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CHANDRA MOHAN 614-596-4717

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • 10 Years of extensive experience in Soft are !evelopment" !esi#nin#" &dministration" 'aintenance of (nternet)(ntranet and Client)Server applications. *xcellent or+in# experience in *nterprise application architect$re $sin# ,ava" ,-**" ,-** desi#n patterns and 'essa#in# related technolo#ies. Stron# s+ills incl$ded in ,ava.eans" *,." C/0.&" 0'()((/1" ,ava 'ail" Servlets" ,S1" applets" ,!/" ,C&" &2%),3C" ,!.C" 4'5" ,&41" ,&4." 4'5-3/" &pache 3/1" 4S5" ,6!(" 5!&1" &S1" /racle and 7nix Shell Scriptin#. *xtensive experience in implementin# and s$pportin# '8Series" '8S(" and 2or+flo 9ased applications. *xperience in /9:ect /riented &nal;sis and !esi#n $sin# 7'5)071)0ational 0ose" 0ational ClearCase" 0ational 0e<$isite 1ro" 'icrosoft =isio and %o#ether,. (n-depth +no led#e of ,ava Servlets ith data9ase connectivit; $sin# ,!.C" ,ava .eans" ,ava (/" ,S1" ,avaScript" >%'5" and 4'5 and ,avascript 5i9raries li+e ,8$er;" !/,/" 1rotot;pe. *xperience ith ,ava 9ased ?7( development for e9 9ased intranet" extranet and *-commerce sol$tions. *xtensive experience in 2e9 applications $sin# ,ava" ,'S" >%'5" !>%'5" CSS" ,avaScript" ,S1" ,S3" &,&4" Servlets" *,." 4'5" 4S5" C?()1erl. *xtensive experience in developin# Stored proced$res" f$nctions" %ri##ers and 1ac+a#es $sin# /racle. *xtensivel; $sed ,ava testin# tools and frame or+s li+e 8&0$n" >ttp7nit" ,7nit" Cact$s" ,3C7nit" Str$cts%estCase" !.7nit" %est!irector. *xpertise in $sin# vario$s So$rce safe@s tools li+e 1=CS" =is$al So$rce Safe" >arvest" ClearCase" 2inC=S" SmartC=S and S$9version. *xtensive experience in desi#n" development and implementation of 'odel =ie ControllerA'=C" '=C-B $sin# Str$ts 1.01)1.0- frame or+ and Str$ts -.0)-.1. *xpertise on vario$s (!*@s =is$al Cafe" =is$al ,CC" =&," ,.$ilder" ,!eveloper" *clipse" (.' 2S&!" (.' 0&! and .*& 2e95o#ic 2or+shop ith architect$re" 9est practices" sec$rit;" $p#radin#" monitorin# and maintenance. *xcellent anal;tical" comm$nication and interpersonal s+ills. S$pport" %estin#"

Languages/Technologies: ,ava A,!DB" C/0.&" ,ava.eans" Servlets" *,." 0'(" ,S1" &pplets" &S1" ,ava 'ail &1( 1.1.1" 4'5)4S5%" =4'5" CCC" C" S85" 15)S85" >%'5" S/&1" ,&4'" ,&41" ,&4-01C" ,&4." C?()1erl" ,avaScript" /!.C" ,!.C" 4'5 3/" &pache 3/1",S3" >i9ernate"Sprin#. S85 Server7.0 to -000"/racle7.x to Ex" 'S &ccess 7.0" !.-" ';S85" 'S S85 Server -005. 6etscape *nterprise Server F.5"" .*& 2e95o#ic 4.x)E.x" 6et!;namicsF.x" 4.x" 5.x" (planet 6.x" (.' 2e9sphere F.5)4.x)5.0" 'ap4treme" 2e95o#ic 1ortal 4.0" 'icrosoft ((S" &pache 2e9 Server" %omcat. 2indo s 9E)6%)-0001roGServer)41 1ro" 76(4" 5in$x 6.-" &(4" S$n Solaris -.x" and !/S" Soc+ets" %C1)(1" >%%1-1.0)1.1. =is$alCafe -.5" (.' =is$al&#e for ,ava F.5" 2S&!" 0&!" *clipse" 0ational0ose 9E)-000" 1=CS" 'ap4treme" ,.$ilder4.0)6.0" ,!eveloper

Databases: Application/Web servers:

OS/Network Protocols: Tools/Utilities/ D!"s:

