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Jacqueline Nikoliqi

Orange County, CA M: (805) 621 !121, J"ackcon#ulting$g"ail%co" or Mack"y#$&ot"ail%co"

Background Certi'ie( )eo*le+o't Con#ultant ,it& o-er 1! year# o' e.*erience( in all aspect of the full life cycle support, including fit gap analysis, conversion, design, implementation, testing, documentation, production support with enhancements and upgrades. Also integrated with other third party systems such as ETL, Ariba, and Adobe Flex. Details are outlined in the Experience section below. Products - PS 2-9.1 /eneral 0e(ger $ulticurrency Accounts ayable Account #eceivable (rants $anagement Front )ffice ro!ect "osting Contract Manage"ent &illing "ash $anagement )rder $anagement Engineering #esource $anagement Travel % Expenses urchasing 'nventory *alue Added Taxes +*AT, e rocurement

Technical Skills - PS 7 8.51

"rystal-.uery, /.#, Tree $anager, Application Engine, rocess /cheduler , 'mport $anager,

"omponent 'nterface, eopleTools, /ecurity, Data $over, Excel to "' 1ata2a#e#: )racle 0.x-1.x,2i,34g,33g, 'nformix 0.x, /.L /erver 0.5, 6444, $icrosoft Access, D&6, )/724-89': O*erating +y#te"# ; <8: , /un /olaris, A/-=44, /un )/, D)/, )/-6, >indows 9T, *$/, >indows, "itrix

Independent onsulting !"perience

Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued) 2

J Mack Con#ulting, 3nc% June 2000 4 Marc& 2011 As an 'ndependent "onsultant, provided several ositions ranging from ro!ect Lead-$anager to Trainer-Tester. #esponsibilities are outlined below? Client li#t inclu(e#: 5olt 3nc6Oracle, Orange County, CA 0662010 0762011 )eo*le+o't 8inancial#4 -9%1: )eo*le+o't :illing, Account# ;ecei-a2le, Account# )aya2le, )urc&a#ing, an( Ca#& Manage"ent 'or 3"*le"entation an( u*gra(e #u**ort% >or@ed on a team of 37 consultants for the )racle ro!ect. This position both upgraded and implemented Financials, /upply "hain, ;#$/, ayroll and Time and Labor modules for *olt A >or@force and Technology $anagement "onsulting company. #esponsibilities included? "reating Functional presentations. "reating Fit-(ap documentation.

1anielJ% <(el"an 0262010 0562010 )eo*le+o't 8inancial#4 -9%0: )ro(uction +u**ort an( 3"*le"entation +u**ort% Mo(ule#: A), )O, <=, A;, :3, )ro>ect#, Contract#, /eneral 0e(ger, ?i"e @ <.*en#e#, an( A##et Manage"ent% >or@ed on a team of 5 consultants as the &usiness /upport (roup +&/(,. This position handles day<to< day Level 6 support to users in "anada and the 8/. Additional responsibilities included? "reating Functional /pecifications, Testing eople/oft &undles and Fixes, rovide /$E support on all modules referenced above. Test and assist with *AT testing. rovide 'mplementation support for other countries.

Cincinnati C&il(renA# Bo#*ital 0962009 1262009 )eo*le+o't 8inancial#4 -8%8: )eo*le+o't :illing an( Account# ;ecei-a2le 3"*le"entation 'or Cincinnati C&il(renA#% +y#te"#: Oracle6Cni. Lead the eople/oft &illing and Accounts #eceivable 'mplementation. The implementation utiliBed Adobe Flex open source framewor@ as a front end processor.

Additional responsibilities included?

Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued) 3

"reating the ro!ect lan and /cope of >or@ to be accomplished. "onducting Fit-(ap and #eCuirements gathering for both modules. "reating "onfiguration and Functional Design Documents. "reating the Technical Design Documents with the Tech Team. "onfiguring the system with the reCuired setup to meet reCuirements. >or@ed with both the "lient and Technical users to help understand reCuirements or limitations of the system. "reating the "onference #oom ilot for 8ser Acceptance Testing. "reating a "utover lan for Deployment. Assist with creating Automated Test /cripts.

