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Libsys Inc.

Seven years of extensive Experience in Software development using Java / J2EE (JEE), Development, Deployment, Testing and aintenance of !lient"Server, #e$"$ased applications% &ro'ect anagement and (nter"personal s)ills gained t*roug* interaction wit* tec*nical and functional /+usiness teams% (nvolved in all p*ases of software life cycle including ,e-uirements .at*ering, Designing, Development, Testing and De$ugging of Java/J2EE /pplication% Experience using Java/J2EE (JD0 1%2, Java, JS& 1%1/1%2, Servlets 2%3, JD+!1%4/2%4, 5! Struts 1%2, 2%4 framewor)s, 6i$ernate 3%4, Spring !ore, J7nit8, aven and /9T)% 6ands"on development and deployment experience wit* +E/ #e$logic :%x/;%x/<%x, (+ #e$sp*ere <%1/2%x, and /pac*e Tomcat <%4 Servers% Extensive *ands of experience in J2EE Design &atterns, 5!, Session =a>ade, Service ?ocator, Data /ccess @$'ect, Data Transfer @$'ect / 5alue @$'ect, +usiness Delegate and =actory% Expertise in presentation layer using JS&, JST?, 6T ?, D6T ?, !SS and JavaScript .ood understanding on open source framewor)s li)e S&,(9. (core, context, @, , we$ modules), /J/A , 6i$ernate 3%2, JS= and ST,7TS% 7sed A ?, Adistri$utor, ASD, S/A and D@ &arsers in developing multiple pro'ects 6ands"on experience wit* ,elational Data$ases @racle 14g, BSC? Server, proficient in writing SC? and &?/SC? programming, including @racle stored procedures using toolsD &?/SC? Developer and T@/D% Experience wit* we$ application load/stress testing using /pac*e J eter% Experienced in Software Development &rocesses li)e S!,7 , #aterfall and /gile et*odologies% Developed Java applications using various (DEEs li)e Eclipse 3%4, yEclipse, #S/D and ,/D F%4% Experience using version control toolsD !5S, S59, ,ational !lear!ase and 5SS% Experienced in developing t*e unit test cases using J7nit 3%4/8%4% Experienced in code audit, performance testing and application tuning% Set up $uild environment $y writing /9T $uild%xml, ta)ing $uild, configuring and deploying applications in all t*e servers% Excellent !lient interaction s)ills and proven experience in wor)ing independently as well as in a team% 6ands"on experience and certified S79 (D in Sun icrosystems% =lexi$le wit* wor) Environments, *aving .ood communication and &resentation S)ills%

Languages: Java J!EE Tec"n#$#giesH %esign &a''e(nsH )eb %esign T##$sH *e(si#n C#n'(#$ T##$sH +(a,e-#(.sH Se(ve(sH I%EsH %a'abasesH !GG and !ore Java% S&, Servlets, Java+eans, JD+! and JST? !, Session =acade, Service ?ocator, Data /ccess @$'ect, Data Transfer @$'ect / 5alue @$'ect, +usiness Delegate 6T ?, D6T ?, /J/A, JavaScript, 'Cuery and !SS !5S, 5SS, ,ational !lear !ase Struts 1%1/2%4, Spring !ore, JS=, 6i$ernate 3%4 #e$logic /pplication Server 14/:%x/;%1/F%4, (+ #e$Sp*ere Server v2%4/<%1, /pac*e Tomcat <%4 Eclipse 3%<, ,/D F%4, #S/D 2%4%1 @racle ;i/:i/14., SC? server, D+2

