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Prepared by:Lannie

Firstly, obtain a copy of Application Form from the CA BON Website. It’s 26
pages and in pdf format, so you need Adobe Reader to open it. Pages 1-10
are General Information and Instructions. You have to fill up starting page 11,
as follows:


Basically, this is all about your personal details. Fill in the necessary
information and here are some tips and frequently asked questions I
encountered when filling up this form.

• Social Security Number: Leave it blank, unless you have legally work in
the US and have secure one.
• Place your 2×2 picture on the second page beside the date on the
lower part of the page using tape NOT glue.
• Interim Permit: This is an option to obtain temporary permit while
waiting for the results of your exam, valid for 6 months or until the
release of results. Costs extra $35 so we dont normally avail this.

rest of
items are self explanatory.


You have fill out the personal information and submit this form to your
school registrar and have them fill up the rest. The school will be
the one to submit this to Ca BON together with your Transcript of
Records and RLE Summary.
Fill out the personal information (upper part) and have the school fill
out the rest. Usually they mail it together with your TOR which was
filled by the school registrar


If you have your license already then just scan it and print it or
photocopy it back to back and attach it together with the other
documents you will submit. If you do not have your local license yet
just request PRC of your Certificate
of Board Passing and Board Rating
and write a simple letter of


You would have to request this separately. You can request by going to
this link:
Fill out the online request form and then they will mail it to the address
you provided in 2-3 weeks. Then you can go to NBI offices and
request an agent to supervise your fingerprinting.

Place your accomplished fingerprint card together with other forms and
payment. Do not bend or fold the fingerprint card, or else they will not
accept it and mail it back to you. I suggest you find any hard envelope
for your documents.

Some state boards of nursing (California, New Mexico, Illinois, Florida,

etc) require submission of fingerprint cards (FD-258 FBI card) for
criminal background checks, as part of NCLEX application.

Here are the fields that you need to fill up:

1. Signature of Person Fingerprinted

Place your signature here.

2. Residence of Person Fingerprinted

Place your address here.

3. Date
Date fingerprints taken.

4. Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints

The official taking the fingerprints should

5. Reason Fingerprinted
License Registered

6. Name (NAM)
Indicate complete name.

8. Aliases (AKA)
Indicate other names used (i.e., maiden
name, nickname and/or alias name[s]).

9. Date of Birth (DOB)

Indicate month-day-year of birth.

10. Sex
Indicate sex code abbreviation.
M=Male F=Female
11. Height (HGT)
Indicate height in feet and inches.

12. Weight (WGT)

Indicate weight in pounds.

13. Eyes
Indicate eye color abbreviation.

BLK = Black GRY = Gray MAR = Maroon

BLU = Blue GRN = Green PNK = Pink
BRO = Brown HAZ = Hazel

14. Hair
Indicate hair code abbreviation.

BAL = Bald BRO = Brown SDY = Sandy

BLK = Black GRY = Gray WHI = White
BLN = Blond RED = Red

15. Place of Birth (POB)

Indicate the state or country of birth.

16. Social Security No. (SOC)

Indicate US Social Security number, if any. If you have none, leave this

Here’s a sample of a completed FBI Fingerprint card for NCLEX

application in California.

Submit the correct TOTAL FEE with your application, made payable to the
Board of Registered Nursing by check or money order (bank draft) in US
Currency. Total fee for Application and Fingerprint card processing is $126.

So to summarize:
Packet A. Documents that YOU will submit to
California BON:

· Application for Licensure by Examination (2 pages)

· Letter of Explanation/ Copy of PRC License (1 page)

· Fingerprint Card (2)

= Total of 5 DOCUMENTS

Packet B. Documents that the SCHOOL will mail to

California BON:

· Request for Transcript form + TOR and RLE Records

· Breakdown of Educational Program for International Nursing Programs


· Nursing Program Verification Form

= Total of 5 DOCUMENTS

Tip: Since most of the schools don’t mail the above documents but
instead they give it back to you with your school envelope, then you
have to make it appear that the documents were mailed by the school.
Meaning, you have to mail those documents in Packet B
SEPARATELY from the documents in Packet A. Also, you have to mail
those documents (B) in the same city/town where your school is

Processing time of your California eligibility ranges from 4-6 months.

Once made eligible, register immediately at
All NCLEX examinations are administered by PearsonVue Professional
Centers. Every eligible applicant must register at PearsonVue to
schedule an exam. Scheduling may be done through phone or via the
internet. After scheduling the exam, an Authorization to Test (ATT) will
be issued to the applicant. This document contains the applicant's
name and exam schedule among other things. The ATT and one valid
form of identification (Passport) is required for admission at the exam

After several months of processing and waiting, the State Board of Nursing
where you applied in finally approved your application and sent you eligibility
letter. What should you do next? Well, ready your $200 and register with
Pearson Professional Testing for your NCLEX Exam. Here are the steps:

1. Go to to

2. Click the Register link.

3. Click the Credit Card link.

4. Fill in your details as shown below. Click Next.

5. Enter your Address and Phone number. Follow the correct format below.
Click Next.

6. Complete more fields as shown below. Click Next.

7. Create your own username, 6 or more characters. You will need this when
logging in to your Pearsonvue account to update your details, check for
available schedules, etc. Password will be emailed to you later. Click Next.

8. Type of Exam: Click the NCLEX-RN radio button. Next.

9. Choose the Testing Center where you would like to test. Next.
10. More details. If you’re first time NCLEX taker, click NO on
first 3 questions. Then on the Nursing Program, drop down to
Philippines. Wait for the page to refresh. Leave the City and
Program Code fields blank. Click Search. Wait for the page to

11. Click the PHILIPPINES radio button. Wait for page to refresh.
Select your month and year of graduation and your Board of
Nursing. Click Next.
12. Billing. If you’re using another person’s Credit Card or if your address is
different from the Card’s billing address, UNCHECK the Billing address
matches address below box, wait for the page to refresh, and supply the
Address and the Telephone number. Then supply the Credit Card Information.
Click NEXT.

13. Confirm the registration by checking the Confidentiality agreement box

and clicking the Confirm Registration button. Pearson Vue will
automatically send you an email acknowledging your registration to the email
you provided at the outset. Then your ATT will follow hours or days later,
depending on your Board of Nursing.