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COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Issue 1 62 FEATURES 44 Product Roundup Optics By Jace Bauserman Coyote School By P. Garrett Leeberg COLUMNS 6 Letter To The Reader By Mark Olis Predator Hunting News DEPARTMENTS Hot Tips 86 Calling In Multiples By Joe Bradshaw Northwest Colorado Public-Land Coyotes By David Hart 12 Lead Dog 52 Calling All Coyotes By Geoff Nemnich 88 Passport To Adventure 72 2014 Reader’s PREDATOR XTREME Coydogs: More Myth Than Reality? By Patrick Durkin 22 Inside The Den Choice Awards R XTREM E 30 Airgun Advantage Black Guns! By Jim Chapman Rock River Arms 16-Inch Mid Predator Pursuit By Scott Mayer R XTREM E 36 All About Guns PREDATO PREDATO 40 Caller For Hire Solo Song Dogger By Tom Austin 100 The Last Word Predator Hunting Is Changing.PREDATORXTREME.Volume 15. Are You? By Judd Cooney Cover Photo: Tim Christie 2 WWW.


This video continues our tradition of educating and entertaining through our tactics and antics.99 yearly Elsewhere $27.PREDATORXTREME.99 yearly Canada $ Phone Orders Call: (402)376-1120 Calling All Coyotes. 50 KILLS — Randy Anderson EDITOR Mark Olis GROUP MANAGING EDITOR Hilary Dyer DIGITAL CONTENT DIRECTOR Scott Brown CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER Joe Kaloc CREDIT MANAGER Mortesha Perkins ADVERTISING INFORMATION Send advertising information to the Publisher(s) EDITORIAL INFORMATION Send editorial information to the Managing Editor Predator Xtreme (ISSN 1535-3982) is published bimonthly. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the General Manager. Inc ADVERTISING SALES MANAGERS Jonathan Edwards Don Harris . NE 69201 ADMINISTRATION GENERAL MANAGER Barry Lovette VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS Brent Kizzire EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Bob Robb VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING Hank Brown VICE PRESIDENT OF CONSUMER PUBLISHING Lee Hetherington VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCE Brad Youngblood GROUP CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Delicia Poole NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR Stuart Anderson SENIOR CIRCULATION MANAGER Ted Hannah 4 WWW. no Terms and Conditions agreements are recognized by Grand View Media Group unless signed and returned by the Editorial Director.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Grand View Media Group is not responsible for researching or investigating the accuracy of the contents of stories published in this magazine. We teamed up together and began designing predator calls and producing The TRUTH Calling all Coyotes Series DVD’s.callingcoyotes. CREATIVE SENIOR ART DIRECTOR/ PRODUCTION MANAGER Tod Molina GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Brandon Watkins Justin Lancaster TRAFFIC MANAGER Scott Nesmith ADVERTISING GROUP PUBLISHER Derrick Nawrocki PUBLISHER Mike Kizzire ORDER ONLINE TODAY! www. PO Box 423 . IL 60076-9928 Subscription Rates (6 Annual Issues) USA $15. photography and art submissions. Grand View Media Group assumes no liability for this information or its use. Grand View Media Group PO Box 698 Birmingham. AL 35242 and additional mailing offices.” 3 HOURS. AL 35201 Tel: (205) 408-3700 Fax: (205) 408-3799 Periodical postage paid at Birmingham. I’d like to thank the Primos family and all the people that have helped us along the way for ten years of “Speaking The Language.99 yearly Subscription Customer Service: (866) 673-9391 © Copyright 2014 Grand View Media Group.EDITORIAL It all started forty five years ago when I called in my first coyote. In addition. Grand View Media Group assumes no responsibility for unsolicited editorial. POSTMASTER Send address changes to: Predator Xtreme PO Box 2106 SKOKIE. All rights reserved. Valentine. This year is a celebration of my tenth year with Will Primos and Primos Hunting. Readers are advised that use of the information contained within this magazine is with the understanding that it is at their own risk.


The big male dropped. and the three of us walked up the hill to the pasture and sat down under a huge oak tree. Not only do these articles appear in the pages of PX. A 12-year-old’s imagination can definitely get the best of him in the dark woods all alone. but once deer season started. That way he didn’t risk getting his two-wheel-drive Dodge pickup stuck when pulling off to the side of the narrow dirt roads to pass an outgoing member. my interest in predator hunting never did. and 80 yards straight out from our hide was a big red-furred coyote. I had a particular secluded pasture in mind. sitting with its ears up looking for the ruckus! I whispered to my buddy. It was during these quiet times that I would hear the yips and howls of coyotes emanating from the nearby thickets as they began their nightly prowls into the prey-rich bottomlands along the Tombigbee River in southwest Alabama. However. I was given that opportunity right out of college. check out all the online-only content and hunting videos.” I put the crosshairs of my Nikon scope directly in the center of his chest and squeezed the trigger. send in your pics and short articles for our popular “From The Readers” section. I. We were perpendicular to the long pasture and the thick swamp was about 100 yards directly beyond that. “Where?” I said. “There’s one. too. I look forward to serving you with the most entertaining and informational predator-hunting articles available. the guys who spend their free time in the field. Wayne Fears. where I bought a wooden Circe rabbit-distress call. My dad was wild about small-game hunting. however. Let’s hear from you. during my freshman year at Auburn University.” He said. After tucking it back into my jacket. I would sit with my rifle and flashlight at ready — mostly as a defensive maneuver. before I would find the answer I was looking for. I studied journalism at Auburn with hopes of becoming an outdoor writer for a living.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . the ones who work to hunt. and about five minutes into my set I blew on the call again. but they appear on www. Just blow on a call and here they come running! It got us so fired up that we hopped in my truck and drove over to the local sporting goods store. So here’s to many years of sharing predator-hunting stories and knowledge with one another. and I had heard coyotes after dark in the area plenty of times after deer hunting. but I will definitely read them all and take your thoughts into consideration. Oh. While there. It would be some years later. The sun was still 30 minutes from setting. and so began my obsession with calling predators. and since we belonged to a deer-hunting club where small-game hunting wasn’t allowed until after deer season.predatorxtreme. I WOULD SIT IN MY TREESTAND OR ALONG A DIRT ROAD WELL AFTER DARK WAITING ON MY FATHER TO COME PICK ME UP FROM THE EVENING DEER HUNT.LETTER TO THE READER MARK OLIS NEW BEGINNINGS AS A YOUNGSTER. he just enjoyed being at the hunt club making improvements on the old trailer we slept in and cooking all of our meals. I would have never dreamed of becoming the editor of Predator Xtreme magazine. So shoot me an email (or send a letter) and let me know what articles you would like to see. We managed to talk another buddy into coming with us. One afternoon after class. molis@grandviewmedia. and good luck hunting! God Bless. Naturally. The guys in the video made it look so fun and easy. It was during these times that I pondered how I might be able to hunt these wild and mysterious critters. The woods behind it dropped off into a thick swamp. I pulled that wooden call out and with my best attempt. I’m perhaps more excited about hearing from you. While my “batting average” definitely dropped on subsequent hunts. Heck. he would wait back at camp until the other members drove in from their evening 6 WWW. Our writers are some of the best at their trade. enjoyed hunting deer. I can’t promise to respond to every email. No one I knew hunted them — only shot them if they walked out during a deer hunt. I looked up. “I’m about to shoot. I was left to sit quietly in the woods all alone for close to an hour after dark. blew a mournful chorus for about 30 seconds through the late November air. We grabbed our camo and deer-hunting rifles and drove 25 minutes south to a hunting lease I belonged to.PREDATORXTREME. So don’t be shy. Thanks to veteran outdoor writer J. If they were close. some of these guys make their living from predator hunting and are eager to share their expertise with you. a friend and I watched a predator-hunting video. I’m grateful for the opportunity and excited about working with some of the best predator-hunting writers in the world.






high fives and hugs. only to have a third materialize in its place. MAINE ’YOTES Up here in Maine we have started hunting coyotes to try help the deer herd.” I replied. —Zane Brock. as the smallest hunter walked only on the brisk winter air. Jim Young of Maine uses a bait site to lure in wary coyotes.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Soon the sound of invitation howls and then cottontail distress were breaking the quiet of the morning. warm licks to the face of my happy son. we carefully approached the expiring coyote. Some were close to 50 pounds. He handed me his 10/22 as I inserted the magazine from my pocket. So we set up bait in a backfield across the road (calling is hard here with the thick woods). shot me a quizzical glance from the passenger seat. dad?” asked my 7-year-old son Zack as we motored through the dark to our first set of his first coyote hunt. Monson. Hank.O. This brings my total to eight coyotes I’ve shot from this one place.204 seemed to make number three melt into the tall cheatgrass. one early morning. Send letters to Mark Olis at P. Birmingham. “Well Zack. obviously disappointed. Zack finally asked what both were thinking: “What’s that mean?” “Hank likes to go. He got this pair in the same day — one early in the morning and the other one at noon. The deathly slow tail circles gave away his fate as numbers one and two disappeared back into the sagebrush. I took this pair in the same day. My now-wide-awake hunting partner wiggled excitedly. I think Hank is more of a cheerleader. but would rather wait in the car and be happy when we get something. It was Zack’s first coyote hunt. We putted down the highway turning towards the Columbia River of central Washington and the sage-covered foothills above. we want it. plus it makes the winter go by faster! —Jim Young. With the action closed. then a second. I opened my Savage’s action and rested it carefully against the bank. followed by elated grins. and the other at noon. One set of snowy footprints and some drag marks were all that marked the path back to the vehicle. The crack of the . AL 35201 or send e-mails to molis@grandviewmedia. 12 WWW. wet.” “Oh. as if he wanted to know. All submissions must include a picture. where Zack made a carefully placed heart or a cool hunting story to tell. I nestled the Blazer into a brushy cubby below the railroad tracks that ran between the sage hills and the river breaks. Maine If you have a predator-hunting tip.PREDATORXTREME. He was worried about letting his small dog outside. The next round of crying critter woke Zack from his slumber.” Zack stated flatly. My crosshairs settled on the latter as it darted forward. I’m glad I got into hunting coyotes. Your story and photo might end up in the pages of Predator Xtreme magazine or online. A friend called and said the coyotes were coming up on his deck and howling every night nearby. as the first coyote broke from the brush 50 yards upwind. it’s fun and helps the local deer herd. Box 698. The dirt road held 2 inches of fresh snow and our SUV made crisp lines on the white strips of the two track. too. Washington Zack proudly poses for a photo with a coyote that he helped his dad get. our Rhodesian ridgeback. both with heads cocked slightly. a unique picture. “Do you want to finish him off?” I asked. I could feel them both staring at me in the dark of the cab. Hank met us with a cursory sniff of our quarry and lots of wiggly.LEAD DOG FROM THE READERS A BOY’S FIRST COYOTE HUNT “Is Hank a huntin’ dog.


COM FEBRUARY 2014 . COMMENTS FROM.too. The antelope population in the area where hunting was conducted grew several times larger in two years. the desire to preserve the pronghorn meant that the large population increase did not dramatically boost the number of hunting permits sold. Wakeling said. a rifle with a thumb hole stock. we’re always talkin’ hunting. Brian Wakeling. Most of the hunting was conducted by the U.COM “Yeah. Department of Agriculture and most of it was done from aircraft. Some people have reported thousands of dollars in damage as the pigs try to dig up food under the for the latest predator news FROM.” — Capn Jack “Yep. the Arizona Daily Sun reported. but he’s concerned the pigs may attack residents. or a magazine holding more than 10 rounds. Ariz. The state Department of Game and Fish paid $120. Game and Fish big game program supervisor. Dozens of the 200-pound pigs have been spotted in south San Jose this Councilman Johnny Khamis said it’s not his intention to commit a pig genocide. CALIFORNIA CITY TO SHOOT PIGS SAN JOSE. (AP) — Arizona officials are analyzing the results of government-funded hunt that has killed 669 coyotes in northern Arizona to reduce the predators’ kills of pronghorn antelope fawns. (AP) — San Jose councilmembers have approved a measure that allows residents to shoot wild pigs that have become a nuisance by ripping up lawns and golf course fairways. However. had hoped increased sales of pronghorn hunting permits might produce enough revenue to pay for sustained aerial shooting of coyotes.. Calif. while there was no change in a nearby area where hunting was not conducted.. The hunting has been conducted in an area between the Grand Canyon on the north and Williams on the south and west of State Route 64. remember to shoot them in a kind and gentle fashion using lead free bullets. 14 WWW.LEAD DOG JOIN THE DISCUSSION! PREDATOR NEWS Check out www. www.000 to have the hunting conducted between 2010 and 2012. . Those who are thinking about shooting a pig have to obtain a depredation permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. where and join the conversation! Become COMMENTS a fan on Facebook.” — Dywlf COYOTE CULL HELPS ARIZONA ANTELOPE FLAGSTAFF.facebook. don’t mess with their lawns or golf courses.S.predatorxtreme. the sanctimonious tree huggers have a breaking point when it comes to wild animals. but don’t shoot them with a semiautomatic rifle.. Also. The San Jose Mercury News reported the council voted 8-3 on Tuesday to permit the shooting that will remain in effect for three months.PREDATORXTREME.


