 3333

start nasally, then change to a &her& sound, control higher

harmonics by sliding tip of tongue roughly 6& behind teeth. 1ou will eventually hit a high whistle li"e tone. Then try changing the shape of your mouth. Harmonics at the back of the throat5 /,2/ /.2/ /A2/ /#2/ (repeat round and round). This opens and closes the glottis, giving a burst of high frequency harmonics. 2asalise the sound to further emphasise harmonics. Try combining different techniques5 ------.....3333333 (more) 222222,,,,,, 333333 (her) 22222 /.2/ 22222 /A2/ 22222,,,,,, 3333333 ------.....333333 etc. 77777......77777 (wow) then nasalise it for more harmonics. from the bac" of the throat to the

+++++,,,,,33333330000000 (her 3ee) front.

/o slowly from any vowel to another, to create harmonics. %ocus your attention on one harmonic, hold it, then focus on ma"ing it louder. #magine the energy of the harmonic coming inside your body into an area where there is stiffness or a bloc"age, and let the harmonic resonate inside you. Sit in silence after sounding.