• 2or+ed on the Sprin# frame or+ &1( and !&/ o9:ects for the 1arser pro:ect.&4" !esi#n 1atterns" 2e9Services" *clipse F.S3" &. • S$ccessf$ll. $sed /racle S85 !eveloper for ritin# S85 <$eries and S85 1roced$res for data9ase 9ased operations. S.0" .0)6.ava components $sin# . • S$ccessf$ll. 5!&1" (planet !irector. • *xtensivel.stemsB and developed mainl.ed the 9$siness components li+e *&0 files.1" &pache 'aven -. installed and $sed the /racle . pro/ects %he S%76 ASec$ . 7nification nodeB and S*C0' ASec$rit.1" &'.' Sec$re2a.stal 0eports 7." Script$ra for 4'5-3/. %he S0' application ill mana#e the provisionin# and implementation of the vario$s prod$cts.S3 ?rids" .0" /racle . $sed /racle .1*5 flo s and deplo. installed and confi#$red the %omcat &pplication Server 6. $sed .-" >1 8$alit. • 7sed .1*5 1rocess 'ana#er for creatin# .!. • *xtensivel.-.S3 frame or+ &1( in the e9 tier for desi#nin# the e9 components $sin# • 4>%'5" .01" S85H1l$s" S85H5oader" %oad" Cr. %echnolo#.ava ** 5. control of defects mana#ement.0)6.avaScript" Servlets" .-)5. Server 5!&1" 2e9Seal" '8 Series 5. • *clipse (!* is $sed for settin# $p the !evelopment environment ith inte#ration of 'aven 9$ild tool" inte#ration of the %omcat &pplication server and /racle %op5in+ persistence &1( and 0eso$rce 5i9raries.(" 5oad0$nner" 2in0$nner" %est!irector" 0ational ClearCase" 0ational 0e<$isite 1ro" %o#ether.1" /racle S85 !eveloper 1. !nviron*ent: .S3 %a99ed 1anel. 0eso$rce 'ana#ementB pro:ects are internal pro:ects 9elon# to 'SS A'ana#ed Sec$rit.&4 components and . reportB hich is a C$stomer order" interface ith the appropriate service mana#ers" send appropriate stat$ses and post data to 9illin#.ed in the 'SS domain of the .1*5 Server. • 2or+ed on confi#$ration of 4'5 files li+e 3aces-confi#" &pplication" e9 and tiles-defs files.7nit F.F. One%eacon nsurance& -oanoke& #A .1 (!*" %omcat &pplication Server 6.0" 4>%'5" >%'5"CSS" .!eveloper 10. • (nstalled and or+ed on >1 8$alit. Center for lo##in# and fixin# defects for <$alit.5" .!eveloper for 9$ildin# the . PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: #eri$on %usiness& Ashburn& #A October '(() to Till Date Sr Progra**er/Anal+st STUN/S!. for the =eriIon 9$sinesses.-" =isio -000" 'icrosoft 1ro:ect -000" 1hotoShop 6. %he S%76 pro:ect mainl. • S$ccessf$ll.S3" &.1*5 flo s for process orchestration.C" 4'5" .F" 2'8(A'8S(B-. -esponsibilities: • 2or+ed ith the architect for desi#nin# >5!s dia#rams 9ased on the architect$re of the pro:ect flo .5. Center 9.-.-S* 5. deals ith a$thentication and a$thoriIation of the 7ser.0" %ivoli &ccess 'ana#erA%&'B"(.0 in the *clipse (!* and deplo." ">i9ernate" 0ational 0ose" Sprin#" 4'5 Sp.S3 frame or+ &1( for desi#nin# the front end $ser interfaces li+e . • 0esponsi9le for (mplementin# 2e9services for the /rder Service &1(.eans" Service &1( and !&/s" !&/(mpls in the !evelopment environment. %his application ill process the SS0 ASales S$mmar.

-** &rchitect$re into 4 la. • 2or+ed on 'icrosoft =is$al St$dio for r$nnin#" &.avaScript" .namic pa#e templates as Str$ts %iles for creatin# the header" 9od.-** %echnolo#ies li+e . -esponsibilities: • 2or+ed ith the architect for desi#nin# 7se Case dia#rams 9ased on the architect$re of the pro:ect flo .$siness 5a.arch '((0 to Sept '(() Sr Progra**er/Anal+st 1!AS Pro/ect %he @*&S A*lectronic &cco$nt S.ava for r$nnin# the performance testin# $sin# 5oad0$nner.S3 ?rids" . • >ands on ith the !.S3" &. • Cond$cted the code revie of @*&S pro:ect and prepared the revie doc$ment for corrections. • 2or+ed on desi#nin# the .ench component in . • 2or+ed on the &tvanta#e application $sin# Str$ts frame or+ connectin# to the @*&S application. • *xtensivel. to . $sin# =.!.stem thro$#h hich 9$siness can flo .S1" Servlets" . %his 1ro:ect a$tomates and consolidates man. developed $sin# 'icrosoft =is$al . • 2or+ed on the prod$ction s$pport of the pro:ect fixin# the 9$#s in 1rod environment !nviron*ent: .eans" 'ana#ed .S3 %a99ed 1anel. • 2or+ed on the 2e9services &1( for (%= to #et the services from S/&1 protocol into the @*&S application.&4" !esi#n 1atterns" 2e9Services" *clipse F.stems and processes into a sin#le" streamlined &cco$nt s.S3" &. $sed 'icrosoft S85 Server *nterprise 'ana#er for ritin# S85 <$eries and S85 1roced$res for data9ase 9ased operations. • 2or+ed on confi#$ration of 4'5 files li+e 3aces-confi#" &pplication" e9 and tiles-defs files. Center for lo##in# and fixin# defects for <$alit.asic is 9ein# converted $sin# . • S$ccessf$ll.1 in the 0&! (!* and deplo.6" >%'5"CSS" . and footer components of the 2e9 pa#e • *xtensivel.ava components $sin# 3orm .stal reports from the =.&4 Components and 2e9Services.ava and . $sed 'icrosoft =is$al So$rce Safe tool for so$rce safe mana#ement of =.>oo+s. files.!D1.5)1. provides the polic.stemB is an internal pro:ect developed mainl. • 7sed . • *xtensivel.-S* 5.ers li+e &ppServer 5a.C" 4'5" . different s.ed the 9$siness components li+e *&0 and !&/ 5a.S3 frame or+ &1( in the e9 tier for desi#nin# the e9 components $sin# • . information of the companies ho esta9lishes 9$siness and it is $sed primaril.ava to =.ava ** 5" . acco$ntants and $nder riters of the compan.ava S* 6" . • (. for the commercial 9$sinesses. $sed .&4 components and . installed and confi#$red the 2e9sphere &pplication Server =6..1 (!*" (. • Created" .-** &1(" . (t mainl. or+ed on the inte#ration of code from =..' 0ational . 9. control of defects mana#ement.S3 3rame or+ 5a. • S$ccessf$ll. 3orms. • (nstalled and or+ed on >1 8$" .' 0&! (!* is $sed for settin# $p the !evelopment environment ith inte#ration of S$9clipse pl$# in for the S$9version 9$ildin# tool" and 0eso$rce 5i9raries and $tilities.S3 frame or+ &1( for desi#nin# the front end $ser interfaces li+e .0). %his is a conversion pro:ect initiall.eans" Service &1( and !&/s in the !evelopment environment.

