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1. Features of the Product:   This facility is available only for Regular Savings Bank Account. There are two parts of the Account Opening Form (AOF): A. Customer Information Section (CIS) and B. Account Information Section (AIS).   Part A of the AOF will have to be filled in completely before proceeding to Part B. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are placed at Annexure II, which will enable the applicant to know about this product.

2. The process-flow: i. A link stating ‘Online Account Application’ will be provided on the home page of our Corporate website viz., for online application. A similar link will also be available on the home page of Internet Banking Portal viz. This link, when clicked, will open the Account Opening web page in a new window. ii. All the fields in the physical version of Account Opening Form will be present in the online version and the applicant will be systematically guided through the form filling process in such a way that none of the mandatory fields can be left blank. iii. After filling in the personal information the system will generate and display a Temporary Customer Reference Number (TCRN). An SMS conveying the TRCN will be generated and sent to the applicant’s mobile number given in the application form. Then the applicant will be asked to give additional details and details of the KYC documents that he will be presenting as a part of the account opening procedure. The applicant will be given time period of 30 days to apply to any branch of his choice and present the originals and copies of these documents at the branch, failing which the application will be discarded by the system automatically. iv. Upon successful completion of the Customer Information Section the details of the application will be stored in the INB server.

field to fetch all the data from INB server to the CBS. 62001) (Annexure III) in the CBS and enter the TCRN in the Reference No.       2 . The print out of the Account Opening Form has to be taken only on A 4 size white paper. The applicant(s) gives the printed AOF to SBI branch with the relevant KYC documents. the applicant(s) will be asked to sign on the print out of the application form and submit his /their passport size photographs and KYC documents. The applicant(s) has the option of printing the Account Opening Form (AOF) with help of TARN and 1st applicant’s date of birth. vi. ATM/INB/Mobile Banking detail etc). Successful completion of the filling up process of the AIS will generate a Temporary Account Reference Number (TARN). Upto three TCRNs can be entered in case applicant(s) want to open a joint account. the applicant will proceed to the Account Information Section where he/she has to enter the TCRN (Annexure II.v. which will be sent through SMS to the 1st applicant’s mobile number. page 9). amends it if necessary and transmits it in CBS. After creation of the CIF in CBS account will be opened by branch in the usual manner as is being done presently. Thereafter. The system will prompt him/her to fill in information for detail of the account (A/C type. The CIF will be set up after the branch teller checks this data. After verification of the documents at the branch. The Branch Official will invoke Create Personal Customer (Screen No.

 6. 3. Is it safe?    3 . Will KYC documents be required for all account holders?  Ans: Yes.    Q.    Q. KYC documents in respect of all joint account holders will be required. 1. I will have to submit my personal information online.    Q. Can a minor submit information online for opening a Savings Bank account?  Ans: A minor may submit information online for opening a Savings Bank account provided he/she is  more than 10 years old and can sign uniformly. 8. Is there a time limit within which I must approach a branch after submitting the information  online?  Ans: Yes. If the  account is not opened within 30 days. Can an account be opened in the names of more than three persons?  Ans:  Yes. provided each submits a set of KYC documents as stipulated by the Bank.Annexure I: FAQs   Q.  Please  approach  the  branch  for opening such accounts.    Q. Can the KYC documents be different for the joint account holders?  Ans: Yes. Can I open an account jointly?  Ans: Yes. Who can submit information online for opening a Savings Bank account?  Ans:  Any resident Indian desirous of opening a Savings Bank Account with any branch of State Bank  of India. with up to three applicants. You must approach a branch within 30 days of submitting the information online.    Q. 4.    Q. your customer information will be deleted from our records.  Q. 5.  You may open an account jointly.  but  in  such  cases  you  cannot  submit  the  information  online.7. 2.

 9. it is also sent to you by SMS. and sign the AOF in the presence of an authorized official of the Bank.  Each  person  who  wishes  to  be  an  account  holder  will  have  to  visit  the  branch  personally. Can I retrieve it?  Ans: When the TARN is generated.    Q. If that SMS is not available with you. I have forgotten the TARN (Temporary Account Reference Number).  you will need to enter the information again and generate a new TARN.  show his KYC documents.     4 . Can I submit the documents to the branch by email?  Ans:  No.    Q. The page you will submitting your information is VeriSign secured and the information will  be encrypted before transmission. 11.Ans: Yes.

Annexure II: Online Application Form   5 .

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