O/e(a'ing sys'e,sH O'"e( s#0'-a(e1sH

:;/9T/2444, windows A&, 79(A, ?inux A ? Sc*ema, A ?, AS?, AS?T, J/A& , ,ational ,ose, !lear Cuest, #indows aven 2%4, /9T, Toad,SC? Developer, J7nit, ?og8'

aster @f !omputer /pplication ( !/) wit* ;%8 !.&/ %

C$ien': Accen'u(e 3&(#4ec': %u&#n'5 )i$,ing'#n5 %E6 Ju$y !787 9 Ti$$ :a'e R#$e: Java Tec"nica$ Lea: Du&ont, !reative !onstructs supports t*e daily operations and en*ancements for ;1 $usiness applications of Du&ont t*at ma)e and sell a wide range of products to different mar)ets% T*ese applications are *oused on varied platforms and involve t*e use of multiple tec*nologies% T*e applications are supported 28/F from four locationsH Res/#nsibi$i'ies: (nvolved in re-uirements gat*ering, communication wit* $usiness and Design t*e /pplication $ased on new re-uirements% ,esponsi$le for Solution design and participate in Detail design /s a Tec* ?ead, ( (Em involved in 6?D, ??D, !oding and development, &eer review for all t*e p*ases of SD?!, 7nit Testing, Team anagement and pro'ect planning% #or)ed wit* t*e client to define specifications, reviews, -uality, and estimation and sc*eduling% (nvolved in software development life cycle (SD?!) of t*e trac)ing systems ,e-uirements gat*ering, !onceptual Design, /nalysis, Detail Design, Development, System Testing and 7ser /cceptance Testing% (mplemented Struts 2%4 for $usiness layer and developed Jsps files for developing 7(% 6andled pro'ect 0T and giving signoffs to client and ?eading team for all tec*nical design and coding directions =ollowed /gile met*odology (Stand up meetings, Sprint development, retrospective meetings and &air programming)% &articipate in evaluation of new tec*nologies to address t*e pro'ect needs% Designed and developed code for 5! arc*itecture using Struts framewor) using Servlets, JS&, /ction=orm, /ction!lass and /ction appings% Developed presentation layer using 6T ?, !SS and Java Script% (nvolved in developing 7( using Jsp and Servlets 7tiliIed design patternsH =ront"end !ontroller, 5alue @$'ect, =actory, +usiness Delegate, Service ?ocator, Singleton, Data Transfer @$'ects and D/@% ,esponsi$le for t*e deployment of t*e application in t*e development environment using /pac*e Tomcat <%4 application server% Developed application code using Eclipse 3%< (DE and configured wit* /nt, Tomcat server and J7nit 8% .at*er re-uirements from functional/+usiness analyst and analysis and understand t*e $usiness re-uirements% &repare t*e 7nit Test !ases using J7nit framewor) for en*ancements and new developments% /s a Team ?ead was responsi$le for creation of pro'ect plan, follow t*roug* on milestones, design, development and system testing activities% !onduct wee)ly status meeting for t*e development team to discuss pro'ect progress and resolve issues and escalations%

wrap"up meetings and in estimation of t*e timeframe for eac* story and *elped in deploying t*e application on t*e server for eac* iteration of t*e agile software development anage t*e @ff"s*ore team w*ic* involves re-uirements transfer, wor) $rea)"down% (nvolved in code reviews $efore code moving to production and responsi$le for 28/F Support /pplications% (mplemented various A ? tec*nologies li)e J/A&, AS? style s*eets and AS?T%

