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TAB A DATE/DOC NO. AO 01-2001 PARTICULARS Guidelines for the Issuance of Probationary & Long-Term Contracts For Expired and Expiring CH Contracts Amendment to PPA Administrative Order No. 01-2006, As Amended, Otherwise Known as "Compendium of Regulations on Cargo Handling Operations" Guidelines on the Imposition of Weighing Rate for Containers and RO-RO Vehicles Designation of Anchorage Areas in the Island of Boracay, Malay, Aklan Discontinuance of Submission of Bill of Lading as a Documentary Requirement in the Entrance/Departure Clearance Procedures of Quality Management System Vessel Entrance and Clearance(QMS-VEC) Procedure Manual 10% Provisional Increase in Cargo Handling (CH) Tariff Clarificatory Guidelines on the Areas/Facilities Leased By Cargo Handling Operators Review of CHO Business Plan Crane Productivity Determination at South Harbor and the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) Simplified Documentary Requirements for the Processing and Issuance of PPA Vehicle Stickers and Port User's ID/Pass Performance Bond for Cargo Handling Operations Amendment to PPA Administrative Order No. 06-95 Re Courses of Action on Expired Foreshore Lease Contract/Permits Clarification of PPA Memorandum Circular No. 22-2004 Entitled "Assessment of Wharfage on Empty Containers of Shipping Lines Engaged in Foreign and Domestic Trade" Documentation and Procedures in the Entry/Withdrawal of Cargoes at Government Ports

AO 03-2010


AO 06-2011 MC 13-2012

MC 04-2013


MC 04-2013 MO 02-2013 Memorandum MO 04-2013


AO 01-2013 Memorandum AO 05-2013

MC 13-2013

MC 14-2013



PARTICULARS Amendment to PPA Administrative Order No. 05-2007 (Revised Guidelines on the Transfer of the Management of PPA Ports to Local Government Units (LGUs) and Government Corporations (GCs)) Simplification of Procedures in the Processing and Issuance of Permits to Operate Ancillary Services in the Ports Guidelines in the Classification, Documentation & Funding of Expenditures for Infrastructure Projects Amendment to PPA Operations Order (OMO) No. 01-2013 - "Clarificatory Guidelines on the Manpower Management of CH Service Providers at PPA Ports (Not Allowing Outsourcing) Establishment of Performance Security of Cargo Handling Operators (CHOs) Amendments to PPA Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 13-2013 Entitled "Clarification of PPA MC No. 22-2004 on the Assessment of Wharfage on Empty Containers of Shipping Lines Engaged in Foreign and Domestic Trade"

AO 06-2013


AO 07-2013 MC 01-2014

MO 01-2014

MC 01-2014

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