offering less time to zero in and little room for error. Va. 16 WWW.PREDATORXTREME.grandviewoutdoors. Along with exceptional optical characteristics. Maximum detection range of the N750 is 600 to enter for your chance to win. the riflescope features a quick and effective one-shot zeroing method.000. The top prize is $2. County officials launched the lottery last year. (AP) — Hunters and trappers can win cash prizes for killing coyotes in Bedford County. allowing for easy operation in daytime or complete darkness. The Pulsar N750 is engineered with the latest advancements in the electronics and optics fields. This feature aids during long-range shooting. A drawing is set for March 15 at noon at Bedford’s Central Virginia Community College center. visit www.000. The county’s coyote lottery began in late October and runs through mid-March. There’s no limit on entries.5X to 6. offering a more precisely placed shot. Visit www.LEAD DOG COYOTE LOTTERY WIN! A PULSAR N750 BEDFORD. Second prize is $1. The News & Advance reports that participants receive a lottery entry for each coyote killed. followed by prizes of $500 and $200. also perfect for long-range targets.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . The N750 also features a high-power digital zoom capable of increasing the magnification from 4.75X.pulsarnv. Nearly 100 coyotes were killed. For more


Chambers told the board that even if it approved the donations. as long as the agency allows mountain lions to be hunted.000 and certain other donations offered between sessions must be approved by the board and others. Chambers said he would vote against the requests.PREDATORXTREME. what I consider to be regal animals. the Lincoln Journal Star reported. “I was told that fears led to the creation of a hunting season for these. of Omaha.” Chamber said. officials estimated there were fewer than 60 mountains lions living in the wild in Nebraska. “And these fears were engendered by the possibility or likelihood of these animals eating the grandchildren of Nebraskans. parks division administrator. The Executive Board delayed taking a vote on Kuhn’s requests.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . trial mountain lion hunting season for next year. Ernie Chambers has warned he will oppose all Nebraska Game and Parks Commission requests of the Legislature in the upcoming 2014 session. Kuhn was before the Legislature’s Executive Board with two requests to accept donations of land and a playground structure. he would offer a motion during the next legislative session beginning in January to undo that approval. issued the warning on November 15 to Roger Kuhn.LEAD DOG NEBRASKA SENATOR THREATENS GAME AND PARKS OVER MOUNTAIN LION HUNT LINCOLN. Neb.” Last year. because three board members were absent from the meeting. the Legislature passed a bill that would allow mountain lion hunting. (AP) — State Sen. 18 WWW. At the time. Chambers. including the governor. after increased sightings of the animals around the state. because he is upset that the Game and Parks Commission has approved a short. Any land donation worth more than $10.


visit www. The auxiliary button on your FOXPRO remote control starts and stops the action. The FoxJack 3 can be controlled remotely with your FOXPRO remote digital game call. For more information. The FoxJack 3 is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA. connect the power connector from the decoy to the SHOCKWAVE digital game call and you’re ready to go. The FoxJack 3 comes with a bird topper (which resembles a woodpecker) with a whisper-quiet motor.PREDATORXTREME. The FoxJack 3 is compatible with the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE. Simply replace your existing battery door with the FoxJack FEBRUARY 2014 .LEAD DOG NEW PRODUCT FOXPRO is proud to present the FoxJack 3 electronic decoy. By Tim Davis 20 WWW.


The truth. solitary males seeking mates.PREDATORXTREME. and those that do aren’t likely to return to the wild. their dog genes will soon be swamped. coyotes breed with domesticated dogs.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . When biologists and geneticists discuss coydogs and their abundance in the wild. Even when that scenario unfolds. DNA testing in recent years documents that wild coyotes have bred domestic dogs and produced hybrids that also reproduced. they’ll probably struggle to find a female coyote in heat when they’re feeling rutty. primarily in December. isn’t centered between those extremes. On the other hand. NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A “COYDOG” AND DISMISS IT AS A RURAL LEGEND OR MYTHICAL MUTT. PRO STAFF PATRICK DURKIN: Patrick Durkin is a lifelong hunter and longtime freelance outdoor writer from Waupaca. as coyotes expanded their range into Southeastern states during the past century. their coyote genes are soon swamped within the large population of domestic dogs. Assuming some male hybrids survive. coyotes prefer to breed with other full-bred coyotes. but nature has ways to make such pairings difficult and uncommon. Yes. Even if they do breed with a female coyote.) When female coyotes are in short supply. and he specializes in making cutting-edge wildlife research useful for predator hunters. they align closer to the first statement than the second. a female hybrid will also be out of sync with the coyote’s breeding season. (Researchers agree it’s highly unlikely a female coyote would mate with a domestic dog. some coydog genes get passed along every time they breed with coyotes. their “pioneers” were mostly But what about those unusual cases where the mother dog is feral and gives birth to her litter in the wild? When her offspring mature.INSIDE THE DEN Patrick Durkin COYDOGS: MORE MYTH THAN REALITY? young. Wis. Coyotes typically breed from late January to early March. After speaking with zoologists and reading research into coyote-dog hybrids since the 1940s. never let anyone tell you coydogs are taking over the neighborhood and pushing coyotes toward the Endangered Species List. but within a couple of generations their genes become unrecognizable without sophisticated DNA testing. For instance. Yes. some male coyotes might seek female domestic dogs in heat and do something unusual: breed them rather than kill them. He has also edited several hunting books and magazines. Even if the progeny reproduce. the hybrid progeny face uphill fights for survival. they’ll likely be out of sync with the wild coyote’s breeding cycle. They don’t make good pets for most people. I think it’s fair to say coydogs usually result from unique circumstances. But if she manages to get impregnated during her December estrus 22 WWW. After all. Meanwhile. however. NATURAL BARRIERS Let’s look at how common coydogs are and if they really are taking over the woods near you. while the coydog’s breeding cycle starts two months earlier.


the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation notes that coyotes moved into the Empire State from the 1950s through the 1970s.5 percent. were feral dogs. which can be tough some years — especially in Northern climates — but their care will fall entirely on their mother if she was impregnated by a hybrid male. and not something hybrids can count on. she might get some help whelping her litter. no matter which scenario unfolds in the wild. The vast majority. were from coyotes.PREDATORXTREME. The agency’s report in “The Ohio Journal of Science” stated: “The incidence of coydog hybrids was high only in areas of expanding. but their odds improve if another circumstance unfolds: If the female hybrid is lucky enough to be impregnated by a wild coyote that was rutting earlier than normal. In other words. or 2.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . 25 (6 percent). This scenario is probably rare. coyotes are far more likely to swamp the coydog’s gene pool than the other way around. 379 (91. short-lived phenomena in nature’s grand scheme. People report them regularly. the Ohio Division of Wildlife analyzed 414 skulls from wild canids from 1982 to 1988 at its Crane Creek Wildlife Experiment Station. Only 10 of the skulls. Not only will they be born in late winter. And they’ve been reporting them in North America since at least the STUDYING THE COYDOG At least that’s what the best available science tells us. were determined to be from coydogs. the genes of hybrid offspring are once again absorbed by the coyote population and largely vanish. That means coydogs are mostly individual.” That doesn’t mean coydogs aren’t fascinating creatures.” the report states. 24 WWW. “The occurrence of a coydog would be an extremely rare event in New York today. her pups could be vulnerable when they’re born two months later. For example. These pups might make it in warmer winters and in Southern states.INSIDE THE DEN period. The rest. Unlike male coyotes. Therefore. however. face or ears.5 percent). But more than 40 years later. widely dispersed coyote populations. hybrid males — just like domestic dogs — have no parenting instincts. Not far to the west. based mostly on dog-like traits they see in the animal’s tail.


and disproving assumptions as they compiled more information. And even though a 1981 study of 167 coyote skulls in western South Dakota produced no evidence of coydog hybrids. 24 in North Carolina and three in Florida. Adams. Leonard and Waits analyzed tissues from 24 coyotes in West Virginia. researchers were studying them. Subsequent studies in 1969 and 1971. however. the researchers noted that the U. A 1942 study of captive coyotedog hybrids concluded they “were most likely sterile and could not become established in wild populations.” A 1943 study suggested hybrids might not be able to survive one year.R. documenting their findings. found coydogs were fertile and could survive to maturity. these two studies by Silver and Silver and Robert Mengel concluded the coyote’s mating seasons and behaviors would make it impossible for coydogs to breed back (“backcross”) into the wild coyote population. By the mid-1900s. The area where they uncovered these matches corresponds to a region where 26 WWW. Waits from Idaho and California noted in 2003 that domestic dogs have shared North America for 9. and concluded it was possible for coydogs to backcross. J. Researchers J. 61 in Virginia. they found it likely that some hybridization was occurring in the state. Even so.A. Despite all those years living amongst each other.COM FEBRUARY 2014 .S. gray wolves and red wolves. The researchers’ DNA analysis found 12 of these animals had a gene closely related to domestic dogs.P. In fact.INSIDE THE DEN 1800s as Europeans settled the continent.PREDATORXTREME. Arkansas researchers in 1972. ERA OF DNA TESTING That changed about 12 years ago when Adams. however. no actual genetic material from dogs had showed up in any of these wild species despite tests on more than 700 individual animals through the mid-1990s. Leonard and L. researchers in Oklahoma (1976) and Nebraska (1978) found evidence coydogs were indeed breeding back into wild coyote populations. however. Therefore. remained scarce. Irrefutable proof.000 years with coyotes. contradicted that belief. National Museum held several skulls thought to be hybrids from South Dakota.


thus lacking female counterparts. morphological or behavioral integrity. dog breeders report that the offspring of these forced pairings are not playful or outgoing. The report states: “Dispersing juvenile males are much more abundant in this trade because they are easier to capture. Some breeders have held coyotes in captivity and bred them with beagles.INSIDE THE DEN coyotes had been trucked in from Texas and released for sport hunting. The take-home message from that seems clear: Humans should tread carefully when trying to defeat the barriers nature built around wild coyotes. however. the progeny will probably be less predictable than what we expect from wild coyotes and domestic dogs. owe their existence to far more direct human intervention. terriers. When we breach those barriers. and they escaped. … (They) may have been the first coyotes in many areas.COM FEBRUARY 2014 .” CONCLUSION Some coydogs. Some coyotes were released into areas. Not surprisingly. one male may have mated with a single female dog. German shepherds and other domestic dogs. which previously had no coyotes. 28 WWW. In this situation.” Since then. and require expert handling. The female hybrid offspring may have been accepted by male coyotes because there were no other female coyotes available.PREDATORXTREME. The researchers concluded: “There has been no appreciable effect on the coyote’s genetic. the coyote population has grown to the point where coyote genes swamped the coydogs’ genes.


but with the introduction of other calibers more suited to big-game hunting. predators. there is growing interest from deer hunters as well. develop a 30 WWW. the GTL . or incorporate a mixture of these design elements and position the airtank in the stock or as a bottle or tube under the barrel. Talon and FX Verminator. and a fair amount of hunting as well. have an adjustable stock (telescopic or folding). and more recently with hunters.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . There are also guns like the Evanix GTL series. PRO STAFF JIM CHAPMAN: Jim Chapman has been hunting with traditional firearms for more than 30 years. My criteria is that the gun is accurate.357 (top). has flexibility to shoot from any field position. I’ve been doing a lot of shooting with these guns. lasers. ANYONE WHO’S BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO FIREARM TRENDS OVER THE PAST DECADE OR SO HAS NOTED THE INTENSE INTEREST IN GUNS WITH MILITARY OR TACTICAL DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS. and has the caliber selection for the type of hunting I want to use it for. I’ll give you a quick run-through on several of these models and give you my read on them. bullpup design. utilize synthetic materials. and uses a carbine-length barrel. There are a couple approaches with variations on the theme: implement a design that uses a synthetic stock.AIRGUN ADVANTAGE Jim Chapman Three of the new “Military Look” semi-auto PCP air rifles offered by Evanix: The GTL .25 (bottom). There is a challenge when designing this type of gun based on a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) action — aside from anything you might want to do for the stock and trigger assembly.PREDATORXTREME. These guns are usually compact. While the term “black gun” has been applied to quite a broad range of guns. more recently. and have a number of options for mounting adjunct gear (lights. Predator hunters were the first to jump on the bandwagon with respect to the hunting community. you need to figure out how to incorporate the air storage to power it. AirForce was the first American manufacturer to jump into the PCP market several years ago. these are useful features to have. and while I have always been more of a traditionalist in my aesthetic preferences when it comes to shooting hardware. incorporates a pistol grip. and the MAX . Airgunning trends often follow the same course as those seen in the powder-burning world. fast to cycle and easy to carry. bipods). powerful. Over the last 20 years. and the growing lineup of bullpup designs. with a design that is simple and elegant and from the very beginning had that tactical BLACK GUNS! Compact size and semi-auto capabilities make these airguns a varmint hunter’s dream. and. most of his hunting has focused on the use of airguns. These guns have been broadening their appeal. And whether you’re hunting predators or varmints with firearms or airguns. the new FX Bobcat. and of the latter are the Evanix Max. big game with both production guns and custom big bores. I must admit that these designs have a lot of appeal. there are several shared attributes. varmints. at first with target shooters. He has taken all manner of small game.22 (middle). Examples of the former are the Airforce Condor. which are quasi bullpups that use semi-automatic actions and offer many of the advantages of both design approaches. incorporate a pistol grip.


which in terms of a hunting gun is irrelevant.357. The only thing I’m not crazy about is that they are single-shot and have a safety that automatically deploys when the gun is cocked. There is a very active community of AirForce shooters that have their own forums.22. I don’t. Lawyers like it.25. and there is a robust accessories market with a number of vendors and talented airgun smiths that can help you make the gun exactly what you want. they have adjustable power. and . This gun uses a battery-powered electromechanical actuator to cycle the gun in semi or full auto.177.PREDATORXTREME. and . reasonable pricing. and a strong value proposition. The Max was their first bullpup design. and they can be broken down for transport.25 with a wide range of factory and aftermarket options available.357 PCP air rifle is a predator-hunting machine! “military” look and feel to it. and feature a pistol grip and a fully shrouded barrel.AIRGUN ADVANTAGE The new Evanix GTL 480 S . using a rotary magazine housed in a protective 32 WWW. . based on the proven semi/full-auto actions used in the company’s Speed/Conquest product line. airgun market.22. This gun is available in .S. use synthetic materials. though a decision has been made not to offer the full-auto in our market. and another Weaver-style mount under the barrel shroud onto which a light or bipod can be mounted.177. but it is easy enough to deactivate once you get the rifle home with you. Evanix is a Korean company that has made a strong push into the U. . Their Talon. and has differentiated themselves with innovative designs. . The AirForce guns are accurate and very powerful. Talon-P and Condor all use the airtank as the buttstock.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . They have a carry handle with an 11mm dovetail incorporated to mount optics. These guns come in .