$sed 'icrosoft =is$al So$rce Safe tool for so$rce safe mana#ement of files.ava S$n St$dio Creator (!* is $sed for developin# e9 $ser interfaces $sin# .$ilder -006 *nterprise (!*" .pes.0" 'icrosoft =is$al So$rceSafe 6.avaScript" . • 2or+ed on the Str$ts &1( on the old application of the 2ithholdin# pro:ect.s" desi#n patterns li+e !&/" !%/s" Session 3aJade.!D 1.0" !ata9ase 1ilot" (.!. . F.tool for all data9ase operations.ed the e9 components $sin# 2&0 file.$siness e9 services that re<$ire certain de#ree of a$thentication and a$thoriIation. (t mainl. • *xtensivel. Center 9.onsultant A. • .. • *xtensivel.a+ '((5 to 6eb '((0 Sr . • 2or+ed on the a$tomated test cases from the .1" >1 8$alit.ees. • 7sed >i9ernate &1( for developin# the persistence in the . S.' !. $sed .-S* 5.S3@s tools" .$# %rac+in# tool and or+ed on S. • Created a !/S scripts for a$tomaticall.1" . • 2or+ed on !ata9ase 1ilot for ritin#" editin# and r$nnin# the S85 <$eries and other data9ase operations.0" S$n /6* 2e9 Server 6. • (nstalled the . the s.0" >i9ernate F.1" !esi#n 1atterns" >i9ernate F. • 7sed . . • S$ccessf$ll.. implements the access control s.!S Pro/ect %his 1ro:ect &C*S A&$thoriIation Control *ntr.0" . Dept o2 -evenue3DO-4& -aleigh& N.' !.-. • S/& architect$re is $sed for implementin# services 9..orland . .stem to protect the 6C!/0 e-. • 7sed extensivel.0" (. !nviron*ent: .$siness tier.7nit" .-** &1(" *..orland .1 &dministration Server" Str$ts -.stems in different environments. -esponsibilities: • 2or+ed ith the architect for desi#nin# Se<$ence dia#rams 9ased on the architect$re of the pro:ect flo .S3" Servlets" . $sed Control Center of (.0" 'icrosoft =is$al So$rceSafe 6. installed and confi#$red the (." Str$ts -.S1" Session 9ean" &pplication .$# %rac+in# %ool.ed the 9$siness tier components $sin# *&0 file.0" . • S$ccessf$ll. 2ithholdin# mod$le incl$des the 6C5)6C51 tax t.$ilder (!* is $sed for creatin# 9$siness components $sin# *.ava **" .ean" navi#ation file and connectin# it to the 9$siness tier $sin# the !%/s.0" >i9ernate F.' 2e9Sphere &pplication Server 6.S3 frame or+ &1( in the e9 tier for desi#nin# the e9 components in the !evelopment environment.stemB is developed to provide electronic online fillin# of taxes for 9$siness $sers and !/0 emplo.S1" .4" . (t also incl$des s$9 mod$les li+e 2ithholdin# and 1a. • (nstalled and confi#$red the S$n /ne 2e9 ServerA(planet serverB and deplo.' 2e9Sphere &pplication Server 6.5" >%'5" CSS" .0" 4'5 Sp.0" 'icrosoft S85 Server *nterprise 'ana#er E.$nit frame or+..1" 'icrosoft =is$al st$dio 6.-" .0" S$9clipse 1.ments has li+e 16 tax information.ava S$n St$dio Creator .&&S &1( for implementin# the 5o#in &$thentication in the &C*S the 2&0 file into the Server director.-** 1.stem" 7&% 9$#s.ments.$pdate 1" (.&pplication !eveloper 7.C" 4'5" .7nit F.pes and 1a.1" Str$ts -. startin#" stoppin# the S$n 2e9 Server and deplo. • .' 2e9sphere &pplication server and deplo. • 2or+ed on the 6C!/0 2e9 Services to comm$nicate to the &C*S pro:ect for providin# services..asper 0eports for printin# reports for %ax pa.

