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There are numerous issues regarding marine safety and the environment. It encompasses the whole spectrum of ship design, ship building, ship operation, impact on environment, sociological outcomes and the maritime economy. The Marine Technology Centre of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (MTC-UTM) realizing the special importance of these subject is organizing “The International Conference on Marine Safety and Environment 2013” (IMSE 2013) as a platform to discuss and exchange ideas of matters pertinent to the issues on safety and environment from the perspective of ships and its equipment.

Part of Accepted Papers
A Critique of Assessment Methodologies for Seafarer Students Captain Samrat Ghosh - Australia A Factor Influences the Accident of the Inlands Waterways Transportation Ab. Saman bin Abd. Kader - Malaysia Accident Modelling and Marine Risk Assessment of Oil and Gas Industries Srinivasan Chandrasekaran and A. Kiran - India Analysis of Ship to Ship Interaction Based on Maneuvering Simulation Yasukawa Hironori - Japan Calculation Methods of the Choice of Cross-section Type for Ships with Large Deck Openings Goretyi, O.A. and Surov, O.E. - Russia Computation of the Flow Field of an Environmentally Friendly Squid-like Underwater Robot with Two Undulating Side Fins Md. Mahbubar Rahman and Yasuyuki Toda - Japan Definition of the Ship Form and Principal Dimensions with account Pitching and Wave Bending Moments Karpov P.P. and Surov O.E. - Russia Finite Element Analysis of Wing Composite Structure for 1-Seater WIG Craft Priyanto, A and Firdaus - Malaysia Fullscale Measurement of Maneuvering Motions of a Ship in Heeled Condition Matsumoto, H., Hirata, N. and Yasukawa, H., - Japan Hull Structure Integrity for Life Extension of Floating Structures in Service – FSO Puteri Dulang Case Study Ajith Kumar Thankappan and Mohd. Fazli B Mohd. Yusof - Malaysia Improving the Storm Hydrodynamics Ship Gennady T. Kazanov - Russia Is Reputational Risk Quantifiable
Brent Way - Canada

Numerical Modeling of Anomalous Wave’s Interaction with Elements of Ship Hull Structures Benjamin Dorozhko and Maxim Kitaev - Russia Numerical Studies on Perforated Cylinders for Marine Applications Srinivasan Chandrasekaran and N. Madhavi - India Onboard Ro-Ro Crossing Ferry Fire Protection System Analysis Using Dynamic Fire and Smoke Modeling Simulation Sunaryo - Indonesia Operational Competitiveness Index for Malaysian Container Ports Kaveh Milani and Mohd Zamani Bin Ahmad - Malaysia Realistic Floating Brekwater Design Based on an Optimized 2D Model Faisal Mahmuddin - Indonesia Reducing Carbon Footprint and Emissions in the Shipping Sector Nazery Khaled - Malaysia Safety and Risk Analysis of Deepwater Drilling Using Managed Pressure Drilling Technology JyotiBhandari, Faisal Khan and Vikram Garaniya - Australia Ship Bank Interaction Effect on Environmental Soil Erosion Mehdi Nakisa and Maimun. A - Malaysia Site Selection Criteria of New LNG Jetty Near to Existing Facilities Based on Vapor Dispersion Analysis and LNG Tanker Mooring Layout Oktaviani Turbaningsih, ST - Indonesia Some Emergency Situation into Floating Docks Antonenko S.V., Linnik E.V. and Novikov V.V. - Russia Static Stability of a Compound Wing Configuration in Ground Effect Saeed Jaamei and Maimun. A - Malaysia Strength of Connective Structure for the Catamaran Antonenko S.V., German A.P. and Novikov V.V. - Russia The Analysis of High Efficiency Sails – The Flying Moth Jonathan R Binns and James Hakes - Australia

This conference aims to encourage the exchange and sharing of technical including naval architecture, ocean engineering, underwater technology and other marine related aspected. The objectives of this program are: • To adopt a good working relationship, in particular, encourage cooperation in research and exchange of ideas between academic and industry. • To gain good understanding of the trends and approaches in current research.

Conferene Details
1st Day : 12 Nov 2013, Tuesday 08.00-09.00 am : Registration 09.00-10.00 am : Opening Ceremony 10.00-10.30 am : Special Lecture 10.30-11.00 am : Refreshment 11.00-12.40 pm : Paper Presentation - Session 01 12.40-02.00 pm : Lunch Break 02.00-03.20 pm : Paper Presentation - Session 02 03.20-03.40 pm : Tea Break 03.40-05.00 pm : Paper Presentation - Session 03 2nd Day : 13 Nov 2013, Wednesday 09.00-10.20 am : Paper Presentation - Session 01 10.20-10.40 am : Refreshment 10.40-12.20 pm : Paper Presentation - Session 01 12.20-02.00 pm : Lunch Break 02.00-03.20 pm : Paper Presentation - Session 01 03.20-03.40 pm : Tea Break 03.40-05.00 pm : Paper Presentation - Session 01

Maneuverability of a Heeled Ship Yasukawa Hironori - Japan Maneuvering Motions of Full Hull Ships in Cb - Series Yasukawa Hironori - Japan Marine Environmental Analysis in Malaca Strait Jaswar - Malaysia Modeling and Control of Vertical Motion of High Speed Planing Boats with Controllable - Stern Interceptors Mohammad Saeed Seif - Iran Numerical Investigation of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Three - Dimensional Wing In Ground Effect with Optimum Computational Domain M. Maali Amiri1, M. Tavakoli Dakhrabadi and M.S. Seif - Iran

Venue : Puteri Pacific Hotel
Johor Bahru, Malaysia



The conference will be conducted in English