There are several other guns in this class that have either been recently introduced to market or are on the horizon. The reason I can’t decide how to classify this gun is that the action has been moved rearward so it sits behind the trigger and uses a linking mechanism. they offer a high-shot count.COM FEBRUARY 2014 33 . even though it kind of looks like one. is that due to the extensive use of metal in the stock. the compactness of the gun moves that weight towards the shooter’s center. that have had a very positive reception from American shooters since their introduction. and every one that I’ve shot is a tack hammer! There are also some interesting bullpup imports. However.22 and . the gun has a reduced overall length. but it’s a rifle barrel and not a carbine. making it easy to carry and easy to bring into action. and though it’s on the heavy side. The reason I am looking forward to this gun is that FX makes some of my favorite air rifles. Both of these guns are very accurate and powerful. So it’s not really a bullpup. The only negative for this gun. Recently I’ve been shooting the Evanix GTL 480 S rifles/carbines/ bullpup (not sure what to call it) quite a bit. and because the action has been shifted rearward. from the takedown Verminator (which I’ve written much about) to their mid-bore Boss . which is compact although fairly heavy. in my experience. similar to the Max. The important point is that the guns are quite compact and have a good ergonomic design. it’s still easy to carry with a three-point AR-style sling. It uses a full-length 20-inch barrel. and with the 480cc airtank bracketed by the forestock assembly. Having said this.PREDATORXTREME. such as the Russian-made Cricket and Edguns.303. One rifle I’m very anxious to get my hands on is the new FX Bobcat.357 versions to be exceedingly accurate. they are heavy. The distal tank stabilizer has a Picatinny rail designed in for easy mounting of a light or bipod. This gun uses a lot of metal for the action and forestock. which is the Swedish manufacturer’s first bullpup design. the compact dimensions of the gun offsets the weight. and have found the . but the action is not moved all the way back to the heel of the buttstock. and it has a hardwood thumbhole stock. not always easy with a bullpup(ish) design. WWW.cassette to deliver pellets as fast as you can pull the trigger. making it very stable to shoot offhand.

25 powerhouse. Jim lines up a shot with the AirForce Talon-P pistol/carbine. If you are looking for a compact and fasthandling predator or varmint gun. and I anticipate most manufacturers will come to market with an offering in the not-too-distant future. I can recommend you take a look at what this class of guns has to offer. after shooting these newer styles I have to appreciate what they bring to the table. I’ve always felt that if something works in the field. . Easily maneuverable and quick to bring into action.AIRGUN ADVANTAGE So even though my aesthetic sensibilities remain unchanged when it comes to a finely figured traditional wooden stock. it deserves to be used. and these guns work like a charm! This trend toward more tactical designs will continue. This gun is a compact . making it ideal for varmints and close-range predators. they are a great option for hunting in thick brush.


The one I’ve been looking at lately is the Mid Predator Pursuit from Rock River Arms. assess what features you really need. and not compromise on your dedicated predator rig. In 2006. and quick follow-up shots for times such as when a pair of coyotes comes in and one meets 55 grains of awesome right away while the other runs off a hundred yards or so and stops to look back. If it’s too close to the muzzle. This gun is a mid-length. NOT A “WALK-AROUND” GUN. Look. but would do in a pinch if all things electronic either croaked or went Skynet on us at midnight. even if it wasn’t quite the right gun. it should be a given by now that the AR platform is ideal for predators. but it’s also much lighter than the “varmint”-type of ARs that are best set up on a portable bench over a prairie dog town.ALL ABOUT GUNS Scott Mayer ROCK RIVER ARMS 16-INCH MID PREDATOR PURSUIT PRO STAFF SCOTT MAYER: Mayer began his outdoor industry career in 1993 on the NRA Technical Staff where he became American Rifleman magazine’s first Shooting Editor. With its 16-inch barrel. but I think it’s better that Rock River chose a mid-length because it’s easier on the gun and should be reliable with a wider variety of loads. meaning the gas system is shorter than a rifle’s but longer than a carbine’s. pressure is too high for too long and can damage the gun. Mayer left NRA and entered the business end of publishing in 2003 as Advertising Account Executive for SCI’s SAFARI Magazine and Safari Times paper. I get it. for fear that one like it might not ever be available again. I did the same thing during Y2K and ended up with a wonderful garden-variety A2 that wasn’t quite what I wanted. EVEN ECLIPSING THAT OF 1994. and the more I use this AR. and they offer low recoil. The length of the gas system and position of the gas port are critical because if the port is too close to the chamber. a carbine gas system mechanically could work on this gun. BUT… At 7. Mayer was named Publisher of Shooting Times magazine where he was also tasked with launching and leading “Personal Defense TV”. It has 36 WWW. the first television show of its kind.2 pounds unloaded and without a scope. the more I’m convinced that there’s little. if any. For one thing. potent chamberings. compromise for predator hunters. But now it’s time to take a breath.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . shooters have literally snatched up any AR they could. For years. this isn’t a gun you take for a walk hoping to jump-shoot a coyote. and that gives you more flexibility positioning the gun for a shot from shooting sticks — especially on uneven ground or if you have to shoot from an unconventional position.PREDATORXTREME. Another benefit is that a mid-length has a longer forend. pressure drops off before the gun cycles and it might short stroke. THE POLITICAL CLIMATE OVER THE PAST SIX YEARS KICKED OFF A SUSTAINED GUN-BUYING FRENZY — PARTICULARLY IN THE AR MARKET — THAT IS COMPLETELY UNPRECEDENTED. They’re accurate.

COM FEBRUARY 2014 37 . I was involved in an extensive cryotreating test in 1999 and.PREDATORXTREME. Since most shooters view bullet length in terms of weight. Some also might gripe that there’s no muzzle brake on the Predator Pursuit. it’s also a safe one considering its accuracy-enhancing features plus Rock River’s well-earned reputation for high quality at a good price. and to me that just means having to put more distance between calling locations.223 Rem. That’s a match chamber relieved in the body and with a short match throat that safely fires either . Rock River gives the Predator Pursuit a 1:8-inch twist that should stabilize a wide variety of bullets.223 bullets that are on the heavy side. and while that’s a really good guarantee. The primary con to a short barrel is that you give up a little velocity over a longer one (for the . There’s also a good argument to be made that shorter barrels are inherently more accurate than longer ones because they whip less when shot. Its heavy match stainless barrel has both pros and cons. and the Wylde chamber lets you hunt with varmint ammo and practice with less expensive military surplus without worrying about it. the faster a twist that’s needed to stabilize it. Surrounding the barrel is Rock River’s aluminum free-float tube. it’s about 30 fps per inch according to SAAMI standards). so there’s nothing touching the barrel that could push it off from its zeroed position. and with a brake they’re REALLY loud.56mm NATO ammunition.enough heft that you can hold it steady even if you’re a little winded from blowing a long series of calls and is still light enough to easily carry from one calling location to another. while it will never make an inaccurate gun into an accurate one. and being shorter means it picks up targets faster.223 chambering. I found as much as a 98-percent probability that it could increase accuracy. the 1:8-inch twist lets you accurately shoot . and they’re cryogenic treated. Since your opinion may differ. The match-grade barrels are air gauged to ensure bore uniformity. my opinion (and I rate it nothing more) is that there are 55-grain bullets and then there’s everything else. The chamber is the . The pros include there not being a lot of length wagging around that a predator can see. Many folks shoot those two interchangeably. and the longer the bullet.223 Wylde. ACCURACY — GUARANTEED Rock River Arms offers a ¾ MOA guarantee on these guns.223 Rem. Bullet length is primarily what determines twist rate. but I’d ask them if they’ve ever fired a 16-inch-barreled AR. They’re loud. When it comes to the . WWW. but there is a difference. or 5.

and it’s probably the one feature I think this gun can do without. so Rock River clearly has gloved shooters in mind.88 inch — still nothing to sneeze at. I can see a case for it if you don’t want to make a lot of noise and you ease the bolt down on a loaded round while controlling the charging handle and then use the forward assist to make sure everything’s seated properly. CONCLUSION ON THE RANGE For accuracy testing. but I wanted to eliminate as much human error as possible. The ¼-inch of take-up has a little more resistance than what one normally finds followed by a light. but groups opened up to 0. I topped the Predator Pursuit with a Burris 6. Though it’s not an accuracyenhancing feature. That scope is better If you bought a too-heavy varmint gun or a too-gizzy defensive gun thinking it might serve as a predator rifle. the Predator Pursuit has a forward assist.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . When hunting. so it’s possible to fire before you’re ready with a light trigger pull and too light a take-up. Whether you use the cutout or the assist is up to you. Wellknown personal defense instructor Clint Smith taught me to seat things by pushing forward using the cutout in the side of the bolt instead.ALL ABOUT GUNS Another accuracy-influencing feature is the two-stage match trigger.5-20X scope. The heavy TAP loads produced nice round holes. Loads ranged from handloads with Speer 52-grain hollowpoints up to factory 75-grain Hornady TAP ammo. you’ll see how it helps with trigger control. but once you put on a pair of gloves. suited for smaller targets such as prairie dogs. The heavier-than-usual take-up is going to take some range time to get used to. suggesting they were stable. There’s a winter trigger guard on this gun. now might be the 38 WWW. The purpose of the forward assist is to force the bolt closed on a troublesome round. crisp break with no creep or overtravel. Gloves mask a lot of trigger finger sensitivity. and it’s a far cry from the two-stage triggers you find on surplus Mauser rifles. because smacking the forward assist can hopelessly stick a cartridge in the chamber. TAP isn’t what I’d use for predators.PREDATORXTREME. Firing ¾-MOA groups with conventional-weight bullets was easy to the point of being boring. but I wanted to push the stabilizing capabilities of the 1:8-inch twist with as long a bullet as I had available.

and if my experience is typical. winter trigger guard.PREDATORXTREME.rockriverarms.190 (rifle only) Wylde chamber./5.56MM NATO ACTION: Gas-operated semi-automatic rifle MAGAZINE CAPACITY: One 20-round magazine included BARREL: 16-inch. then I don’t think you’d go wrong with this one. 3⁄4-MOA accuracy guarantee MSRP: $1.2 pounds OTHER FEATURES: .com (866) 980-7625 MODEL: 16” MID PREDATOR PURSUIT CALIBER: . More information is available at www.COM FEBRUARY 2014 39 . Picatinny rail on upper and gas block STOCK: Fixed A2 with storage compartment OVERALL LENGTH: 341⁄4 inches WEIGHT: 7. There are a lot of really good ARs out there.223 REM. SPEC SHEET MANUFACTURER: Rock River Arms www. 1:8 twist TRIGGER: 2-stage match SIGHTS: None. heavy match stainless. aluminum free-float tube fore end. Hogue rubber grip. If Rock River’s 16-inch Mid Predator Pursuit fits what you’re looking for.time to put it in the used-gun rack and get a dedicated predator AR instead.rockriverarms. air-gauged and cryotreated. so consider what features are important to you and how you hunt.

and it drew her closer still as she snorted and pawed. I found the Benelli M4 resting across my lap and set the safety switch to red. giving as much realism to the fawn distress as I could muster. Long drawn-out fawn cries exited the stabilized burl wood with enough vibratos to make any choir teacher proud. A good friend of mine once said. I looked around to see who else had watched the scene unfold. and the prime coyote was motionless only 7 yards from my boots. doe. The doe turned his way as if to ready herself to take us both on. She startled and retreated out of sight. I pondered if God actually did that sort of thing as my mind began to wander for a few minutes. asking God for a little help. “Oh no. “Come on. Over the years his fever intensified. “I’ll show you. pawing at the frozen earth below. putting him on a perfect line toward my hide.” It’s only SOLO SONG DOGGER There are benefits to going it alone.” I thought to myself.CALLER FOR HIRE Tom Austin PRO STAFF TOM AUSTIN: Tom Austin began his predator hunting journey at age 7. The coyote flashed from the sanctity of cover and began to circle downwind of the 40 WWW. The old male coyote was at a lope by the time he entered the zone of no return — the kill zone.” I thought to myself as I snickered. My left eye teared up as a cold stiff breeze swirled the freshly fallen snow at my feet. I turned to see the doe looking at me intently. I SHRUGGED MY TALL SLENDER BODY INTO THE WANING SHADE OF A BARE COTTONWOOD AND BEGAN TO BREATHE LIFE INTO AN OPEN-REED CALL. a mature mule deer doe snort-wheezed just a few yards behind me. hunting predators 40 hours a week. expecting to see the doe bound out of there as fast as her hooves would carry her — not even a flinch. announcing her distaste. She looked at me again. send something my way. I screamed like a schoolgirl in my head and possibly out loud as well.PREDATORXTREME. standing up while unmasking my face. reaching deep within my diaphragm. As loud as I could. He’s finally found a cure as a professional guide. “solo hunting is an experience that only God and yourself get to witness. I continued to call for several minutes. I slowly raised the stock to my cheek and found him in the EOTech sight. It was almost as if she expected me to howl. Awkwardly. Suddenly. a coyote challenged with his own weathered male voice less than a hundred yards to my left. I exhaled a gravelly old male-coyote howl.” I yelled at her. Surprised.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . I looked on. when his father introduced him to the sport of calling. but no one was there. you don’t. Unexpectedly. One shot was all it took. knowing what was about to happen. I had just lowered my gun and made it safe when I saw the doe running at me. using his experience to gain the edge over his quarry. She passed by me at arm’s reach and proceeded to stomp the already dead coyote even deeper into the snow with her front hooves. The call still hung from my lips. I was hunting solo that day and doubted that anyone would ever believe me.