-esponsibilities: • 2or+ed ith the architect for desi#nin# 7se Case dia#rams and Class dia#rams 9ased on the architect$re of the pro:ect flo .4" .!eveloper 10.!.C" . $sed Sprin# 3rame or+ &1( in the Services tier for desi#nin# the 9$siness components in the !evelopment environment • *clipse (!* is $sed for settin# $p the !evelopment environment ith inte#ration of 'aven 9$ildin# tool" >i9ernate &1(s" Sprin# &1(s and 0eso$rce 5i9raries and $tilities. • 2or+ed on creatin# /racle . 9ul+ '((: to . • (nvolved ith fixin# the 9$#s and 'an$al testin# of 2e9 9ased application in the firefox and (* 9ro sers.1*5 3lo s" 4'5 Sp.$nit frame or+.S3 frame or+ &1( for desi#nin# the front end $ser interfaces $sin# the %ool id#ets. online.arch '((5 Sr . • *xtensivel.onsultant Subscription .4)1. deal ith the s$9scription of 0ed>at prod$cts. • (nstalled the Seleni$m Server for r$nnin# the a$tomated test cases from the .1*5 server 10. (t has a main 2e9 Store that has all compan.-** 1.anage*ent Pro/ect %his 1ro:ect ill mainl." 'aven -. • S$ccessf$ll. installed and $sed the /racle .1" Servlets" . %his pro:ect is divided into several services li+e &ctivation Service" /rder Service" *mail Service" 1a. .1*5 flo s. • 7sed .0" /racle 10#" /racle .!.'S <$e$es 9oth p$9lisher and s$9scri9er for passin# the data to and from the .1*5 flo s for process orchestration. • >ands on ith 4'5 Schema for data %ransformation to the poetic schema in the ..S3" . $sed /racle S85 !eveloper tool for ritin# S85 <$eries and S85 1roced$res for data9ase 9ased operations.-e78at nc& -aleigh& N.&4 for refreshin# the e9store pa#e. • (nstalled and confi#$red . • S$ccessf$ll. • >i9ernate 5i9raries are $sed for mana#ement of the data9ase persistence in the !ata9ase tier • *xtensivel.1*5 1rocess 'ana#er for creatin# .C" 4'5" 4S5%" . • 0esponsi9le for (mplementin# 2e9services for the &ctivation Service &1(.4" . prod$cts here the $sers ill 9$.oss &pplication server on 5in$x environment and deplo. $sed /racle .-** 2e9Services" *clipse F.ed the 9$siness components for 2e9Store application.ed the e9 components $sin# 2&0 file.1*5 3lo s.!eveloper for 9$ildin# the .!D 1.5 " . $sin# entitlement mana#ement.1" &pache >ttp server -. (t provides sol$tion for the activation of the prod$cts 9.avaScript" Sprin#-.ment Service" %ax Service" %emp *ntitlement Service etc.5" >%'5" . • Created a 5in$x scripts for r$nnin# and settin# $p the 8& environment. • (nstalled and confi#$red the &pache >%%1 Server and deplo.1 (!*" /racle .0" >i9ernate F.0" 0ed>at 5in$x *SAStandardB.0.0" %omcat &pplication Server 5.1*5 flo s.1" /racle S85 !eveloper 1.-S* 1. !nviron*ent: . • 2or+ed on the Str$ts frame or+ of front end 2e9Store to comm$nicate ith the s$9scription mana#ement services and $sed &.

of flo . in the bo.!.nchrono$s and as. . meet the C5*C ire line f$lfillment needs of Ca9le /rders. • 0esponsi9le for creatin# .*& 2e95o#ic server E. • *xtensivel.*& 2e9lo#ic 2or+shop E. • *xtensivel.avaScript" Servlets" .1" .ava process definition A.!.stem testin# the mod$les" fixin# the 9$#s" 9$ildin# the application and redeplo. the ea+nesses of old C5*C s.-S* 1.stems. • (nvolved ith the S. to simplif. $sed 1/. &s Ca9le c$stomers contin$e to #ro rapidl." SmartC=S" 'S S85 Server" %oad" 2indo s 41" 7nix.Sprint Ne.S1" . • 2or+ed ith the architect for desi#nin# se<$ence dia#ram and desi#nin# &!!@s 9ased on the f$nctionalit. -esponsibilities: • 0esponsi9le for addin# enhancement feat$res for the 5%! s.C" .nchrono$s 9ased messa#in#. 3rom an (%S perspective" C5*C-in-a-.stems" red$ce development and maintenance costs" and improve overall c$stomer service. created Channel files in 25( in the schema folder for providin# messa#e s$9scription to the event #enerators.'S controls in the or+flo s for processin# the s. $sed .stem are compo$nded dail.4" .L!.1" 'etasolv" 4'5 Sp.onsultant .er.1!B file in 2e9lo#ic 25( environment./s for comm$nicatin# ith the 9$siness la.-**" .4" >%'5"7'5". !nviron*ent: .!D 1.-** 2e9Services" .*& 25( " 2e9lo#ic 1a#e3lo s" Str$ts 1. • >ands on ith confi#$rin# the event #enerators for messa#e" timer" and file in the 2e9lo#ic 25( environment server console. s. • 2or+ed on %ransformations of 'etasolv &1( in process or+flo in the .in# in the application Overlan7 Park& <S . or+ed on S85 s$9<$eries and S85 1roced$res in the co$rse of implementation of data9ase lo#ic ithin the 'S S85 Server. %his 1ro:ect ill provide a sin#le architect$re hich ill $ltimatel.ox ill solve those pro9lems..L opport$nit. $sed 'odel =ie Controller A'=CB architect$re $sin# 2e9lo#ic 1a#e3lo s similar to Str$ts 9ased application and implemented 'etasolv frame or+. • 0esponsi9le for (mplementin# 'etasolv &1(Ms in the 2e9lo#ic 25( environment.ox represents a Ksta9ilit.1" . • 7sed Sprin# &1( for developin# the 9$siness components interactin# ith persistence la. • *xtensivel. %he fa$lt points are ca$sin# orders to 9e KlostL d$e to an inade<$ate order Ktrac+in#L s.arch '((: to 9une '((: Sr .stem and lac+ of enforcea9le 9$siness r$les related to exception handlin#. C5*C-in-a-.C" 4'5" 4S5%".ea 2e9lo#ic 25( platform for creatin# or+flo s for pro:ect development. • S$ccessf$ ith >i9ernate li9raries. • S$ccessf$ll.