0e.ington 8ayette Cr2an County /o-ern"ent 0962008 0962009 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution4 -8%9: )eo*le+o't /rant#, Contract#, )ro>ect#, )rogra" Manage"ent, :illing an( Account# ;ecei-a2le 3"*le"entation 'or Dentucky +tate /o-ern"ent an( 3"*le"ente( A##et Manage"ent 'or ?&e Na*a County /o-ern"ent% +y#te"#: 1:26Cni. Oracle6Cni. an( +ql +er-er6Cni. (re#*ecti-ely) /r. "onsulting experience in the implementation of ro!ects, "ontracts, &illing and Accounts #eceivable. +version 1.2, Activities include? Assist with the configuration and setup of (rants, "ontracts, ro!ects, &illing and Accounts #eceivables. Assist with creating and updating the design documents. >rote-*alidated Test /cripts % /cenarios. Test and fixed various Application issues. Lead 8nit and 'ntegration Testing < *alidating the detailed reCuirements as set forth in each design document. Assist in the creation of new business processes. Assisted with the setting up and testing of >or@flow and /ecurity. Assisted with "ash $anagement forecast cash reCuirements, setup automated ban@ reconciliations, which automatically generated the proper accounting entries. ;o2ert Bal' 3nternational 0E62008 0862008 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution4 -9%0: )eo*le+o't A;6:illing C*gra(e, )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution4 -8%E: )eo*le+o't <+A )ro(uction +u**ort +y#te" an( in &ou#e )ay2ill or 8ront O''ice #y#te": Oracle6Cni. /r. &usiness /ystems Analyst for the eople/oft Accounts #eceivable and &illing 8pgrade +version 2.4, from eople/oft v.0.46 'nternal pro!ect. Also provided roduction support for #esource $anagement, ro!ects and "ontracts +version 1.=, for a consulting and staffing company.

Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued)

Activities included? Designed the dataflow from the Front )ffice system into eople/oft to determine the changes to the "ustomiBed 'nvoices. "reated new :$L ublisher 'nvoices. 'ncorporated "redit "ard functionality into the reprocess and FinaliBation !obs. Assisted the company in changing their ayment and $aintenance 8npost processes by utiliBing some of the newly delivered functions within v.2.4. "reated new reports and Cueries needed by the "ollection Department. 'ncorporated )n<Demand processing for the whole team. >or@ed with roduction support 'ssues for the highly customiBed ro!ect "osting and "ontract environments. >or@ed either to create the technical fixes that are needed or enlisted additional development support as needed. Dai#er )er"anente 076200! 0562008 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution4 -8%9: )eo*le+o't /eneral 0e(ger 3"*le"entation +y#te": <?06Oracle6Cni. Lead a team of consultants to the implement eoplesoft (eneral Ledger +version 1.2,, by conducting the Functional and Technical #eCuirements, Design and Testing for Daiser ermanente, a ;ealth care provider. Activities included? "reated Functional and Technical /pecifications for the /outhern "alifornia #egional 'nterface of Daiser. Trained several consultants in eople/oft (eneral Ledger. >or@ed with ETL middleware to Extract and Transform data into eople/oft using a one file format approach. "reated the rule basis based on various batch patterns to determine how data should be loaded into eople/oft /cripted out a process scheduling system +T>/, to pic@ up and move files from the $ainframe onto 9etwor@ drives into ETL and on to eople/oft. "reated Test scripts-scenarios in TestDirector +$ercury product,. "reated and managed ro!ect Activities schedules for the full lifecycles. Escalated problems as needed to the $). Assisted the ) and A departments where necessary Fell*oint 016200! 076200! )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution -8%E 4 -8%9: )eo*le+o't )rocure"ent, Ari2a +y#te": +ql +er-er6Cni. Acted as ro!ect $anager to provide Eear End ) #ollover support, provided production support and training to the &uyers and users and wor@ed with the Ariba Data Enrichment pro!ect to pull and

analyBe data from various sources. "onducted a plan to reduce $atch Exceptions, for the ;ealth care
Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued) 5

providers, which includes Anthem &lue "ross. "onducted Fitgaps and reCuirements for eople/oft 1.2. Con-ergy# 0962006 016200! )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution -8%8.: 3nternational A) 3"*le"entation 'or t&e )&ili**ine# +y#te": Oracle6Cni. rovided implementation support to the users as the A Functional Lead to implement eople/oft for the hilippines. 'mplementation includes? o "onducting Fit(ap /essions o "reating "onfiguration /etups and Documents o "reating #eCuirements Documents o "reating Testing /cenarios- lans o Training Accounting )fficers for FTrain<the<TrainerG program. *AT setup and reporting (lobal >ithholding trac@ing and reporting $ulticurrency setup 'nternational &an@ing integration with "itiban@ Cnite( Fater% 0962005 0862006 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution -8%E.: Bea-ily cu#to"iGe(: A), /0, AM, )O, e)ro, 3n-entory, )ro>ect#, Contract#, :illing an( A;% +y#te": Oracle6Cni. Acted as a /r. rogrammer Analyst-/r. eople/oft "onsultant to support this utility company by providing the following? rovide implementation and post<implementation support to the users on all modules. Assist the user with (oing Live on the "ontract /ervices $odule, which includes? ro!ect "osting, "ontracts, &illing and Accounts #eceivable. >or@ with the A$ $odule to clean up post<implementation issues, mainly surrounding depreciation, retirement, recategoriBation and group asset issues. Assisted in cleaning up ;egulatory ;e*orting i##ue# in /eneral 0e(ger% :roa(co" Cor*oration 0262005 0962005 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution -8%E.: Bea-ily cu#to"iGe(: A), /0, A;, AM, )O, e)ro, 3n-entory, )ro>ect#, :illing, 5A? an( ?@<% +y#te": Oracle6Cni. rovided post<implementation support to the &roadcom users by providing the following? "ompleted root cause analysis on the $atching issues affecting A , e ro, and #eceiving.