safely.PREDATORXTREME.COM FEBRUARY 2014 41 . and make sure it’s in writing. When I embark on a solo hunt. Always let someone know where you’re planning to go and when you hope to return. I take extra precautions that I normally wouldn’t.extraordinary to the participant because words never really can do it justice. Write someone a note. text or email describing the location of your travels in the event that you don’t return. People can forget names of places easily. enjoy your solo solace. Make sure your cell phone is charged WWW. You don’t have to give them exact directions to your honeyhole. Have a mechanic check your vehicle for any potential hazards or problems. so the written word is important. Top off all fluid levels and check the tire pressure in the spare. There’s something raw and real about going it alone. A sturdy shovel and handyman jack have gotten me out of some pretty sticky situations. at least be responsible about it. SMART IS SAFE If you happen to be the kind of person that doesn’t want a tagalong. Whether you hunt solo out of necessity or simply preference. just a known location so the Search and Rescue team knows where to start.

42 WWW.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . fuel and water. too. The authorities can access your last known whereabouts by your transactions. Last but not least. but also more time afield to net more success. Bring along extra food. Another good idea is to use a credit card when you travel instead of cash. Forty-eight hours’ worth is a good rule of thumb. Stay where you are and stay dry.CALLER FOR HIRE with an extra battery or backup charging method if possible. Taking a little time in advance will ensure not only safety. If your hunting buddy can’t make it. you do more damage than good by moving around. go alone. If you’re stranded or lost. stay put. whenever possible. possibly saving your life in the event that you end up somewhere entirely different than you planned. less movement and less noise. Fewer bodies on stand mean less scent.PREDATORXTREME. Someone will find you.

we’re taking ourselves out of the action. No one likes to look over at their hunting partner at the 15-minute mark to see them making snowballs. Too often while party hunting. be it calling.PREDATORXTREME. You have to be at the top of your game or you go home empty-handed. There’s no one to shift the blame upon after a botched hunt. It will make you a better caller. Another problem I see with party hunting is stand quality is usually diminished. creating more errors. Working smarter instead of harder is another technique that solo hunters seem to do well. everyone is trying to kill the same coyote. stand selection or even scouting. But there’s actually even more to it than that.SOLITARY REFINEMENT Solo callers can definitely enjoy some benefits that party hunters don’t. Fewer bodies on stand means less movement to risk being spotted too soon. From the way they carry their rifle to the way they cross a fence. less scent to be spread around and less noise to spook your quarry.COM FEBRUARY 2014 43 . Solo hunters are generally more attentive on stand as well. Possibly the greatest benefit that I see for solo hunting is what you’ll surely learn about yourself. you’re not just a member of the band. Feel free to be brutally honest with yourself. Those long shots result in more misses. so sit back and take your time waiting for the perfect shot opportunity. no more. You learn rather quickly where your weaknesses are. You’d never think it. WWW. Therefore. No less. sleeping. you only have your own patience to compete against. When solo hunting. one stand at a time. but fluidity makes a big difference when it comes to putting fur down. solo callers have streamlined their calling equipment to the point that everything has a purpose and a place. A stand that looks great for a solo caller might not be feasible for two or three. but by doing so. As a result. A solo hunter can‘t be lazy or distracted like you might be if you were hunting with someone. shooting. you’re the entire show. it’s always done the same. playing Angry Birds or worse yet. We try to overcome some of the obstacles we’ve created by having too many bodies. we pass by great-looking solo stands to pigeonhole our hunting party into a not-so-great stand. When you’re alone. For the most part. you shoot much earlier than you would if you had him all to yourself. Their equipment is always organized and they only take what they’re going to use.

New Optics PRODUCT ROUNDUP OPTI LOOKING TO KEEP YOUR SKINNING KNIFE OUT OF ITS SHEATH THIS SEASON? Remember. allowing you to spy stealthy predators from a distance. Just make the swap and you’re ready to hunt.alpenoptics. The UBX fully multi-coated www. Aurora Tactical’s special lens coating provides optimum light transmission in the light wave of 400 to 900 nanometers. No and they have once again gone above and beyond to offer you.995. The 851 ED 20-60x80 is available with a straight eyepiece and the 853ED 20-60x80 with a 45-degree eyepiece.auroratactical.PREDATORXTREME. perhaps the biggest piece of the predator-calling puzzle is having great optics. More time in the field means more dead predators. This innovative optic can be switched from a day scope to a night scope in the amount of time it takes to zip up your jacket. No shift in the point of impact. Alpen Optics New and exciting from Alpen Optics is its pair of ED HD Rainier Spotting Scopes. The large objective lenses gather every bit of light available to provide you with maximum optic performance from the first twinkle of light to the last. I’m talking about a quality set of optics hanging from your neck and even a worthy spotting scope that is sure to boost your predator reconnaissance.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . www. Savvy manufacturers know that toothy critters are most active during lowlight hours. Yes. MSRP $653-$826. superior optics that will undoubtedly boost your success rate. the predator-hunting fanatic. Aurora Tactical Rule the day and conquer the night with Aurora Tactical’s 8010 Day/Night Weapon Sight. you can’t kill it. Promising accuracy in the bright light of day or under the blanket of night is the triplex mil-dot ranging reticle. 44 WWW. you never have to leave the field to change scopes. if you can’t see it. Both boast extra-low dispersion high-definition optics that deliver incredible optic clarity and color fidelity. BaK-4 prisms and SHR metallic coating give these the brightest and sharpest image possible. MSRP $4. and thanks to the 8010 Day/Night Weapon. And I’m not just talking about a quality scope that gathers every bit of light possible.

these binoculars feel great in the Adding some icing to this already sweet cake is exclusive XTR prism coating If you love customization options. And. www. 10x42mm and 12x50mm configurations.99-$1. the Fusion 1 Mile is Bushnell tough. All are constructed from premium glass and offer HiLume multi-coatings for optimal edge-to-edge clarity. of course. MSRP $60. Here’s a look at the newest crop of optics. Aside from being tough as nails and quiet as a church mouse.99. MSPR $999.PREDATORXTREME. MSRP $299-$499. An industry leader in the optic arena.299. these stellar optics promise dawn-to-dusk clarity via their fully multi-coated lenses. scattering less light.crosman. In addition. Burris offers predator hunters the C4 line of riflescopes. The comfort strap conforms to the neck and the large.5-14x42mm in a choice of 1-inch and 30mm tubes. The new C4 scopes are available in four models — the 3-9x40mm and Sporting a reinforced rubber armored body featuring sound absorption technology is CenterPoint’s 10x42mm Full-Sized Roof Prism Binoculars. centerpoint. sharpness and low-light performance. fast. www. WWW.burrisoptics. you’re going to love these scopes. and each feature BAK-4 prisms with PC-3 corrective phase coating. Not to mention that these optics were built to withstand abuse from Mother Nature. which deliver exceptional sharpness and clarity. you can also order a free custom knob that matches your favorite load. Bushnell’s new Fusion 1 Mile laser rangefinder and binocular are remarkable in every way. The C4’s Cartridge Calibrated Custom Clicker system allows you the ability to match elevation adjustment to your favorite predator cartridge. The Fusion 1 Mile is available in 8x32 mm. making pinpoint accuracy easier than ever. and the rubber-armored chassis is as durable as they come.COM FEBRUARY 2014 45 . CenterPoint Optics Focused on helping you make memories each time you chase fanged critters is CenterPoint Optics. easy-to-focus knob makes target acquisition very quick. allowing the Fusion 1 Mile to provide jaw-dropping resolution and image clarity regardless of lighting conditions. The patented RainGuard HD lens coating causes moisture to bead up. Wet or dry.Jace Bauserman CS Bushnell Burris Always on the cutting edge of optic innovation. The scope has an 8X magnification ratio in the first focal plane.2 inches to provide a more comfortable cheek weld while shooting. uncluttered sight picture. The HHS1 and HHS2 combine the speed of the EXPS holographic weapon sight and the extended-range versatility of the G33 magnifier to give the predator hunter true two-eyes-open shooting.99. Its 30/30 IR reticle ensures rapid target acquisition thanks to its open. which is the highest magnification ratio in FFP to date. Ideal for long-range shots up to 500 meters.and low-illumination modules are available. www.hawkeoptics. but hunters wanted something simpler — something a bit more userfriendly. MSRP $2.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . This new reticle is available in the 2-7x32. MSRP $119. The March-F 3-24x42 comes in illuminated and non-illuminated models. MSRP $1.New Optics EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sights have proven themselves in games like Modern Warfare 3. glass-etched reticle.125. It also features dual red/ green illumination on the bulletproof. Kelbly’s The Tactical March-F 3-24x42 FFP Scope with new MOA Turrets — MIL Radian and Minute of Angle — target ranging is easier and more accurate than ever. Lighter and smaller than the legendary G23. but the big screen is not the only place these innovative sights are making the HSS kits feature the G33’s Quick Switch to Side magnifier mount. Hawke Optics Target shooters have long enjoyed Hawke’s illuminated mil-dot reticle. this magnifier is guaranteed to significantly extend your effective range. www.99-129.059-$1. brightness and target acquisition are never a concern.kelbly. The eye relief has been extended to 2.PREDATORXTREME. and both standard. W BLE A NE V O EM R O T I U Q S ! O S A M M K E C A F THE WOODSMAN A new suit for the serious hunter! • Gen 2 Lightweight Ghillie • Removable Mosquito Net • Zippered pockets • Water-proof Be Invisible! Order Yours Today! • Rot-proof • Mildew Resistant • Washable • Fire Retardant • Odorless 1-877-510-0147 46 Hawke has delivered.700. 3-9x40 and 4-12x40. With four levels of red reticle intensity that can be cycled through by simply pressing the pressure switch located within the focus dial on the left side. This illumination allows predator hunters to make killing shots no matter the lighting. too.eotech-inc.

making the ZD 4-16x44 RD a true tack driver. The scope also incorporates Nightforce DigIllum digital reticle illumination technology. predators start quaking in their paws — and for good reason. which feature .COM FEBRUARY 2014 47 . Nightforce scopes are remarkable in every way. 1 ⁄8 MOA click turrets that are lockable and zero resettable. WWW. Also impressive is the scope’s seven levels of reticle illumination intensity. ounces) and compact (11. Nightforce At the very mention of Nightforce scopes. www.5-10x42 NXS Compact Riflescope with Side Parallax Adjustment.mylucidgear. MSRP $1. it’s equipped with a side parallax adjustment. www. The scope sports an adjustable objective for setting zero parallax at distances from 3 meters to infinity.PREDATORXTREME. Meopta Meopta’s ZD Tactic 4-16x44 RD riflescope with illuminated mil-dot reticle will have you puffing fur up to 800 meters.5-10x42 scope is one of the only 10X riflescopes on the market that sports side parallax adjustment from 25 yards to infinity. Within the 30mm tube is a 6-24x50mm magnified imaging machine.338 Lapua. Shockproof up to . MSRP $1. The reticle is MOA graduated with multiple holdover and hold-off points for the discriminating rifleman. this lightweight ( has been proven in the hands of the U.9 inches in length). The latest addition.259.Lucid L5 Lucid has a variable-magnification riflescope called the L5. Ultra-effective in lowlight thanks to its larger objective lens.05 mil rad positive click-stop adjustments. Getting you on target are the ZD tactical target turrets. MSRP $499.meoptausa. the 2. military and offers a level of performance that far exceeds its size.99. and the elevation turret allows calibration of bullet drop to distances once thought unimaginable.

COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Mossy Oak Brush and Realtree Max-1. Sightmark has hit yet another home run with its new line of Solitude XD Binoculars. www.99.99-$999. www.sightmark. of course. target shooting and hunting accessories. www. Available in 7x36XD. This CAT technology promises the highest levels of contrast and light Steiner Optics Offering predator enthusiasts topquality European optics with superior coatings in a durable. the scope is paired with Nikon’s BDC Predator Reticle that utilizes ballistic circles that don’t obscure the target. 48 WWW. MSRP $279.steiner-binoculars. Americanmade housing at a price that won’t break the bank.99. 8x42XD and 10x42XD.95. Each XD bino features extra-low dispersion XD glass. Sightmark Known for its tactical. 3-12x56mm and 4-16x50mm. the 2.5-10x42mm. the Predator Xtreme riflescope line demands attention. MSRP $799. Boosting your sight picture and providing up to 97 percent light transmission is the fully multi-coated optical system with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on every surface. fully broad band multi-coated optics to maximize overall efficiency and improve the range of the visible spectrum. Available in three models.New Optics Nikon The new Coyote Special is available in 3-9x40 and 4-12x40 configurations in matte black. making approaching predators “pop” and stand out against the landscape.nikonhunting. The Coyote Special features a quick-focus eyepiece for quick target acquisition and rapid MSRP $419.95-$299. And.99-479. All Predator Xtreme riflescopes sport the Steiner Plex S1 Ballistic etched the Solitude XDs feature phase-corrected. BAK-4 roof prisms and an advanced magnesium bridge that ensures amazing contrast and color fidelity. Steiner’s riflescopes give hunters precision-ground lenses with Color Adjusted Transmission (CAT) technology.

As far as light transmission goes. Vanguard USA Introduced at the 2012 Shot Show. At just you can peer through this scope for hours without getting a headache.6 ounces. Constructed from textured rubber.vanguardworld. the TARS is a breeze to sight in.50. Totally waterproof and fogproof. illuminated-reticle optic designed to drop predators dead in their tracks.Trijicon Wanting to make sniping predators at extended distances easier than ever is Trijicon and its TARS High-Performance Riflescope. the Spirit XF’s fully multi-coated lenses and BAK-4 prisms promise amazing edge-to-edge clarity and brilliant color images.391. MSRP $249. With 3. 50mmobjective.PREDATORXTREME. www. including two levels designed specifically for use with night-vision optics.trijicon. www. WWW. durable and ready to meet the demands of any predator With premium optics and exact adjustments. Vanguard’s Spirit XF 10x42 binoculars have quickly become a favorite of many.3 inches of eye relief. and it’s fully multi-coated to better ensure maximum light transmission. In addition. the illuminated reticle features 10 levels of intensity. The Trijicon TARS (Tactical Advanced Riflescope) is a seaworthy 3-15X variable magnification. these binoculars are rugged. MSRP $3. these handy binos are ultra-light and ultra-comfortable. the Spirit XF 10x42 boasts twist-out eyecups that can be positioned at multiple points to better ensure maximum eye relief.COM FEBRUARY 2014 49 .

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but after five dry stands and an increasing wind. our dedication and enthusiasm were being tested. 5:12.COM FEBRUARY 2014 .PREDATORXTREME. Was I using the right sound? Was the sound carrying far enough? Were we sitting long enough? Were there even any coyotes within earshot to hear it? These were just a few of the questions that bounced through my mind while I sat there waiting patiently. THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES OF THE STAND HAD BEEN UNEVENTFUL TO SAY THE LEAST. 5:13.Calling All Coyotes COYOTES A NEBRASKA COYOTE KILLER SHARES HIS CALL RECIPES FOR YEAR-ROUND SUCCESS. It was late February and we were calling some of the most coyote-rich and picturesque country this great nation has to offer — the sandhills of Nebraska. Optimism was high earlier that morning as we drove through the darkness on a one-lane paved road into the middle of no-man’s land. MUCH LIKE THE PREVIOUS FIVE STANDS WE HAD ALREADY MADE THAT MORNING. CALLING ALL 52 WWW. I SLOWLY LIFTED THE REMOTE AND LOOKED AT THE TIMER…5:11.

COM FEBRUARY 2014 53 WindigoImages/ Mark Kayser .PREDATORXTREME.Geoff Nemnich WWW.

I heard the one word I had been waiting so patiently to hear all morning. but it was too late. I decided that something completely different was in order. 54 WWW.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . In order to get a handle on the remaining 25 percent. I scrolled through the sound list. the Mojo Critter let loose with one of its erratic spins and the coyote’s strides lengthened again. Within a matter of seconds. The wind was ideal. the coyote had closed the distance to less than 150 yards and slowed to a trot as he crested a small knoll in front of us. stayed with the camera and me. highlighted “coyote pup screams. I briefly surveyed our setup one last time. The imaginary line from us to the caller was perpendicular to the wind direction. “Coyote.” Brett said. blowing from left to right around 15 mph. Sometime around the 10-minute mark. the 50-grain V-max completely incapacitated the coyote in mid-stride.” and pressed play. Joe positioned himself roughly 60 yards downwind of us on the backside of a small rise. 6:49. 6:48.” Brett whispered. barked. The coyote came to an abrupt headfirst halt less than 3 yards from the CS-24! After our schoolgirl giggles had subsided and in between the head shakes of disbelief. “He’s coming hard. 11:25. So we headed to a choppy range of yuccacovered sandhills paralleled by vast hay meadows on either side. The setup was spoton. I glared back down at the remote…6:47. the big male had closed the gap to less than 40 yards and was making a beeline for the e-caller and decoy. After nearly seven minutes of a screaming jackrabbit without any takers. In what seemed like a couple blinks of the eye. 11:26. Once I had the volume up to an adequate level. I glanced down at the remote one last time…11:24. and in an awesome display of speed and energy. The e-caller and decoy were strategically stuffed into the top of a yucca out in front of our position approximately 30 yards.22-250 Rem. I briefly caught a pale-gray blur descending off the hillside 300 yards out.Calling All Coyotes The sun was already high in the late-morning sky and I knew that the coyotes would be making the transition from their hunting grounds to their bedding areas. All we needed now was a willing participant. “I’m gonna try and stop him. With a slight turn of my head.22-250 Rem. At that exact time. We tucked ourselves into a cluster of yucca plants and had an unobstructed view of nearly 75 percent of the calling area. BOOM! The .” Brett said hastily. Brett and his trusty .PREDATORXTREME.

“It’s up to you to figure out what the coyotes are wanting that particular day and give them the corresponding sound. a good friend of mine and a coyote-killing veteran of more than 40 years shared his “Triple F Theory. Regardless.PREDATORXTREME.” As simple as it sounds. Possibly he had gotten a little bit of an education earlier in the season.” Well. Possibly we triggered an instinctual response that the coyote had no control over. That’s one of the reasons why prey sounds call in more coyotes than other calls. To feed. In today’s market of hightech e-callers and large. and taking turns dragging coyotes back to the truck. To simplify things. Perhaps it was due to the area we set up in. diverse sound libraries. to fight. So why did the coyote-pup distress invoke such a rapid and aggressive response? Maybe it was due to the time of year. “Coyotes will come to the call for several reasons. it’s easy to get overwhelmed when picking and loading sounds onto your call. . these are all great questions and ones that I’ll discuss throughout the remainder of the article. I started categorizing the sounds on my call. WWW. Perhaps it was the mild winter we were having.So what was the key to our success on this stand? Did we finally get within earshot of an unsuspecting coyote? Obviously! So why did this big male not come charging in to the screaming jackrabbit that was playing the first seven minutes of the stand? Maybe he was making a slow approach. I’ve classified all the sounds used Sound Categories And Behavioral Triggers Eight years ago I was introduced to a priceless theory that different sounds might trigger different responses in coyotes. He continued by adding. I’ll let you figure out what his third “F” was. it was something that I hadn’t put much thought into before that day. From that point on. .” He said. During a day of sharing stands A prey sound will play on a coyote’s hunger and curiosity.COM FEBRUARY 2014 55 . or to .

coyote and coyotepup distress and coyote vocalizations. 56 WWW. Coyote Behavior Before we can tie everything together into a practical game plan. loading 34 prey-distress sounds.PREDATORXTREME. but understanding certain coyote characteristics and coyote behavior is the key to being able to trigger these responses on a consistent basis throughout the entire hunting season. let’s discuss coyote behavior from early fall through early spring. 33 coyote/coyote-pup distress sounds.Calling All Coyotes During the breeding season. you’ll elicit more responses when playing against territorial and parental triggers. During the month of September and the early part of October. but don’t overload your e-caller with too many sounds from one category. specifically for calling coyotes into three categories: prey distress. Although remembering the three “Fs” is probably easier. curiosity. Is it because these are the easiest triggers to invoke? Or is it because the average coyote hunter is primarily using sounds that trigger these two responses? I believe it’s a little of both. In an ideal situation with an e-caller holding 100 sounds. it’s time to discuss the triggers. and 33 coyote vocalizations would be optimal. let’s break things down a little further by identifying four triggers: hunger. Give yourself the most diverse variety possible within each category. instead of hunger. territorial and parental.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Of the four. Triggering territorial and parental responses can be very effective as well. Now that the three sound categories have been identified. hunger and curiosity are responsible for calling in the most coyotes.

The food supply is minimized and easy meals such as grasshoppers are gone with the colder temperatures. Hunting pressure is minimal and coyote densities and numbers are the highest they will be all season. During the last half of January and February. and the coyote numbers and densities are continuing to drop. the remaining coyote population turns its focus to repopulating. During this timeframe. and keeping food in its belly is priority number one for a coyote. Hunting pressure is extremely high. Defending remaining food sources from being eaten by other coyotes is important for the survival of the litters. there will be just as many coyotes again next fall. with insects and plants still available for consumption. In March and April the coyote pairs have established a den. and as long as 30 percent of the coyote population survived the winter. but they are learning to hunt on their own. and the females will come into heat sometime around the first of February.COM FEBRUARY 2014 57 . and many of the remaining coyotes have had some sort of educational experience during the previous four months. In late October and into November. The Game Plan By now. a good portion of the coyote population is composed of young. Hunting pressure has dropped significantly. The pups are still in the general vicinity of their spring denning site. Hunting pressure has significantly increased and the coyote numbers and densities are dropping. rabbits and birds. Coyote and coyotepup distresses will generally WWW.the coyote family group is still intact. Food is plentiful. Prey distresses will generally trigger a hunger or curiosity response. In December through the first half of January. and the coyotes must continue to hunt on a daily basis. the family group breaks down and the pups head out on their own. Territory is now the focus. Mating is now the priority.PREDATORXTREME. Winter has hit with full force. Hunting pressure remains high. transient coyotes roaming the countryside looking for their own territory to establish. The coyotes must now take to catching rodents. the triggers they invoke and how this relationship is affected by the changing of seasons. The family group will spend the next six months in this location. you’ve begun to see the relationship between the different sound categories. most coyotes have now established a territory. Food sources are dwindling.

Time of year. concentrate on triggering a curiosity. Early in the season. play a prey-distress 58 WWW. sounds used during the stand. take note of a variety of factors. Coyote vocalizations will generally trigger a territorial or curiosity response.Calling All Coyotes Keeping A Call Log Keeping a call log is a great way to recognize patterns and help identify productive trends. hunger or parental response. Example 1 It’s early October and you’re headed out to call your favorite piece of ground for the first time this season.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Midway through the season. territorial or parental response.PREDATORXTREME. take note of gender and estimated age (pup or adult). time of day. concentrate on triggering a territorial. After every successful stand (successful meaning that you called in a coyote). how did the coyote(s) react to the call (aggressive or cautious). and weather conditions. how long you were on stand. parental or curiosity response. Compare these notes throughout the season as well as from year to year. During the first half of the stand. During the late-season. You’ll be able to recognize productive trends and implement more effective strategies that will make you a more successful coyote hunter. concentrate on triggering a hunger. If you killed the coyote(s). trigger a parental or territorial response. Let’s discuss how to implement this correctly.

Send a copy barrel. Sniper/Police Departments. Example 2 It’s late January and you’re headed out to call a piece of property that you’ve already hunted several times.COM FEBRUARY 2014 59 . you’ll get a response.PREDATORXTREME. switch categories to hopefully elicit a parental response. AR-15. Olympic. If nothing responds halfway through your stand. which have the ability to invoke three of the four triggers. If there’s a coyote within an earshot that is hungry or curious. Second. High Power. you’ve played sounds from two different categories. To do this. Let it play for the remainder of the stand. Handlapped Stainless Steel Barrels. The four triggers are hunger. This accomplishes two things. By now many of the coyotes have received some sort of education and are more concerned about repopulating than eating. First. (315) 677-9841 WWW. chances are one of the three triggers you tried to invoke will produce a response. switch sounds and pick something from the coyote and coyote-pup distress category. which are relative to the corresponding coyote behavior that time of year.When calling coyotes. For more info visit us at: www. During the first few minutes of the stand. Hunting. SmallBore. Identify the triggers that you want to invoke and then ring the right dinner bell! Hart Barrels has been family owned for over 50 years.hartbarrels. you are playing a sound or sounds that will trigger a response. we can duplicate at no additional charge. curiosity. use your favorite coyote vocalization sound. Let that play through the halfway point of your stand and then repeat with coyote vocalizations and more coyote and coyote-pup distress. Benchrest. If there was a coyote within earshot. territorial and parental. you’ve played sounds that the average coyote hunter hasn’t used up to this point in the season. meticulously crafted one at a time. pick a sound from the coyote or coyote-pup distress category. sound.