• 0esearched and doc$mented the path for mi#ratin# the existin# *.s of version 1. s. • (nstalled and confi#$red (. • (mplemented . -. • S$ccessf$ll.%S and .er !eveloped the &6% scripts for preparin# *&0 and 2&0 files $sed to deplo.#eri$on Data Services3#DS4& Ta*pa& 6L April '((= to 9anuar+ '((: Sr .. • 2or+ed on >i9ernate tool for inte#ratin# ith the *. • (nvolved in #eneratin# the 4'5 cop. $sed .atch processin# of the *.1 on 2indo s and 7nix . involved ith the c$stomers for $nderstandin# the re<$irements. • !esi#ned and developed *.x to *. the &pplication 9efore movin# to the development . =erichec+ is a national testin# and reportin# tool for !S5. • !erived the 7se cases follo in# 7'5 G //&! techni<$es.. • *xtensivel. 9eansB for tal+in# to different servers and ith several other applications $sin# . %his pro:ect ill provide sol$tion to implement or+flo for handlin# the order fallo$ts and also #ive end to end vie from /rder creation to completion to the end $ser in !S5 operations. • (nvolved ith the architect for desi#nin# . • 0esponsi9le for . . • 'onitored and 'ana#ed 8$e$e" 8$e$e 'ana#er $sin# vario$s tools on -4)7 s$pport. • *xtensivel.-** components. $sed 7'5 to develop the /9:ect 'odel.ox and (.onsultant DSL Work2orce .anager S+ste* %he main p$rpose of this pro:ect is to redesi#n the =erichec+ application. $sed (.0! doc$ *&0s into server in 7nix environment. • *xtensivel. • *xtensivel..-.-** desi#n patterns.C %ransactions for connectin# the data9ase la.ava classes ithin 2S&!. 1ersistence mana#ement. $sed Str$ts in 2S&! $sin# the &ddin# Str$ts s$pport iIards. $sed the . exec$ted .ox and esta9lished the connectivit. • !esi#ned Str$ts 9ased '=C (( architect$re 9. $sed *clipse 3rame or+ for development and %estin#. • *xtensivel. . 'od$le.' 2&S server on 2indo s environment and confi#$red it to test locall.@s ASession and *ntit.!.9oo+ to transfer data 9et een the 'iddle tier and 9ac+ end 5e#ac.!..' 2&S server on deplo.' 'ainframes and $sed 'essa#e 9ro+er architect$re. $sin# Str$ts &1(.-** frame or+ and '=C)'odel (( architect$res. • S$ccessf$ll.' '8 Series.%& &1( for the transaction processin# of the *. application transactions • (nvolved in $sin# >i9ernate &1(@s in mappin# data9ase ta9les ith the enterprise application. 9et een the 7nix .$nit frame or+ for testin# the . &ccordin# to this pro:ect all the events are handled" ro$ted to the appropriate destinations and ill 9e processed and stored in the data9ase.0 specification. • *xtensivel. • (nstalled the '8Series 5. • !esi#ned the /9:ect 'odel $sin# 0ational 0ose -000...ox on 7nix.0! doc$ment and hierarchal flo of pro:ect mod$les and entire pro:ect architect$re flo .stems thr$ (.C . -esponsibilities: • 0esponsi9le for #ettin# re<$irements for desi#nin# the . • Servlets are $sed in the &pache server for mana#in# the m$ltithreadin# processin# $sin# 'YS85 data9ase.

' 2e9sphere 6.' 0ational &pplication !eveloperA0&!B" &pache 2e9server" 'YS85" 4'5 Sp..-** components. (t also provides an individ$al ith the sec$re and private lifetime record of their +e. $sin# Str$ts &1(.stems" technolo#.E" /racle" 2indo s -000.0 specification. • (nstalled the '8Series 5." Servlets" 0'(" . $sed .ava-" ." .ox and esta9lished the connectivit. -esponsibilities: • (nvolved in 9$siness meetin#s ith 9$siness anal. and care.. • !esi#ned and developed *. 9et een the 7nix . 'od$le.s of version !eveloped the &6% scripts for preparin# *&0 and 2&0 files $sed to deplo. $sed the . 9eansB for tal+in# to different servers and ith several other applications $sin# .stem more efficient.ment dia#rams and application frame or+ for different application components • (mplemented . applications.1" 2S&! 5..%S and ..1 on 2indo s and 7nix .1" 4'5 Sp.!.!D 1..-** desi#n patterns. health histor." 0ational 0ose -000". of care" patient safet.!." !ata &ccess /9:ect" %ranfer o9:ect" Service 5ocator and Session 3acade .• ?enerated standard 4'5 messa#es for data (nterchan#e 9et een the middle are and le#ac.avaScript" Servlets" 0'(" .!.-** !esi#n 1atterns." 2inC=S" /racle" 2indo s 41" 7nix.-ee" .0" "(.ox and (.5)5. $sed Str$ts in 2S&! $sin# the &ddin# Str$ts s$pport iIards. Sigpark So2tware S+ste*s& #ancouver& %. • *xtensivel. the &pplication 9efore movin# to the development . .-" (.sts in #ettin# the re<$irements. • !esi#ned the application $sin# '=C" 3actor.1" &pache Str$ts 1.%& &1( for the transaction processin# of the *.$ilder" 1=CS" '8 Series" .-)1.C" 4'5" 4S5%" *.x to *..-.stem hich incl$des 9$siness processes" s. (t 1rovides 2e9 interface for the plan sponsors and c$stomers for direct enrollment thro$#h (nternet.C" 4'5" 4S5%" (. !nviron*ent: .apital& .C" . • S$ccessf$ll.ason& O8 . • ?enerated standard 4'5 messa#es for data (nterchan#e 9et een the middle are and le#ac..ox on 7nix. !nviron*ent: .@s ASession and *ntit. and standards that interact and exchan#e clinical data. • 2or+ed ith &rchitect for $nderstandin# $se cases" class" se<$ence" colla9oration" active deplo.onsultant !lectronic 8ealth -ecor7 3!8-4 Solution %he 1ro:ect *>0 sol$tion as developed on 9asis of health care s.S1" .-** 2e9Services" (.avaScript" *. April '((> to 6eb '((= Sr .C %ransactions for connectin# the data9ase la.-** frame or+ and '=C)'odel (( architect$res.!.' 2e9sphere 4.' !.C" .4" >%'5" . ?! . -.ava classes ithin 2S&!." access to health services and ma+e health care s.7nit F. • *xtensivel.$nit frame or+ for testin# the .S1" . • ?ood $nderstandin# of 7'5 G //&! techni<$es.!. • (nstalled and confi#$red 2e9sphere on 2indo s environment and confi#$red it to test locall. • !esi#ned Str$ts 9ased '=C (( architect$re 9.' 'ainframes.!D 1. • *xtensivel. exec$ted . • 0esearched and doc$mented the path for mi#ratin# the existin# *. applications. (t is a net or+ of interopera9le *>0 sol$tions that lin+s clinics" hospitals" pharmacies" and other points of care that ill help enhance <$alit.4" >%'5" .-**" .