Envi(#n,en'H JD0 1%2, !ore Java/J2EE(Servlets, JS&/JST?), Struts 2%4, Spring !ore, Jd$c, 6i$ernate, /pac*e Tomcat <%4, Eclipse 3%<, JavaScript, @racle 14g, SC?, T@/D, A ?,AS?,AS?T , J7nit 8 , J/A& and $asic 7nix C$ien': S#na'a S#0'-a(e 3TUI5 Uni'e: King:#, ; &(#4ec'6 May !77< 9 June !787 R#$e: Seni#( Java %eve$#/e( T7( is one of t*e $iggest tourism operators in 70 and .ermany% Adistri$utor is one of t*e A ? $ased $usiness rule engine% (t is an intermediary w*ere t*e $usiness related rules can $e implanted in a configura$le way using editor% +efore reac*ing t*e end user all t*e re-uest goes t*roug* t*e Adistri$utor w*ere t*e rules are applied on t*e xml using xslt tec*nologies% T*e (S!/&E *oliday platform is to provide *oliday pac)ages to t*e customers t*roug* www%t*omson%co%u), w*ere T*omson is a portal, w*ic* sells t*ree types of *olidays li)e /ccommodation @nly (/@), 6otel &latform (6o&la) and =lig*t J 6otel &ac)age (ntegration (=6&()% / *oliday pac)age contains two or more components, of w*ic* at least one of t*em is a flig*t tic)et and t*e ot*er is a $oarding accommodation% T*is platform will $e common in terms of scala$le arc*itecture, software tec*nology (J/5/, J2EE)% T*e 5ision of (S!/&E is to provide a unified tec*nologically *omogenous system t*at is capa$le of supporting all of t*e T7( 70 pac)aged *oliday we$sites from a single code"$ase and from a single implementation platform% Res/#nsibi$i'ies: Designed t*e applications using Struts 5! framewor) for easy maintaina$ility% Developed /ction !lasses, /ction =orm !lasses, created JS&s using Struts tag li$raries and configured in Struts"config%xml, #e$%xml files Designed and developed user interfaces using JS&, A ?, AS?, AS?T, Java script and 6T ?% Designed t*e =ront"end screens using Servlets, 6T ?, !SS and JavaScript% (nvolved in 7ser (nputs 5alidation using 5alidation of Struts framewor)% (nvolved in writing D/@ layer using t*e 6i$ernate D/@ (persistence) layer for encoding t*e data access from @racle data$ase% (mplemented t*e +usiness logic in t*e middle"tier using Java classes, Java $eans% 7sed and modified $uild%xml files and en*anced t*e /nt &rocess% Developed various test cases and performance unit testing using J7nit% 7sed !lear !ase for Source !ontrol and 5ersion anagement% (nvolved in preparing !ode ,eview, Deployment and Documentation% /ctively involved in developing Spring !onfiguration for encoding t*e $usiness logic, 6i$ernate D/@ (persistence) layer for encoding t*e data access% Developed t*e 7se case, Se-uence and !lass diagrams% !reated ,EST=ul we$ services w*ic* would interact wit* external @rder management systems, #e$ clients% (mplemented various A ? tec*nologies li)e D@ , J/A+ parsers, AS? style s*eets and AS?T% @racle :i was used as t*e data$ase and re-uired data$ase was created and populated%