COM FEBRUARY 2014 .18 Remain quiet and observant – minute 18 .13 Remain quiet and observant – minutes 13 .Calling All Coyotes Recipes for Success (call names below are from the FOXPRO library) Early-Season Enticer (Use mid-September through mid-November) Total Stand Time: 15 minutes “Vole Squeaks” – minutes 0 .9 “Coyote Pup Distress #3” – minutes 9 .PREDATORXTREME.13 Remain quiet and observant – minutes 13 .8 “Coyote Pair” – minutes 8 .15 Late-Season Love Song (Use mid-January through mid-March) Total stand time: 20 minutes “Coyote Locator” – minutes 0 .15 Mid-Season Mesmerizer (Use mid-November through mid-January) Total stand time: 15 minutes “Lightning Jack” – minutes 0 .11 “Coyote Pup Frenzy” – minutes 11 .7 “Coyote Pup Screams” – minutes 7 .4 “Lucky Bird” – minutes 4 .20 60 WWW.3 “Coyote Death Cry” – minutes 3 .16 “Female Coyote Submissive” – minute 16 .



COYOTE WWW. not acres.P. ORE. . Dave Dalton. I contacted Gary and learned that eastern Oregon has a small human population and a large coyote population. Garrett Leeberg SCHOOL School’s in session and an eastern Oregon coyote pro is leading the lesson.PREDATORXTREME.COM FEBRUARY 2014 63 Windigo Images/Mitch Kezar ATTENDING A COYOTE-HUNTING SCHOOL WASN’T HIGH ON MY MUST-DO LIST UNTIL I HEARD ABOUT ONE OFFERED BY GARY MADISON WHO HAILS FROM BURNS. and ranches are measured in miles. extolled his coyote-hunting virtues to the point that I had to become a student. I quickly booked a date for mid December. Grab your pen and paper and get ready for an education in coyote hunting. a friend from work who knows Gary.

PREDATORXTREME. it didn’t take us long to don our camo. we got into the classroom portion of Gary’s coyote school. including books.฀Picatinny฀rings฀coming฀soon! •฀ Most฀economical฀฀and฀accurate฀B.฀on฀the฀market •฀ No฀clicks฀to฀count฀–฀smooth฀adjustments •฀ Straight฀Shooter฀adjustments฀are฀not฀affected฀by฀scope฀power฀settings •฀ No฀need฀to฀buy฀a฀new฀scope •฀ These฀precision฀scope฀rings฀allow฀you฀to฀quickly฀turn฀the฀dial฀to฀the฀ yardage฀you฀want฀and฀aim฀directly฀at฀your฀target. so I was having a blast even before our first Coyote school is a great way to learn how to call and kill coyotes.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . so we made some adjustments and headed back to the house for an amazing meal prepared by Gary’s wife. Once at the ranch.7878฀•฀www. The first shot was too high.550. including two ATVs with which we would cover our hunting area for the next two days. Well before daylight.Coyote School the many questions I had. we went to the range and testfired my Howa . various magazines and continuing education in general through means of seminars. Crystal. gear up our quads and head out on the prairie. while studying under a veteran coyote hunter who can help shorten the learning curve.223 Rem. rifle topped with a Leupold Vari-X 3-9 power scope.D.C. We discussed the importance of good predator-related reading material. When I arrived at Gary’s. Crystal fixed us a great breakfast and we headed south to a private ranch with a healthy population of coyotes. Gary would routinely stop the video when he wanted to expand on something or to answer one of •฀ Straight฀Shooter฀is฀a฀bullet฀drop฀compensator฀built฀right฀into฀a฀pair฀of฀ scope฀rings •฀ Straight฀Shooter฀Scope฀Rings฀will฀it฀any฀1”฀diameter฀scope฀and฀ dovetail฀mount.ssscoperings. After 64 WWW. we were up getting our gear loaded. •฀ Shoot฀to฀1000฀yards฀with฀most฀calibers •฀ Shoot฀to฀1500+฀yards฀with฀some฀calibers STRAIGHT SHOOTER 715. A video serves as a foundation for instruction. lectures and — Gary’s favorite — putting boots to the ground. I’d never ridden an ATV before. Field Training Sleep didn’t come easy as I anticipated the morning’s hunt.

Gary checked the wind and determined what he believed to be the most likely place to summon a coyote. Seated on my Hunter’s Specialties pad in an area devoid of stickers. • Barrels machined to W. We had been on stand for about 15 minutes when I saw a brown flash to my left. White Oak Varmint Rifle Uppers have proven as effective in the field as on the range. but Gary said it was typical of many areas we’d be calling. as he told me I’d be tickled with the results. We stopped at an area that was particularly unremarkable to me. It didn’t look like a place I’d guess to be a bonanza for coyotes. It was flat.setup. this sound is dripping delicious to any coyote that can hear it!” I got my first lesson in coyote hunting early into my class — patience. much to my delight. I was comfortable and capable of sitting still for 20 minutes or more.204 Ruger. over rocky ground and hills. PO Box 74 • Carlock. As I listened and intensely scanned the horizon as instructed. two electronic and one tube. as the local ’yotes were used to hearing machines and vehicles on the active www. or share your successful WOA hunts: office@whiteoakarmament. We went through mud and snow. but our third set did.PREDATORXTREME. Gary was insistent that no talking occurred above a whisper once we were en route to our hunt area.8 SPC II. Voices are another matter. I’ve been out before with coyote aficionados. IL 61725 • Phone: 309-376-2288 A Division of White Oak Arms. open country full of sage and bitterbrush. .” said Gary. The same quality and craftsmanship that make White Oak a recognized leader in high-power competition go into every White Oak Varmint Upper. but I’d never heard a sound quite like this.A. He was correct. WWW. and their song was intensified by Gary’s eventual use of his tube call. but three different calls. In the distance we could see the Trout Creek Mountains and various wellknown buttes. Once we were comfortably set on the ground. Our first set was more instructional. as we put to practice the principles discussed the night before. The electronic calls sang out the dying-rabbit blues in mesmerizing crescendo. It was there he set his FOXPRO caller to work.223 WOA Varmint chamber and 6. Gary became a screamer beyond belief. I couldn’t help but think.COM FEBRUARY 2014 65 . This gem is sweeter than pralines. pointed rocks or undue mud. “Wow. The first two stands didn’t produce a single target. White Oak Varmint uppers are available in . The coyote came in on a rope about 25 yards in Dogs to Hogs White Oak Varmint Rifle Uppers Popping prairie dogs on the plains or hunting hogs in Georgia.whiteoakarms. as it connects to your front stock swivel via a device that comes with shooting sticks. specifications • Perform well with a wide variety of bullet weights • Ventilated custom black varmint float tube helps cool the barrel • Optional fluting to reduce weight • Front sling swivel stud for sling or bipod Varmint barrels are also available separately. I was amazed at the chorus of sound he created using not one. Please visit our website for available barrel lengths and twists. The noise from the ATV does not affect the hunting. I purchased the Pivot at Gary’s behest. My Howa rifle rested on a Stoney Point Rapid Pivot bipod.O. “You’ve got to be comfortable and capable of moving your gun well before we start the call. He positioned me in front of a sage bush while ensuring that I had nothing in front of me to impede vision or movement. One Reliable Source For Custom Gunsmiths and Discriminating Shooters E-mail us for a free catalog.

I had failed to see the 66 WWW. a coyote approached from a distant position straight away from us. After about 10 additional minutes of crying the blues. so Gary finally exclaimed with authority. Gary told me during our classroom session that such action would occur. but jumped back up like a cocky prizefighter. Gary estimated the dog to be a 2-year-old.” His advice made sense to me. Gary would discuss what went well and what didn’t after each set. Gary continued calling. I let some lead fly and made good on the first shot. At that point. Gary didn’t stop the call. but didn’t prove true on this set. Gary remarked that the ’yote “died well” and guessed his age to be about 3 years. but the third shot put him down for good. At midday on another set we had another taker. “It is likely that a second or third ’yote could be with the first or en route to the call from another direction. we found a good photo angle to commemorate the experience. At the crack of the Howa. Lesson number two came right after the shot — keep calling. too. About 20 minutes into the set.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . I’m trained to pick a spot and go for the kill instead of watching wildlife. I leaned to my right to see a different angle and picked up the ’yote coming hard toward the call. In this case. I was thrilled with the victory and savored the moment. The rifle cracked again. That’s when I realized I just learned my third lesson — midday calling is effective. The song dog went down. We wouldn’t want to disappoint a dinner guest with silence. He was not as big as the first one.PREDATORXTREME. Being a bowhunter. a mature male who sported a darker-than-average coat. I chambered another round for our next visitor. Although I tried to turn him into burger with my Howa. The bad boy jumped up again and tried to leave. but Lady Luck would not kiss us again. “Paul! One’s coming!” and pointed in the direction. The “bite” of my 50-grain Hornandy bullet proved lethal in less than 10 seconds. we shut down the set and proceeded to our prize. so we shut down and proceeded to examine our prize. Gary saw him first and tried to get my attention in a subtle manner. and the sound of the hit echoed our way. but gave an approving nod. My gun swiveled into position as I selected my point of aim. the ’yote spun and started biting at his wound — thinking something bit him. Like a good teacher. but I wasn’t about to be snide toward his advance. The screaming was a bit loud for any low-level whisper.Coyote School front of us and stopped about 20 yards from the caller.

Coyote School
dog coming, and his signaling could have caused a loss of the opportunity. “You know how I knew that coyote was comin’ in?” asked Gary. I shook my head no. Gary indicated that the bird out in front of us told him. He explained that birds will follow coyotes as they travel along the ground. Magpies will flutter overhead and reveal their location. That’s how Gary knew a coyote was coming to the call and he saw him before I did. Back at camp, we enjoyed another excellent meal and rehashed the day’s events. I felt good about the trip so far (getting two coyotes) and what I had learned about predator hunting in general. Let me highlight the salient points of that discussion with emphasis on stand basics.

The key is to be as inconspicuous as possible. Wear large-pattern camo that has variable contrasts, which ensures the integrity of your camo’s effectiveness out to considerable distances. Small patterns fail and make you look like a dark blob at farther distances. Your camo should be made of material that is nonreflective and quiet. You want to blend in with your surroundings. In addition, a facemask, cap and gloves also contribute to your invisibility. I prefer to cut a hole in my gloves where my trigger finger can touch the metal trigger without being covered.

Great Line of

Predator Calls
Diaphragm Predator Calls Dying Rabbit Distress Fawn Rodent Squealer Coyote Howler

Choosing A Site
Move quietly to the site while avoiding being sky-lined. Keep talking to a whisper. Pay attention to evidence of coyote presence (tracks, scat) and select a spot with good visibility, even when calling in close areas. You can’t kill what you can’t see. High ground is ideal for aiding visibility, so use that to your full advantage. The wind direction must receive significant consideration in determining your site. Because a coyote will come to the call from downwind many times, the ideal site allows you to hold a crosswind position. Place yourself so that a predator must cross your path to reach the sound of the call.

We also have a full line of Turkey Calls, 12-diaphragms, Tube Call, Glass, Slate & Aluminum, Videos and a full line of accessories.

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Setting Up
Always place your electronic call where you can see it about 25 yards from where you plan to sit. Use a decoy to give a visual confirmation to approaching coyotes. Feathers on a string, a piece of fur or a life-size decoy can distract or lure the dog long enough for you to sling lead. Seat yourself in front of something that breaks up your outline, such as sage or a high




don’t shut down the call. I mean). Scan your eyes back and forth while avoiding head movement. give a bark sound (woof). 70 WWW. When a dog is visible. as a coyote hears way better than a gossiping neighbor. A loud call might alert a coyote in close proximity. Always watch for birds. Position yourself to sit as still as a rock. The third was a large male with a white 20-minute you have about three seconds to make the dispatch or he will become history. Remember to be quick on the stand with decisions. if need be. You will have an excellent experience if you listen and observe the master at work. Keep calling. to reach ears in the distance. I tried to think of reasons to prolong my stay. so you won’t be moving later to verify a non-coyote shape. and sit the opposite way if you are lefthanded. Look around to see if anything resembles a coyote. Stay ready! If a coyote does come in and you make a mess of him. which came to the call after 40 seconds. contact Gary Madison at gmadison@centurytel. as they often follow approaching coyotes. Their cordial reception made an indelible impression on me. You’ll be ready for a second shot opportunity. it was that good.Coyote School high bank. yet remain comfortable. He and Crystal are friendly. If you are right-handed. As the experience of their hospitality unfolded. Increase the call level over a 15. Call him at (541) 573-5700.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Gary’s coyote school proved to be the best money I’ve ever spent on a guide. Without question. affable folks. Give yourself position to pivot the gun to your left if need be. I now consider myself schooled on song dogs. sit with your gun at the ready. Gary said I hold the record for the quickest dog to his call. A coyote coming from another direction might not identify the location of the gunshot and keep on coming. Conclusion I concluded my hunt with three coyotes. If the coyote needs to be stopped to give you a solid shot opportunity. switching to a pup-indistress sound. which will usually stop him. they can hear up to a mile (the dog. In fact. eager to ensure that students are treated well. Remain alert at all times and avoid the temptation to snooze. Start your calling at low volume. pointing in the vicinity of the call while resting on your shooting sticks.PREDATORXTREME. Going Back to School If you wish to attend this predator calling and hunting school.


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The ballots are in and the votes have been tallied. There were a lot of close races this year. Read on to find out what gear hard-core predator hunters rely on when they are in the field hunting the hunter.



GOLD: SILVER: Rock River Arms DPMS

BRONZE: Bushmaster

GOLD: SILVER: Remington Savage Arms


GOLD: SILVER: Remington Mossberg

BRONZE: Benelli

GOLD: SILVER: Crosman Gamo


GOLD: SILVER: Winchester Remington and Federal tied

BRONZE: Hevi-Shot | ANNUAL 2012




tied HUNTING PELLET GOLD: SILVER: RWS and Crosman tied Gamo BRONZE: Predator International 74 WWW.PREDATORXTREME. Dewey Mfg.2014 READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS RIFLE AMMO GOLD: SILVER: Hornady Winchester BRONZE: Federal and Remington tied CLEANING KIT GOLD: SILVER: Hoppe’s Otis BRONZE: Outers and J.COM FEBRUARY 2014 .