and desi#nin#.. • 7sed .!..cle 9e#innin# from the desi#n phase to the (mplementation phase. specialiIin# in lease-loan mana#ement. • !esi#ned and developed the 9$siness components as several servlets. $sed . • * /r Credit 'ana#er.-" . tool and confi#$ration settin#s of 2&S server.!.-.'S interface.6" 2indo s 6% 4.'S interface and (. $sed . • !esi#ned the 'essa#e . • *xtensivel.avaScript tests and >ttp7nit tests • !eplo.'S interface to comm$nicate ith the '8Series • 2rote Servlets to p$t and #et 'essa#es from '8 $sin# the . .and /racleEi.arch '((> .stem ?* 5easin# G 5oanin# &pplication ena9les c$stomers to o9tain a lease <$ote" fillo$t and s$9mit an application and receive a credit decision .F" . • (nvolved in credit card !ecision part of the application $sin# '823 " here dependin# $pon the decision of the credit . !nviron*ent: ." settin# the %ransaction attri9$tes and (solation 5evels for all persistent 9eans and implementin# Connection 1oolin#..' SF90 machine to and fro.& o9:ects in the distri9$ted environment.ava-" .C to comm$nicate to the /racleEi !ata9ase • !esi#ned and developed >%'5 e9 pa#es.' 2e9sphere 5.!D 1. • !esi#ned and developed *. • !esi#n ?7( model for *xternal Service implementin# .0" 4'5" Solaris -.' '8Series to transfer data from &pplication to the (. -esponsibilities: • (nvolved in hole application life c. • Contri9$te in 3$nctional 0e<$irement St$d. • 7nderstandin# the 7secases and follo in# the &ctivit. $sin# str$ts &ction classes. • ?ood experience on 2S&! deplo.stems.avaScript for 3ront-end validation.C 1ool driver.-" '823 F.0" 2S&! 5. 3lo dia#rams in =isio -000. • (mplemented 8$e$e 'ana#ers" Channels and 8$e$es for t o ma:or pro:ects. ?lo9al 1anther is a (ntranet application developed for ?* Capital 9. • !esi#ned and !eveloped $ser interface applets and made the comm$nication to the middle are $sin# the Servlets re<$est and response paradi#m.-** application 9. • (mplemented the Str$ts 9ased .9ul+ '((@ to .d+1." *xperian G Cons$mer(nfoB the or+flo ill #enerate a mail to Credit &nal.-ee" .ava 1ro#rams to comm$nicate ith the 7ser interfaces and 9ac+end mana#ement s. *rnst and Yo$n# A*GYB to a$tomate their lease. • (nvolved in !esi#n G !evelopment of or+flo items and processin# of C$stomer 5oan &pplication $sin# '8 2or+3lo ." =a:4.onsultant Loan A Leasing application ?* Capital is premier finance compan.0" . • !esi#ned and developed the .ava 0'( to comm$nicate ith C/0. • 0esponsi9le for creatin# the !ata So$rces for the pro:ect 9.0. s.S1" Servlets" &pplets" *.!.7" Str$cts 1.$rea$NsA!6.C" ' /9:ect model to comm$nicate to le#ac. $sin# .s and .-" .7nit F.7nit tests" incl$din# .all via e9. • !eveloped .0" 7nix" (.

