IAPAM Announces Next Date for Physician hCG Training: April 4 20 4

Physicians are cognizant of the increasing number of patients they manage, who are overweight or obese. Offering a medically supervised weight management program is essential to meeting their patients' needs, as well as providing a noninsurance based revenue stream to practices. To support physicians, the I P ! announces the ne"t date for its respected Physician h#$ and non-h#$ !edical %eight !anagement Training seminar, pril &, '()& in *cottsdale, +. !as "egas# Ne$a%a# &'A (March 2# 20 4) -- To support physicians in adding a medical weight management programs to their practices, like hCG for weight loss (the hCG diet), the IAPA has de!eloped the Clean "tart hCG #eight $oss Program to assist physicians in helping their o%ese and o!erweight patients reali&e their weight loss goals' It is a comprehensi!e and complete weight loss program that includes( * )etailed IAPA hCG Program Protocols * Patient selection criteria * Common medical hCG contraindications * Consent forms, medical history forms * Patient PowerPoint presentations for the waiting room * Phone scripts * call logs for your staff * $egal+Insurance considerations, and current ,)A status * hCG ordering information and special pharmaceutical hCG pricing * "pecial hCG ,ace%ook discussion forum * -$C)+$C) diet programs * eal replacement diet programs * .etogenic %ased diet programs * /tili&ing 01+023 in4ections in weight loss * /sing prescription appetite suppressants in weight loss * eta%olism testing as a profit center * Non*in$asi$e +o%y contouring# using ,a%io -re.uency (,-) energy * $isting of one5s hCG Clinic in the IAPA 5s hCG )iet Clinic )irectory The IAPA 5s Clean "tart hCG for #eight $oss program includes physician training, physician materials, practice resources and patient tools' The Clean "tart hCG for #eight $oss Patient .it is a complete solution for one5s hCG patients' This industry-leading resource includes( 6 Patient education )-), that gi!es your patients an o!er!iew of the entire program, and answers the most common 7uestions' 6 Patient Guide%ook, that e8plains the program in detail, including o!er 9: program tips,

as well as o!er 3: pages on the all important ;maintenance; phase of the program' It includes information on( portion si&e, the Glycemic Inde8, how to read a nutritional la%el, tips on how to com%at emotional eating and cra!ings' 6 <uick Tip "heets gi!ing your patient the most important tips and a take-away shopping list complete with calorie counts' 6 Cook%ook with o!er 9: recipes for all = phases of the weight loss program' 6 ,ood >ournal for your patients to record their daily food intake' This patient tool was designed to answer the most common 7uestions, sa!ing physicians time, allowing them to see more patients, and generate more non-insurance %ased practice re!enues' #hat re!enues can you e8pect to see %y offering the IAPA 5s Clean "tart #eight $oss program? 6 "ee 2: weight loss patients+month @ A2B1,:::C+yr 6 "ee 3: weight loss patients+month @ A=93,:::C+yr 6 "ee =: weight loss patients+month @ A93D,:::C+yr #ith more than 1:E of Americans o!erweight or o%ese, seeing =: patients a month should not %e a pro%lem for most practicesF The IAPA 5s new hCG Training !ideo (http(++www'youtu%e'com+watch?!@d-GGH<:t:yw) outlines the IAPA 5s Iew Clean "tart hCG #eight $oss program' Jegister today for the April Kth, 3:2K training session' To register or for more information, please !isit http(++www'iapam'com+physician-weight-loss-training-using-hormones or contact the IAPA at 2-L::-32D-92:L e8t B:L' A+out the IAPAM: The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Me%icine The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic edicine is a !oluntary glo%al association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession worldwide' The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and mem%er %enefits to mem%ers around the glo%e' IAPA mem%ership is open to all licensed medical doctors ( )s), doctors of osteopathic medicine ()Ms), dentists ())"s+) )s) physicians assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (IPs)' The IAPA offers aesthetic medicine and hCG medical weight management programs, including( %oto8 training, medical aesthetic training, laser training, physician hCG training, and aesthetic practice %usiness training' Additional information a%out the association can %e accessed through the IAPA 5s we%site (http(++www'iapam'com) or %y contacting( >eff Jussell, H8ecuti!e-)irector International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic 2-L::-32D-92:L e8t' B:L edicine (IAPA )

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