Fix various modular issues mainly relating to customiBations and *AT. #ecommended changes
Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued) 6

to business process related changes. "omplete and deliver system "onfiguration documentation, Functional % Technical Design documents, Test scenarios % scripts, and Test-Training. #ecommended approaches and wor@arounds to fit the customerGs business processes. "reate adhoc Cuery and crystal reports as needed. #esolved technical and functional issues as they arose.

8=8, 3nc% 1066200E 0262005 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution -8%8: A), /0, A;, AM, )O, e)rocure"ent, 3n-entory, )ro>ect#, Contract#, Ca#& Manage"ent, :illing, Co""it"ent Control, an( :u(get#% +y#te": Oracle6Cni. Acted as ro!ect $anager and &usiness /ystems Analyst to provide rapid implementation using the #apid Apps 'mplementation methodology to implement A , (L, "$, A#, A$, ), e ro, ro!ects % "ontract for 1x1 A A *)' company. Activities include? "omplete and deliver process Decomposition reCuirements, business process flows, Fit-(aps and #eCuirements documentation. "omplete and deliver system "onfiguration documentation, Functional % Technical Design documents, Test scenarios % scripts, and Test-Training using 8 D. Ensure interfaces with other integrating legacy systems wor@ed as designed and delivered #ecommended approaches and wor@arounds to fit the customerGs business processes. 8ranklin ?e"*leton 0!6200E 096200E 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution -8%E: A), /0, A;, an( :illing% +y#te": Oracle6Cni. Acted as ro!ect $anager to manage pro!ect teams to implement various pro!ects for Fran@lin Templeton, a global investment management company. 'mplementation includes? $onitored all pro!ect activitiesH ensuring Cuality and integrity. "onsulted with management and reviewed pro!ect proposals to determine goals, time frame, funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing pro!ect, staffing reCuirements, and allotment of resources. Developed pro!ect plans specifying goals, strategy, staffing, and scheduling, identification of ris@s, contingency plans, and allocation of available resources. Formulated and defined technical scope and ob!ectives of pro!ect while conferring with pro!ect staff to outline wor@ plan. 'dentified and schedule pro!ect deliverables, milestones and reCuired tas@s using $/ ro!ect. #eviewed status reports prepared by pro!ect personnel and modified schedules and plans as needed. +tate o' Connecticut 0E6200E 4 0!6200E

Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued)

)eo*le+o't )u2lic +ector 8inancial# @ 1i#tri2ution -8%E: A), /0, A;, )O, e)rocure"ent, 3n-entory, )ro>ect#, :illing, Co""it"ent Control, an( :u(get#% +y#te": Oracle6Cni. Acted as a Sr. Consultant to provide post-production support, PO Rollover and Training to the State of Connecticut users by providing the following? Fix various modular issues mainly relating to / 3 upgrade. #ecommended changes to business process related changes. "onducted Eear<End closing for approximately 2= &usiness 8nit. articipated in full system integration support. Advise and assist the hase 6 team with various system Cuestions. >or@ with the technical team to resolve issues. "reate adhoc reports as needed. ;o2ert Bal' 3nternational 1062007 4 0E6200E )eo*le+o't 8inancial# an( 1i#tri2ution -8%E: /eneral 0e(ger @ Multicurrency, )aya2le#, A##et Manage"ent an( )urc&a#ing% +y#te": Oracle6Cni. Acted as /r. &usiness /ystems Analyst for "orporate eople/oft (L % ) +version 1.=,. Also acted as the Lead to implement the urchasing $odule. Also provided roduction support for all areas interfacing to (L Activities included? rovide post<implementation support to the users, providing wee@ly status reports as reCuested. Fixed various (L % A issues mainly relating to $ulticurrency issues. #ecommended changes to business process related changes. >or@ed with the rotiviti group to analyBe audit issues utiliBing /arbanes % )xley procedures. "onducted Eear<End closing for approximately I= &usiness 8nit. AnalyBed various systems to enable them to wor@ more efficiently. "onfigured the urchasing $odule. Delivered training to other &usiness /ystems Analyst and Technical /upport Team. 8tiliBing autosys to schedule various batch !obs in (L OnA##ign"ent 0E62007 0962007 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# an( 1i#tri2ution -8%.: /eneral 0e(ger, )aya2le#, ;ecei-a2le#, A##et Manage"ent, :illing, )urc&a#ing (e)ro a# ,ell) an( Or(er Manage"ent, )eo*le+o't )ro>ect#, Contract#, 8ront O''ice ()ay:ill)% Acted as a /r. "onsultant to provide the following? ost<'mplementation support for 1.=x Financials, Front )ffice and ;uman #esources.