• 2rote Servlets to p$t and #et 4'5 messa#es from '8Series. • &ctivel.0. • !esi#ned and developed vario$s 7ser (nterface Screens $sin# .ean Components. • !eveloped vario$s S85 statements to <$er.1" 2S&! 4.-** !esi#n 1atterns. • 7sed the . $sed distri9$ted %echnolo#ies (mplemented soft are applications $sin# 3or ard *n#ineerin#" 0everse *n#ineerin#" and 0o$nd-%rip *n#ineerin#.-9ased services. ?lobeTech #entures .S1 and . implemented .C to connect to the !ata9ase and also $sed most of the .ava Scripts for verif.C" &2%)S in#" . and $pdate.Pangaea S+ste*s nc& #ancouver& %. • !eveloped extensive client-side code in .C. • !esi#ned and developed vario$s Session and *ntit.C" .-ee" .. developed $nder the in# of the .S1" Servlets" *. • !eveloped c$stom 4'5 parsers $sin# the !/' and S&4 &1(@s. . components and . !nviron*ent: . • S$ccessf$ll.Ied and prepared the mi#ration doc$ment from 2&S Server 4. involved ith the messa#in# infrastr$ct$re team to comm$nicate ith '8Series. • 2rote vario$s applications $sin# . 1>(S also encompasses several critical health areas li+e !emo#raphics" Comm$nica9le !iseases" 1$9lic >ealth Services" 'ass Services" 5a9" /$t9rea+" S%!" %.7nit tests for all *.ed them into %omcat application Server.7nit F.ava &pplets.stem.!D 1.!.ava &2% components to develop the application.C connectin# interfaces for data9ase %ransactions. • (nvolved in desi#nin# the applets and related e9 pa#es.x" /racleEi" !.5" 2&S 4.F Server" &pache e9server" . for interchan#in# the data 9et een different applications. • Created a$tomated .. • Created !%!@s $sin# 4'5 Sp. • *xtensivel.avaScript for 9ro ser different conditions.4" '8Series 5.ava-" . $sin# the Str$ts &1( &rchitect$re.!.-" 2indo s -000" 1=CS. %his 1ro:ect mana#es critical client health information of comm$nit.stem that s$pports p$9lic health provider interventions..s and Servlets in Cact$s *nvironment." a$dio lo#.onsultant Public 8ealth n2or*ation S+ste* 3P8 S4 %he 1>(S is an a$tomated inte#rated client health record and reportin# s. • &nal.-. /ri#inall. • !esi#ned and developed *. -esponsibilities: • !esi#ned the application $sin# 3ront Controller" '=C" 3actor. • 'odif. $sin# S in# &1(. 9ul+ '((' to April '((@B 9'!! .orp ?roup& #ancouver& %. Centre for !isease Control" >ealth Canada has chosen 1>(S as the standard for a Canadian (nte#rated 1$9lic >ealth S$rveillance AC(1>SB case mana#ement s.0" %omcat F.-" ." !ata &ccess /9:ect" Service 5ocator and Session 3acade . April '((C to 9une '((' Progra**er/Anal+st .S1 and .!.S1@s and the hole application 9. (t is e9 ena9led and $sed m$ltiple development environments.0.0 to 5.!. and Sched$lin#." 0'(" 4'5" &pache Str$cts 1. • !eveloped several applets for the $ser interface pro#rams 9.

0" /racle E.!.5.1" . %he s.' =is$al&#e F. &lso developed . (t enhances c$stomer service 9.' 2e9Sphere St$dio" (. • 7sed Servlets and &pplets for &pplet to Servlet comm$nications.eans and deplo. • Created Servlets to send re<$ests to the lan#$a#e servers.eans. • Created and deplo.. TD %ank& Toronto& ON August '((( to 6ebruar+ '((C Progra**er/Anal+st %he 1ro:ect is (nternet 1C . %he services that the e9 site offers are at the forefront of a massive paradi#m shift in #lo9al comm$nication via the (nternet.eans-9ased applications to connect to the 9ac+-end data9ases. -esponsibilities: • !esi#ned a $ser interface and ?7( $sin# &2% and S in# components. access acco$nt information.ava.S2!D 1.0" 'icrosoft ((S Server 4.$ilder 4.*& 2e95o#ic Server 4. • !eveloped 4'5 !%!s and 4Schemas for 4'5 pa#es and the data9ase.!.S1s to access the e-mail in9ox..C" (. • !eveloped . • !eveloped Servlets for e-mail translations $sin# .0" /racle Ei" /&S Server" S85" Servlets" . • . • !eveloped server-side components containin# 9$siness lo#ic.!. deals ith translation of different comm$nications services li+e Chat" *mail" and =oice 0eco#nition in vario$s forei#n lan#$ S.-" . %he (nternet 1C .0.-.S1s li+e 5o#on and 0e#istration to comm$nicate ith the data9ase." 2indo s 6%)-000" 7nix" (.ava. !nviron*ent: . • Created *ntit.C.C" .0.S1s" &pache e9 Server and 2indo s 6%.ed them $sin# .avaScript. • 7sed m$ltithreadin#" exception handlin#" etc.stem provided mem9ers ith <$ic+ and convenient $se of self-service services o$tside of normal 9$siness ho$rs.stem pro:ect. • =alidated >%'5 screens $sin# client-level . • !eveloped Servlets for in re<$ests to different servers and Servlets connectin# to data9ases in $sin# .stem ena9les c$stomers to easil. • !eveloped session Servlets and coo+ies for $ser a$thentication.ava 'ail &1(@s. (t also added enhanced feat$res li+e *mail %ranslation" '$ltilin#$al 5an#$a#e 1ractices.!D 1. and effectivel. • !esi#ned and developed ?7( screens $sin# vario$s . (t has a e9site that also incl$des services li+e 1hrase" !oc$ment" and 705 %ranslations.!D 1.-" .The Translation Services pro/ect 3wwwBtranslationwaveBco*4 %his 1ro:ect mainl.ed Session 9eans for chat translations..' 2e9Sphere &pplication Server F.ments on-line. .0" %omcat" Servlets" &pplets" . created test cases from class files.and . !nviron*ent: . .$nit as $sed for m$ltithreaded test cases and a$tomaticall.-.ava pro#rammin# constr$cts" li+e &dvanced &2% Classes and S in# Classes. • Created &pplets $sin# S in# components for 9an+ orders. ena9lin# c$stomers to perform tas+s s$ch as chec+in# savin#s and chec+in# acco$nts and chec+in# availa9le credit and ma+in# pa.S1" &pplets" &2%)S2(6?" 7'5" 4'5" =4'5" C/'" *. • !esi#ned the home pa#e $sin# 4'5 and 4S5%. extend the 9$siness lo#ic encased in a server class" in order to achieve the re<$ired f$nctionalit.ava &pplication 1ro#rammin# (nterfaces A&1(sB" incl$din# . -esponsibilities: • 7sed 'icrosoft (nternet (nformation Server to simpl. • !eveloped .*& 2e95o#ic server." as ell as to s$pport .an+in# S.