COM FEBRUARY 2014 81 . Liberty Safe Cannon GUN CASE GOLD: SILVER: Plano Allen BRONZE: Stack On and Browning BRONZE: Boyt BIPODS/TRIPODS GOLD: SILVER: Harris Engineering Caldwell and Bog Pod tied BRONZE: Vanguard WWW.PREDATORXTREME.READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS 2014 GUN SAFE GOLD: SILVER: tied.


READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS 2014 ATTRACTANT SCENT GOLD: SILVER: Tink’s H.PREDATORXTREME. (Hunter’s Specialties) BRONZE: Code Blue GROUND BLIND GOLD: SILVER: Ameristep Primos Double Bull BRONZE: Ghilliesuits. S.COM FEBRUARY 2014 83 .com TRAIL CAM GOLD: SILVER: Moultrie Bushnell BRONZE: Cuddeback WWW.

2014 READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS KNIFE GOLD: SILVER: Buck Case BRONZE: Gerber GPS GOLD: SILVER: Garmin Magellan FAVORITE NEW PRODUCT GOLD: SILVER: FOXPRO Shockwave and Winchester 17 Super Mag tied Wicked Lights BRONZE: Bushnell BRONZE: Vortex and Mojo Supercritter tied FAVORITE PREDATOR HUNTING RETAILER GOLD: SILVER: All Predator Calls Cabela’s BRONZE: Midway FAVORITE HUNTING VIDEO GOLD: SILVER: Primos — The TRUTH Series Coming To The Call (Byron South) and FOXPRO’s Desert in Distress tied BRONZE: Catastrophic (Burnham Brothers) FAVORITE PREDATOR MAGAZINE GOLD: SILVER: Predator Xtreme Varmint Hunter BRONZE: Fur-Fish-Game 84 WWW.PREDATORXTREME.COM FEBRUARY 2014 .


Always go to a ki-yi or pup-distress sound immediately after the first shot. This allows you to make the hardest shot first. take the sure shot on the closest coyote. get that one for certain. Another very important matter to attend to beforehand is that when you hunt with a partner.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Normally.HOT TIPS Joe Bradshaw CALLING IN MULTIPLES I RECENTLY CALLED A SPOT BY MYSELF AND FIVE COYOTES CAME IN TOGETHER. That is. There are a couple of schools of thought when dealing with multiples. It should have been three. so needless to say. If you do. It’s not common in our area of Arkansas to call in more than three on a stand. as long as everyone knows which coyote to shoot. it is best if the person on the left shoots the coyote on the left and vice versa. coyote after the shot. It’s not important who shoots what. then get the Always go to the ki-ki or pup-distress sound after the first shot. Take the time to get everyone on the “same sheet of music” before the hunt. Good hunting! 86 WWW. have a plan before the opportunity arrives. If one is a much better shot than another member of the party. it is beneficial if he takes the farthest of the group. allowing me time to get a second before the others could get out of range. next one. One school of thought is to take the “sure” thing. though I personally feel there is a better way. Coyotes don’t normally give you time for indecision. and the closer coyote(s) have farther to go to get away. I stuck to my plan and managed to kill two of the five. the author tries to shoot the farthest coyote first. and hope to get another. Whatever works for you is fine. so again I say. I shot the farthest one first. Then the more difficult moving targets are a closer shot. My personal plan is to get the farthest coyote first. Many times this will stop another When multiples come charging in. giving you more time to collect another. as long as you all know ahead of time what is expected of you. It will often stop the other coyote or coyotes so you can make another shot. be certain you each know which coyote is yours.PREDATORXTREME. but I will take two. it will pay dividends with more fur on the ground. There is nothing wrong with that line of thinking. As it happened. I was surprised when five came charging in. allowing you to get more than one. On more than one occasion we have called in a group of coyotes only to find two of us shoot the same coyote.


So are odd shapes of white. It took me 22 years to draw a tag in Unit 2. are surrounded by a vast field of yellow. For the past five days. private ground.PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE DAVID HART NORTHWEST COLORADO PUBLIC-LAND COYOTES Maybell.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . Three days into the hunt. Colorado THE MAP SPREAD ACROSS THE HOOD OF MY COUSIN’S TRUCK IS AWASH IN YELLOW. Blue squares indicate state school trust land. I punched my tag on a monster bull. The purple shows Dinosaur National Monument and the green a national wildlife refuge along the Green River. We are studying a land status map of northwest Colorado. a splash of green on the right edge. It’s that yellow we are studying as we trace red lines indicating roads and obscure four-wheel-drive trails. Some of those white squares. rectangles and jutting squares that appear to be part of some sort of electronic game of blocks. Blue squares and rectangles are scattered about. three blue ribbons snake their way across the paper. my cousin Shannon and I have been hiking up and down juniper-studded slopes and glassing vast stretches of sage flats in search of a bull elk. A wash of purple stretches across the bottom right corner. a massive region of high desert transected by two rivers and one that forms the southern border. That left me three more days before I had to catch 88 WWW.PREDATORXTREME. one of the most coveted tags in the country in one of the best public elk hunting areas. land owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Other stands were the result of careful consideration of terrain. LICENSE INFORMATION: Annual nonresident small game or furbearer license: $56 Habitat stamp (required for all hunters and anglers): $10 NEED TO KNOW: Most of the region is BLM land. is” said Shannon. but tall pines dot the higher elevations and sagebrush and grass flats are scattered throughout. In fact. Colorado: www. Sometimes it took little more than windshield time and an eye on the landscape to find what we were looking for. purple or green blocks on the map.” He dumped the first one just 25 yards from where he sat. Water isn’t just important to coyotes. large flats and rough land status software will help you navigate around posted ground. including cattle. but most residents live in and around Craig. Water. County roads are gravel.craig-chamber. It didn’t make it very far.FAST FACTS LOCATION: Moffat County. so I went back to the truck and got my call and rifle. the county seat and the largest town in the region. Camping is available throughout the BLM land. for a coyote hunter to keep the predators in check. a post office and a few other businesses. That’s a good place to start. affordable campground with showers and full hook-ups. Ranchers do run their herds on public ground. Colo. We didn’t find a coyote at every stand.COM FEBRUARY 2014 89 . What’s a man armed with free time. but private property is scattered throughout. Colorado: www. a few creeks and three rivers — lies on the white. some spots simply didn’t surrender even a sighting. but it can help. the second one turned to run. rugged and remote draws.. Four-wheel drive isn’t mandatory. Once I punched my elk tag. “I heard coyotes howling.000. huntable land comes close to the water. gov/co/st/en/fo/lsfo. The town does have a clean.. too. is located in the upper northwest corner of the state. but trails that cut across BLM land are dirt and can get nasty in wet weather. It is illegal to drive across private ground to access public land. Maybell. but there is no potable water. my cousin and I shifted our attention to coyotes. even grateful. Despite our best effort.state. A few ponds and creeks are actually on public ground. The only problem? It all looks good. isn’t it? The region is ideal coyote country: a vast mix of rolling hills.blm. Finding nience store. I heard two shots ring out from the general direction of my cousin’s truck.wildlife. RESOURCES: Colorado Division of Wildlife: www. A GPS loaded with the perfect places to call was simply a matter of studying the map. It is bordered by Wyoming and Utah. Colo. a rifle and surplus ammo supposed to do? The answer was obvious. Juniper trees dominate the landscape. some mule deer and a handful of antelope. Get a land status map and pay attention to property boundaries. That became obvious two days before elk season opened when my cousin and I were scouring the landscape for elk sign. it consists of a handful of houses. but those landowners who keep cows on their own property can be willing. But with 1. is the closest town near the bulk of the public land. Some BLM roads cut across private property. that’s not really a problem. However. Coyotes are abundantly scattered about. “Two came running in almost before I put my call down. which is closed to hunting. Most of it — ponds. Coyotes shadow cows as they wait to pick off wayward calves or lame adults. Dinosaur National Monument stretches across much of the southern boundary of the area. Because it’s a mix of private and BLM land open to the WWW. mountains that hold lots of elk. Both trotted off private ground we skirted in our effort to find elk. for instance — looked like they should have been crawling with coyotes. An hour after we split up to glass different valleys on the first day of scouting. a gas station/convea plane home from Denver.200 square miles of mostly public land. ACCOMMODATIONS: The county population is about 14. but in many instances. some areas — creek bottoms that held water and rough country far away from public roads. proximity to private land (and cattle) or distance from the few well-traveled roads in the area.PREDATORXTREME. elk aren’t the only game in this area. But that’s predator hunting. it’s vital to the things that coyotes Bureau of Land Management Craig.html Craig.

which tend to shy away from human intrusion. lifted my head and watched it wheel and run through the sage. We learned that after my cousin and I made a quick stand at the intersection of two Jeep trails. both with fresh tire tracks in them. along with extremely light hunting pressure. I considered a Hail Mary through the brush as I tracked the coyote in the scope. A coyote trotted in within five minutes of our first calls. That’s not ideal for coyotes.PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE Northwest Colorado is littered with public land that is full of coyotes. It might be a long time before I draw another elk tag. not even an animal as reviled by some as a coyote. There was no doubt he would soon wind us and disappear. but I won’t have to wait 22 years for another opportunity to hunt coyotes in northwest Colorado. but there was no point in crippling an animal. the region is laced with everything from rogue ATV trails to semi-improved roads maintained by landowners and the federal government. I backed off the trigger. offering only intermittent glimpses of his ears as he bounced through the cover. the coyotes don’t seem to mind those trails.PREDATORXTREME. 90 WWW.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . public. All I have to do is buy a license and study a map. The dog circled downwind through the dense waist-high sagebrush. The good news is that with one of the low- est human population densities in the entire state.


rapid fire military systems.kmshooting. is included in the increased production runs. along with expanded sections for old favorites. Available in . 800-223-4570.000 rounds per hour. CFE™PISTOL greatly deters copper fouling round after round! CFE™. represents the proprietary chemistry named “Copper Fouling Eraser”.223 REM FMJ are: 55 gr. Leaving the shotgun muzzle at 1600 feet-per-second. offers premium performance in a reloadable case.264 dia. this controlled-expansion slug uses an impactdiscarding sabot to punch through the thickest hide and bone. the Boar-Buster retains more than 1000 pounds of hard-hitting impact at 100 yards. The tip also improves terminal ballistics by increasing uniformity of performance and penetration when the projectile arrives on target. our guide provides data for some of the newest cartridges and powders. leadfree ammunition has twice the effective range of standard sending those tough tuskers off to hog black Hills ammunition Black Hills has expanded its popular line of 5. American-made ammunition has increased over the past several months as several states have legislated strict laws regulating lead in traditional ammunition and California being the first state to ban lead dillon Precision Products Dillon Precision Products’ XL 650 progressive reloader uses standard 7/8-inch by 14 dies. Like all ammunition selected by ProGrade. and Marines. The high demand for quality.progradeammo.223 and 5. which atK/Federal ammunition Varmint and small game hunters require an accurate load that downs the critter in ts tracks. VLD Design. www.S. K&M’s flash hole deburring tool is equally excellent. was developed for U. Sailors. Copper jacket.” www.PredatorXtreme. The ProGrade Range Grade series includes a wide variety of calibers and bullet weights including an extensive range of lead-free frangible www. High B.dillonprecision.0.C.56mm ammunition. and features automatic indexing. provides up to 16% less felt recoil and is considerably lighter weight when carried in loaded February 2014 . Range Grade rounds are loaded in the United States with the tightest tolerances in the industry. Packing a 465-grain pure lead slug that shoots flatter than a Kansas parking lot.SHOPPERS GUIDE Liberty ammunition Liberty Ammunition has announced a second shift for production of ammunition. bullets in this series promise not to break the bank. Liberty’s first round in its new hunting line. Two new offerings in the Federal Premium V-Shok lineup 92 www. Edition polymer tip which improves upon external ballistics by increasing ballistic coefficient from . K&M’s inside neck deburring tool deburrs without leaving a wire-edge. Whatever your game is as a top gun competitor or target plinker you will benefit significantly with longer periods of top accuracy with less barrel cleaning time and minimal muzzle flash. The . has a loading rate of up to Neco NEW! NECO DaVinci Precision CNC Turned Soft Brass Match-Grade Bullets. FMJ is now available.Liberty’s high-performance. 435-865-5995. High lubricity compared to copper. Redding solves this by offering their Competition Model 10x Powder measure.223 Silverado ammunition.S.litfld. wolfammo. which has an operating range from 1 grain to approximately 25 grains of western Powders Western Powders is pleased to announce the release of its new “Reloading and Load Data Guide. it’s time to get serious about redding reloading The 17 Hornet is the hottest new cartridge of the year and handloaders are excited to get going on load development. 616-399-7894. ProGrade ammunition ProGrade® Range Grade Ammunition is a handpicked selection of ammunition chosen with the range and recreational shooter in mind. 800-451-3550. Precision Meplate with precise Hollow Point.420.Extremely Close Tolerances for Superior Accuracy. powder measure and primer systems and.” With a new style and format. www. Just like its rifle powder counterpart. Jacketed bullets cannot match CNC consistency.373 to .223 REM. The most popular tool is the outsideneck-turner (ONT) with the Dreaded Donut Remover pilot (removes pinch inside base of neck).223 K&m Products K&M offers many precision tools for handloading. is infinitely Lightield ammunition Lightfield Ammunition is causing hunters to squeal with delight because of the new 12-gauge tactical “Boar-Buster” sabot round. 107 grain and 120 grain.neconos. 607-753-3331 www. You can order the guide for $2. Sierra 77-grain MatchKing bullets set the standard for long range accuracy in . Boasting over 2600 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle.libertyammo. but it also provides for precise and repeatable turned-neck thickness. Delivering repeated consistency and accuracy. Sierra further refined this bullet with the addition of a Hodgdon Powder Hodgdon® announces a new addition to the CFE™ family of propellants called CFE™ PISTOL. World records have been set with those bullets. 888-757-WOLF (9653) www. As with all WOLF GOLD calibers the . Not only does the K&M ONT system allow one to size necks perfectly for ideal. and MK262 ammunition loaded by Black Hills using MatchKing bullets has provided significantly increased capability to our nation’s Soldiers. The characteristics of the . comes with one caliber conversion. most important. www. www. www. If you’re serious about shooting.hodgdon. A serious problem is the apparent lack of a high precision BR type of powder measure to handle the very light charge weights.westernpowders. Boxer primed with a Muzzle Velocity of 3240 feet per second. www. CFE™223. Dillon’s famous lifetime “No-B. the Boar-Buster puts porkers in danger at distances that aren’t normally considered shotgun wolf ammunition WOLF Performance Ammunition announces that its Brass case . an important factor when getting acquainted with a new firearm or spending a long day at the range refining your shot. The manual also features Blackhorn 209 in both muzzleloaders and classic black powder metallic cartridges.99 (to cover shipping and handling) at www.56. concentric turning. and is guided.