Envi(#n,en'H JD0 1%2, Struts 1%3, 6i$ernate 2, @racle :i, 6T ?, J/5//J2EE ( JST?/JS&, Servlets 2%8) /J/A, J/A+, Java Script , Adistri$utor, Aslt, Aml, #e$Services, Spring !ore and @racle% C$ien': I=M 3&(#4ec': *#:a0#ne5 Aus'(a$ia6 May !77> 9 A/(i$ !77< R#$e: S(. Java %eve$#/e( T*e 5odafone &arental ?oc) pro'ect will provide all t*e functionality re-uired to restrict t*e delivery of adult material to customers in compliance wit* legislative and regulatory re-uirements% T*e /ccess !ontrols system will restrict access to material $eing accessed t*roug* t*e following c*annelsH 5liveK !ontents, &remium S S/ S for ,elease 1 and &remium 5oice, @ff"net !ontent for ,elease 2% +y default w*ole 5odafone customers *as $een loc)ed in &arental ?oc) System and daily t*ere are approximately 14L to 24L of Su$scri$ers trying to unloc) t*e &arental ?oc) system% Han:se' Un$#c. 5odafone allows t*eir customer to purc*ase *andset for a preferential price% T*e *andset is t*en loc)ed $y 5odafone and cannot $e used in any ot*er carrier% T*e new *andset unloc) tool allows t*e customer to pay fees in order to unloc) *andset eit*er via self"service or t*roug* a !ustomer Service ,epresentative (!S,)% (t also provides !S, and /dministrator wit* we$"$ased tools to support customers ma)ing suc* re-uests% Res/#nsibi$i'ies: (nvolved in arc*itecture and development of action classes using 5! framewor) using core Java deployed on #e$sp*ere application server% Designed t*e =ront"end screens using Servlets, 6T ?, !SS and JavaScript% (nvolved coding for !ore Java concepts Developed user interfaces using JS&s 1%2 and #e$logic portals% &erformed client side validations using Javascript Developed !ontroller component of t*e 5!, using Servlets 2%3 ,esponsi$le for 7nit Testing, (mplementation, @nsite coordination and &roduction Support (nvolved in configuring Tomcat for deployment of Servlets wit* JS&s w*ic* is used to generate t*e dynamic content of we$ pages% #as responsi$le for t*e interaction wit* clients for System Study and /nalysis (nvolved in testing and de$ugging of t*e different modules to ma)e application sta$le% (mplemented t*e Singleton design pattern and written Java class for Error and Exception logging% (nvolved in 28/F &roduction Support for 5odafone ?ive /pplications 7sed S79 (D , / and !7, products for 5odafone 7ser /ccount maintenance% Envi(#n,en'H Java , J2ee, Sun products ?i)e (D ,/ C$ien': E,/i(e Hea$'" Insu(ance5 In:ia A/(i$ !77? 9 A/(i$ !77> R#$e: Java %eve$#/e( (+ is offering *ealt*care insurance companies a fully automated, computing service t*at electronically reads and processes claims muc* faster and at less cost over t*e (nternet% T*e new service will ena$le insurers to greatly reduce paperwor) w*ile offering millions of su$scri$ers t*e option of more flexi$le, customiIed policies including t*ose t*at emp*asiIe wellness and preventive care programs% 7sing t*e service, insurers can also offer su$scri$ers more online *elp and respond to customer in-uiries over t*e (nternet% T*is ena$les customers to ac-uire standardiIed $usiness processes, applications and infrastructure over t*e (nternet as a service% T*e new claims processing system extends t*e e"$usiness on demand capa$ility to t*e *ealt*care industry, ma)ing a )ey $usiness process accessi$le as a fully managed *osted option running on (+ Ms e"$usiness infrastructure% and !7, , @racle :i, 7nix and S*ell scripts

T*ere are 8 odulesH em$er 2) &rovider 3) =acility 8) +ro)er &6, 8H T*e &ersonal 6ealt* ,ecord (&6,) essaging !ase provides functionality for &roviders to view and respond to mem$er medical communication, in regards to a specific &6, entry su$mitted on t*e em$er &ortal% T*e case provides limited message view for t*e actor(s)H /ut*oriIed Staff 7ser% T*is functionality $egins t*e on t*e *omepage and extends t*e 6@ E page use"case Res/#nsibi$i'ies: (nvolved in &rovider and em$er modules, understood t*e tec*nical specification #or)ed on presentation layer wit* JS&, 6T ?, !SS, /J/A and JavaScript ,esponsi$le for developing 7se !ase, !lass diagrams and Se-uence diagrams for t*e modules using 7 ? and ,ational ,ose% Designed t*e system wit* o$'ect"oriented met*odology% &articipate in t*e w*ole SD?! lifecycle from t*e re"arc*itecture stage to maintenance stage for t*is product% Designed t*e applications using 5! framewor) for easy maintaina$ility% /nalysis of t*e specifications provided $y t*e clients% #ritten !ore +usiness ?ayer $y using !ore J/5/% Developed !ontroller using Servlets w*ic* acts as front controller for application% (nvolved in writing $usiness logic to integrate wit* presentation ?ayer 7sed JD+! to access Data$ase Envi(#n,en': !ore Java, J2ee, Java Script, JD+!, Aml and @racle;i