%he search en#ine acts as client to the middle-tier" 9.avaScript" .stem #enerates reports..stemsO *(S A*xec$tive (nformation S.C to provide connectivit. 7sed a tool" to transfer data into a specific data9ase and after validation of data.ava Servlets" C?(" &pplets" .stem.stemB and !SS A!ecision S$pport S. 7sed .lassi2ie7 nteractive Search !ngine& Nove*ber C))0 to . . a9stractin# most of the 9$siness lo#ic.ava &pplets $sin# S in# components. collects data via the (nternet from data9ases located at the client@s vario$s resta$rant sites.ava e9 server Servlets to process re<$ests. %his s. %he middle-tier Servlets performs most of the or+" li+e receivin# information from client pa#es.stem.!. e9s server" .C" S85 Server" &pache 2indo s 95)6%. Created .o*ptech So2tware Solutions& <uwait Nove*ber C))0 to 9anuar+ '(((B So2tware !ngineer Pro/ect C: .ava 2e9 Server" /racle E and 2indo s 95)6%.avaScript and !nviron*ent: .ased on re<$ests" the s.!. !ata is then sent to the data areho$se AServerB.a+ C)))B %he Search *n#ine provides listin#s for re#ional searches" to ena9le the $ser to vie prod$ct advertisements Aa$tomo9iles" real estate and servicesB 9ased on re#ion or Iip code. 7sed different optimiIation techni<$es to create detailed reports from the follo in# s$9s.stemB" 1'S A1rofit 'ana#ement S. .avaScript. to the data9ase. 9ecame the middle-tier. !oc$mented the mod$le.o*puter S+ste*s& <uwait . 7sed . -esponsibilities: • s.arch C))0 to October C))0B So2tware !ngineer %he 1ro:ect is %ime %rac+in# and .ava Servlets" &S1" C?(" &pplets" . Created Servlets to search data in the data9ase.ecutive n2or*ation S+ste*& 9une C))) to 9anuar+ '((( %he s. 7sed .stemB.$# %rac+in# S. 7sed . %he e9 server act$all.avaScript to present hi#hl.avaScript. !nviron*ent: . interactive e9 pa#es. • • • • • &s a Soft are *n#ineer" $sed data areho$se concepts to develop the 1erformed presentation development $sin# >%'5 and .ava e9 server Servlets to process re<$ests. %ested the mod$le.stem facilitates efficient on-line pro:ect mana#ement" incl$din# pro:ect administration" pro:ect and mod$le stat$s trac+in#" reso$rce trac+in# and mana#ement" etc. Pro/ect ': !. -esponsibilities: • • • • • &s a Soft are !eveloper" developed the ?7( $sin# &pplets and . li+e >%'5 and .stem periodicall. %he front end $ses (nternet technolo#. Spot .!.C to connect to the data9ase.

-esponsibilities: • &s a Soft are *n#ineer" developed the $ser interface and presentation $sin# >%'5 and .roll reports. • !eveloped the 7ser 'od$le and .stal 0eports pa.0" Cr. $sin# cr.stal reports.avaScript.achelor of Science A. Unite7 .ava Certified 1rofessional A. • 7nit tested and s.stem.asic 5.stem tested the mod$les. %his s. pa.ava -B . • !oc$mented the mod$les.$ne 1995 ." (ndia" . • Connected the 9. !nviron*entO C)CCC" .ScB" /smania 7niversit. • Created CCC pro#rams to perform 9$# chec+s.C.1" =is$al . EDUCATION: • • • 1ost-?rad$ate !iploma in Comp$ter &pplications A1?!C&B" /smania 7niversit." the s.stem prod$ces complete emplo.5 and 2indo s 95)6%.o*puters& 8+7eraba7& n7ia& October C))5 to 9anuar+ C))0B Progra**er %his pro:ect is 1a." (ndia" &pril 1997 'aster of Science A'ScB" .C1B . &lso developed reports li+e 13" *S( and 'edical reports for each emplo. slips and to #enerate reports." &pril 199F CERTIFICATION: • • S$n . -esponsibilities inclu7e: • !eveloped vario$s forms" ta9les and mod$les to assi#n inp$ttin# val$es into the data9ase and to retrieve data from the data9ase.rain9ench Certified 1rofessional A. • !eveloped 9ranch" department and #rade reports.avaScript" /racle E and 2indo s 95)6%.roll (nformation S.stem collects data from the data9ase in order to calc$late 7niversit. !nviron*ent: /racle 7.stem to the /racle data9ase $sin# /!.$# %rac+in# mod$les.