223 Remington and loaded with the .com Graf & Sons In 1957. and improved ballistic coefficient. a tapered jacket. a Czech based manufacturer of high quality pellets.221 Fireball to the . resulting in a cartridge designed specifically for the demands of predator and varmint hunters. 64-grain Bonded PERFORMANCE bullet that is designed for 90 percent weight made us what we are. As our reputation spread and our business grew. we provide shooting and reloading products worldwide and are one of the largest distributors of powder and primers in the United States. Missouri.PredatorXtreme. Varmint X combines the legendary excellence for which Winchester is known with today’s latest technology. He said that JSB. Nosler Inc.25 caliber guns took off like crazy and this year he expects the . www.35 caliber pellets to match the demand created by these new monster air guns. home defense. www. winchester Coyote and varmint hunters all over North America are howling in approval of Varmint X™. the ROR is able to check and correct cartridges from the .30 and .22-250 Remington that feature a boattail design for rapid expansion and maximum energy dump. Both have color-coded polymer tips for rapid expansion and easy identification. Over 20.federalpremium. february 2014 93 . Last year the .30 and . 800-531-2666.224 caliber. announces its new Nosler DEFENSE line of handgun and rifle ammunition loaded with Nosler’s new Bonded PERFORMANCE bullets.nosler. 419-629-2603.Ammo & ReloAding are ideal for small. has begun manufacturing the .predatorpellets. wary Nosler ammunition and are offered in either jacketed hollow point or polymer tipped configuration. Today.. rugged device that measures the concentricity or alignment of the bullet to the cartridge case and gives the user the means to correct the bullet alignment.223 REM ammunition for Bolt Action Varmint Rifles and the popular semi-automatic AR-15 Platform. a polymer tip for accuracy (sub MOA in factory tests). Cut your cost by improving cheaper ammo’s accuracy and tighten Precision relex The PRI Run Out Rig (ROR) is a simple to use.50 BMG. just in time for prime coyote hunting. Graf & Sons started as a small retail gun store in Mexico.grafs. straight-line penetration.204 Ruger and a 55-grain .000 products from over 150 manufacturers ship to you directly from our warehouse. www. Handgun bullets will be available in Nosler DEFENSE handgun www. we stayed true to the industry and customers that armscor Armscor is a leading supplier of . We proudly import Lapua ammunition and components from Finland and Cheddite shotgun primers and hulls from Predator International Predator International. minimal deflection and true. www.winchester. Perfect for law enforcement. precisionreflex. Choices include a 40-grain . www. said that the hottest category within the air gun industry is the larger caliber guns. the new line of predator and varmint ammunition from Winchester®.35 caliber guns to do the same. www. Nosler DEFENSE rifle ammunition will be offered in . Locating from the bullet tip and the base rim.

SHOPPERS GUIDE the Armscor . brownells With a majority of its AR-15 parts and accessories in-stock and ready to ship. 270. .com and other items for the popular Modern Sporting Rifle platform. . magazines.armscorusa. accessories. They plan to produce hand gun hunting ammunition in . To receive a catalog free of charge. . Ammunition and Gunsmithing Tools™ – is proud to announce its long-awaited AR-15 Catalog #9 has been released.hornady..223.30-30 Win. remington Remington’s Hog Hammer line will be loaded for the . Sold as a complete unit for 22 caliber barnes bullets Barnes Bullets LLC is proud to announce a new 120 grain offering in addition to the current 110 grain TAC-TX™ in VORTX™ Ammunition and component lines.357 magnum. Armscor offers the . simply visit the catalog section of the Brownells Hornady The Lock-N-Load® Rifle Bullet Feeder is designed for the Lock-N-Load® AP™ reloading press. www. Brownells – The World’s Largest Supplier of Firearms Accessories. 308. 800741-0015. the bullet will only feed upon contact with the case. a boattail base to increase the ballistic coefficient and the proven solid-copper construction pioneered by Barnes that ensures consistent terminal performance through barriers and thick skinned game – making it an excellent choice for big game hunting as well as defense initiatives.600 of the newest and best-selling optics. it’s compatible with other presses and uses the industry standard 7฀8”–14 die 243. 300 Win Mag and the 50 cal. com american tactical Imports American Tactical Imports is proud to announce its exclusive distribution of Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Hunting Ammunition.300 Blackout. www. 10mm. Pierce will manufacture the most popular calibers of hunting ammunition. Features of the 120 grain TAC-TX include a specially designed profile that ensures flawless magazine-length loading in AR rifles. AR-15 #9 is packed with more than 2.. seat and crimp the bullet. One station is used to feed. giving the reloader the versatility to load the two most popular calibers. 94 www. Plus. Pierce Munitions. BMG. LLC of Buffalo. www.30 Remington AR. The Bullet Feeder Die is case activated. a conversion kit for 30 caliber bullets is also available. .223 REM is also a popular and costeffective choice for avid target shooters. 30-30.30-06 Sprg.brownells. . The now-famous Brownells Dream Guns™ also appear in the catalog to help give customers ideas for personalizing their AR-platform rifles. www. The new products will be made available in February 2014.. 44 magnum and 45 Long Colt as well as various hunting rifle ammunition from the . 30-06. NY has entered an exclusive agreement to manufacture the high performance hunting ammunition for avid hunter and music legend Ted Nugent.AmericanTactical.223 in both FullMetal-Jacket and Soft-Point Bullet options.PredatorXtreme.223 February 2014 . Under the Nugent Brand. Turn your progressive reloading press into a bench mounted ammo factory! www.

Just like their 30-caliber cousin. 800-223-8799.leapers. Aside from being a heavy duty bipod.5mm and 7mm version of our very popular 30 caliber 165-grain HPBT GameKing and we are happy to say we have fulfilled that request. The interior of the new 4909-SR Watertight Injection Molded Single Rifle Case measures 49” x 9” x 5” and features an EPS and convoluted foam base with convoluted foam in the lid for stable positioning of your rifle with plenty of room for additional accessories. The entire Hog Hammer line is loaded with the well-known Barnes Triple Shock products . The upper portion of the rest adjusts in length and balance point to accommodate any gun or crossbow. The innovative multi bearing swing arm system provides www.remington. The thicker jacket promotes deep penetration while the skives at the meplat provide reliable expansion. The deployable legs fold out from the back with the push of a button. these bullets will be ideal for midsized game with standard and magnum calibers. the 3i-4909-5.308 Win.PredatorXtreme. This grip is extremely durable too. The universal mounting base consists of two steel plates and a height adjustable center support shaft that securely attach to most any tree stand platform. which offers deep penetration and near double diameter expansion.CaldwellShooting. sierra@sierrabullets. caldwell Shooting Supply New ProductS The DeadShot TreePod provides true benchrest accuracy from any SKb Gun cases SKB has added another new size to the iSeries Watertight cases. This new MIL-STD injection molded case lends itself perfectly for the new Watertight Single Rifle Case the smooth and stable movement from extreme angles left to right with minimal body movement. 877-509-9160. perfect for taking the shooter out of a CQB environment and propelling them into one that requires precise long range shooting. utG The D-grip quick release bipod grip from UTG is a foregrip that transforms into a bipod in a matter of This new Single Rifle Case is also available in 3i-4909-SR-T Tan or 3i-4909-SR-M Military Green and is made in the USA. www. and the .450 Bushmaster. the foregrip is extremely comfortable with state-ofthe-art ergonomics and provides a non-slip grip with its rubberized february 2014 95 .skbcases. the rest easily allows for precise alignment across the entire range of possible shooting angles. www. Sierra bullets Customers have been asking us for years to make a 6. Combined with a tension adjustable up/down tilt function. www.


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If he doesn’t get results after a half hour. In the West. Both of these hard-core predator hunters and longtime friends readily agree that predator hunting across the country is definitely changing. all the forest service access roads have gates on them where they meet the state highways and county roads. creating much tougher adversaries for subsequent hunters. but they’re long gone by then. Predators are adaptable. a low-pitched sound seems to be more effective. like you do.PREDATORXTREME.or hunter-shy. Al makes use of non-aggressive howls mixed with prey-distress sounds and told me he has been using a diaphragm turkey call to imitate coyote howls. Adults can impart this learned leeriness to younger companions. and the Game and Fish Division goes along with this travesty. but I’ve heard about every predator-calling sound that can be made from the vehicles that park on the point down the road and call up the valley every weekend. park in a deep draw and call from the top of a ridge with a panoramic view of the cedar and sage brush-covered valley. An hour later I stopped back by the house with two prime Colorado coyotes that I called in 400 yards above his house. a Texas resident.THE LAST WORD JUDD COONEY PREDATOR HUNTING IS CHANGING. works with MOJO callers and other predator-equipment companies. Al is a firm believer in trying and constantly perfecting new distress calls. Forest Service is locking access to a hell of a lot of prime predator country during the late fall and winter months. more wary. another factor that is making predator hunting a changing proposition is the fact that the U. I changed tactics and got permission to drive through the ranch yard and go behind the house. I’ve killed many coyotes. a high-pitched distress sound will work and on the next day. In my area of southwestern Colorado. This is done in the guise of protecting the roads from damage. times and predator-hunter pressure have changed things. many utilizing electronic callers. Byron. which is pure hogwash! In the 43 years I’ve lived here I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen a maintainer on most of the forest service back roads. Works great! Byron feels that patience is the best weapon for today’s predator-hunting success. He uses the new MOJO Double Trouble caller with attached gyrating decoy in continuous mode. For coyotes. “Nope. The proliferation of neophyte predator hunters. Heeding the rancher’s information. A predator or predators that survives an encounter with a hunter or hunters or is pressured by human encroachment quickly becomes spooky. and then leave.COM FEBRUARY 2014 . but if you change tactics and hunt smarter with more patience and perseverance. Many of the road closures are done simply because they can. ARE YOU? THE RANCHER SMILED AS I ASKED IF HE’D BEEN HEARING ANY COYOTES. Over the 20 years of calling there. residing in Utah. He’s found that on some days. wary coyote will often get curious and come for a look — hopefully his last. where I’d never called previously. and Al. so they don’t have to patrol so much country and get out in the inclement weather. four-legged carnivores should make the extra effort well worthwhile. 100 WWW.S. and one of the most effective innovations he’s found on the new FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE call is the ability of the caller to adjust the pitch of the various sounds. quick learners and survival-oriented critters that seem to be learning hunter avoidance and survival at a faster rate than modern predator hunters are learning how to effectively “out predator” the four-legged hunters. Byron South and Al Morris are both full-time predator hunters and videographers that hunt coyotes and other predators from one end of the country to the other year-round. there will always be predators to hunt because new litters of uneducated pups are born each spring. Until I talked with the rancher. Never have heard a shot or had a single hunter stop by to ask permission.” Normally. According to Byron. Public land my butt! According to Big Al. is on FOXPRO’s staff. Predator hunting has definitely changed. a call. from taking the time to thoroughly scout your calling area to locating predators and taking time to get close before making the first sound. However. All these access roads are closed right after big-game season. but the predator hunter that wants to be successful when the fur is prime late in the season better learn to hunt smarter and harder than in the past. is without a doubt creating the biggest change in predator hunting across the nation. Several times when they try howling for a few minutes. he’ll turn the caller off and patiently wait for up to an hour. the coyotes start up behind the house. I didn’t realize there had been as much calling activity off the road. your success against these canny. Throughout much of the country the loss of habitat through human encroachment in the form of sub-divisions and expanding city and town boundaries has cut down on some prime predator habitat. I’d drive a quarter mile up the valley across the road from the house. and the last couple times I’d called my favorite spot I got zero response. as he gets far more variety in his howling with the diaphragm.