Fixed various A# issues, such as? A#8 DATE posting problems, *AT setup and calculations,
Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued) 8

)pen item conversion for both 8/ Dollar and "anadian Dollar, Aging #eport changes, ayment >or@sheet errors, A#-(L reconciliation. Fixed various &illing issues resulting from the Application $essaging- ublishing 'nterface between Front )ffice and ro!ects-"ontract to &illing interface. Fixed additional &illing issues, such as? /ales Tax calculations and setup, 'nvoice +/.#, changes A to include #eprints, &'-(L #econciliation. Fixed various ro!ect +"osting, setup issues. Defined the reconciliation issues between ;uman #esources + ayroll, and Front )ffice for daily Flash reporting to $anagement. 'dentified various ro!ect-"ontract discrepancies, which included #evenue #ecognition and 8nbilled reconciliation. Fixed various aybill +Front )ffice, issues between &illing and the "ustomer-"ontact setups. Fixed various (L Journal issues mainly resulting from the subledgers. #ecommended changes to the :u(get 0e(ger #etu* ta2le#. "orrected and changed the "ombination edit rules and trees to wor@ more efficiently. Assisted with &an@ reconciliation changes. Fixed various A issues such as? "ontrol (roup errors, "ommitment "ontrol errors, A -(L reconciliation, 3422 >ithholding etc.

8i(elity National 3n'or"ation +y#te"# 0862002 0E62007 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# an( 1i#tri2ution -8%.: /eneral 0e(ger, )aya2le#, ;ecei-a2le#, A##et Manage"ent, :illing, )urc&a#ing (e)ro @ )O) )ro>ect#, Contract#, an( ?i"e6<.*en#e#% +y#te": Oracle6Cni. rovided business process #eengineering and training to the F9'/ users by conducting the following? AnalyBed training reCuirements. Assisted in testing the system to ensure Training success. #esearched and produced Time % Expense training documentation that included a FA. in lieu of formal procedures. "onducted formal training classes as well as one<on<one training with various end users of all the above mentioned systems,. Developed test conditions and scripts as a result of interpreting the design specifications. Assisted in interface and systems integration testing. "onducted wor@ing group meetings to discuss the incorporation of additional eople/oft functionality that was left out of the original design. roduced documentation to the production support team on system assessments and customiBation reCuest. Mieco, 3nc 0862001 0862002 )eo*le+o't 8inancial# an( 1i#tri2ution -8%18.: Account# )aya2le, ;ecei-a2le#, an( A##et Manage"ent% +y#te": Oracle6Cni.% /eneral 0e(ger, )aya2le#,

Acted as the ro!ect $anager, Functional Lead, Tester, Trainer and part<time Technical to upgrade eople/oft Financials applications from version v0.5 to v1.31 +/ 7,.

Jacqueline Nikoliqi (continued)

Activities included? AnalyBed training reCuirements. Assisted in testing the system to ensure Training success "onducted formal training classes as well as one<on<one training with various end users. Developed test conditions and scripts as a result of interpreting the design specifications. Assisted in interface and systems integration testing. >or@ed on current production issues to ensure smooth upgrade transition Ot&er Co"*anie# 3nclu(e#: (199E 4 2000) o ($A"-8/'9ET o D $( o #adiant /ystems o '9( o 'nternational Envelope o East &ay $8D o Eagle Family Foods o .ualcomm o The 9asd +9asdaC, ?raining eople/oft Finance-Accounting, /upply "hain $anagement /ystems "ourses? /eneral 0e(ger, Account# )aya2le#6)rocure"ent, Account# ;ecei-a2le#, )ro>ect# ()ro>ect Co#ting), :illing, Contract (Manage"ent), 3n-entory, Or(er Manage"ent, A##et Manage"ent, <.*en#e an( <ngineering% eople/oft Technical "ourses? .uery-"rystal #eport >riting, /.L-/.#, n*ision, eopleTools, Data $anagement % Application Engine. <(ucation College#6Cni-er#itie#: "alifornia olytechnic /tate 8niversity A Army #)T"

rogram A "ommission +3216,

8niversity of $aryland < &/ < sychology-&usiness $anagement +3215, Daplan 8niversity < ending $&A +6433,

Military <.*erience 1e*art"ent o' t&e Ar"y < 3216 A 3223 )rdnance % Logistics )fficer Department of the 9avy A 3223 A 3227 "onfiguration $anagement $anager