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PU,LISHER- ENGINEERS IN.IA RESEARCH INSTITUTE (EIRI+# An /p r% n! d %nd0s"r%a' !ons0'"an"s 1or$%n2 o3 r 45 ( ars and 6 3 p07'%s6 d o3 r 895 " !6no'o2( p07'%!a"%ons Aluminum alloy wheels and wheel covers have the advantage of low weight and high degree of corrosion-resistance. It is the high time to boost-up this substitution because on one hand the availability of aluminum is assured as its raw material while on the other hand, the automobile industry has started looking-up after a long recessionary stretch. But, aluminium alloy wheels are more readily acceptable due to the interests in manufacturing fuel-efficient auto-vehicles. Various incentives and concessions offered by the government to Rs. !,""" crore automobile industry has succeeded in bringing the industry back to track. Automobile market has picked-up its demand. #aruti$s new car for e%ports to &urope and new tieups by other car manufacturers have given a new dynamism to Indian automobile industry. 'atas have promised to put India-made #ercedes on roads along with other foreign models. Reputed foreign automobile companies are entering into tieups with indian firms for manufacturing vehicles, in the country. (industan #otors will set-up a )oint venture with *eneral #otors of +,A for manufacturing cars. ,imilarly, -remier Automobiles .td. /-A.0 is undergoing collaboration with 1rench firm -eugeot to manufacture a range of motor cars, in India. According to a report, the 1rench car manufacturing companies of repute are trying to make India their manufacturing base. All these significant changes indicate that there will be an all round 2uality consciousness in the country in future. Recently, Indian auto-ancillary industry has been plagued by problems of increase in the manufacture f spurious parts. 3ut of the total manufacture of auto-parts worth Rs. 4,5"" crore, India e%ported Rs. 465 crore, to 7acwoo #otor 8orporation /,. 9orea0, .ana 8orporation /+,A0, and 7A1 /(olland0, etc. .8Vs industry showed over 5:; growth, despite depreciation rates and shift in the corporate purchase mm nos.0, trucks /". mm nos.0 <' *V= /". " mn nos.0 totaling ! million nos. which is 4; of the world the tight money markets, low period. India produces cars /".! nos.0, and !-wheelers / .6 mn automobile vehicles production.

'his scenario is felt the best for in introducing aluminium alloy wheels for auto vehicles.

AUTOMO,ILE IN.USTRY IN IN.IA Go3 rn: n" In%"%a"%3 s 'he *overnment of India plans to introduce fuel-efficiency ratings for automobiles to encourage sale of cars that consume less petrol or diesel, per #r Veerappa #oily, +nion #inister for -etroleum and >atural *as, *overnment of India. 'he +nion Budget !" 4- ? added some incentives to the industry. 'he analysis by 7eloitte on the +nion Budget highlighted the following points@
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'he period of concession available for specified part of electric and hybrid vehicles till April !" 4 has been e%tended upto #arch 4 , !" 5 'he basic customs duty /B870 on imported lu%ury goods such as high-end motor vehicles, motor cycles, yachts and similar vessels was increased. 'he duty was raised from 65 per cent to "" per cent on carsA motor vehicles /irrespective of engine capacity0 with 8I1 value more than +,B ?","""C from <" per cent to 65 per cent on motorcycles with engine capacity of :"" cc or more and on yachts and similar vessels from " per cent to !5 per cent In addition, an increase in e%cise duty from !6 to 4" per cent has been allowed for ,+Vs with engine capacity e%ceeding ,5"" cc, while e%cise duty was decreased from :" to 6! per cent, in case of ,+Vs registered solely to be used for ta%i purposes An e%emption from B87 on lithium ion automotive battery for manufacture of lithium ion battery packs for supply to manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles 'he e%cise duty on chassis of diesel motor vehicles for transport of goods reduced from ? per cent to 4 per cent

'he *overnment of India allows "" per cent 17I in the automotive industry through automatic route. 'he *overnment also plans to accelerate the supply of electric vehicles over the ne%t eight years. It is e%pected that there will be a demand for 5-6 million electricity-operated vehicles by !"!". =ith special focus on e%ports of small cars, #+Vs, two D three wheelers and auto componentsC the automotive sectorEs contribution to the gross domestic product /*7-0 is e%pected to double reaching a turnover worth +,B ?5 billion in !" <, according to the Automotive #ission -lan /A#-0 !""<-!" <.

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This detailed research report helps you get a detailed picture of the Alloy wheel industry by providing overview of the industry along with the market structure, classification and technology details with complete latest cost economics and profitability analysis. The report provides market analysis covering major growth driving factors for the industry and latest market trends in the industry This report helps to understand the present status of the allow wheels industry by elucidating a comprehensive market with future demand and supply analysis and scrutiny of the demand supply situation with technology details to start and setup the industry. The report provides forecasts of key parameters which helps to anticipate the industry performance

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Our research reports broadly cover Indian markets, present analysis, outlook and forecast for a period of five years. The market forecasts are developed on the basis of secondary research and are crossvalidated through interactions with the industry players e use reliable sources of information and databases. And information from such sources is processed by us and included in the report !I"I have e#perienced technologists with its team to provide you the all genuine data.

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-.A>' .AF3+' -R&,&>' #A>+1A8'+R&R,A ,+--.I&R,A &H-3R'&R,A 7&A.&R, 31 A..3F =(&&., ,+--.I&R, 31 RA= #A'&RIA., ,+--.I&R, 31 -.A>' D #A8(I>&RF ,+--.I&R,A#A>+1A8'+R&R, 31 A..3F =(&&.

APPEN.IX = A . !. 4. ?. 5. <. 6. :. G. ". . !. 4. ?. 5. <. 83,' 31 -.A>' &83>3#I8, .A>7 D B+I.7I>* -.A>' A>7 #A8(I>&RF 1IH&7 8A-I'A. I>V&,'#&>' RA= #A'&RIA. ,A.ARF A>7 =A*&, +'I.I'I&, A>7 3V&R(&A7, '3'A. =3R9I>* 8A-I'A. 83,' 31 -R37+8'I3> -R31I'ABI.I'F A>A.F,I, BR&A9 &V&> -3I>' R&,3+R8&, 31 1I>A>8& I>'&R&,' 8(AR' 7&-R&8IA'I3> 8(AR' 8A,( 1.3= ,'A'#&>' -R3J&8'&7 BA.A>8& ,(&&'

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