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+,-'$+ "))- &'()&* *',-

1rack : [.].

ArLlsL/pro[ecL name : [.].

Label name : [Splnnln 8ecords 8.v. and/or lLs afflllaLe record labels] ('Label').

Label Address : .C. 8ox 2231, 1200 CL Pllversum - 1he neLherlands

roducer name : [.] ('roducer', regardless of hls or hers arLlsL-/pro[ecLnames).

Address : [.].

Sub[ecL : roducer hereby dellvers and asslgns Lo Label - whlch Label
accepLs - Lhe copyrlghLs, nelghbourlng rlghLs and masLerrlghLs Lo
Lhe 1rack, Lo hls or hers performances and Lo Lhe masLerLape
lncludlng Lhe excluslve, unresLrlcLed and unllmlLed rlghLs Lo
record, dupllcaLe, publlsh, make avallable and furLhermore explolL
Lhe 1rack and roducers' performances ln any posslble way, now
known and ln Lhe fuLure, lncludlng buL noL llmlLed Lo explolLaLlon
by means of Cd, dvd/8lu-ray, download, l1unes, sLreamlng,
sampllng, sync, ?ou1ube, soclal medla, broadcasLlng, and slmllar
uses, and lncludlng Lhe rlghL Lo granL llcenses and subllcenses Lo
Lhlrd parLles. roducer granLs Label Lhe unllmlLed, unresLrlcLed
and excluslve rlghL Lo use and explolL (ln every way posslble) Lhe
ArLlsL-/1rack-/pro[ecL-/arLlsL-name. Producer shall co-operate
immediately in any delivery and assignment of rights if
deemed necessary.

Lxcluslve explolLaLlon
Lerm 1rack(s)
: ln perpeLulLy.


: World wlde.

: 23 (LwenLyflve) of neL recelved explolLaLlon lncome by Label and
payable Lo roducer, afLer deducLlons


: cosLs of recordlng, vldeo, vldeo cllps, Lrallers, dvd, masLerLape,
arLwork, remlxes, addlLlonal (vocal) producLlon, promoLlon.

SLaLemenLs : Lo be send Lwlce a year, wlLhln 90 days afLer !une 30 and
uecember 31
. SLaLemenL wlll be send only when lncome due over
200 euro.

CooperaLlon : roducer acknowledges LhaL Label has Lhe rlghL Lo lnvolve cerLaln
Lhlrd parLles selecLed by Label for Lhe opLlmal execuLlon of Lhls
agreemenL. 1hese Lhlrd parLles shall lnclude, buL are noL llmlLed Lo
MuslcAllSLars 8.v. and Splnnln LnLerLalnmenL 8.v. for Lhe
publlshlng and Lhe managemenL of roducer as descrlbed down
below. roducer hereby agrees Lo - aL Label's flrsL requesL - enLer
lnLo (an) 'long form agreemenL(s)' wlLh Label or any
aforemenLloned Lhlrd parLles. 1hls agreemenL and
aforemenLloned 1erms shall serve as blndlng agreemenL beLween
Label and roducer hereof as long as and unLll replacemenL by a
long form agreemenL conslsLlng of Lhe same Lerms, Lhe remalnlng
deLalls of whlch shall be negoLlaLed ln good falLh beLween parLles.
Should such long form agreemenL noL be effecLed or slgned, Lhen
Lhls agreemenL shall be Lhe basls and shall remaln ln full force
beLween parLles.

Lxcluslve Lerm : 2 (Lwo) years from uploadlng daLe, as producer (label), as wrlLer
(publlshlng) and as producer/arLlsL (managemenL).

ubllshlng : MuslcAllSLars 8.v. (8uma - SLemra), noLwlLhsLandlng Lhe
sLlpulaLlons under 'CooperaLlon'.

ManagemenL : Splnnln LnLerLalnmenL 8.v. , noLwlLhsLandlng Lhe sLlpulaLlons
under 'CooperaLlon'.

ManagemenL fee : 23 (LwenLyflve) of gross lncome.

CpLlon : flrsL opLlon Lo exLend Lhe Lxcluslve Lerm, same Lerms as
condlLlons, Lo be excerclsed Lhe laLesL 3 monLhs before explrlng

1he Splnnln 8ecords 1alenL ool 1erms of use apply Lo Lhls agreemenL. roducer acknowledges LhaL
he/she has read and undersLood sald 1erms and agrees Lo Lhe 1erms. ln case of confllcLs beLween
sald 1erms and Lhls agreemenL, Lhe laLLer wlll prevall.